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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1371 - Clash

Chapter 1371: Clash

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Tang Xiu glanced at Sablefiend Scorpio indifferently and said, “I don’t care about your private affairs, but don’t cause me troubles. You should be aware that I have many things at hand already. Do you want to know what kind of punishment you will suffer for bringing me troubles?”

“This subordinate understands, Lord.” Sablefiend Scorpio hurriedly nodded.

Tang Xiu nodded and shifted the topic. “Anyway, this Argent guy should have now realized the problem, so carry out the next plan.”

Standing nearby the duo, a shocked look filled Jing Xian’er’s smart and beautiful eyes. She didn’t expect that the super-powerhouse she admired, Sablefiend Scorpio, would address this mysterious young man as Master.

She had heard of the exploits of Sablefiend Scorpio ever since she was a child. Oftentimes she felt so intense and thrilled whenever she heard the exciting story, making her wish to experience such tumultuous moments, tasting such chances to frequent the edge of life-and-death, both to survive and get stronger unceasingly.

Who’s this man? Is he stronger than Sablefiend Scorpio?

She was a bit curious about Tang Xiu. She made up her mind to figure this man out should she find the chance. Certainly, she was also confident since the other party was a man. She was sure that she could captivate his heart and make him confess to her.

“And you, you are to enter the Heavenly Abode artifact. Keep in mind to not disturb the two Perfected Golden Immortals who are recuperating inside.” Tang Xiu shifted to Jing Xian’er and ordered in a deep voice.


Seeing that Sablefiend Scorpio had gone away, Jing Xian’er could only follow Tang Xiu’s order to immediately enter the Heavenly Abode artifact. However, she trembled the moment she entered the artifact.

“What did he say? Don’t disturb the two Perfected Golden Immortals who are recuperating here. There are still two other Perfected Golden Immortals in this Heavenly Abode artifact?”

The shock was too much. In the past, encountering Perfected Golden Immortals was not that rare of an occasion to her. After all, her father was also a Perfected Golden Immortal. But what shocked her was that Sablefiend Scorpio was not the only Perfected Golden Immortal under him. It turned out that he had three of them.

“Don’t tell me he’s… a Supremacy Stage powerhouse?”


Tang Xiu turned into an azure smoke and instantly vanished. At the next moment, he appeared in the alley just over 200 meters away from Argent Martial Hale. He quickly stunned a shoemaker nearby, stuffed an Immortal Crystal to his hand, and put him into the Heavenly Abode artifact before occupying the man’s position.

“Shoe repair… shoe repair…”

The deep voice echoed in the alley.

Outside the restroom, Argent Martial Hale had waited for a long time, yet he hadn’t seen Jing Xian’er come out of the restroom. He immediately frowned slightly and thought for a moment. Afterward, he quickly released his spiritual sense and shrouded the area towards the restroom. His expression drastically changed the moment he found out that nobody was in the restroom. Where could Jing Xian’er be?

“Is there someone else?”

Argent Martial Hale frantically unleashed his spiritual sense and immediately covered the few hundreds of kilometers radius. To his fury, not even the shadows of Jing Xian’er could be seen within hundreds of kilometers.

“Did she… run away?”

His facial muscles twitched and an intense murderous intent seemed to materialize and burst out in all directions. Bad premonitions kept growing inside him as he finally realized that he had fallen into a trap some people had laid out for him.

He lost his wealth and now the person he bought was gone. This was… simply… losing everything!

Unleashing his spiritual sense and killing intent, he scoured the area within a few hundred kilometers. But what followed was torrential angry roars from all corners. Among them were two terrifyingly powerful spiritual senses which directly bombarded Argent Martial Hale’s spiritual sense, causing him to shriek painfully and retract his spiritual sense.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Tens of figures flashed like lightning bolts and appeared around Argent Martial Hale one after another, surrounding him. One of them, a golden-robed old man glared at him with boiling killing intent and eyes that seemingly were able to release flame. “Damn asshole! You dare to release your spiritual sense and spy so outrageously in the Floating Snow City? You’re dead!”

“Please, it’s a misunderstanding, everyone.”

Argent Martial Hale also realized his recklessness. Recklessly releasing spiritual sense in large cities of some Immortal Domains to find others and using it to check everyone there was considered a capital crime. It was seen as quite a provocation. He just momentarily lost his mind and did such reckless action, resulting in the ire of these several Golden Immortals and Perfected Golden Immortals.

The golden-robed old man was furious. He just forgot to activate Soul Obstruction Array at his residence, thus the scene of his double cultivation with his woman had been clearly seen by this damn voyeur. It was still fine if it was him alone that had been seen, but seeing his woman was absolutely unforgivable.

“Everyone, this damn bastard dared to peep at our privacy. That’s a blatant provocation to us! Let’s get rid of him!” the golden-robed old man shouted loudly.


The tens of people released their respective immortal weapons one after another.

Argent Martial Hale’s expression changed and he shouted fiercely, “I’m Argent Martial Hale, a subordinate of Cambrian Venerable from the Everlasting Palace. Do you dare to kill me? Do you not fear that the Everlasting Palace will seek revenge from you?”

