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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1367 - Fighting to Save the Critical Situation

Chapter 1367: Fighting to Save the Critical Situation

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Dao Master Qing Feng immediately understood, but he shook his head and sighed. “It seems the direction we’re fleeing is your territory. No wonder you can find us so easily and determine the direction of our escape. Since you keep pursuing us, let the rumble begin then! But you’ll have to pay a terrible price if you want to make us stay here.”

Blackcrow Venerable nodded and said, “You’re right that we must pay a price if we want to kill both of you. But do you still think you can do so after you see this?”

With that said, he took out a pair of scrolls from his interspatial right and cast a technique. The scrolls instantly flew and slowly unfolded in mid-air. The pair of scrolls turned out to be paintings with 18 patterns drawn on them. Each pattern was a design of an uncanny weapon. Even if they were in the form of paintings on the scrolls, these 18 weapons still gave off a chilling sense.

“Immortal Executioner Armament Scrolls?!” Dao Master Qing Feng looked horrified and exclaimed in disbelief.

Blackcrow Venerable proudly smiled. “You know it? This thing is the supreme treasure of your Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect. It took us a lot of effort to obtain this object, but now we’re using it to deal with you. The price we’re gonna pay is much smaller now, no? Hahaha…”

An intense killing intent burst out from Dao Master Qing Feng and he shouted fiercely, “Did my Master Ancestor, Venerable Aries, was killed by your Myriad Swords Sect’s people?”

“You guessed right.” Blackcrow Venerable grinned. “I’m not afraid to tell you that I was one of those who slew your Ancestor 1,300 years ago! You know, Venerable Aries was a very powerful man. A Perfected Golden Immortal late-stage, yet he was able to withstand the onslaught of our six Perfected Golden Immortals for quite a long time before we slaughtered him. That was quite a brilliant performance, wasn’t it? Pity that he was still finally killed in our hands. You were not there then, else you could have seen how wonderful it was when he detonated his Immortal Soul.”

Dao Master Qing Feng’s eyes turned bloodshot and a battle armor suddenly covered his body along with a scripture that appeared in his hand out of nowhere. The armor was an 8th grade artifact, and what he held was also an 8th grade weapon, both of which were his killing cards.

“Revenge is due. Blood for blood and a tooth for a tooth.”

Dao Master Qing Feng fell into madness. He had never hated anyone so much and wished he could crush Blackcrow Venerable. The closest and best person to him was not his Master, but rather his Master Ancestor who was killed 1,300 years ago, Venerable Aries.

Undemonized Sovereign Mo glanced at Dao Master Qing Feng and sighed inwardly. He then took a jade bottle from his interspatial ring and poured a pill into his mouth. Suddenly, his aura gradually rose even though he was seriously injured. In just several breaths, his aura had surpassed his peak.

“We only have an hour at best, Qing Feng. We’ll survive if we can kill them within the time. But if we fail to kill them, then only death awaits both of us! Let the showdown begin! Let this Undemonized Sovereign Mo accompany your madness today!”

Dao Master Qing Feng replied with his actions. He waved his hand and scroll in his hand flew into the air, releasing golden runes like flowing water. As endless changes occurred to the runes, they then bombarded Blackcrow Venerable.

On the other side, a flying knife appeared in the hands of Undemonized Sovereign Mo out of the blue. The flying knife that seemed to be only a few inches long instantly turned into tens of thousands of sword shadows that shot towards Blackcrow Venerable from all directions.

“Focused Lightning Art!”

Another art was cast and lightning bolts flashed down from the highest heaven. These lightning bolts did not directly strike Blackcrow Venerable’s group of four but bombarded together along with the blade shadows of the flying know. Suddenly, tens of thousands of sword shadows were connected in series by lightning sparks and formed a lighting chain blade net.

Blackcrow Venerable looked solemn upon seeing it. Dazzling golden rays suddenly bloomed from the picture scrolls and the 18 weapon patterns on it suddenly materialized and flushed towards Dao Master Qing Feng and Undemonized Sovereign Mo. These 18 weapons then formed a special battle formation and clashed with the countless runes and blade shadows.

It was a clash between magical weapons and spells.

The six combatants from both sides showcased their respective magical powers and the fight began with each unleashing their strongest killing moves.

An hour later, Blackcrow Venerable let out a bit of contempt. He just heard what Undemonized Sovereign Mo said that he could only insist for an hour, which should be related to the pill he swallowed.

“Focused Finger of Sword Form—Slash!”

Acutely sensing the rapid weakening of Undemonized Sovereign Mo’s aura, Blackcrow Venerable was overjoyed. He finally decided to rush to the spot several meters away in front of Sovereign Mo in an attempt to slay him.

“Let’s die together!”

Undemonized Sovereign Mo suddenly shouted and his aura burst out again. In nearly a flash, he appeared in front of Blackcrow Venerable and directly unleashed his Innate Natal immortal sword and pierced through the shadow left by Blackcrow Venerable, causing the latter’s complexion to change greatly.


