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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1372 - Being Humiliated

Chapter 1372: Being Humiliated

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Goldenray old freak slapped the long table and grinned. “Now, now, Lord Wandering Slayer, you’re the strongest Perfected Golden Immortal in Floating Snow City, yet this man seems to not fear you! Those little guys are the guards of your Lithe Plume Mansion, right? Hehe… they’re so soft and pitiful.”

The smile on Wandering Slayer’s face receded like a tide and was replaced by chagrin, wishing he could slap that bastard troublemaker to death. He even had the impulse to kill those several useless subordinates of his. It must be noted that this was the visit of his four old friends after 700+ years. Unexpectedly, they had to encounter such shameful things.

He took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Old friends, I’m ashamed to let you see such a farce. I’m going to slaughter that punk and then have a few cups with you.”

Goldenray old freak quickly raised his hand and said, “No need to hurry, Lord Wandering Slayer. Don’t you know who this brat is?”

Venerable Wandering Slayer froze for a moment. Then, he deeply frowned and a look of disgust was cast on his face. He forced a wry smile and said, “Heh, it turns out to be the traitor of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. Star Cultivation Great Emperor was a powerful and brilliant man. The five of us once visited him and obtained his pointers. Yet, I never thought that one of his disciples would be such a coward inside out and a turncoat. This damned boy has ruined the reputation of Star Cultivation Great Emperor!”

Goldenray old freak shook his head. “He should be damned and be killed, that I know. But he’s a member of the Everlasting Palace now. Don’t forget that we may end up being persecuted and suffer in the hands of the Everlasting Palace. The people of this sect may not let us go should we kill that punk now.”

“He came to my place to make trouble, do you think I should just let him do whatever he wants to harass me just because he’s now a member of the Everlasting Palace?” retorted Venerable Wandering Slayer coldly.

Goldenray old freak raised his hand and stroked his chin. Then, he grinned. “Hehehe, killing that punk now would be too easy and cheap for him. We’re all old friends, so I suggest we humiliate this brat so heavily that it will drag the Everlasting Palace to shame as well. No matter what, this boy came to your place to make trouble, so let’s just deal with it!”

The other man, a handsome man called Venerable Living Willow who was dressed like a scholar, interjected with a sneer. “It’s said that the Everlasting Palace was hit badly during the immortal fate plundering in the Secret Palace. The number of Perfected Golden Immortals they lost there alone was in the dozen, and they lost a lot more Golden Immortals as well. We adding fire to the flame will make them more infamous and definitely drive them like sitting on pins and needles.”

The other two men did not utter anything, but they nodded in agreement.

Venerable Wandering Slayer hideously grinned. He slapped the long table and laughed aloud. “Well, since four old friends are so interested, let’s pave the way for this punk. We’ll shame this punk to the bottom while dragging some reputation of the Everlasting Palace to the ditch.”

Immediately after, the five men disappeared and appeared in the hall of the mansion in front. In nearly a flash, they appeared in front of Argent Martial Hale.

“I already told you to hand over those two bastards to me! Else, I dare to burn your Lithe Plume Mansion no matter how big your backer is!” After inflicting heavy injuries to several guards of the Lithe Plum Mansion, Argent Martial Hale roared and threatened aggressively with a look of madness.

“Heh, do you think my Lithe Plume Mansion is a place for a traitor who betrayed his Master and Ancestors to behave atrociously? You want to burn this place down, huh? Today, I’ll make you realize how miserable the price of arrogance is.” Venerable Wandering Slayer sneered with squinted eyes.

A large golden seal floated out of his palm and powerfully struck Argent Martial Hale, instantly hitting his chest several times and causing him to cough up some mouthfuls of blood crazily. He was sent flying upside down to the outside towards the direction of Goldenray old freak.

“Dismembering Art…”

Goldenray old freak laughed uproariously as he released a golden thread from his fingers. The golden thread instantly turned into a striking spiral thread. With his sophisticated control, Argent Martial Hale was caught off guard and both his arms were shredded. Then, he was kicked towards Living Willow Venerable.

Living Willow Venerable bashfully smiled and winked at Argent Martial Hale with a playful expression. Thousands of invisible slaps suddenly hit Argent Martial Hale’s face in a flash, causing him to scream. The last slap then hit his chest in a flash and sent him flying towards Venerable Clearnight.

“Ah, how great of you to come to me!”

Venerable Clearnight released a ball of light and directly bombed Argent Martial Hall’s back. It was just one blow, but it was enough to severely injure him internally. The instant after, his body was wrapped with a stream of energy and was sent to Venerable Netherfire.

Venerable Netherfire smacked his lips. Then, he instantly unleashed a ball of extinguishing flame that enveloped Argent Martial Hale in a flash, burning clean all the hairs on his immortal body and his clothes into ashes.


Argent Martial Hale’s body crashed to the ground surrounded by the five men. Only now did Argent Martial Hale feel that the earth was so kind. At least, he no longer needed to be attacked by these five fearsome powerhouses.

“Who are you?”

