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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1362 - Black Zephyr Old Freak

Chapter 1362: Black Zephyr Old Freak

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In the following two days, Tang Xiu and Star Tears observed the 900 people on the long bridge and completely figured out the circumstances. The space pressure in the long bridge was different and was adjusted according to each Immortal’s cultivation level, thus forming a unique pressure. For instance, a Golden Immortal would have to face much less pressure compared to a Perfected Golden Immortal.

This magical spatial pressure varied according to each person’s cultivation level. So, in the end, it didn’t matter whether the person was a Golden Immortal or a Perfected Golden Immortal as all would face the same level of pressure.

“I refuse to give up!”

A Golden Immortal suddenly coughed a mouthful of blood and his body flew to the back as though he was a snapped kite and then crashed down under everyone’s eyes.

“The first Immortal who was forced down has appeared in the third batch of the bridge climbers. I’m afraid some more will be forced back the next time.” A sage-like Perfected Golden Immortal couldn’t help but sigh.

The Golden Immortal who got forced back looked ashamed. After crawling up from the bridge floor, he swallowed all the despising look from the onlookers and left quickly.

15 minutes later, another Golden Immortal also coughed up blood and flew backward before he crashed down to the crowd. The next moment had turned into the realization of the prediction of that sage-like Perfected Golden Immortal as another Golden Immortal and some Perfected Golden Immortals were pressed by the spatial gravity on the bridge that forced them to fly back.

In the next four days, of the 900 Immortals on the bridge, only 7 of them were left. The most dazzling genius of the Greenfinch Sect was still climbing albeit facing difficulty as it took him several hours for every step he climbed. Everyone with keen eyes could tell that he had reached his limit and could very well be forced to return at any time given how his body kept trembling.

As expected, the Greenfinch Sect’s peerless genius was forced to fly back and crashed down in front of everyone four hours later. However, nobody among the several thousands of Immortal onlookers looked at him contemptuously. On the contrary, aside from feeling a bit of regretful, all they felt towards him was admiration.

“Of the 9,999 stairs on the long bridge, he was able to climb up to the 7,320th stair, whereas the second place was only able to reach the 6900th stair before he was forced to retreat. Of the 1,800 people from the first two batches, the best among them was only able to reach 7250th stair, wasn’t it?” A Perfected Golden Immortal some hundred meters away from Tang Xiu sighed bitterly and shook his head.

His muttering made everyone nod in secret.

Time went by and it was already the 10th day that Tang Xiu had arrived here. The 900 Immortals of the third batch had all been forced back by the spatial pressure. The best one among them was the genius of Greenfinch Sect, meaning that he was an Immortal with the best aptitude among the 2,700 Immortals from the first three batches.

“Let’s get ready.”

Dala took a deep breath and issued an order to the three people around him.

Tang Xiu had yet to learn any rules pertaining to ascending the bridge, so he quickly asked, “Senior, all the 900 people have been forced back and returned. Will the fourth batch also require another batch of 900 people to climb up together?

Dala nodded and said, “That’s right. Each batch consists of 900 people and is given 18 days to try. If no one is able to reach the end of the bridge within 18 days nor is forced out by the pressure on the bridge, they will be blasted and killed directly. That’s why those who can’t get through within 18 days can only withdraw voluntarily.”

Tang Xiu immediately understood and asked again, “Is Senior perhaps preparing to climb the bridge in this fourth batch now?”

Dala’s expression turned a bit solemn as he sighed. “Haih, this old man is approaching his limit, so I can’t waste any chance to snatch any immortal fate that appears. My chance of breaking through to the Supremacy Stage will be greatly increased if I can get the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme. Immortal Friend, you can also come with us.”

Tang Xiu contemplated for a moment before shaking his head. “I think I’ll pass this time. There are many experts waiting for their turn. It’s likely that it will be difficult to get some spots in the fourth batch. I’ll keep waiting and maybe try my luck in the fifth or sixth batch.”

“You must think it through, Fellow Immortal Great Tang,” said Dala. “In case someone passes this test a step in advance, that person will be able to enter the Drunken Immortal Palace a step faster. On the path of immortality, one must keep striving forward on his own.”

Tang Xiu nodded in response. “I understand what you said, but I don’t want to try it now. Observing more may award me with better results.”

“Never mind me, then!” Dala no longer persuaded Tang Xiu after seeing his insistence.

6 hours later, figures flickered and moved lightning fast towards the front of the long bridge. As each Immortal stepped on the first ladder 100 meters away, their bodies all trembled. Many of them even chose to completely stabilize their stances to adapt to the spatial pressure above, giving up advancing faster and then slowly moving forward.

Tang Xiu’s gaze wandered over these 900 people and finally landed on Dala’s back. Although he didn’t feel anything, from his observation, he could tell that the spatial pressure that must be endured by Dala must be enormous given how cautious he was when taking each step forward.

