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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1373 - Positive Result

Chapter 1373: Positive Result

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Venerable Wandering Slayer let out a contemptuous look. This Venerable Cambrian had once been defeated by a warrior under him and was nearly beheaded under his sword. He didn’t expect that the man would act so arrogant when they met again now.

“The dog raised by your Everlasting Palace barks and bites everywhere. Trying to bite others and now relying on the name of your sect to bully others, huh?”

Venerable Cambrian coldly replied, “What do you mean by that?”

“Do you know what this place is?” Venerable Wandering Slayer sneered. “This Lithe Plume Mansion is my place, and your dog came here to cause troubles. Do you think I have to lower my face to beat him?”

Venerable Cambrian frowned and turned to the miserable Argent Martial Hale, shouting in a deep voice, “What the hell is going on here?”

“Someone colluded with the Lithe Plume Mansion to trap me into battle and kill me,” answered Argent Martial Hale with a hoarse voice.


Venerable Wandering Slayer shouted angrily. But at the next moment, his expression slightly changed and he snapped. “Who are you? Get out!”


Two blurry figures appeared in the array out of the blue. After Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio appeared, he looked at the miserable Argent Martial Hale and immediately grinned. “I was just passing by Floating Snow City, but I didn’t expect to run into such an interesting scene here, so I came to join the fun. What’s your name, Mister? You look a bit familiar, and I heard your name is something like… Wan… Wandering Slayer?”

Wandering Slayer’s face turned chilly and he coldly replied, “This Immortal is the owner of the Lithe Plume Mansion, Venerable Wandering Slayer. And who are you, Mister? I don’t think you are here just to watch a lively scene, no?”

“I told you the truth,” said Tang Xiu with a grin. “Coming here is really a coincidence. So your name is Venerable Wandering Slayer. Now I remember that a certain great figure once mentioned you to me.”

“And… who exactly was that great figure?” asked Wandering Slayer with narrowed eyes.

“Star Cultivation Great Emperor,” answered Tang Xiu.

Wandering Slayer’s expression slightly changed and he took a deep breath. Then, he slowly asked, “And who are you, Sir?”

“I’m Great Tang Heavenly Emperor,” answered Tang Xiu with a smile.

Great Tang Heavenly Emperor?!

Everyone was shocked. Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, a name that had become the talk of the town recently, turned out to be this young man in front of them? It must be noted that he was the most famous peerless talent among the bridge trial takers in the Secret Palace of Drunken Immortal Supreme.

“But why are you here, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor?” asked Wandering Slayer inexplicably.

“I failed to obtain that fortuitous encounter,” Tang Xiu replied with a dry smile. “Naturally, I got expelled by the inheritor of Drunken Immortal Supreme. It’s just that I didn’t expect to run into this interesting scene when I happened to pass by the Floating Snow City. If anything, please continue and don’t mind me. Just treat me as… free audience or something like that.”

Goldenray old freak burst into laughter. “Hahaha, you’re really interesting, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. You even crack a joke in this tense atmosphere where everyone is ready to slit each other’s throat. This old Goldenray really admires you!”

Tang Xiu shifted to him and teased. “Well, I remember someone saying that a man was trying to prove that he had balls, so he went to the roof of a widow’s house to peek at her when taking a bath. That man then finally fell into that widow’s bathtub. Are you the man in the story?”

Cough, cough,…

Goldenray old freak was flushed red instantly. After coughing a few times, he glared angrily at Tang Xiu and shouted, “Who the hell are you? Only these four old buddies of mine know about this. The last one was…”

Tang Xiu waved and said, “Never mind it, never mind it. That was a joke. Let’s stop it now, shall we? I just want to tell you that I have some origins related to you, old freak Goldenray! As for what that connection is… well, you can tend to your business first and I’ll be watching the fun from the side. Anyway, Venerable Wandering Slayer, I plan to fill my stomach and have some drinks in your place. I don’t have to pay for anything, right? Alright, I’ll be waiting for you to finish your business. But you gotta introduce me to some chaste and lovely belles here later for free, deal?”


Wandering Slayer stared at Tang Xiu with a strange expression before a bitter smile appeared on his face.

Looking for chaste and lovely belles? Here? My place is a brothel, so where the hell can you get some chaste and lovely young lasses here? Is this supposed to be a friend teasing me or something?

Wandering Slayer coughed, shifted to old freak Goldenray, and said, “Let’s deal with the business at hand first. We were bullied by outsiders and are quite vexed now. I, Wandering Slayer, once indeed suffered a loss in the hands of Everlasting Palace. But the past enmity has been written off, after all. However, someone else from the same faction now came and harassed my place yet again. That already crossed the line.”

Goldenray retracted his angry glare from Tang Xiu and shifted to Venerable Cambrian. With an annoyed expression, he said in a deep voice, “You should’ve figured out the whole story first before barking. This dog of your Everlasting keeps biting everywhere. He even just threatened to burn down Venerable Wandering Slayer’s place. It was your dog who acted like a bully, so we demand an explanation from you. If you refuse to take responsibility, then don’t blame us for being merciless and bringing the fight to your Everlasting Palace.”

Venerable Cambrian was very furious at the moment. If it weren’t for the trip to the Secret Palace that ended up badly for them, he wouldn’t have cared a bit about Venerable Wandering Slayer’s group of five’s provocation. He did want to kill some people, but these five men were late-stage Perfected Golden Immortals. Should they tear all decorum, they would be very hard to deal with and would likely be quite a big threat to the current Everlasting Palace.

