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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1357 - Routing Enemies Easily

Chapter 1357: Routing Enemies Easily

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Sablefiend Scorpio quickly understood Venerable Netherworld’s meaning. The man seemed to have misunderstood that she had obtained the inheritance of Diablo Praecantator Clan, thus they could be said to be half-family.

Standing a kilometer away, Whitespark True Monarch immediately looked angry after hearing Venerable Netherworld’s words and growled. “Are you sure you want to poke your nose in our business, Venerable Netherworld? Then, let me tell you one thing. We’ll slay you with her if you don’t retreat quickly!”

“You know, tons of people have threatened me, but none of them has been able to realize their bragging,” replied Venerable Netherworld coldly. “Rumor has it that you are very powerful, Whitespark True Monarch. Let me taste it from you directly today. Let’s see whether you’re really powerful or I can jump up levels and defeat you.”


Seeing that Venerable Netherworld really wanted to interfere in their business, Whitespark True Monarch realized that wasting more time to reason would only give Sablefiend Scorpio time to heal herself. His figure bolted lightning-fast as he lunged to the two people while unleashing his Innate Natal immortal sword to attack them fiercely.

The two Violent Three-eyed Clan twins teamed up and formed a double killing formation with long spears in their hands. A layer of spear shadows turned into a rain of meteors that instantly brushed past Whitespark True Monarch and attacked Sablefiend Scorpion and Venerable Netherworld.


A huge golden net instantly warded off in front of Venerable Netherworld and Sablefiend Scorpio. As both of them retreated, layers of sword shadows covered the space around them. In nearly a flash, the sword shadows split in front of Whitespark True Monarch, and the huge net began to change to various forms.

Though it was their first time teaming up, Venerable Netherworld and Sablefiend Scorpio were able to cooperate well. The two experienced powerhouses fought sight-by-side, one in a defensive role and the other on the offensive. And they were actually able to fend off the onslaught of the three late-stage Perfected Golden Immortals.

“The two of us are not their opponents. We have to find a way to escape.”

Venerable Netherworld transmitted his idea to Sablefiend Scorpio.

“I know that,” replied Sablefiend Scorpio. “I could take on one of them and have a chance to win had I not been injured. But my injury is rather serious and I can only unleash 80% of my power, making it too hard to defeat them. On top of that, we’re inside the Secret Palace and I’m not familiar with the situation nearby. Nothing I can think of to make any sound escape plan.”

Venerable Netherworld felt tense. He had sent a message to Nine Nether Swordmeister a few days ago. He learned that the man would need at least half a month before he could reunite with him. Therefore, he could only find a way to resolve the impending crisis by himself.

“Let’s bluff them!”

After thinking of a solution, Venerable Netherworld finally transmitted his idea.

“And how do we do that?” asked Sablefiend Scorpio.

“I’ll cast my Skynet later and you and I will unleash our strongest blow at the same time,” said Venerable Netherworld. “Even if we can’t injure them heavily, it would make them immediately take a defensive stance and retreat. Then we’ll take the chance to escape at once. There are many dangers in the Secret Palace. Even if they are powerful, they need to think about whether to pursue us with all they have. I’m betting on the chance that they will immediately give up after chasing us for some millions of kilometers.”

“Alright, let’s give it a try,” replied Sablefiend Scorpio after hearing his explanation.

The instant after, she and Venerable Netherworld did their utmost to unleash their strongest killing blows. As the two people’s Innate Natal weapons turned into a flurry ocean of strikes, the expressions of Whitespark True Monarch’s group of three slightly changed.


Right at that moment, however, the three of them suddenly felt their sights go blurry all of a sudden. Yet their eyes turned wide as though they were looking at the most incredible thing in the world. The people… they missed the most.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

The moment Whitespark True Monarch escaped from the illusion, he noticed a fearsome strike coming right before his eyes that was too difficult for him to avoid. He could only release his weapon artifact and raise his arm instantly.


However, his hand was cut off directly.

The twin brothers of the Violent Three-eyed Clan were not as strong as Whitespark True Monarch in willpower. They seemed to be unaware of anything until the strikes reached them and they were directly slain by two immortal weapons.


Whitespark True Monarch furiously cursed while enduring the severe pain. As he flew backward, he quickly collected the Immortal Souls of the two Violent Three-eyed clansmen and then turned to flee.

“What the hell is going on?”

The sudden change caught Sablefiend Scorpio and Venerable Netherworld unprepared. They looked at each other, shifted to the back of the fleeing Whitespark True Monarch, and then looked at the bodies of the two Violent Three-eyed clansmen. They were shocked and speechless for a while.

What, how, and when did their attacks become so powerful? How come they could even directly slay Perfected Golden Immortals so easily?

In the surroundings, the tens of Perfected Golden Immortals secretly watching the fight felt as if they were dreaming. It was truly unexpected—something they were unable to accept for a while.


Tang Xiu’s figure suddenly appeared in front of them. With a nonchalant smile on his handsome face, he took the two interspatial rings from the remains of the two Violent Three-eyed clansmen and then stuffed them into his own ring. Then, he cupped his fists and offered a greeting. “We meet again, Venerable Netherworld.”

