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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1363 - Who Is the Most Dazzling

Chapter 1363: Who Is the Most Dazzling

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Hearing the chattering of the Immortals around him, Dala turned to look at Tang Xiu with a somewhat weird expression and asked with a voice transmission, “Did you just give some kind of instructions to Black Zephyr through a voice transmission?”

“I did,” Tang Xiu replied with a voice transmission. “But being able to break through under pressure means that Black Zephyr’s potential has yet to be fully stimulated.”

“You’re really amazing, Fellow Immortal,” said Dala wryly. “It seems Black Zephyr now owes you an enormous favor.”

“Black Zephyr doesn’t belong to any forces and he has been exploring his own path in cultivation by his own,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “The hardships and tempering he has gone through are sufficient, thus he can be so dazzling. Being such a man, I just think he deserves to have such a chance.”

Dala shot a deep look at Tang Xiu and asked, “Where does Fellow Immortal come from? This old man also owes you a favor, an enormous one. I’d like to know to whom I must pay this grace in the future!”

Tang Xiu contemplated for a while and then suddenly smiled. “If Senior really wants to pay the favor back, I wish you could help the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect after you’ve advanced to the Supremacy Stage. The Immortal World is now far from being peaceful and some people’s actions are just not to my liking, so I’m giving this advantage to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect!”

Dala squinted his eyes and nodded slowly after a long while. Then, he transmitted his voice again, “No worries about that, Fellow Immortal.”

On the 17th day of the fourth batch’s trial, Black Zephyr old freak was finally able to reach the 9,999th stair and was just a step away from crossing the bridge.

… He must fail to go up!

At the moment, more than 90% of the Immortal secretly prayed inwardly because once Black Zephyr passed the trial, there would be one more competitor should they be able to pass the trial later.

Unfortunately, Black Zephyr disappointed these people. As he took the last step firmly, the huge spatial pressure vanished. Immediately after, he turned around and shot a deep look at Tang Xiu again and sent a voice transmission, “This Black Zephyr will remember this grace. I vow to accept Fellow Immortal’s request in the future.”

Having said that, he turned and rushed towards the gate of Drunken Immortal Palace opposite the square in front.

Dala was not in a hurry to leave since he now had a deep curiosity about Tang Xiu, so he wanted to see how high the ladder Tang Xiu could reach after he stepped on the bridge.

“Are you going now?” Dala asked.

Tang Xiu pondered for a while and glanced at the four people around him before finally nodding. Then, he spoke to them, “The fourth batch trial is up, so we’re going up in this fifth batch! Keep in mind that you’ll have an easier breakthrough if you can withstand this huge pressure.”

“Understood!” Star Tears’ group of four nodded.

Tang Xiu didn’t tell them that he could easily send the four of them to the other end of the bridge with his ability, hence bypassing the trial. However, he didn’t intend to do so, because this trial was not a bad thing and instead would be very beneficial for them.

6 hours later, many figures flickered and moved lightning fast to the bridge. In nearly a flash, everyone there reached the first stair.

Tang Xiu himself didn’t try to apply his knowledge on this Secret Palace’s spatial array since he also wanted to find out about his own potential, so he decided to give this trial a try. If he was finally unable to withstand it, only then he would resort to this method to cross the bridge. He would also help the other four even though they were only able to reach the 8,000th stair.

“Follow me closely, Auntie Star Tears,” ordered Tang Xiu with a voice transmission as he began to advance step by step.

Half a day after, Tang Xiu stopped and looked back. Suddenly, his expression turned dull and strange. He found that not only was he ahead in the first place, but he even left the person in the second place some hundreds of stairs below.

“So easy?”

Tang Xiu furrowed his brows and looked puzzled. After the hesitation, only then did he decide to advance up to the 6,000th stair and then wait there.

After one day and a half, Tang had climbed to the 6,000th stair. He had no idea that the thousands of Immortals, either who had taken the trial or not were shocked by his terrifying performance.

“Is he still a human? He took only a day and a half, yet he’s able to reach the 6,000th stair? Why do I feel like this bridge is just like his own back garden?”

“Where did this guy come from? His speed is too fast. Is he not afraid of advancing too fast and spending all his energy and then being left behind later?”

“What’s his cultivation level? Why does it seem like the spatial pressure has no effect on him? What the hell is going on?”

“That’s terrifying. This guy is really against heaven. But I’ve never seen him before. Where did he come from?”

“What a peerless genius!”


Dala was fully shocked now, including the stout man next to him who was looking with a slack jaw. He didn’t expect that the brat who talked to his Master before turned out to be this terrifying.

