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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1378 - The Great Sensations in the Immortal World

Chapter 1378: The Great Sensations in the Immortal World

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Time zipped by and years advanced forward in haste.

In a flash, more than half a year had passed since Tang Xiu cleaned up his house. Along with the birth of his younger brother, Tang Xing, the prestige of the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor had gradually grown and spread in the Immortal World. The hottest news was that Great Tang Heavenly Emperor occupied the Immortal Lyceum and ousted Venerable Bella Fern Regalia. Thus, the Great Tang Empire was founded in the Immortal Lyceum region with Great Tang Heavenly Emperor as its first emperor.

In that instant, countless pairs of eyes began to pay attention to the situation of the Great Tang Empire. To everyone’s surprise, this new empire began to expand its territory very quickly and took only a few years to occupy the Immortal Lyceum completely. Even some desolate star fields around it had become this empire’s territory.

Not only that, the Great Tang Empire’s swift and powerful movements spread out towards all directions. It was estimated that the territory of this empire would expand to the edge of the other three neighboring Immortal Domains within a few years. Should the Great Tang Empire have this ambition and continue its conquest, it would be possible for it to annex the three other domains.

Another news then spread out when many forces in other Immortal Domains focused their attention on the Great Tang Empire. To the east of the Immortal Lyceum region where the Great Tang Empire was located, a powerful and ruthless Perfected Golden Immortal found a small state named Missing Star Empire in the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal Domain.

This newly found state was not a mortal empire but an empire of immortal cultivators, and a Perfected Golden Immortal who was known as Missing Star Venerable was the first empress of this said empire. However, such a case wouldn’t have garnered the attention of many forces in the Immortal World if not for the fact that their movements were very unconventional, aside from other news that said this empire was very wealthy, from where the source was unknown. According to the calculation of some people with keen observation, the queen had purchased more than 30 Perfected Golden Immortals deathmatch gladiators from the Convict Arena in the span of just a few years.

Furthermore, under her leadership for several years, she had fought with various powerful entities and killed tens of famous Perfected Golden Immortals, thus causing a huge sensation.

However, during the time when all parties in the Immortal World were paying attention to the Great Tang Empire and the Missing Star Empire, another news spread faster than a lightning bolt to all forces in every Immortal Domain in the Immortal World, causing similar enormous shocks to the whole realm.

“Heavenly Emperor Tianji has severed his arm and vowed an Immortal Oath that he’ll never reattach his seriously injured arm and will forever live with his damaged physique in the Immortal World. He swore to not remold his body until the day he ascends to Godhood.”

This news made the countless Perfected Golden Immortals in the Immortal World dumbfounded and shocked in disbelief. Even the Supremes were all similarly shocked. Nobody could understand why Heavenly Emperor Tianji would do such a thing.

The Myriad Dao Immortal Domain, Heavenly Secret City.

With a bitter expression on his exotic, bewitching face, Heavenly Emperor Tianji stood upright, looking at the round golden disc above the sky. A black line gradually faded away on that round golden disc and was replaced by a flashing red light.

“Sigh. It’s really him.” Heavenly Emperor Tianji sighed with a bitter smile.

The shaggy and untidy Sky Exterminator old beggar grabbed a white porcelain bowl and downed the Jade fine wine in big gulps. After a long time, he burped and said, “Nirvana is born again and the Heavenly Dao laws won’t be able to stop him anymore. If he can live to that time, the structure of power in the Immortal World will be turned upside down and changed dramatically. Those two are doomed to be disasters.”

Heavenly Emperor Tianji slowly turned to him and smiled bitterly. “How would this Emperor know she was related to him back then? Else, I would have chosen to suffer a bit of loss given his narrow-minded character. I can only admit and accept this as my own misfortune!”

“You know, you could have actually been able to divine that he would face such a tribulation before he became a Supreme, right?” Sky Exterminator old beggar grinned. “I just don’t get one thing here. Why are you so afraid of him?”

Heavenly Emperor Tianji contemplated for a while and forced a smile. “Because I know that no one can kill him after he dies once. I paid the price of a millennium of hard work just to divine his fate. Yet, I was only able to divine the initial result, not the subsequent process nor the finale. But now, his fate has completely vanished from the Heavenly Dao—a change that only has two possibilities for it to happen.”

Sky Exterminator old beggar’s expression shifted and he asked, “What are these two possibilities, exactly?”

“Firstly, he really has died and completely disappeared from the Six Paths of Reincarnation,” explained Heavenly Emperor Tianji slowly. “The second one is, the Immortal World is no longer his prison cage, meaning that he has actually reached Godhood and ascended to the God Realm.”

Sky Exterminator old beggar was startled and asked, “You mean he’s the second type given the current situation?”

“I have no idea about that as well!” Heavenly Emperor Tianji shook his head and helplessly said, “All causes and effects, karma, and fate are variables. Thus, I must comply with his request since my chance is with him. Otherwise, let alone having that chance, I dare not say whether I can save my own life.”