Time fleeted by quickly.

In the blink of an eye, the ninth day came and the first person who could not bear the spatial pressure on the bridge was forced to fly backward, followed by some more people one after another.

“There are 650 people left now.”

Star Luminous’s eyes gleamed and he muttered after he had been summoned back from the Heavenly Abode artifact.

Star Peng immediately added, “There will be a constant stream of people being forced to retreat at this time. However, that Black Zephyr old freak seems to have enormous potential. He has already climbed up to the 7,500th stair and seemingly has yet to reach his limit. Maybe he can challenge up to the 8,000th stair.”

“He can indeed reach the 8,000th stair and may even pass the 9,000th one,” commented Tang Xiu calmly. “Pay attention to his steps. Each step he takes may be very slow and take some time, but each is very stable and smooth.”

Suddenly, Tang Xiu slightly frowned when he saw Dala cough up a mouthful of blood and fly to the back. He immediately let out a wry smile. Dala had not been able to reach the Supremacy Stage for more than 16,000 years, yet he was still able to reach the 6,320th stair, a rare achievement on its own.

“Are you all right?” Tang Xiu paced forward and helped him up while asking.

“I thought I could obtain my immortal fate here,” said Dala with a bitter smile. “I didn’t expect I would fail the test. The test left behind by Drunken Immortal Supreme is really too abnormal.”

“If it wasn’t abnormal, how can he select a successor with good aptitude?” Tang Xiu smiled lightly. “If anything, a selected will eventually be able to pass this test given the present trend.”

“Yeah.” Dala nodded. “There’s also a chance that nobody can pass this long bridge and arrive outside the Drunken Immortal Palace.”

“Not really. If that Black Zephyr old freak can force out his full potential, he may be able to pass the long bridge.”

Dala looked a bit surprised and then quietly nodded. “Black Zephyr old freak? His cultivation speed is indeed very fast. He should be a little over 5,000 years old, yet his cultivation has reached the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage. With such a cultivation speed, he may be able to advance to the Supremacy Stage within 10 millenniums.”

Sure enough, Black Zephyr was really able to reach the 9,000th stair when the fourth batch spent 12 days in trial. Yet, his originally steady and smooth footsteps now seemed to stagger several times, as though he might be sent flying backward at any time. But the man was the only one remaining on the bridge.

Dala looked a bit regretful and shook his head with a sigh. “Haih, he does have great aptitude. Pity that this bridge trial is really abnormal. I’m afraid he’ll also fail the test.”

“I don’t think so.” Tang Xiu stared fixedly at the back of Black Zephyr since he spotted a slight abnormality in the back angle of the man. The moment after, Tang Xiu sent him a voice transmission, “You won’t be able to cross the bridge with your current strength. You must try to have a breakthrough. If you can advance to the Perfected Golden Immortal mid-stage, your potential will be stimulated further and the next stairs won’t pose any difficulty to you.”

On the stair.

Black Zephyr’s expression changed slightly. He didn’t expect that someone would send him a voice transmission at this very moment. He slowly turned his back and his eyes swept across thousands of people’s eyes. His keen eyes then found Tang Xiu, who nodded to him. His eyes then flickered before he turned his back with difficulty.

I have come to this point, so I must keep trying.

If what he said is true, then I’ll have a much greater chance to inherit the legacy.

Black Zephyr took a deep breath and immediately began to circulate his Immortal Force according to his cultivation technique, frantically trying to breakthrough.

For two whole days, he didn’t attempt to take any step forward.

Just when a lot of people began to get impatient, Black Zephyr’s body suddenly trembled and an enormous aura suddenly blasted out from him. All of a sudden, the man felt that the crushing spatial pressure lessened.

I succeeded?!

Black Zephyr was ecstatic and let out a roar of ecstasy. Then, he turned back and cupped his fists towards Tang Xiu’s direction and sent a voice transmission to Tang Xiu’s ear, “Thank you.”

Tang Xiu just smiled slightly and shook his head without replying.

The moment after, Black Zephyr continued moving forward, his advance much faster than before. He was able to advance step by step steadily and was finally able not to increase the time he needed to take each step.

“Heavens! He actually broke through to the mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal on the bridge? Also, judging from his speed, is the spatial pressure on him after breaking through to the mid-stage still the same as before?”

“How is that possible? Could he be moving forward that easily since his cultivation just advanced?”

“What a freak! He’s just a little over 5,000 years old and yet he easily advanced to the Perfected Golden Immortal mid-stage. If memory serves, the number of those who reached the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage around 5,000 years old is very few, right?”

“The difficulty of this bridge trial is likely no longer too difficult for him.

“Damn, I’m so envious of him.”

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