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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1360 - The Supreme’s Inheritance

Chapter 1360: The Supreme’s Inheritance

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Tang Xiu straightly ignored them after saying those words and quickly headed outside with Sablefiend Scorpio. Just as they were about to reach the other end of the long bridge, however, tens of figures instantly flashed and blocked their path to the bridgehead.

“Hand over your interspatial ring! Else today will be the day of the tragic death of the two of you,” shouted a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal coldly, eyes filled with a chilling light.

Tang Xiu smiled in response. “Do you think we’ll be afraid of some idiots outside after we dare to venture deep into the manor so openly? I’m not afraid to tell you. Even if you had 100 times the numbers and 100 times the strength, you still wouldn’t still be able to deal with us whatsoever. Hear my advice, do not provoke us. Else your fate will be very miserable.”

The late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal shot back with contempt and said, “Hmph, not even a Supreme dares to brag so big when facing so many people, yet an infant like you dares to be so arrogant, huh? Everyone, these two sh*ts seem very ignorant of their limits and are acting recklessly. Let’s f*ck them up and divide the treasures they got from the manor equally. What do you think?”

“No problem!”


“Fine with me!”

The tens of Perfected Golden Immortals nodded one after another and glared at Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio with malice. However, none of them took the lead in attacking the duo even though they did say that. They were a bit wary about these two people, who just waltzed in and out of the manor so easily.

Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio exchanged glances and then retreated for tens of meters in an instant. Quickly after, Tang Xiu sneered. “Come here to the bridge and we’ll accompany you to trade blows. Come on! Come here and fight us if you have balls!”

Fight on the bridge?

The complexion of the tens of Perfected Golden Immortals changed and they retreated a few steps.

Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio shot each and every one of them a contemptuous look at the same time and immediately sat cross-legged on their spots.

Time went by and the stalemate continued.

A whole day later, while the tens of Perfected Golden Immortals kept staring at Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio, the previous white-haired old man’s expression suddenly shifted. He was keenly aware of the erratic slight movements of the duo while sitting cross-leg on the long bridge. It didn’t seem that it was because they were immersing in cultivation, but it was like…

The instant after, a flying knife appeared in his hand and he threw it to Tang Xiu instantly. To his fury that nearly made him cough up blood, the flying knife directly penetrated Tang Xiu’s body, yet the body just blurred and burst into twinkling lights and vanished from their sight. At this moment, however, Sablefiend Scorpio’s eyes opened and she smiled strangely towards the tens of Perfected Golden Immortals before her body dispersed.

“Sh*t! That was their Blood clones! We just got deceived by those two assholes!” the white-haired old man shouted angrily.

The tens of others were also fuming, wishing they could shred Tang Xiu’s and Sablefiend Scorpio’s hearts into pieces.

At present, Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio were some millions of kilometers away from that place, happily sitting under a large tree while savoring the immortal beast’s meat Tang Xiu had just grilled.

“This thing tastes great, Master.”

Sablefiend Scorpio was a carnivorous bestial race, to begin with. Having no meat in her diet would make her unhappy, and she rarely had a chance to eat delicious fill since she was captured and shackled in the Convict Arena. Now that she tasted the delicacy gourmet Tang Xiu personally cooked, she suddenly had the illusion that serving this mysterious Master of hers may not be such a bad thing, after all.

But then, she suddenly recalled the four sects, the enemies Tang Xiu told her, and immediately a shiver went down her spine. This thought immediately expelled the ridiculous idea that just crossed her mind.

“Wow, what a great smell!”

A lightning-fast moving figure suddenly flashed from the distance and came to the front of the duo in the blink of an eye. However, neither of them looked alert and they were instead smiling at the same time.

“You’re late.” Tang Xiu smiled and looked at Star Tears, whose body was decorated with wounds.

“Got some troubles on the way. It was thrilling but not dangerous, though,” responded Star Tears bitterly. “By the way, those two boys should be here soon. We bumped into each other on the way and kind of had an agreement that whoever ran into troubles, I’d lead the enemy while they should go elsewhere.”

“What troubles did you encounter, exactly?” asked Tang Xiu.

“We happened to run into some Myriad Sword Sect’s people, so I went to slay them,” said Star Tears. “Who would have thought there were two Perfected Golden Immortals of that sect nearby? I led those two bastards away and separated from them.”

“How many of them did you kill, then?” asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

“Perhaps around 6 Golden Immortals,” said Star Tears. “But those two Perfected Golden Immortal didn’t come out unscathed and had no easy time either.”

“That’s just great.” Tang Xiu gave his thumbs up and exclaimed, “The more you kill them, the happier I’ll be. Anyway, take a break, eat something, and begin to recuperate. When those two boys gather with us, we’ll then team up for treasure hunting. That’s right. I’ll take you to a certain place later.”

“Huh?” Star Tears was bewildered and asked, “Where to?”

“Just have your fill first. You’ll know it later,” replied Tang Xiu with a mysterious smile.

Two days later, two figures with miserable appearances and distressed looks appeared in front of the trio. Star Luminous’ and Star Peng’s whole bodies were covered by blood, and they quickly took a Purple Scent Pill each as they sat cross-legged on the ground and began recuperating.

