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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1369 - Trapping a Worthless Dead Man

Chapter 1369: Trapping a Worthless Dead Man

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Floating Snow City, Lithe Plume Mansion.

The continuous mansion was the largest red-light district building in the Floating Snow City—a lady of the evening’s mansion, a man’s paradise, and a money-squandering establishment. Given the popular statistics of some Immortals, each lady in the Lithe Plume Mansion was attractive in her own way. Each of whom was a lady of the evening of various races and immortal prostitutes.

After leaving the woman working there, Argent Martial Hale rushed to the Lithe Plume Mansion and spent the Immortal Crystals he obtained from the Secret Palace generously to reward the two Immortal prostitutes he called over to accompany him. He had no idea that someone had been tailing him the moment he entered the Lithe Plum Mansion.

Disguised as a pretty boy, Sablefiend Scorpio kept tailing Tang Xiu as they entered the Lithe Plum Mansion. Her always cold face looked unnatural for she had never been to such a place even though she had been living freely in the Immortal World for several thousands of years.

Tang Xiu’s cold eyes were fixed on Argent Martial Hale’s back. He hated the Inner Pill Sect and the Everlasting Palace as they were his archenemies, but he hated traitors even more. Especially this peerless genius who had once been very close to him, a direct disciple he had spent great attention to and groomed him seriously.

He spotted Argent Martial Hale outside the gate of Floating Snow City. He didn’t alarm the guy but kept following him all the way. He even observed the meeting between him and that voluptuous woman.

“Just let me kill him directly, Lord,” said Sablefiend Scorpio in a whisper. “I can kill him within 10 breaths at most.”

Tang Xiu shook his head. He looked at the private room on the opposite side and replied indifferently, “Do you know what Argent Martial Hale is best at?”

“Pardon? What he’s best at?” Sablefiend Scorpio was puzzled.

“He’s great at saving his own ass,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

“Does this guy really fear death that much?” Sablefiend Scorpio in surprise.

Tang Xiu didn’t answer her question, but he then realized inwardly that his previous appraisal of his former disciple’s cautious approach was completely mistaken. This guy was not cautious at all, but one who always put his life first and feared death. Had he known that this guy had such a quirk, he wouldn’t have received him as his disciple and just killed him directly instead.

Time went by.

Argent Martial Hale had been staying in the private room on the opposite side for three days, enjoying the service of two Immortal hustlers. He was like a manifestation of one who led a befuddled life as if being drunk or in a dream.


A figure flickered and came lightning fast silently in the private room where Tang Xiu was sitting. Aside from him, there was also a Golden Core female prostitute soundly sleeping.

“How is the arrangement going?”

Tang Xiu noticed the return of Sablefiend Scorpion and immediately asked.

A smile was cast on the corner of Sablefiend Scorpio’s mouth as she replied, “Everything’s been arranged, Lord. However, we have to pay 800,000 Immortal Crystals.”

“No matter. Immortal Crystals are meant to be spent. As long as it can achieve its purpose, let alone paying 800,000, even spending 8 million is still worth it,” replied Tang Xiu lightly.

“Your subordinate understands.” Sablefiend Scorpio nodded.

Finally, after Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio waited until the fourth day, Argent Martial Hale then came out of the private room while hugging two Immortal prostitutes towards the lobby on the first floor and then headed outside.


A loud gong-like sound suddenly reverberated and an obese middle-aged woman with thick makeup came to the hall, surrounded by tens of girls. After garnering the attention of hundreds of people in the hall, she smiled and said, “It’s really a good fortune and a blessing for you all, dear guests! We just received a beautiful immortal flower. And most importantly, she’s still a virgin. However, we shall arrange a new game today as this Immortal flower is not going to stay at the Lithe Plume Mansion and will be auctioned. Should any guest like to hug this belle, you can bid later.”

Amid the crowd, Argent Martial Hale was surprised because he rarely encountered such an interesting live-action in the Lithe Plume Mansion. He hesitated for a bit before sitting on a chair.

“Jing Xian’er, come!” the obese woman waved her handkerchief and shouted loudly.

Immediately after, a gorgeous young woman with a graceful stature and wearing a white veil walked down the stairs. A faint fragrance floated from her and the hundreds of guests in the hall were suddenly shocked. Their voracious and greedy eyes kept wandering around her sensitive parts.

With his powerful strength, Argent Martial Hale had keen eyesight, but his crotch heated up when he saw Jing Xian’er’s face behind the white veil. A voracious look was evident in his eyes.

A real beauty! A truly stunning, peerless belle!

He, who had seen and ‘tasted’ countless women, instantly made up his mind inwardly. No matter how much he must pay, he must bid and obtain this peerless belle. Else, he felt that he would regret it for a very long time.