After a long while and then saw Tang Xiu did not continue his advance, he gulped and sighed. “Master, that Great Tang Heavenly Emperor guy is really amazing! At such a young age, yet having so much potential. If he doesn’t die prematurely in the future, it’s very likely that he’ll become Supreme later.”

“Sigh, I can’t tell whether he can become a Supreme, but breaking through to the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage is definitely not a problem for him. This young man is very mysterious and very interesting. Although this old man only left the sect for a short time, I have never run into any young man who I can’t figure out.”

The stout man stared blankly. He didn’t expect that his Master would have such a high evaluation of this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor guy. After hesitating for a while, he asked, “Would you like me to investigate his identity after leaving the Secret Palace, Master?”

“No.” Dala shook his head and said, “Don’t arouse his ire. I owe this young man a favor!”

“Pardon?!” The stout man was bewildered.

Dala no longer spoke. Instead, he looked forward to Tang Xiu’s performance, expecting him to cross the bridge. He even anticipated Tang Xiu to receive the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme, as he may also get some benefits given his relationship with him.

On the bridge.

Heroic Sword Venerable’s eyes shone coldly when he looked up at Tang Xiu on the 6,000th stair. Originally, he was very confident that he could become the most outstanding and dazzling peerless genius of the fifth batch. But who would have thought that a mysterious young man would suddenly appear and draw all the glory that should belong to him?

Being the second place was something Heroic Sword Venerable was very unwilling to have. But when he found that punk stopped his advance on the 6,000th stair and didn’t advance for a long time, he gradually let it go and felt that he would definitely overtake him. It was just a matter of time before he surpassed that guy.

“The most dazzling peerless genius must be me! Being well-known as the most talented genius in the 10,000 years of the Myriad Swords Sect, I absolutely must finish the bridge trial first. I must successfully pass this trial and reach the Drunken Immortal Palace. Further, I’ll also get the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme, and all the treasures of this entire Secret Palace will be mine.”

On the 6th day.

Heroic Sword Venerable finally reached the 6,000th stair. He stared deeply at Tang Xiu and immediately spoke proudly, “Feel free to chase my footsteps if you still have the strength. I’ll make you realize that I’m the most dazzling one among the fifth batch bridge trial takers.”

Having said that, he didn’t give Tang Xu the chance to reply and set foot on the 6,001st stair.

Tang Xiu just looked at his back with a sneer. Immediately after, he looked down and saw Star Luminous and Star Peng approaching about 200 stairs away from the 6,000th one. Sablefiend Scorpio was about 300 stairs away, whereas Star Tears had just reached the 5,000th stair and would perhaps need quite a long while before she reached the 6,000th one.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu saw Star Tears straighten up her stance and smiled, quickening her advance on the stairs all of sudden. It took her just half a day to reach the 6,000th stair and, at this time, Star Luminous and Star Peng were still several steps away from the 6,000th ladder.

“I just found something interesting,” Star Tears smilingly said after coming to Tang Xiu’s side.

“What interesting thing?” asked Tang Xiu curiously.

“If my inference is correct, all the Immortals who have a breakthrough in the Secret Palace after withstanding the spatial pressure here are those who have gone through the tempering on their cultivation path in the outside world. Sablefiend Scorpio is hiding hers, whereas I managed to break through after bearing the tremendous pressure here.”

“You broke through?” asked Tang Xiu, surprised.

“Yeah, I just broke through.” Star Tears slowly nodded with a smile.

Quickly after, Star Luminous and Star Peng reached the 6,000th stair at the same time. But when they thought that they were better than Tang Xiu’s subordinate, both of them acutely sensed that a figure beside them also stepped on the 6,000th stair.

“Well, I just started a bit slower,” said Sablefiend Scorpio slowly with a smile.

Star Luminous was surprised. “Weren’t you very slow before? You were quite far from us…”

Sablefiend Scorpio glanced at Star Tears and smiled lightly. “Well, that just means that my potential is not worse than yours.”

“Alright, everyone, no chatting.” Tang Xiu slightly smiled and said, “We all have reached the 6,000th stair, so we’re going to bolt to the 8,000th! If you all can reach the 8,000th stair, then I guarantee you will pass this trial. But if you can’t, then don’t think about the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme.”

Despite knowing and sensing how arduous and hard it would be, Star Peng’s eyes were extremely firm.

“We’ve been facing hardships all this while, so we must pass the trial,” said Star Luminous in a deep voice. “Only by becoming stronger and obtaining the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme can we resolve the crisis at home.”

“Your family is in crisis?” Tang Xiu asked lightly, “Do you want me to help you again?”

“No need, but thank you,” Star Peng and Star Luminous answered at the same time. Although they already guessed that Tang Xiu was someone on their side, they still weren’t 100% sure, so they directly refused.

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