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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1376 - A Total Ingrate

Chapter 1376: A Total Ingrate

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A Golden Core cultivator should have known his or her condition very well, and it was nearly impossible for them to get sick normally. Unless they contracted an old chronic disease or their injuries were not completely cured, only then would their sickness flare up again at some special circumstances. However, his mother had been living in such an environment that she shouldn’t contract such a problem, right?

In the next moment, Tang Xiu bent over and squatted next to Su Lingyun to take her wrist. Half a minute later, his expression turned marvelous.

Eh? What kind of rhythm is this? He blinked and slowly looked up at his mother quizzically.

Su Lingyun was bewildered by Tang Xiu’s gaze and asked with a puzzled expression, “Why are you looking at me like that, Xiu’er? Why did you check my pulse too? Is there something wrong… with my body?”

Tang Xiu’s lips squirmed a few times before he released her wrist. He then turned and walked back several steps before laughing uproariously. “Hahaha. Mom, you don’t have to force me to have a baby anymore. Hahaha… even if I have a child now, I’m afraid you won’t have time to take care of it. Because…”

“Huh?” Su Lingyun frowned and angrily snapped. “What nonsense are you talking about? How come I will have no time to take care of my grandson? You…”

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt her and reappeared next to her. Then, he bent down to whisper to her ear with a smile, “Well, it seems like I’ll soon become a brother.”

“Come again?!”

Su Lingyun was dumbfounded. Then, she sobered up and abruptly got up from her chair with disbelief on her beautiful face. Even more, she felt ashamed and angrily snapped. “What the hell are you talking about? I… how could I…”

Tang Xiu smiled in response and replied with all seriousness, “I told you the truth, Mom. What you need to do now is to protect the baby and give birth to it. Wow, I”m gonna be a brother now. Hahaha…”

Zhang Shi, who was sitting at the side, had a strange expression and murmured, “Eh?!! Xiu’er, do you mean… your Mom is pregnant?”

“Yup!” Tang Xiu nodded and added, “It’s been 3 months.”

In that instant, Su Lingyun stood silly on her spot and even looked a bit panicked. She was now a mother-in-law, with more than a dozen daughters-in-law. Those dozen daughters-in-law of hers had yet to become pregnant, but she, their mother-in-law… if… she was found out to be pregnant now, wouldn’t that be quite shameful?

Tang Xiu immediately released his spiritual sense and quickly found Mu Wanying cultivating in her residence. He transmitted the message to her and she quickly appeared in front of the villa a few minutes later.

“Congratulations, Mom,” said Mu Wanying, unable to bear a smiling face.

“Uh, oh…”

Su Lingyun’s mind was completely messed up. She really didn’t expect that only a few minutes passed by and she hadn’t yet warned her son to keep it a secret, now Mu Wanying had come and already knew about it. At the moment, she really wished she could find a burrow to hide. As of now, she was at a loss whether she had to cry or laugh.

“This is a happy event, Mother. A great event for our family,” said Mu Wanying with a smile. “Tang Xiu just told me to arrange everything, so you can rest your worries. I’ll take good care of you later.”

“No need. I’m fine by myself.” Su Lingyun was embarrassed and wished she could strangle her son, this fast-gossiper brat.

Tang Xiu just smiled and noticed his mother’s embarrassment. Then, he immediately said, “Grandma, I still have things to tend to, so I won’t stay here. Anyway, I’ll tell Xiaoxue to deliver everything needed by Mom later. That… Hahaha… well, I’ll take my leave first since I still got things to do.”

With that said, he quickly vanished without a trace.

Half a day later, Tang Xiu found his father cleaning up his wounds at a military camp ten thousand kilometers southeast of Misty Spring Island. After giving a Purple Scent Pill to his father, Tang Yunde, he smilingly spoke, “Well, Dad, there’s something at home and you gotta go back now. Mom is waiting for you at home!”

Tang Yunde took the Purple Scent Pill and swallowed it directly. Then, he asked, “What’s going on? You know that I’m not available now, don’t you?”

A smile crept up on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth. “Well, it’s not a big deal. The thing is, you’re gonna be a father again. But I’ll go back and tell Mom that you’re not free now.”

Huh? Become a father? Again?!

Tang Yunde was dumbfounded and his eyes turned saucer in an instant with disbelief as he exclaimed, “Your Mom is… pregnant?!”

“Yeah, she is.” Tang Xiu nodded with a smile.

Tang Yunde was overjoyed and he instantly soared into the sky, laughing and shouting, “Hey, Tang Wei, I’m gonna leave this place to you! Your Second Uncle has something important happen at home, so you have to manage and bring these good soldiers well!”

A figure then flashed and quickly appeared in front of Tang Xiu. The confused Tang Wei looked at Tang Yunde’s back flying quickly and asked, “What exactly happened? Why did Second Uncle…”

“It’s no big deal. You’ll soon become a Brother again,” said Tang Xiu with a grin.

“Bah. I’m already a Brother now, okay?” Tang Wei rolled his eyes and snappishly retorted.