One of the Myriad Swords Sect’s Perfected Golden Immortal behind Blackcrow Venerable never dreamed that a strike would come from the direction of Blackcrow Venerable. He was caught off guard and had no chance to evade nor defend himself as his chest was hit hard and left a bowl-sized hole.

Blackcrow Venerable, who avoided the strike, suddenly felt deep regret upon seeing the miserable state of his companion, arousing and nearly materializing his killing intent. He knew that he was deceived by Undemonized Sovereign Mo. The pill the latter took definitely did not make him able to insist just for an hour, and the target of his attack a while was not him. After giving it a thought, he realized that the target was his companion.

The instant after, Blackcrow Venerable no longer focused his attention to attack Undemonized Sovereign Mo but quickly took out a black jade bottle and put his companion’s Immortal Soul inside.


The other two Perfected Golden Immortals sent a barrage of powerful blast towards Dao Master Qing Feng. One of them then turned to lunge towards Undemonized Sovereign Mo and his Innate Natal immortal weapon blasted the latter’s chest in a split second after. However, even though he severely injured Undemonized Sovereign Mo, he couldn’t avoid the counter-attack by the latter and was wounded by Sovereign Mo’s flying knife. The strike could have killed him had it not been for his high-grade immortal defensive artifact.

We’re now in a desperate situation and the array is barring us from escaping.

Undemonized Sovereign Mo felt a bit bitter, yet he didn’t have any regret whatsoever. It was all for the sake of his best friend, so he had no regrets even if he lost his life here. His only regret was that he couldn’t pull Blackcrow Venerable’s group of four into the grave with him.

My only choice left is to detonate my Immortal Soul! Even if the explosion can’t kill them, at least it will make them pay a terrible price. Undemonized Sovereign Mo took a deep breath and prepared to detonate his Immortal Soul.


Suddenly, an invisible force burst directly from outside the array. In a split second after, a kilometer-long divine sword beam flashed and directly tore the surrounding formations and slashed the Perfected Golden Immortal who attacked Undemonized Sovereign Mo before. Even though the man had a high-grade defensive artifact, his head was still hit and split into halves.


Blackcrow Venerable and the other Perfected Golden Immortal looked horrified at the same time. The moment their complexions changed greatly, the scenery in front of them changed and they froze momentarily.

Slash! Puff! Crack! Puff…

The seriously injured Dao Master Qing Feng and Undemonized Sovereign Mo sent their final blows, directly striking Blackcrow Venerable and the other Perfected Golden Immortal. Although they failed to fatally injure them, both their targets were sent flying after getting hit by their heavy blows.

“Shadowless Scorpion Tail!”

Out of nowhere, a black shadow suddenly blocked the path of Blackcrow Venerable’s flying direction. A scorpion tail appeared and struck hard, directly piercing his abdomen. At the same time, a long whip suddenly lashed from that black shadow and hit Blackcrow Venerable’s Immortal Soul that attempted to run from his body.

The sudden turn of events made Dao Master Qing Feng and Undemonized Sovereign Mo ecstatic. Although they had no idea who and where these two helpers came from, they were sure that these people were definitely friends since they helped them in such a desperate strait.


After slaying Blackcrow Venerable, the four people teamed up without hesitation and launched a fierce onslaught on the last Perfected Golden Immortal who had just been hit hard. In just 15 minutes, that Perfected Golden Immortal roared in a rage full of unwillingness as he was killed by the four.

Dao Master Qing Feng took a deep breath to calm down his boiling blood and then sealed up his bleeding wounds. Then he asked Undemonized Sovereign Mo, “How is your condition? Can you still bear it?”

Undemonized Sovereign Mo’s pale face squeezed out a smile uglier than crying, but he shook his head and then nodded to Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio before directly slumping to the ground. He then took out a Purple Scent Pill and swallowed it before sitting cross-legged on the ground to recuperate.

A concerned look flashed in the eyes of Dao Master Qing Feng. His eyes moved away from Undemonized Sovereign Mo and shifted to Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio. Then, he cupped his fists and said, “Thank you for your help—the virtue and benevolence this Qing Feng will never forget. May I ask who these two friends are?”

“I’m Great Tang Heavenly Emperor and she’s my retainer,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“Ah, you’re that Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, the mysterious powerhouse in the Secret Palace?” Dao Master Qing Feng blurted in surprise.

“Calling me a powerhouse is rather incorrect, though I do have a bit of talent,” replied Tang Xiu with a smile.

“Sight, your Great Tang Heavenly Emperor title has now spread through more than half of the Immortal World and is known to many powerhouses.” Dao Master Qing Feng sighed. “You have displayed a shocking performance in the Secret Palace, outshining many powerful people there. Many people are speculating whether you’re the one who finally got the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme.”

“Well, the Secret Palace of Drunken Immortal Supreme should still be in the Boundless Mountain Range, right? How could I possibly be that lucky guy since I’m here now?” replied Tang Xiu with a pale smile. “Besides, fame is not a good thing for me, to begin with. After all, I understand the truth that the tallest tree in the forest will only court destruction from the wind.”

Dao Master Qing Feng nodded slowly and said, “That’s sound reasoning. But I just don’t understand one thing. You and I have never had any relationship before, so why did you help us?”

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