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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1385 - He Has a Harem of Wives

Chapter 1385: He Has a Harem of Wives

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Star Tears’ words left Supreme Star Soul, Supreme Star Radiance, and Apotheon Carmen Mist thunderstruck, leaving them utterly confused and disjointed. It took a good amount of time for them to recover their senses.

“What I just said is absolutely true,” Star Tears said with a solemn expression after seeing the looks of disbelief on their faces.

Once Supreme Star Soul had recovered from the shock, he instantly appeared before Star Tears and grabbed her shoulders with his hands, uttering word by word, “It’s really… Xiu’er?”

Star Tears said with a nod, “Yes! Not only is he alive, but he has also made a comeback to the Immortal World along with huge numbers of experts.”

“He didn’t die… my son… didn’t die.”

Although Supreme Star Soul had a firm will, tears still dripped down his cheeks and dropped onto his robes and the floor when he learned that his son was still alive.


Apotheon Carmen Mist covered her mouth with her hands. Although her cheeks were streaming with tears already, she was doing her best to stop her sobs from escaping her throat as, to her, the most important person in her life wasn’t her husband or other kin, but rather her son.

She had almost gone crazy when she heard that her son had failed his tribulation and perished in both soul and body. However, she still bore the pain in her heart and cultivated under closed doors for several hundred years, and when an imminent crisis had approached the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, she buried this heart-splitting pain in the deepest corner of her soul.

However, now, she had learned that her son was still alive. This made her feel the happiest she had ever been. Just learning this alone had given her the determination to face death without even raising a brow.

A gleam of light flashed past Supreme Star Radiance’s eyes as he asked in a deep voice, “Tears, you just told us that he didn’t fail the tribulation but rather got ambushed by two of his best friends, right? Are those two… Great Emperor Daqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao?”

Star Tears answered, “That’s right, it’s them.”

However, she didn’t mention Xue Qingcheng. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to say it, but rather because even though Xue Qingcheng had let her nephew down once, she still didn’t wish to take revenge on her.

Supreme Star Radiance said slowly, “I understand now. The reason Xiu’er didn’t return to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect immediately after returning to the Immortal World, and instead established the Great Tang Empire while hiding his identity and kept amassing power was all to… take revenge.”

“Yes!” Star Tears explained, “After Xiu’er returned to the Immortal World, he rushed to Misty Spring Ocean’s Immortal Lyceum along with the hundreds and thousands of cultivators that came to the Immortal World with him. I also learned later that the ruler of the Misty Spring Ocean was none other than Apotheon Mu. After we reached there, we learned that Apotheon Mu’s four disciples, Apotheon Myriad Notes, Soaring Plumb, Nine Immortal Fingers, and Enchantress Yu had been kidnapped to the Heavenly Mountains. A trap was laid in place over there, and anyone who tried to save them fell into this trap and ended up perishing.

“Xiu’er recruited Apotheon Bella, and then, we attacked the Heavenly Mountains along with ten Perfected Golden Immortals he procured from the Convict Arena. We were finally able to save Apotheon Mu’s four disciples after killing Supreme Myriad Thunder and six Perfected Golden Immortals from the Everlasting Palace.

“I remained inside the Secret Palace to cultivate for nearly a hundred years while Xiu’er returned to the Immortal Lyceum. On my way back, I found out about the current circumstances of the Great Tang Empire through the Communication Signet. In just a short hundred years, Xiu’er has already developed the Great Tang Empire into a superpower that can contend with any of the other superpowers of the Immortal World.”

Supreme Star Radiance shook his head. “Tears, your words are a bit excessive. Those superpowers all took several thousand years to form, and some are even hundreds of thousands of years old, so all of them have a solid and formidable foundation. Not even a hundred years have passed since Xiu’er has established the Great Tang Empire, so how could it contend with those superpowers?”

Star Tears said, “Ancestor, the Great Tang Empire already has three Supremes now. They are Apotheon Bella, Old Sycamore, and Obsideum Immortal Father. As for Perfected Golden Immortals, there’s already nearly a hundred of them, while the Golden Immortals number close to forty thousand. There are also countless numbers of Celestial Immortals and Profound Immortals present in the empire.”

“There’s so many of them?”

The numbers had shocked Supreme Star Radiance, and even Supreme Star Soul revealed a look of disbelief.

Supreme Star Soul muttered to himself, asking, “How did he even accomplish this?”

Star Tears answered, “Elder Brother, you know best how capable Xiu’er is. I have never heard of any character more formidable than him appearing in the entire Immortal World, be in the previous eras or the current one.”

Supreme Star Soul revealed a pleased smile after hearing this and laughed out loud. “That’s right, he’s indeed worthy of being my son. The fact that he’s still alive and has already cultivated to the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage is already pretty good. He will definitely be able to return to the Supremacy Stage as long as he’s given some more time, and even his cultivation speed had reached an unsurpassable stage already.”

Star Tears sighed. “By the time Xiu’er breaks through to the Supremacy Stage, perhaps our side will have seven, no, eight Supremes, then.”

Supreme Star Soul asked in amazement, “Who else?”

Star Tears said, “Gu Yan’er.”

