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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1368 - Inciting Troubles

Chapter 1368: Inciting Troubles

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Tang Xiu glanced at Undemonized Sovereign Mo, who sat cross-legged in cultivation nearby, and replied lightly, “I have two reasons. Firstly, Dao Master Qing Feng is a good person with a righteous character. Even before the Secret Palace was opened and you were forced to fight in the Boundless Mountain Range, there were so many friends who came forward and stood up and fought with you to uphold justice. That just shows that you’re a friend worth making. And I, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, like to make friends with such people.

“Secondly, I have a friendship with Dao Master Guai from the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect. Though what I did was not for his sake but for someone related to him, you’re still his Senior Brother, so how could I just stand by and watch while you’re in danger?”

“This Daoist, Qing Feng, will always remember your life-saving grace, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor,” said Dao Master Qing Feng with all seriousness. “From now onwards, you’re now my friend. Heavenly Emperor can freely ask this one for assistance should you need it in the future. As long as your request is within this Daoist’s capabilities, this one will definitely carry it out. Also, I didn’t expect that you and my Junior Brother know each other. But he has never mentioned anything about becoming friends with you when I came back to the sect, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. That’s rather strange to me.”

Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “Well, maybe he thought that it was unnecessary to mention it. Because perhaps he didn’t even know from where a friend named Great Tang Heavenly Emperor emerged. Hahaha…”

Dao Master Qing Feng stared blankly and was bewildered.

“Anyway, let’s spare you from getting puzzled with this issue, okay?” Tang Xiu waved his hand. “By the way, where would you like to go now, Dao Master Qing Feng? We can go together if your destination is the same as us. If not, we can escort you to some Immortal Domains on the way.”

Dao Master Qing Feng hesitated and forced a smile. “Undemonized Sovereign Mo and I are seriously injured now. But I fear that I’ll implicate you if we go along with you since this region belongs to a disciple of the Myriad Swords Sect.”

Tang Xiu raised his brows and lightly smiled. “It’s fine. You can avoid the pursuit of anyone from the Myriad Swords Sect by entering my Heavenly Abode artifact. As for us, I don’t think that sect will have time to take care of me.”

Dao Master Qing Feng hesitated before he finally agreed. He could see that the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor didn’t have any intention to harm them. If he did, he wouldn’t have saved them before and they would have already died now.

The moment after, Tang Xiu moved Dao Master Qing Feng and Undemonized Sovereign Mo to the Heavenly Abode artifact. Then, he shifted to Sablefiend Scorpio and slowly said, “I didn’t expect to become famous overnight after the Secret Palace event. I even got suspected by countless Immortals to be the lucky guy who got the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme. It seems like we need to create some incidents to be more famous, huh!”

Sablefiend Scorpio nodded in response and said, “It’s as you said, Master. But the Secret Palace is still there. As long as you prove that you’re not inside it at this time, you can break the rumors that you’ve obtained the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme. Else, it won’t be just us who will become the target of surveillance from countless forces in the Immortal World, but also the Great Tang Empire.”

After contemplating for a while, Tang Xiu asked, “Are you familiar with this Immortal Domain or some other regions nearby, by chance?”

“There’s an Immortal Domain I’m very familiar with about three regions away from here,” said Sablefiend Scorpio. “It’s the Ethereal Immortal Domain, and the City Lord of Ethereal City is my friend.”

“If so, then let’s head there,” said Tang Xiu without hesitation.

Suddenly, his complexion changed because he could sense that tens of powerful auras were coming fast in their direction, and these auras belonged to Golden Immortals.

“They must be the people from the Myriad Swords Sect. We can’t fight them since there’s too many them, so we’ll leave first! We’ll wait for some time and then clean them up,” Tang Xiu said in a deep voice.

Sablefiend Scorpio thought for a while and suddenly said, “Master, why don’t you let me kill them before we leave? Even if we can’t annihilate them, at least we can make some troubles for them.”

Tang Xiu gave it a thought and handed her a Thunder Pellet he had casually purchased before and said, “Then I’m going first and wait for you in the next Immortal Domain. Find me directly in the main city there, I’ll be waiting for you at the gate of the largest city.”


Sablefiend Scorpio was surprised upon seeing the Thunder Pellet. She was sure she could inflict heavy damage on the enemy with this item.

15 minutes after Tang Xiu left, tens of Golden Immortals came flying in a group. They turned vigilant after seeing the aftermath and traces of the battle. According to the agreement with the four Perfected Golden Immortals, they were to gather here after those four had slain Dao Master Qing Feng and Undemonized Sovereign Mo. However, there was no trace of those four Perfected Golden Immortals. Even Dao Master Qing Feng and Undemonized Sovereign Mo had disappeared without a trace.

How did the battle end?

It was the question they had in mind now.

Suddenly, the complexion of a late-stage Golden Immortal changed greatly. In nearly a flash, he dashed away with the fastest speed he could unleash in his life when a black shadow suddenly bolted towards them.


A terrible explosion enveloped a radius of tens of kilometers and the fearsome explosion impact blasted to hundreds of kilometers. More than a dozen of the tens of Golden Immortals who were caught off guard were directly killed and the rest were heavily injured and spurted out mouthfuls of blood.