The man stared strangely at Tang Xiu and nodded in response. “I didn’t expect to meet you here Great Tang… Heavenly Emperor.”

“Well, fate works in mysterious ways. It was that that made us meet here,” responded Tang Xiu with a smile. “Also, I’d like to thank Venerable Netherworld for extending your hand to help me.”

I just drew my sword and he said I’ve helped him? Venerable Netherworld was slightly shocked.


The moment Sablefiend Scorpio saw Tang Xiu, she immediately realized why those three people acted abnormally a while ago. What happened to that man’s group was absolutely something her Master, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, pulled off. However, though it was just guesswork, she couldn’t help but feel scared inwardly. After all, in her eyes, Tang Xiu was someone whose strength was inferior to Perfected Golden Immortals’. The first time she saw him kill an early-stage Perfected Golden Immortal was also thanks to a sneak attack he pulled off.

Tang Xiu let out a pale smile and glanced at her veiled face, saying, “It was fortunate that I came in time, else it wouldn’t have been so easy to get out of danger.”


At the moment, Venerable Netherworld looked incredulous and his eyes turned bigger than a bell as he stared at Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio. He never dreamed that the female Perfected Golden Immortal would address this… weak Heavenly Emperor Tang guy as Master.

What the hell? What happened here?

The tens of Perfected Golden Immortals in the surroundings were similarly in disbelief. They didn’t sense any powerful aura from Tang Xiu whatsoever. Further, the mysterious young man addressed by Sablefiend Scorpio as Master obviously had just crossed a tribulation for some time. Even if he did practice some kind of secret magical arts, his strength would only be at the Earth Immortal Stage at the strongest. But how… how could he become Sablefiend Scorpio’s Master, a Perfected Golden Immortal?

“Who the heck is this guy? Even such a great Perfected Golden Immortal like Sablefiend Scorpio has submitted to him? Everyone knows that a certain Supreme who wanted to make her submit some thousands of years ago failed…”

“When did such a guy appear in the Immortal World? What kind of capital and abilities does he have to think that he could make Sablefiend Scorpio call him Master?”

“Is he a scion of a certain huge force, by chance? But even if he is, he’s just too weak and doesn’t deserve to make Sablefiend Scorpio submit to him, no? What… the hell is happening here?”

“There must be some peculiar circumstances behind this abnormal situation. Definitely. I don’t believe that the mysterious young man is that simple. Could this mysterious young man be related to the easy defeat of Whitespark True Monarch in the hands of Venerable Netherworld and Sablefiend Scorpio just now?”

“Who exactly is this guy?”


Certainly, Tang Xiu couldn’t hear the tens of Perfected Golden Immortals talking about him in private, let alone know what they were thinking. He looked at Venerable Netherworld’s dull expression and smilingly said, “Anyway, this is not a good place to reminisce, Venerable Netherworld. Why don’t we leave this place first and then have some drinks?”

Venerable Netherworld raised his guard against Tang Xiu inwardly. But after hesitating for a while, he nodded and slowly said, “That’s exactly what has crossed my mind as well. Please lead the way.”

“Alright!” Tang Xiu slightly smiled and then turned to fly away with Sablefiend Scorpio.

Nobody among the tens of Perfected Golden Immortals in the surroundings tried to block them. Although they also wanted to snatch the treasures in Sablefiend Scorpio’s possession, they just witnessed how Whitespark True Monarch’s group of three were beaten so badly that one fled and two died. They felt they didn’t have the ability to keep both of them here, as well as that mysterious young man.

Some million kilometers away…

As Tang Xiu led Sablefiend Scorpio and Venerable Netherworld to descend in a mountain valley, he then released his spiritual sense to observe the surroundings and found that there were no other people within hundreds of kilometers. He quickly arranged a soundproof array and then smilingly said, “Venerable Netherworld, please come.”

The man shot a deep look at Tang Xiu and then quickly glanced at Sablefiend Scorpio, who stood respectfully next to Tang Xiu. He then sat cross-legged on a large bluestone.

Tang Xiu took out some Immortal Wine and poured it into two cups. He gave a cup to Venerable Netherworld, then raised his hand to toast and smiled. “I once again thank you for helping us out, Venerable Netherworld. Else my retainer would have met her end today.”

Venerable Netherworld didn’t hurry to down his cup. He stared at Tang Xiu and asked instead, “I want you to answer a question of mine.”

“Well, if you want to ask those three Perfected Golden Immortal suddenly forgot to fight back, please don’t ask,” responded Tang Xiu with a smile. “What I can tell you is that I was the one who pulled it off indeed. But as for how I did it, that’s a trade secret of mine.”

“Then I won’t ask about it since it’s your secret,” said Venerable Netherworld with a wry smile. “If anything, I may have some connections with Sablefiend Scorpion, so I wonder if she can answer me a question.”

“If it’s about that top-grade Praecantator artifact, I can tell you that the artifact was given to me by someone,” said Sablefiend Scorpio. “And if you’re wondering whether I got the inheritance of the Diablo Praecantator Clan, I didn’t.”

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