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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1358 - Tang Xiu’s Back Garden

Chapter 1358: Tang Xiu’s Back Garden

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Venerable Netherworld looked a bit disappointed the moment he heard Sablefiend Scorpio’s answer. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. “It seems that it was I who misunderstood.”

“You may have misunderstood me as the inheritance disciple of the Diablo Praecantator Clan, yet I must still thank you. Had it not been for you standing up and extending your hand this time, I’d hardly be alive now. I won’t thank you more for the life-saving grace, but if you need my assistance in the future, I’ll surely do my best to help so long as Master allows me.”

Venerable Netherworld slightly nodded and sighed. “I didn’t expect to actually get the favor of a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal for misjudging. It’s just that I’m still curious. How can you…”

Sablefiend Scorpio glanced at Tang Xiu and lowered her head in silence. She didn’t answer his question.

“Your curiosity seems heavier than I thought, Venerable Netherworld!” Tang Xiu said with a smile. “Alright, I’ll answer the question for you! Sablefiend Scorpio had been captured and shackled in the Convict Arena and I spent quite a lot to purchase her. That’s the real reason she followed me and became my retainer.”

The Convict Arena?

With a strange expression, Venerable Netherworld asked, “When you sent some people to kill Nine Nether’s friend, was she one of them?”

“Nope.” Tang Xiu shook his head.

“No?” Venerable Netherworld stared blankly for a moment and immediately asked with a shock, “Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, how many Perfected Golden Immortals have you bought from the Convict Arena, exactly?”

Tang Xiu raised his hand and deliberately counted his fingers and smilingly said, “Well, it was actually a few, nearly a dozen or so! Why? Does Venerable Netherworld want me to give you some of them?”

“No, no, no!”

Venerable Netherworld gulped with incredulity on his face. He never dreamed that Tang Xiu was so bold and financially powerful that he could buy so many Perfected Golden Immortals from the Convict Arena. With so many powerhouses under him now, his force was comparable to a second-class sect in the Immortal World, right?

“I’m very envious of you, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. You’re so rich that you can rival a country.” After saying that, he downed all the wine in the cup. Then, he got up and said, “Anyway, I’m here to obtain some treasures, so I’ll take my leave now since Sablefiend Scorpio is already safe.”

Tang Xiu nodded with a smile in response and watched Venerable Netherworld leave. He then slowly turned to Sablefiend Scorpio and asked, “Do you know the origin of those three who just besieged you?”

“They are people from the Cloud Cauldron Sect, Master,” answered Sablefiend Scorpio.

“The Cloud Cauldron Sect?” Tang Xu was surprised. “This sect resides in the Heavenly Cloud Immortal Domain, but this region is very far from here—one must cross over a hundred Immortal Domains to get here from there. Further, that region is rather desolate. I never thought I’d run into three Perfected Golden Immortals from that region.”

Sablefiend Scorpio added, “As far as I know, the Cloud Cauldron Sect has four Perfected Golden Immortals. Except for Whitespark True Monarch and those two Violent Three-eyed clansmen, the last one is its Sect Master, Whitewing True Monarch.”

“We may have to guard against their revenge if they were disciples from a big sect, but the Cloud Cauldron Sect is not worth worrying about. Anyhow, how did you happen to clash with those there Could Cauldron Sect’s people, though?”

Sablefiend Scorpio took out the Obsidian Urn and handed it to Tang Xiu, saying, “This is the treasure I got from a dangerous place some millions of kilometers away from here, Master. It happened that those Cloud Cauldron Sect’s bunch found me, so I got chased and then fought them near that mansion.”

The Obsidian Urn?

Tang Xiu was surprised. He held the object and appraised it for a while. Then, he nodded and said, “This Obsidian Urn was refined by Obsidian Supreme when he traveled across most of the regions in the Immortal World. It took him nearly 500 years to collect a lot of precious materials to refine this 9th grade artifact. However, its only effect is to suppress the Immortal Soul.”

Having said that, a scroll appeared in Tang Xiu’s hand out of the blue. He then threw it to Sablefiend Scorpio and said, “You may be my subordinate, but I won’t take what you’ve obtained for free. This is the Flawless Myriad Beasts scripture, a very suitable cultivation art for exotic bestial races.”

“The Flawless Myriad Beasts Scripture?”

Sablefiend Scorpio looked ecstatic and she quickly opened the scripture. The written simple ancient symbols flowed into her eyes. After 15 minutes, she knelt and gratefully said, “Thank you for your reward, Master. With this Flawless Myriad Beasts Scripture, I have some degree of assurance to break through to the Supremacy Stage in the future.”

“It would be great if you could soon advance to the Supremacy State. You’ll surely be a big help in the future.” Tang Xiu faintly smiled. “Cultivate well! I’ll provide you with the resources you need. The better your performance, the more you’ll have various divine abilities and secret arts in the future since I’ll teach you those.”

“By your words, Lord.” Sablefiend Scorpio excitedly said, “This subordinate shall do her best to serve you.”