After coughing up some mouthfuls of blood, Argent Martial Hale took a robe from his interspatial ring and put it on his now miserable body. He angrily roared even though fear engulfed him. Even in his wildest dream, the thought that the Lithe Plume Mansion would have so many powerhouses never crossed his mind. Given his present strength, fighting even an early-stage Perfected Golden Immortal was a tall order. Further, he was unable to even fight these five people back, meaning that these five should be at least late-stage Perfected Golden Immortals.

“Who are we, huh?” Venerable Wandering Slayer sneered. “We’re naturally the people of Lithe Plume Mansion. You’re just a despicable traitor who betrayed the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and smeared the face of Star Cultivation Great Emperor. Abominable! Killing you is letting you off easy!”

Argent Martial Hale angrily fumed. “You… for Master… for the sake of Star Cultivation Great Emperor, you set up a trap and wanted to kill me?”

A strange look flashed in the eyes of Venerable Wandering Slayer. He then shifted to his severely injured subordinate and asked in a deep voice, “What’s happening here?”

The severely injured stout man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and respectfully answered, “Some previously came to us and gave us 500,000 Crystal Essences to borrow our place to auction a certain immortal prostitute. The Manager agreed, thinking that auctioning an immortal prostitute would add excitement to our place. Later on, the other party auctioned that prostitute in our hall, and Argent Martial Hale finally won the bid with a sky-high price. Afterward, he took that immortal prostitute away, so the lively scene came to an end. Who would have thought that he would come back alone half a day later and threatened to kill us? He claimed our Lithe Plume Mansion is in cahoots with those people to trap him.”

Wandering Slayer furrowed his brows and asked in a deep voice, “Do you know who those people are?”

“We have no idea.” The burly man shook his head. “Our Lithe Plum Mansion only provided the palace and collected a fee. We have nothing to do with the rest.”

Venerable Wandering Slayer’s expression turned cold and was about to speak. However, Goldenray old freak was the first to laugh and then sighed. “Who the hell dared to plot against you, Venerable Wandering Slayer? But this Argent sh*tty guy is indeed unlucky enough to lose everything. Hahaha… to think that he was once a disciple of Star Cultivation Great Emperor. I thought he was an extraordinarily intelligent brat, but I didn’t expect this punk to be nothing but some idiot coward.”

Venerable Wandering Slayer shook his head with a wry smile and sighed. “The scheme of those people was great indeed. But such an auction is something that one side is willing to bid and the other one is willing to suffer. Nothing of it has anything to do with my Lithe Plume Mansion, yet this punk actually stormed my site and did something that crossed my line. Go and notice the Everlasting Palace’s people. Ask them whether they will take responsibility for this brat. If they don’t want to, we’ll kill him.”

“Understood!” The stout man cupped his fists and then quickly left the array.

At the lodging of the Everlasting Palace’s members in the Floating Snow City.

With hands crossed behind his back, Venerable Cambrian quietly stood by the window of the hundreds of meters high pavilion. Killing intent surged out from him. The losses the Everlasting Palace suffered this time were just too great, sapping nearly half of the power of the entire sect all of a sudden. If the sect didn’t have two Supremes, it was likely that the overall power of the entire sect wouldn’t even be on par with those of a second-tier sect.

“What shall we do now, Martial Uncle?” a voluptuous woman behind him frowned and asked.

Venerable Cambrian hummed. “We’ll have to make up for these huge losses somewhere else. The number of treasures and other resources obtained by some disciples of our sect who came out alive from the trip to the Secret Palace can’t be said to be a few. Thus, we’ll send the message to our disciples in other Immortal Domains to find Dao Master Qing Feng and Undemonized Sovereign Mo and kill them on sight.”

“Understood! I’ll send the message at once,” said the voluptuous woman respectfully.

Venerable Cambrian remained silent for a long while afterward. Only after the beautiful woman sent the message did he finally say, “Sigh, the sect’s disciples must be very vexed now. Many forces are not very friendly to our sect and are rather hostile to us. They must be waiting to hit us while we’re down now! At this time, it’s necessary to kill some to warn the rest, to deter those who are about to move and make trouble!”


A message token suddenly shot from a distance and Venerable Cambrian instantly caught it. The moment he read the message contained in it, his complexion suddenly changed and his killing aura instantly skyrocketed as he shouted loudly, “Skypillar, Skymark! Follow me to the Lithe Plume Mansion!”

15 minutes later, Venerable Cambrian arrived at the Lithe Plume Mansion with Skypillar and Skymark, two other Perfected Golden Immortals. Their complexions drastically changed the moment they entered the array in the hall and saw the crowd and the scene inside.

“I didn’t expect I’d run into you here, Venerable Wandering Slayer, Goldenray old freak, Venerable Living Willow, Venerable Clearnight, and Venerable Netherfire. People say that before beating a dog, you must first ask its Master. Yet, the five of you are really unbridled enough to dare to cruelly injure a member of the Everlasting Palace.” Venerable Cambrian unleashed his Innate Natal immortal sword, glaring and shouting murderously at the five people.

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