“The might of this Thunder Pellet is very terrifying, and one costs 5 million Crystal Essences! Even a Perfected Golden Immortal caught off guard will probably be gravely injured, no?” Sablefiend Scorpio smiled gleefully. Her figure bolted lightning fast as she unleashed her Praecantator weapon and harvested the life of a nearby Golden Immortal who had been severely injured. In just 15 minutes, several Golden Immortal met their tragic deaths in her hands.

“Join up and kill her, everyone!”

The Golden Immortal that escaped the fastest previously only suffered minor injuries and roared loudly after flying back. Quickly, the remaining several Golden Immortals all gathered together and released their respected immortal weapons, intending to go all out to slay Sablefiend Scorpio.


Sablefiend Scorpio didn’t want to get pestered by these people. Not to mention that the combining attack power of a dozen Golden Immortals was still very scary. She may be confident that she could annihilate them, but she would likely be seriously injured as well. Further, she also had a concern that the rest of the powerhouses from the Myriad Swords Sect were still rushing to support them.

10 days later.

Sablefiend Scorpio and Tang Xiu met in a nearby Immortal Domain. Hardly without any hesitation, they dashed towards the Ethereal Immortal Domain. Even though both of them encountered some troubles along the way, they were just minor troubles and were easily dealt with by them.

However, with the purpose of making himself more famous, Tang Xiu spent a lot of effort to announce his title, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, every time he dealt with an enemy. Therefore, when he and Sablefiend Scorpio were heading to the Ethereal Immortal Domain fast, some forces quickly obtained the intelligence about them and knew that the expert called Great Tang Heavenly Emperor was currently not in the Secret Palace. Thus, they now determined that the lucky guy who had obtained the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme was definitely not this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor guy.

In the Ethereal Immortal Domain.

This region was under the control of the Everlasting Palace’s branch. At the moment, tens of Perfected Golden Immortals and hundreds of Golden Immortals came out of the spatial teleportation array and showed up near Floating Snow City.

Donning a white jersey, the long silver-haired Argent Martial Hale had been suppressing his anger inwardly. On the surface, however, he respectfully looked at a black-robed old man and said, “Senior Cambrian, this subordinate has a minor private matter to deal with, so this one can’t accompany you to the Floating Snow City. Please use the Message Token to summon me should you have anything to tell me. This one will definitely come over at once.”

The black-robed old man glanced differently at him and sneered inwardly. He knew the reason why Argent Martial Hale wanted to leave. It was because this guy was often bullied by the other disciples of Everlasting Palace, so he wanted to hide far away from them. He himself was very disgusted about a traitor like Argent Martial Hale, so he was also against him following him. Thus, with a gesture as though sweeping flies, he impatiently waved his hand. “Then scram quickly and don’t be an eyesore. Also, get more cultivation resources for me later and I’ll be happy if you find me some good things.”

“Understood,” Argent Martial Hale respectfully replied. “Once this one encounters some good things, this one will immediately present them to you, Sir.”

The black-robed old man indifferently nodded and then left with a group of Perfected Golden Immortals and Golden Immortals quickly, leaving only Argent Martial Hale, whose complexion gradually changed.

“Damn you, dog mongrel! The moment I’m no longer under your control and free myself from the Everlasting Palace’s restraints, I’ll kill all of you then. Just wait. You all just wait for me.” Argent Martial Hale clenched his fists and a soul-stirring killing intent overflowed in his eyes.

As of now, he missed the days when he followed Star Cultivation Great Emperor. The feeling of being at the apex, superior, free to do as he liked, and enjoying an inexhaustible supply of various resources.

Yet, he was a traitor—a label that was unpleasant to hear, causing him to feel guilty. However, he chose to survive. And compared to being alive, he chose such a heavy betrayal. Sometimes, the hatred toward his Master, Star Cultivation Great Emperor, birthed inside him. Why did he fail his tribulation and made him lose his shelter and protection?

After quite a while, Argent Martial Hale quietly entered the Floating Snow City alone and came to a path leading to a low-rise residential area. He came to a courtyard, pushed the door, and came to the interior. He voraciously looked at the hot and voluptuous girls inside as he dashed to one and hugged her.

“Do you miss me, Zither?” Argent Martial Hale voraciously kissed her and smilingly asked.

Some disgust birthed in the heart of the stunning belle the moment she saw Argent Martial Hale. On the surface, however, she let out a dazzling smile and sweetly laughed and replied with a coy voice, “I miss you. I’ve been missing you all the time. I’ve always been missing the time when you held me in your arms. I even dreamed a few days ago that you’d come back. Just promise that you won’t leave again this time, okay?”

Argent Martial Hale groaned as though he was coping with her plea. He then took her into a room while still hugging her.

“Uh, no, I can’t. It’s inconvenient. I’m not available now,” the stunning belle hurriedly cried out.

“You what?”

Argent Martial Hale stared blankly and looked annoyed. He directly threw off the lass from his arms and spoke with a cold face, “You’re not available now, huh? Then I’ll come for you another day. I suddenly remember that I have some things to deal with first.”

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