Prior to this, she only thought that Tang Xiu was just a wealthy man with a mysterious origin. The reason she pledged her loyalty to him was that her life was in his hands, but she held close to no true respect toward him. But now, she realized that her Master was more mysterious and terrifying than she had imagined.

Further, her Master also must have also some kind of supernatural ability back when she and Venerable Netherworld joined forces that made them easily kill the enemies. Even Whitespark True Monarch was gravely injured and then fled.

Only now did Sablefiend Scorpio realize that her Master, whom she had been despising, in fact, not only possessed massive wealth but also had amazing strength. The reason he had always acted weak was likely for hiding and concealing purposes. Further, he still had many other things in his possession, any of which would definitely create a great sensation in the outside world if he ever took it out. It must be noted that the Flawless Myriad Beasts Scripture was a legacy inheritance of the Unblemished Sect from the Unblemished Immortal Domain—a cultivation scripture that was said to be the highest immortal cultivation art of that sect.

She couldn’t figure out why her Master would have such a top immortality cultivation manual. However, she was sure that her Master was probably more mysterious and more powerful than she thought.

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Let’s take away all the treasures in that manor since we’ve already gathered! Also, we still have to find Star Tears while gathering everything here.”

Sablefiend Scorpio respectfully replied, “Master, I’ve noticed some things even though I was chased to that manor. Many people have discovered that manor, but none of them could enter it smoothly in the past few days. Many Golden Immortals and Perfected Golden Immortals were either killed by the restriction and trapping mechanisms on the bridge leading to that manor or were forced back with heavy injuries. For safety’s sake, I think we need to wait until someone else breaks the restrictions and traps. It won’t be too late for us to go there afterward.”

“Well, how about we bet?” said Tang Xiu with a smile all of a sudden.

Sablefiend Scorpio froze and stared blankly for a moment, then replied quickly, “Your subordinate doesn’t dare.”

“Haih, cast away your worries, will you?” Tang Xiu chuckled and smiled. “If anything, I won’t blame you for anything. Let me tell you, entering that manor will definitely be as easy as entering my own back garden. Do you believe me?”

Sablefiend Scorpio shot a strange look at Tang Xiu and slowly shook her head. “No. I don’t believe you.”

“Well, let’s bet… one Immortal Crystal since you don’t believe me, then,” said Tang Xiu.

After thinking for a moment, Sablefiend Scorpio nodded. “If it’s really as Master said, that we can enter the manor easily just like waltzing into your own back garden, then I’ll naturally concede on the game.”

“Deal. Now follow me.”

With a smile on his face, Tang Xiu removed the soundproof array and flew towards the manor through the previous route with Sablefiend Scorpio. About a thousand kilometers away from the palace, Tang Xiu found many Immortals hiding in some places. However, instead of alarming them, he decided to take a detour and then approached the manor.

As they were a hundred kilometers away from the manor, Tang Xiu halted his advance and slightly frowned. He could sense that the closer they got to the manor, the more the Immortals hiding in the surroundings. Even if he wanted to take another detour, there was just no space left to do so.

“Seems like I can only change my appearance here.”

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly. His facial muscles quickly shifted and changed and he soon wore a different face. After seeing him, Sablefiend Scorpio also followed suit and changed her appearance. Afterward, Tang Xiu led Sablefiend Scorpio and swaggeringly waltzed to the front of the place. Under everyone’s watch, he and Sablefiend Scorpio stepped on the several thousands of meters long bridge.

“Look at my steps and follow me immediately. Keep in mind not to miss any, else you’ll be attacked by the restrictions and traps here,” said Tang Xiu with a voice transmission.


Sablefied Scorpio looked at him with a strange expression, but she didn’t ask because she wanted to see whether this mysterious Master of hers really had the skill to enter the manor or was just bragging.

As they advanced all the way, they met tens of Immortals walking carefully on the long bridge as though they were walking on thin ice. As they advanced halfway, they saw a Golden Immortal blasted into pieces by the lightning sparks from the restriction and then heavily smashed on the bridge. There was only an instant scream from him before the man was wiped out by a large number of restrictions from both sides.


Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s eyes turned chilly since he found a familiar face a hundred meters away. He remembered that person—a Golden Immortal disciple of Inner Pill Sect he saw in the Inner Pill Sect’s accommodation in the Boundless City.

At this moment, the Inner Pill Sect’s Golden Immortal simply ignored them even though that man had noticed that some people came behind him. His attention was fully diverted to the restrictions and traps on both sides of the bridge. He had been extremely meticulous to make accurate inferences for every step he took after he came here, constantly comprehending the mystery of the restrictions on the bridge to spot the position of the traps.

“I can definitely cross this bridge and enter the manor within 7 days at most! I’m sure this manor hoards tons of treasure. Even the inheritance left by Drunken Immortal Supreme could be in this place!” The Golden Immortal of the Inner Pill Sect thought some happy things in mind after he successfully broke another restriction.

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