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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1383 - Star Tear’s Return

Chapter 1383: Star Tear’s Return

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Tang Xiu observed Obsideum Immortal Father’s expression quietly. When he discovered that his words had swayed the Immortal Father a bit, he immediately summarized. “You’ll become one of us if you join the Great Tang Empire, and your matters will become matters of the empire. This is because the prime undisputed law of the empire is unity.”

Unity. Hearing this word, Obsideum Immortal Father was shaken to the core. He turned around to glance at the three million soldiers of the Great Tang Empire floating mid-air and felt there was no harm in joining the Great Tang Empire. If things were really as the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor had told him, it would mean that all people of the Great Tang Empire were united in their wills. This undoubtedly meant that the empire would be able to do anything they wished to do in the Immortal World later on.

“I’m willing to join, but what about my people?”

Tang Xiu replied calmly, “I’ll respect their choices. They are welcome to join the Great Tang Empire if they wish to do so, and if they aren’t willing to do it, they can choose to leave. However, I have to emphasize that if they choose to join the Great Tang Empire, you will no longer be the one they pledge their loyalty to. It will instead be me, and the entire Great Tang Empire.”

After hearing this, Obsideum Immortal Father looked towards the six Perfected Golden Immortals beside him. Then, he inquired. “What are your choices? Are you willing to join the Great Tang Empire along with me? Or are you going to leave? Of course, if you choose to leave, I’ll still respect your choice.”

“The strength of the Great Tang Empire has long surpassed my expectations. The best choice is obviously to join the empire since we can obtain such a powerful force’s protection, and without that many restrictions to boot. Therefore, I’m willing to join it,” Apotheon Northpeak had already pondered on it while Tang Xiu and Obsideum Immortal Father were discussing, so he gave an immediate answer.

“I’m willing to join as well.”

“Me too!”

“I shall join too, then…”


The other five replied in succession, and without exception, each one of them was willing to join the Great Tang Empire.

Tang Xiu nodded with a smile. Then, he said, “Welcome to the Great Tang Empire, everyone. The Great Tang Empire’s strength has increased by a considerable margin now that you have joined it. Overturning the entire Immortal World might not be that distant a dream for us anymore.”


The six Perfected Golden Immortals were stunned and revealed strange looks in their gazes.

Overturning the entire Immortal World was an impossible feat. Such a dream was naught but a joke. The vast and boundless Immortal World had too many experts to count. In the past few million years, no one had been able to unify the Immortal World and become its ruler.

Tang Xiu looked towards the miserable hundreds of thousands of Immortals nearby and narrowed his eyes momentarily. He then said faintly, “We were at war before, and life and death are ruled by fate in a war. Now, though, those alive can choose to join the Great Tang Empire or choose to leave. Those seriously wounded can obtain medical treatment from the Great Tang Empire, as well as monetary compensation for ease of livelihood. The families of those who died in the war will receive the same financial aid as the soldiers of the Great Tang Empire who die in battle, a fairly large amount of compensation. However, they will have to leave the Immortal Domains occupied by the Great Tang Empire.”

Obsideum Immortal Father and the six Perfected Golden Immortals all nodded at him in succession. He said with a sigh, “I’m grateful for the arrangements of the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. I shall also provide some compensation to the severely wounded Immortals and the families of those who died in battle.”

Obsideum Immortal Father and the other six had now completely accepted Tang Xiu and the Great Tang Empire from the bottom of their hearts. This was because Tang Xiu’s decision lessened the guilt they felt towards those who lost their lives in the battle a bit.

Two years later, the Great Tang Empire had wholly taken over Aeterneum, Obsideum, and Chalcedoneum. Along with it, a vast number of spatial teleportation arrays were also constructed all over them and linked to the Misty Spring Ocean as the central core. These four Immortal Domains gradually took the form of a super-empire as they combined.

In these two years, the battle prowess of the Great Tang Empire had once again awed the countless Immortals of the Immortal World. It even caused several Immortals from other Immortal Domains to seek shelter in the empire.

“Two Supremes, tens of Perfected Golden Immortals, and innumerable Golden Immortals…”

Each major power and sect had discovered this information after conducting an investigation. All the people paying attention to the Great Tang Empire had realized yet another behemoth whose strength was on par with the super-elite sects had appeared in the Immortal World.

However, their intel lacked information about Apotheosis Bella. In reality, the Great Tang Empire had three Supremes and over a hundred Perfected Golden Immortals.

In these two years, another sensational news had swept across the Immortal World. Followed by the appearance of a Supreme’s aura, the Secret Palace of the Drunken Immortal had completely disappeared without a trace.

Thus, countless Immortals of the Immortal World had once again set their sights on the location where the Secret Palace of the Drunken Immortal was situated previously. All of them wished to know who had finally obtained the inheritance of Supreme Drunken Immortal and broken through from the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage to the Supremacy Stage in less than a hundred years.

Immortal World.

Aurora Immortal Domain.