Everlasting Palace?

The expressions of the several Golden Immortals and Perfected Golden Immortals changed and a look of dread immediately appeared on their faces. The golden-robed old man was shaken inwardly and his boiling killing intent instantly dissipated. He squeezed out a smile and then cupped his fist. “Ah, it turns out that you’re a Fellow Immortal from the Everlasting Palace. I wondered how could anyone dare to release his spiritual sense in the Floating Snow City. Is Fellow Immortal Argent Martial Hale currently chasing an enemy? Please forgive me and the rest since we had no idea before.”

Argent Martial Hale secretly sneered inwardly though he kept his composure on the outside. “You’re not to blame for having no idea about it. Quickly leave and don’t intervene in our Everlasting Palace’s matter.”


The tens of people were immediately at ease after hearing it. It wasn’t like they couldn’t kill Argent Martial Hale. Rather, they didn’t want to provoke troublesome issues for themselves. Being able to resolve the conflict directly, these people then apologized and left directly, leaving only Argent martial Hale in the alley.

Who the hell is this Jing Xian’er? Who has set me up? Argent Martial Hale’s eyes glittered as he pondered about the whole thing back and forth. Finally, he realized that someone who had laid out this farce was definitely the obese woman. And that young man who bought a bulk of his artifacts was definitely related to her.

As he thought up to this point, he immediately rushed back to the Lithe Plume Mansion and stormed inside with great force. Looking at the lively and extraordinary scene inside, he suddenly felt furious and released a huge aura, causing a lot of guests and prostitutes around to exclaim and flee in panic. Then, he shouted, “ROLL OUT! Fat hag who presided over the auction and that punk who tricked me of my artifacts! Both you come out!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures flashed and appeared inside the hall and looked at Argent Martial Hale. A stout man then strode down the staircase and shouted fiercely, “I remember you, Argent Martial Hale. Daring to cause trouble at my Lithe Plume Mansion, are you that impatient to die?”

Argent Martial Hale angrily shouted back, “Your Lithe Plume Mansion is the one who messed with me. I demand an explanation. Otherwise, the matters between us won’t be over just like this. Hand over that fat old hag and that punk who tricked me of my artifacts! Else, don’t blame me for tearing all decorum with you!”

The stout man took out his immortal weapon and coldly said, “What an asshole! Still daring to provoke my Lithe Plume Mansion, huh? You won’t get away from this place without paying a price today. Activate the array and we’ll make him realize that our Lithe Plume Mansion is not some clown he can provoke easily.”

Immediately, a layer of rippling wave appeared out of thin air at the center of the hall and then spread out in all directions. In just a flash, it had spread throughout the hall and finally formed a layer of transparent energy shield. Inside the array, the stout man and a dozen guards of Lithe Plume Mansion fixedly stared at Argent Martial Hale with boiling murderous intent.

“I’ve long heard that the background of Lithe Plume Mansion is extraordinary. I’ve long been wanting to witness it, and you do have some capital to boot. But I forgot to tell you, I’m from the Everlasting Palace, so I’ll clean you all up first before dragging your Master out to apologize to me,” Argent Martial Hal shouted fiercely.

Everlasting Palace?!

A look of dread flashed in the eyes of the stout man, the leader of these men. But shortly after, he seemed to recall something and sneered. “Heh, even if you’re from the Everlasting Palace, so what? The Master behind the Lithe Plume Mansion will never be afraid. Everyone, let’s kill him…”

Deep inside the Lithe Plume Mansion.

Inside a magnificent palace were four long tables on both sides of the hall, each filled with delicacies, extravagant dishes, and Jade Dew fine liquor. A red-robed man, Venerable Wandering Slayer, who sat cross-legged, looked at the four distinguished guests and smilingly said, “The four of you bravely entered the Secret Palace. Though you didn’t obtain the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme, your trip should have been very rewarding, yes?”

At the first long table on the left, Goldenray old freak uproariously laughed and said, “Damn right. It’s been a fruitful trip indeed. Drunken Immortal Supreme is truly worthy of being the richest Supreme 80,000 years ago. You could find treasures literally everywhere in his Secret Palace. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the Lightflow Wing you need, Lord Wandering Slayer. We’re really ashamed!”

“It’s okay,” replied Venerable Wandering Slayer. “I read on the ancient record that Drunken Immortal Supreme obtained the Lightflow Wing about 80,000 years ago, but I have no idea whether he left it in the Secret Palace, so it’s fine if you didn’t get it! Anyway, let’s have a toast, old friends!”


The four of them were all open-minded people. They didn’t care much even though they weren’t able to accomplish Venerable Wandering Slayer’s entrustment. They just noted it down. Should they happen to obtain that object in the future, they would give it to him.


As the five people emptied their cups, all of them wore strange expressions and shifted their attention to the Lithe Plume Mansion in front. In that instant, they released their spiritual sense to envelop the hall in the mansion in front. The array obstructed them, but their spiritual senses easily penetrated it and they were able to see the scene clearly.

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