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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1365 - Worthless Lives

Chapter 1365: Worthless Lives

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On the 18th day, Heroic Sword Venerable finally passed the bridge trial.

Of the 900 Immortals from the fifth batch, a total of five people passed the bridge trial and shocked the thousands of Immortals below. Afterward, the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth batch followed.

Finally, after the trial of the ninth batch of Immortals ended, the last three people successfully crossed the bridge, so the number of people outside the Drunken Immortal Palace reached 9. The nine people were: Black Zephyr old freak, Heroic Sword Venerable, Tang Xiu, Star Tears, Sablefiend Scorpio, Star Luminous, Blackhawk Venerable, Aureate Rosy Cloud Venerable, and Iron Scarless.

“Everyone, we now have enough people, so we can activate the Nine Stars Array! Each and every one of us can only rely on our own chance after entering the Drunken Immortal Palace. Who will eventually become the inheritor of Drunken Immortal Supreme? Let’s strive and fight for it!” Blackhawk Venerable, the one with the highest cultivation level at the Perfected Golden Immortal late-stage, slowly said.


The rest nodded and stood above the nine nodes of the Nine Stars Array. As the nine people injected their Immortal Force, the Nine Star Array was immediately activated and the hundreds of meters high gate of the Drunken Immortal Palace slowly opened.

“Let’s enter!”

The nine rushed inside in succession and quickly appeared in the interior of the Drunken Immortal Palace. Nearly all of them had bloodshot eyes with greed after seeing a large number of treasures and various cultivation resources inside.


Tang Xiu, Star Tears, Sablefiend Scorpio, and Star Luminous moved to strike Heroic Sword Venerable at the same time as though they had a prior agreement. In particular, due to the influence of the Rainbow Phantasmagoria ability Tang Xiu just cast, Heroic Sword Venerable was instantly in a bemused state and became an easy target of bombardment from Sablefiend Scorpio, Star Tears, and Star Luminous.


Despite keeping his guard up against Tang Xiu, Heroic Sword Venerable never dreamed that he would be the target of four powerhouses at the same time. He was sent flying to the distance as a divine sword finally cleaved his body into halves.

The complexions of Black Zephyr old freak, Blackhawk Venerable, Aureate Rosy Cloud Venerable, and Iron Scarless changed greatly. Never did it cross their minds that Tang Xiu’s group of four would actually slay the peerless genius from the Myriad Swords Sect, causing the four people to blink to four directions. Aside from Black Zephyr who thought that Tang Xiu wouldn’t attack him, the other three were deeply wary of the group of four.

“You should join us to kill the rest, Black Zephyr. Only after we kill them will we have fewer competitors in snatching this immortal fate,” Tang Xiu quickly sent a voice transmission to Black Zephyr. “No matter what, Blackhawk, Aureate Rosy Cloud, and Iron Scarless must die here.”

Black Zephyr took a deep breath and replied with a voice transmission, “Aureate Rosy Cloud is the first disciple of Auric Light Island, and I have a deep friendship with her Master. Can you spare her?”

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and slowly nodded. “No problem with me, but she must comply with my request later.”

“What would you like her to do?” asked Black Zephyr.

“She must never tell a soul about us joining up to kill the enemies, especially the matter of killing Heroic Sword Venerable!” Tang Xiu said, “I want her to take an Immortal Oath on this one.”

“I’ll talk to her,” said Black Zephyr.

After a brief communication, Tang Xiu’s group of five pursued Blackhawk and Iron Scarless. Although Blackhawk was a powerful Perfected Golden Immortal, he had to face the encirclement of 5 powerful enemies. Under the influence of the Rainbow Phantasmagoria Realm supernatural ability, he was finally mercilessly slain, whereas Iron Scarless was easily killed since the man was only at the Golden Immortal Stage.

“I’ll give up competing for the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme,” despite being very unwilling and angry, Aureate Rosy Cloud could finally only choose to compromise in order to survive. She looked at the five men with vigilance and spoke helplessly.

“Black Zephyr old freak told me that he has a deep friendship with your Master, so we can’t kill you,” said Tang Xiu. “But you must take an Immortal Oath to never tell another soul what has happened in the Drunken Immortal Palace.”

Aureate Rosy Cloud looked at Black Zephyr with a strange expression and then took the oath immediately.

“Well, you’re now our friend since you took that vow,” said Tang Xiu contentedly. “As for the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme and whether you can get it will depend on your own abilities. We won’t intervene with you whatsoever.”

“Huh?” Aureate Rosy Cloud incredulously said, “You mean… I can still compete for the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme? You…”

“That’s right, you can.” Tang Xiu nodded. “As long as you can pass the next trial, we will still congratulate you even if you become the ultimate winner.”

The unwillingness and anger in Aureate Rosy Cloud’s heart instantly vanished and she looked at Tang Xiu with a grateful face. “If I were to finally obtain the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme and have this Secret Palace under my control, I promise you I’ll take out half of the wealth here for you.”

“Hahaha, I’ll say thanks in advance then.” Tang Xiu laughed.

Quickly after, Black Zephyr and Aureate Rosy Cloud left in a hurry. This Drunken Immortal Palace was very large and everyone had no idea where the inheritance was placed, so they chose to separate and look for it on their own.