Supreme Star Soul revealed a puzzled expression. “This name sounds a bit familiar to me. I might have heard of it before.”

Apotheon Carmen Mist asked in a surprised voice, “It’s Xiu’er’s disciple, Little Yan’er?”

Star Tears nodded with a smile. “That’s right, it’s Little Yan’er. Actually, she’s known by another name too. All of you might have heard of it as well.”

“What name?” Apotheon Carmen Mist asked curiously.

Star Tears answered, “Rakshasi, also known as the Immortal Rakshasi Monarch.”

Even Supreme Star Soul was surprised. “It’s her?”

Star Tears said with a nod, “That’s right, it’s her. After she learned something had happened to Xiu’er, she sought him everywhere. I learned later that she was the one who helped our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect when we were facing a crisis back then! However, she didn’t greet us and instead infiltrated Heavenly Emperor Tianji’s place and obtained a magical secret art from there. Then, she tore open a crack in the void and used this temporal-spatial art to follow Xiu’er’s soul imprint and finally reached the lesser dimension Xiu’er was located in.”

Supreme Star Soul said with a sigh, “What a good child she is!”

Star Tears’ lips curled into a smile as she said, “There’s another thing that you might find hard to believe.”

Supreme Star Soul inquired inquisitively, “What else is there?”

Star Tears smiled and said, “Actually, only a strand of Xiu’er’s divine soul had transmigrated into the Immortal World when he reincarnated in the Immortal World. He still had a life imprint left behind in his original lesser world. He has parents and relatives there, and unlike his one-track mind like before, he has changed a bit. Now, he already has over a dozen women, and each one of them is a beautiful woman with peerless looks.”


Supreme Star Soul wasn’t astonished about the fact that his son had relatives as he had already noticed his son’s unusual behavior before he had even matured. However, he never asked about it, and now, he guessed it was perhaps because of his relatives from that world. Furthermore, since a strand of his immortal soul had appeared in that lesser world, it would obviously need a life vessel as well.

However, he had never expected his son to take so many wives. This felt too strange to him. Supreme Star Soul then recalled another person all of a sudden and asked in a deep voice, “What about Xue Qingcheng? I heard that she committed suicide when Xiu’er failed his tribulation and perished. Was that true?”

The smile of Star Tears’ face faded away. After remaining silent for a good while, she said slowly, “Elder Brother, don’t ask any more about Xiu’er’s love life. Although she injured him as she had no choice but to do it, Xiu’er has already told me that things between him and Xiu Qingcheng are over now. Therefore, our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect no longer has a woman called Xue Qingcheng.”

“All right!” Supreme Star Soul seemed to have comprehended something and nodded silently.

Immortal World.

Misty Spring Ocean.

Tang Xiu was seated in a cross-legged position inside the palace and browsing through an immortal book of records when his expression suddenly changed. He looked towards the entrance of the room and saw a handsome youth whose facial features resembled his a bit standing there.

“Come inside, Tang Xing.”

Tang Xiu waved at him with a smile on his face.

Tang Xing walked before Tang Xiu with a beaming smile and sat cross-legged before saying, “Elder Brother, I need your help with something.”

Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I knew you definitely have something to ask me since you sneaked back from the Azure Dragon Legion. Tell me, what do you need help with?”

Tang Xing replied, “I heard you are planning to visit the Nefas Abyss. I also want to go along with you.”

Tang Xiu’s expression changed, and he shook his head. “If you came here to request this, you’ll have to return in disappointment then. Nefas Abyss is a terrifying place, and even Supremes act with caution in there as even the slightest slip can take your life. Even the Golden Immortals don’t dare to enter such a dangerous place without consideration—it’s a place only the Perfected Golden Immortals and Supremes foray into. You have broken through to the Immortal Stage just recently, so I cannot take you along with me.”

Tang Xing said, “Won’t you be there, though? As long as you are together with me, I won’t face any danger at all!”

Tang Xiu shook his head. “If I take you along with me, you’ll become a burden to me, and that will increase the chances of danger. Brother, you don’t wish for me to fall in the Nefas Abyss, right?”


Tang Xing pondered for a moment and shook his head disappointedly. “You’re my own elder brother, I obviously don’t wish for harm to befall you. All right, then! Since my strength is insufficient, then I won’t burden you by following you there. However, Elder Brother, you have to promise me that you’ll take me to Nefas Abyss when I’ve broken through to the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage. I want to see just how chaotic the legendary Nefas City is.”

Tang Xiu said with a nod, “I will have broken through to the Supremacy Stage by then, so it won’t be that dangerous if you were to accompany me anywhere then. You have my promise.”

Tang Xing revealed a smile and nodded. “Since we’re done talking about this, shall we talk about a new topic then?”

Tang Xiu asked, “What else are you worried about?”

Tang Xiu said sheepishly, “Mother has been pressuring me to get married recently. I haven’t even turned a hundred years old, yet she’s anxious to see me get married and have children. She even uses you as a bad example to tell me that I can’t be like you and have no children for so long. Elder Brother, you really don’t know how many times I’ve received Communication Signets while I was fighting in the legion.”

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