The two of them were seriously injured after being chased by a Perfected Golden Immortal on the way here. But what made them nearly collapse was that it was the only encounter they had. They kept running into some other Perfected Golden Immortals time and again along the way, and even their interspatial rings were robbed by them. Thankfully, they didn’t stuff their Purple Scent Pill in their rings and stored it into their belts, else they would have lost the medicine as well.

“Tsk, tsk…”

Tang Xiu sighed a few times as he saw their distressed appearances. Then, he took out 2 Immortal Crystals and flicked them into their hands, saying lightly, “Go heal yourselves and quickly absorb the Immortal Force in the Crystal Essence to speed up your healing pace. We still got tens of millions of kilometers to go and it won’t be a peaceful trip.”

Traversing some tens of millions of kilometers again?

Star Luminous and Star Peng couldn’t help trembling for a while after hearing this. They immediately grabbed the Crystal Essence and went all out to absorb the Immortal Force contained in it. Using it in tandem with the efficacy of the Purple Scent Pill, they began recuperating and replenishing the spent Immortal Force.

Half a day later, just as Tang Xiu finished cooking an immortal beast’s meat, he suddenly slapped his own forehead and spoke with an expression that didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Haih, I was really muddle-headed. I told them to recuperate. It would have been much better for them to enter the Heavenly Abode artifact and do it inside. Why did I tell them to stay silly here and wait? Boys, quickly enter the Heavenly Abode artifact!”

“Got it!”

After Star Luminous and Star Peng entered the Heavenly Abode, Tang Xiu also ordered Sablefiend Scorpio to enter the artifact, while he and Star Tears took a roasted beast’s thigh and hurried along the way while munching on it.

“By the way, did those two boys already figure out your true identity, Auntie Star Tears?” Tang Xiu asked with a smile while vigilantly observing the surroundings.

“Nope, not yet.” Star Tears shook her head and smiled. “They won’t be able to discover my identity with their current strength unless I take the initiative to expose it.”

“Remember not to conjure any of your signature divine abilities whenever they’re with us. I have some arts here, you can learn them. There are too many of our enemies in this Secret Palace, so our mission is both treasure hunting and killing them.”

Star Tears took some scriptures of secret arts from Tang Xiu and, after stuffing them in her interspatial ring, she said with all seriousness, “The Inner Pill Sect, Everlasting Palace, Myriad Sword Sect, and Hundred Poison Sect have sent quite a lot of their powerhouses to the Secret Palace, so we had better act more cautious. I still remember what you told me before, that there will be a chance to get revenge as long as we’re still kicking. We can slay some of them, but we must avoid them immediately should we encounter too many of them.”

“No worries, Auntie Star Tears. I know that.” Tang Xiu nodded.

Half a year later.

Tang Xiu and Star Tears kept hurrying all the way while picking up treasures and slaying some people all the way. In the past 6 months, they had killed 16 Golden Immortals and 1 Perfected Golden Immortal from the Inner Pill Sect; 37 Golden Immortals and 2 Perfected Golden Immortals from the Everlasting Palace; 8 Golden Immortals and 1 Perfected Golden Immortal from the Myriad Sword Sect; and lastly, 6 Golden Immortals from the Hundred Poison Sect.

“The Ocean of Stars should be ahead.”

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and whispered something from his memory.

At the moment, he and Star Tears were on the edge of a mountain range. They could now see a turbulent sea filled with mighty waves with their naked eyes, while some Immortal Beasts were seen wandering around above the surface.

“Is this place also ridden with dangers?” asked Star Tears.

“Dangerous is certain, but not like those restrictions and small arrays in other areas of this Secret Palace.” Tang Xiu shook his head and explained, “The dangers will come from other Immortals. We’re now only tens of thousands of kilometers from our destination. As long as we enter the sea, we’ll be able to land on that island where Drunken Immortal Supreme left his inheritance.”

Star Tears forced a smile. “You know, Drunken Immortal Supreme told you that you can’t inherit his legacy, yet we still came here. Do you not feel vexed at least a bit?”

“Not really. I don’t feel bad at all.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “He already knew my identity, so he didn’t want me to inherit his legacy. But it’s not like it’s prohibited from anyone else to have it! I already learned the structure of this Secret Palace’s array. Shortly put, I know this place inside out, so I can naturally bring others inside. If anything, he didn’t say that I’m not allowed to bring anyone there to accept his inheritance.”

“And so you want me to accept the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme?” Star Tears was shocked.

“Yeah.” Tang Xiu nodded. “I do want you to accept his legacy. Besides, I dare to conclude that you’ll soon be able to advance to the Supremacy Stage after you’ve accepted his legacy, Auntie Star Tears. When you break through to the Supremacy Stage will be the time you return to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect ahead of time.”

“Huh?” Star Tears was bewildered. “Don’t you want me not to go back to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect ahead of time, though?”

“It’s because you didn’t have sufficient strength before, so I didn’t want you to return to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect,” said Tang Xiu. “But if you can advance to the Supremacy Stage, it won’t be a problem. Also, I want you to tell the news that I’m still alive to my father.”

Star Tears contemplated for a moment and then nodded. “No worries, he’ll be the only one I’ll tell about it. I’ll also inform him about your methods and plans.”

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