Tang Xiu just smiled in response. He patted his shoulder and stuffed an interspatial ring into his hand. As he rose to the sky, he sent a sentence to Tang Wei’s ear, “Seize the time to cultivate well. You must advance to the Immortal Stage within a century. Within a millennium at most, it will be the time for our Great Tang Empire to fight against our powerful enemies. Your chance of survival will be very slim if you haven’t advanced to the Golden Immortal Stage at that time.”

For the next several days, the happy event of Su Lingyun’s pregnancy had spread out throughout the Misty Spring Island. All the high-level officials of the Great Tang Empire were at a loss whether they had to cry or laugh before they finally set their sights on Tang Xiu’s Myriad Golden Catamaran. Everyone knew that the Great Emperor Tang Xiu had yet to have a male heir so fat, so they didn’t expect that his mother would be pregnant again, outrunning her son.

“Please work hard, Your Majesty!”


Tang Xiu could hear such words and various encouraging eyes literally everywhere. At first, he thought it was a happy event and felt happy about it. But afterward, he couldn’t bear the nagging and strange eyes of the others and directly issued some orders before hiding in the Myriad Golden Catamaran to seclude himself in cultivation.

However, he still couldn’t free himself and purely focused on his cultivation inside the Myriad Golden Catamaran. The women in his harem regularly visited him at intervals one after another. Using both hard and soft tactics, they all were super tacit to drag Tang Xiu to their residence with the obvious intention to conceive his children.

Finally, whether it was Kang Xia, Mu Wanying, Andy, Tang An, Gong Wan’er, Viviani, Kuwako, and the other women he had never touched before, they eventually became his women in the truest sense. Double cultivation was actually another cultivation system in and of itself, so no matter whether it was Tang Xiu’s cultivation or his women’s, their cultivation began to advance by leaps and bounds. Especially for his women. Due to Tang Xiu’s special physique and the Primal Chaos force he cultivated, it became the drive that made their cultivation speed and progress much faster, leading to a rapid increase in their cultivation level.

After a few months, Tang Xiu left the Misty Spring Ocean alone and went to the barren land at the southernmost part of the Immortal Lyceum—a place no one had set foot except for a small group of ruthless cultivators.

Shady Gale Stronghold.

It was a site established by nearly a hundred cultivators who frequently came out of their den to loot and rob to support their cultivation. This ruthless group of people was so brutal that every victim they robbed always met their ends. Tang Xiu learned about them from the report of the Intelligence Department.


The strongest members of this group were at the Spirit Formation Stage. They were like ants in Tang Xiu’s eyes, so he didn’t take out his divine sword and just resorted to his immortal sword to kill them all.

Afterward, Tang Xiu used their souls and blood to arrange a Soul Extinguishing Array. After he successfully arranged it, a fierce look flashed in his eyes as he took out the Soul-refining container and then released Argent Martial Hale’s Immortal Soul.

“Please have mercy, Honorable Immortal.”

Right after his Immortal Soul was released, Argent Martial Hale quickly kowtowed to Tang Xiu, trembling and begging for mercy. He was extremely terrified. It could be said it was his first time being so terrified. He was perfectly aware that once his Immortal Soul was extinguished, his soul would really scatter into oblivion and never have any chance to reincarnate or be reborn anymore.

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and coldly said, “Do you want to live even if you have to live like a dog?”

Argent Martial Hale looked up at Tang Xiu and was slightly taken aback. He had seen Tang Xiu before and knew that he was the onlooker watching the fun at the Lithe Plume Mansion then.

“How can it be you?!”

“Why can’t I?” Tang Xiu replied indifferently, “Your cheap life was sold to Venerable Wandering Slayer by your Everlasting Palace for 4 million Crystal Essences, and I bought you from Venerable Wandering Slayer for the same amount.”

Argent Martial Hale’s terrified heart immediately relaxed after hearing this. He believed that the man wouldn’t easily extinguish his soul since he had spent 4 million Crystal Essences to buy him. However, he was furious to hear that he was sold by the Everlasting Palace for only 4 million Crystal Essences.

“Then I’m already yours since you bought me, Senior.” Argent Martial Hale squeezed out a flattering smile. “I’m willing to be your dog if you so wish.”

Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes and lightly said, “Wants to be my dog, huh? Even my dog must have some abilities. Bark twice and let me hear it.”

Woof, woof…

Argent Martial Hale endured the humiliation and barked with a smiling face even though he was resentful inwardly.


Tang Xiu punched his chest lightning-fast while releasing a strong killing intent. He watched as the fella flew away and then dashed to his front instantly, stomping on his chest. Seeing the cracks on his Immortal Soul, he coldly said, “How cheap you are, Argent Martial Hale. Did your former Master ever know this quirk of yours?”

Suffering terribly from the pain, Argent Martial Hale still screamed for the sake of his own life, “He never knew about it. He’ll never know since… he’s dead. He died before I really grew up!”

His voice and tone carried intense hatred within.

Tang Xiu was stunned and looked at him in disbelief. He asked incredulously, “You mean, you hate your Master that much? Just because he died before you grew up and can no longer shelter you?”

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