“Bwahaha!” Sky Exterminator old beggar uproariously laughed. “Tianji, it turns out that you and I are in the same situation. My chance also lies with him, so let him continue to do what he should do! We’ll wait until that chance arrives, and we’ll naturally be able to see him again.”

Heavenly Emperor Tianji nodded silently and then said, “I have a feeling that such a time won’t be too long.”

Both men’s expressions suddenly shifted and they looked to the distant void as they suddenly saw a great figure pass across the endless Immortal Domains and appear directly in front of them.

“You have a business with me?”

Heavenly Emperor Tianji could tell the intention of the other party and asked with a cold face

A Daoist donning a blue robe and a chignon hairdo smiled. “Heavenly Emperor Tianji, you’re a Supreme. Those who can force you to bow your head in the entire Immortal World are definitely very few. Who is so capable to force you to sever your own arm?”

“That’s my business. What does it have to do with you?” asked back Heavenly Emperor Tianji indifferently.

The blue-robed old man frowned slightly, but a chilling light suddenly flashed in his eyes as he said slowly, “It does have nothing to do with me, but we have known each other for millennia. You can ask my assistance should anyone dare to threaten you. It’s just a favor and nothing more, so you don’t have to sever your arm and give in to others.”

Heavenly Emperor Tianji lightly replied, “I never like to owe favors to anyone, so thanks but no thanks. Please go back if you have nothing else to say.”


The blue-robed old man’s countenance changed and his anger flashed across his face. He immediately snorted coldly. “Hmph, then I won’t bother. Farewell.”

In the next few days, tens of Supremacy Stage powerhouses also came. Some came directly with their real bodies, and some others used their avatars. All of them, without exception, were in disbelief seeing Heavenly Emperor Tianji’s act to sever his arm, so they came to ask the reason. However, Heavenly Emperor Tianji did not reveal anything. He didn’t even say much to his best friends.

Several months later.

After freeloading in the Heavenly Secret City for some time and satisfying himself, Sky Exterminator old beggar finally left. However, not long after he left, a message appeared in the message token in the hand of Heavenly Emperor Tianji:

“Come and visit my Four Sacred Palaces when you have time.”

Heavenly Emperor Tianji played with the messenger with gleaming eyes. They had known each other for thousands of years, but only now did he know the origin of Sky Exterminator old beggar.

The Four Sacred Palaces was the most mysterious force in the entire Immortal World. He was only barely able to divine where the Four Sacred Palaces resided but had no means to infer the origin of this force whatsoever. Although, based on their movements, he concluded that this force had a very deep relationship with the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.

And now, he finally learned another thing. It turned out that Sky Exterminator old beggar was the Master of the Four Sacred Palaces.


The Immortal Lyceum region, the Misty Spring Ocean.

Tang Xiu stood in the midst of flower patches, hugging his younger brother, Tang Xing, who had just been born, while continuously nourishing his body with his Primal Chaos energy. He even went so far as to cast a heaven-defying immortal art to retain the purest energy inside the baby’s body.

“His aptitude and talent are probably on par with Gu Yin and Little Beggar then. Wait until he’s a few years older before he can take a Five-colored Dragon Pearl into his body, so he can advance faster on his cultivation path.”

Nearby, Tang Yunde was smilingly wryly, shaking his head as he looked at his two sons. Then, he said helplessly, “This brat Tang Xing is really awful. He has just been born shortly, yet he begins sticking to Xiu’er instead of his father, making me really annoyed here.”

Su Lingyun couldn’t help but smile. “Are you jealous of your own son?”

“Why should I be jealous?” Tang Yunde blushed and snappishly said, “Being jealous is a woman’s trait. I’m already an old man, the father of the Great Tang Empire’s emperor. Why should I be jealous of such a trivial thing? What an absurd joke. By the way, I still got something to tend to, so I’ll deal with it first. Don’t disturb me if there’s nothing important.”

“Be careful, husband.” Su Lingyun smilingly gazed at her husband and shouted with concern.

After quite a while, Tang Xiu returned Tang Xing to his mother and said, “Mom, let him follow me to cultivate after he turns 2! There have been a lot of affairs in the Great Tang Empire that required me to tend to them personally in the past 2 years, but the empire will be completely stabilized in the next 2 years. At that time, I’m preparing to go into seclusion to cultivate and advance to a higher level. If he follows me, I can make him enter the cultivation path more easily. It will give him the best preparation and condition to face his cultivation life later.”

Su Lingyun hesitated and asked, “Isn’t it too early for him to start cultivating?”

“No. What I mean is that I’ll lay the foundation for him when he turns 2.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “What he must practice in two years is just his physique.”

“Uh?” Su Lingyun was bewildered.

“Mom, you should’ve heard a line that many people described how come someone can cultivate faster, right?” Tang Xiu explained with a smile, “They say that these people begin their cultivation since they were still in the womb. As a matter of fact, I’ve personally allocated medicine for you before Tang Xing was born. It was all to change his talent and aptitude before he was born. After he was born, his aptitude has become many times higher, uncomparable to many cultivators who have embarked on the cultivation path.”

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