This domain was a vast continent that floated in the void, and out of all the powerful continents of the Immortal World, this continent ranked in the top ten. As a rainbow-hued illusionary energy barrier covered this entire continent, the eighty-one planets in its vicinity shone with a dazzling radiance and formed an immortal super-array.

This continent was the home of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and had a population of nearly one billion people. Besides the ordinary people of the nation, anyone who had broken through to the Immortal Stage was a disciple of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.

A palace existed on a planet that was a million kilometers away from this immortal super-array. This palace was the residence of Great Emperor Danqing, and also home to the tens and thousands of experts from the Inner Pill Sect, Everlasting Palace, Hundred Poisons Sect, and Myriad Sword Sect. In addition to this, on the other side, there existed several million Immortals of another four sects that blocked the path to Aurora Immortal Domain.

A figure suddenly appeared in the endless void and bombarded this planet with ten Divine Thunderbolts of Annihilation. Soon after, an Immortal with a powerful aura around him rushed out from that planet.


The massive explosion formed a terrifying black hole, and along with the planet vaporizing, almost half of the experts from the four great sects lost their lives tragically in the explosion. Only a few gravely injured Golden Immortals, lightly injured Perfected Golden Immortals, and two Supremes—Great Emperor Danqing and Hundred Poisons Devil—managed to survive through this massive explosion.

“Damn it! Who did this?”

Hundred Poisons Devil roared out in anger and constantly scoured the void in all directions around him with his spiritual sense to find the enemy.

Great Emperor Danqing, donned in a priest-like robe, shot out a throwing knife towards a figure blitzing away. The figure let out a shout of pain and entered the Aurora Immortal Domain’s immortal super-array.

“A Supreme? Which Supreme has joined the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect?” Hundred Poisons Devil asked, his eyes brimming with killing intent as he arrived beside Great Emperor Danqing.

Great Emperor Danqing remained silent for a long time and watched as that figure completely disappeared inside the immortal super-array. Then, he replied calmly, “Star Tears.”

Hundred Poisons Devil felt shocked the instant he heard this name. “Star Tears has broken through to the Supremacy Stage?”

Great Emperor Danqing nodded. “She should have fallen in the battle several hundred years ago. However, I never expected her to have survived and also break through to the Supremacy Stage. It seems like we have yet another nemesis now!”

Hundred Poisons Devil said in a cold voice, “Vermillion Bird Holy Sect is already on its last legs. They will exhaust all their resources in another thousand years at most. At that time, they won’t have any more Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences left to sustain this immortal super-array. The moment this array collapses is when we begin massacring the disciples of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.”

Great Emperor Danqing stated indifferently, “Although a lot of experts have rushed into this super-array in the past hundreds of years, it will be challenging for them to leave it. As long as we guard this location, they will have no choice but to face us in battle sooner or later.”

After saying this, he looked at a wounded subordinate of his and said grimly, “Do a headcount and calculate how many people we have lost this time.”

In the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.

A palace of grandeur existed among the endless surging mountains. Countless experts of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect rushed out of the palace when that planet in the distant void exploded and watched the terrifying scene of it vaporizing.

“That’s the planet where Great Emperor Danqing and Hundred Poisons Devil are residing. Who is so bold to actually go and attack that place?” A tall and sturdy figure suddenly appeared high up in the void and soliloquized.

“No matter who it is, they are our ally.” A person donned in white battle armor licked their lips seductively.

Supreme Star Soul sighed. “Whenever someone attacks the enemy, they suffer disastrous losses, but we can only watch from here and provide no aid to them. It’s really suffocating. With how things are right now, our sect will run out of resources in just a few decades. That moment will become the day of judgment for our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.”

The smile on Apotheon Carmen Mist’s face gradually faded away as she stated in a resolute tone, “If that moment were to truly arrive for our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, we’ll just explode our immortal souls and bury the enemies with us.”

“In that case, my first choice would be Great Emperor Danqing.” Another figure appeared beside them. He had a hunched back and seemed to have no aura around him.

Supreme Star Soul and Apotheon Carmen Mist immediately greeted him with a bow when they saw this old man appear. Supreme Star Soul forced a smile and said bitterly, “Ancestor, how come you have come out of cultivation?”

Supreme Star Radiance answered calmly, “With such a huge event happening outside, how could I… Hmm? Who is rushing towards my Vermillion Bird Holy Sect’s immortal array?”

“Let me come in.”

Donned in a black robe and black battle boots, Star Tears appeared in their line of sight and shouted out to them.

“Star Tears?”

The three of them immediately became jubilant when they saw Star Tears. Supreme Star Soul soared to the skies and used an immortal art to reveal a tiny opening in the immortal super-array. The moment Star Tears charged inside, he asked her loudly, “Where were you all these years, Star Tears? Did you know how worried your sister-in-law and I were about you?”


Tears welled up in Star Tears’ eyes when she saw Supreme Star Soul. She hugged him for a moment and greeted her sister-in-law, Apotheon Carmen Mist. After that, she kneeled down towards Supreme Star Radiance in the void and said, “Ancestor, I’ve returned.”

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