The fat woman smiled and said, “As I’ve mentioned, Jing Xian’er is still a virgin and our Lithe Plume Mansion has trained her for many years. She will definitely be a first-class expert in serving her man in the future. Any man who can bid and take her will definitely feel the best and absolute enjoyment.

“Without further ado, Jing Xian’er, remove your veil. Everyone, please feast your eyes on her.”

In the next moment, under the gaze of countless eyes, Jing Xian’er raised her slim jade fingers to take off the veil covering her face. Shen then gently bowed forward to salute everyone and softly said, “Xian’er greets all the distinguished guests here. Regardless of any guests who would like to buy Xian’er, please treat Xian’er kindly. Xian’er will definitely do her best to please and serve her future owner.”


The hall instantly exploded and countless cries of exclamation and chattering sounded.

“Oh my God! This is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful fairy maiden. Even the hottest immortal prostitutes in the Lithe Plume Mansion can’t compare with her, right? She’s so gorgeous—definitely the most mind-blowing beautiful goddess in my heart.”

“What do I see here? How can there be such a beautiful woman in this world? The sun, moon, and stars are seemingly overshadowed by her. Dammit, my heart is beating so fast. I… I must obtain her.”

“Let alone having her, even a kiss from her is enough to make me live a hundred years longer and younger! She’s truly a fairy maiden. All those women I’ve seen and met before are non-existent in front of her.”

“I must have her. I must. I’ll even sell my Innate Natal immortal sword for her.”

Argent Martial Hale stared straight at Jing Xian’er with a slightly trembling body. He had seen a lot of stunning beauties, but those on par with this Jing Xian’er were definitely rare. Her beauty was soul-stirring and soul-captivating, capturing his heart completely at the moment.

I have to get her even if I must go bankrupt. Running into such a top woman like her in this life is very difficult.

Argent Martial Hale took a deep breath. Then, he shifted to the fat woman and said aloud, “We’ve seen this belle’s true appearance, so can we start the bidding now?”

On the sixth floor, Tang Xiu was standing in the corridor while observing that guy’s expression in the hall below. He sneered inwardly and turned his head, saying, “Be prepared to lend that guy some money if he doesn’t have enough. It’s likely he’ll burn all his capital given his expression.”

Sablefiend Scorpio’s eyes flashed with contempt, saying, “He has no good character at all, unable to resist the temptation of beauty whatsoever.”

Tang Xiu lightly smiled and said, “I admire you on this one, Sablefiend Scorpio. I didn’t expect you to find such stunning beauty in such a short time.”

Sablefiend Scorpio smiled and asked, “You may take her when the show is over if you like her, Lord. Her identity may be rather complicated, but it won’t be a problem if I get involved.”

Tang Xiu hastily waved. “No, no, no. You might as well harm me doing that. To begin with, those at home… cough, cough… I’m still in a deep headache until now!”

Sablefiend Scorpio’s smile became more intense and she added, “Well, it’s just normal for a powerhouse to have 3 wives and some mistresses, Lord. Even having countless beauties is still considered normal. Besides, you’re the most outstanding genius I’ve ever seen. No matter how many Femme Fatales, you’re worth following by them.”

“Spare me the topic, will you?” Tang Xiu shook his head. “My goal is to become stronger. I don’t want to get too entangled with women’s affairs. Alright, arrange some people since I must trap him hard this time. I won’t just make him lose everything but also sweep his reputation down the drain. I’ll make this fella die in regret and anger.”

“Understood!” Sablefiend Scorpio put away her smile and silently disappeared in the corridor.

In the lobby.

The obese woman looked at Argent Martial Hale’s attitude and sneered inwardly. She knew that this auction was held entirely to trap this guy. Seeing him cooperate so well, she smilingly said, “Well, this noble guest seems unable to wait any longer, so I’m sure you’ve prepared a lot of money, yes? If so, for fear of wasting everyone’s time, I hereby announce that Jing Xian’er’s bid is starting with a floor price of 1 million Crystal Essences. If you’d like to participate in the auction, the increment of each bid must not be less than 500,000 Crystal Essences.”


The hundreds of guests in the entire hall gasped. Most of them could afford to spend 1 million Immortal Crystals, but 1 million Crystal Essences would drive anyone crazy.

“1.5 million Crystal Essences!”

Right as the obese woman’s voice faded away, a womanizer-looking middle-aged man in the crowd raised his hand and shouted, “I’m the only who deserve such beauty! 1.5 million Crystal Essences and this peerless belle is mine later!”

“What a bull! 2 million Crystal Essences! I have nothing else but money here!” Another youth sneered and directly increased the bid.

“2.5 million!”

“3 million.”


Both of them kept increasing their bids and Jing Xian’er’s auction price sharply skyrocketed all the way to 5.5 million Crystal Essences before stopping.

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