His gaze shifted to Argent Martial Hale and interrogated coldly. “Can you show any evidence that they set you up?”


Argent Martial Hale hesitated. The incident did take place here, but through the exchange between Venerable Wandering Slayer and that stout man, he realized that the people who set him up might have nothing to do with Venerable Wandering Slayer.


Seeing his hesitation, Venerable Cambrian realized something. Then, the immortal sword in his hand stabbed Argent Martial Hale’s chest. And, in the next moment, his sword cut off his head directly. He then caught Argent Martial Hale’s Immortal Soul that frantically tried to flee from his corpse and fiercely said, “Courting troubles for my Everlasting Palace, you deserve to be executed!”


After grabbing the guy’s Immortal Soul, Venerable Cambrian turned to Wandering Slayer and indifferently said, “He provoked you and I’ve given you a definite explanation. How do you see this explanation, then?”

Wandering Slayer was about to speak when he suddenly received a voice transmission. His eyes immediately narrowed and he swallowed back the words he was about to speak out. He then took a deep breath and said, “It was a good explanation. But how about making a deal with me regarding this issue, Venerable Cambrian?”

“What deal?” asked Venerable Cambrian indifferently.

“I have yet to vent my anger even though this Argent Martial Hale has been punished by you,” said Wandering Slayer. “So, I’ll buy his Immortal Soul for 2 million Crystal Essences. Do you agree to my offer, Venerable Cambrian?”

Two million Crystal Essences for Argent’s Immortal Soul?

Venerable Cambrian furrowed his brows and asked with a puzzled expression, “What do you wanna do with his Immortal Soul?”

“Well, a certain old friend of mine is currently refining the Hundred Demons Blood Soul Streamer, and only one soul is missing. This Argent Martial Hale just irked me, so I want him to be the main soul for the Hundred Demons Blood Soul Streamer.”

The Hundred Demons Blood Soul Streamer?!

Venerable Cambrian’s pupils shrunk. He looked terrified and agitatedly asked, “How come your old friend dares to refine such a wicked artifact like the Hundred Demons Blood Soul Streamer, Venerable Wandering Slayer? Is he not afraid he will be found out by the powerhouses in the Immortal World and be targeted for endless pursuit?”

“That’s his business. What he does has nothing to do with me,” said Venerable Wandering Slayer lightly.

Venerable Cambrian looked at Argent Martial Hale’s Immortal Soul and saw his fearful expression. After contemplating for a few seconds, he slowly said, “Double it, and this dog’s Immortal Soul is yours.”

“It’s great to have a deal with you, Venerable Cambrian,” said Wandering Slayer aloud. “Then this issue is now written off. Please take these 4 million Crystal Essences.”

Venerable Cambrian handed Argent Martial Hale’s Immortal Soul to Wandering Slayer and coldly said, “This issue has been resolved, so deactivate this array and let us leave now.”


Wandering Slayer squinted his eyes, deactivated the array quickly, and watched as Venerable Cambrian’s group of three left. Afterward, he shifted to Tang Xiu and meaningfully said, “Your visit is an honor to me, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. It’s also an honor for my Lithe Plume Mansion. However, your request for chaste and lovely young lasses is kind of hard to please. Would you be my guest and come inside with me, so I can immediately seek them for you?”

“Well, a guest must naturally honor the request of the host…”

Tang Xiu lightly smiled and followed the five men into the palace in the rear with Sablefiend Scorpio.

As the array surrounding the palace was opened, Tang Xiu and Sablefiend Scorpio were directly surrounded by Venerable Wandering Slayer and Goldenray old freak’s group of five the moment they entered. While looking at their disgruntled expressions with killing intent looming in them, Tang Xiu lightly smiled and said, “Why the tense atmosphere? I told you that I have some connections with you a while ago, didn’t I?”

“I wanna know your true identity, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. And what exactly is your relationship with Star Cultivation Great Emperor?” asked Venerable Wandering Slayer.

Tang Xiu sighed and shook his head before he walked to a long table, took out a wine cup from his interspatial ring, and poured himself a cup of white wine. Then, he slowly said, “Like you all, I’ve also visited Star Cultivation Great Emperor and obtained his pointers. As for my background, I’m the Master of Mist Spring Island and the Immortal Lyceum region, as well as the Emperor of the Great Tang Empire.”

The expressions of these five men shifted after hearing this.

“Can you repeat where your Great Tang Empire is located?” asked Venerable Wandering Slayer immediately.

“I just told you. The Mist Spring Island,” said Tang Xiu with a light smile.

“Your words are nonsensical, Mister.” Venerable Wandering Slayer sneered. “The Mist Spring Island is a territory under Venerable Bella Fern Regalia. How come she allowed you to found an empire in her territory?”

“That was because I was happy to let him do it! Do you think you can tell me what to do?”

A hazy figure suddenly appeared in the hall. Venerable Bella Fern Regalia, who had restored her original appearance, appeared with a majestic and aloof stance. She came to Tang Xiu’s side and softly asked, “I just received your message and immediately rushed over. Are you alright?”

“It’s OK. I’m fine.” Tang Xiu shook his head with a smile.

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