Star Luminous took a deep breath and spoke to Tang Xiu, “Senior Great Tang, they have left. I will also seek my own immortal fate. If I can finally obtain Drunken Immortal Supreme’s inheritance, I’ll also take out half of the wealth here for you as a token of my gratitude.”

“Remember my words. You’ll have other chances as long as you’re still alive.” Tang Xiu smiled and waved. “Don’t lose your life here even if you don’t get the inheritance in the end. The future Vermillion Bird Holy Sect needs you.”

“Understood. This Junior shall keep your advice in mind.” Star Luminous respectfully saluted and then left quickly.

Star Tears stared at Star Luminous as he left and sighed. “He’s a good boy. If he doesn’t die prematurely in the future, the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect is hopeful to have another Supreme powerhouse one day.”

“The path of the immortals is very far and no one knows what the future holds for any of us,” Tang Xiu said. “I do look forward to seeing the day when he can become a Supreme.”

Star Tears nodded silently and asked, “So, what should I do next?”

Tang Xiu smiled lightly in response and said, “Sablefiend Scorpio, you may be my subordinate, but I have brought you here, so you can find your own immortal fate! I’ll return your Soul Plate immediately if you can get the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme. I look forward to the day when you can become a Supremacy Stage powerhouse in the future.”

Sablefiend Scorpio froze for a moment, then deep gratitude could be seen in her eyes. She had followed Tang Xiu to the Secret Palace and, prior to this, she thought that she would only obtain some wealth here to support her cultivation later. Although she had imagined many times that such a chance would happen to her, she thought that Tang Xiu would never let her have this opportunity.

However, now she realized that she was completely mistaken. Her Master not only had respect for herself, but he also did not treat her as a subordinate or slave, but as someone close to him.

He does deserve to be a person to pledge my loyalty to. He saved my life from the Convict Arena. He would even give me my Soul Plate back if I obtain the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme. I swear I’ll serve and work for him for 5,000 years. This… is what I can do to repay him. Sablefiend Scorpio thought inwardly before choosing a direction and leaving.

At present, only Tang Xiu and Star Tears remained. Tang Xiu then smiled and said, “Anyway, Auntie Star Tears, it would be very difficult for you to advance to the Supremacy Stage given your present aptitude. However, you still have me, so it will be easy for you to obtain the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme. Let’s head to the Drunken Immortal Spring!”

“Huh?” Star Tears was confused and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Just follow me and you’ll know it later,” replied Tang Xiu with a smile.

Half a day later, Tang Xiu led Star Tears to the central area of Drunken Immortal Palace where the Drunken Immortal Spring was located. Along the way, all the restrictions and traps seemed to pose no threat to the two of them.

“Auntie Star Tears, I’ve cracked the restriction around the Drunken Immortal Spring. Go accept the inheritance. Whether you can take the entire Secret Palace under your control, it depends on your fortune.” After he said that, Tang Xiu conjured thousands of seas in succession. As a transparent energy shield rose, a half-meter wide and two-meter high gap was opened and Star Tears directly entered through it.

“This is the Drunken Immortal Spring where one can get his inheritance?”

Star Tears fully trusted Tang Xiu. She observed the space inside and felt slightly excited after seeing the spirit spring spray a green liquid a few meters high. Immediately after, she immediately lunged herself into the Drunken Immortal Spring directly.

“Heavens! This dark green liquid is all life essences?”

Star Tears could sense the enormous life force that was continuously being injected into her body, causing her appearance to return to her original face. A marvelous change happened to her appearance after the life essence fluid infused into her body, causing her to look much younger and full of life.

After the life essence liquid in the Drunken Immortal Spring was absorbed by Star Tears’s body, a cluster of golden light at the bottom of the spring instantly wrapped her body and countless ancient runes turned into powerful torrents that flowed into Star Tears’ sea of knowledge.

Time ticked by and half a year had passed in the blink of an eye.

During these six months, Black Zephyr also discovered this area, but Tang Xiu secretly pulled some tricks to adjust the restrictions here, making it difficult for Black Zephyr to step inside.


At the moment, the entire Secret Palace was shaken and the complexions of the hundreds of thousands of Immortals still alive changed. They didn’t understand what exactly happened with the Secret Palace and couldn’t help but have a bad premonition inside their hearts.


The moment Star Tears opened her eyes, these hundreds of thousands of Immortals were wrapped by an invisible force and were directly expelled from the Secret Palace. However, there were two exceptions—Sablefiend Scorpio and Star Luminous. The two of them appeared directly in front of Tang Xiu with Star Tears’s arrangement.

“What’s going on?”

Sablefiend Scorpio and Star Luminous exchanged dismayed glances. They only glanced at Tang Xiu and then shifted to Star Tears who was floating above the Drunken Immortal Spring. Both of them could sense a special energy fluctuation from her that made them palpitated.

“You… you’re… Great-Grand Martial Aunt?”

After seeing Star Tears’s face, Star Luminous suddenly knelt in front of her and excitedly cried out.

Star Tears smiled in response and sent a stream of energy to hold him up. Then, she lightly said, “I didn’t expect I’d be recognized by you, Kiddo.”

“This is great…”

Star Luminous’s eyes were full of tears and he shouted excitedly.

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