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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1389 - Myriad Spirit Palace’s Entire Wealth

Chapter 1389: Myriad Spirit Palace’s Entire Wealth

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“That’s…” Wedra Darkshine showed some hesitation, but after seeing the cold look on Tang Xiu’s face, he nodded in the end and sent out three Communication Signets. Soon after, three figures appeared before Tang Xiu in succession with lightning-fast movements.

“Fourth Brother, did something big happen? Why did you ask us to hurry over here?”

“Yes, Fourth Brother. The new wine in the wine cellar is at the most critical stage right now, so if it’s not something important, I want to return and watch over it right away.”

“Who are they?”

Wedra Darkbear, Wedra Darkwind, and Wedra Darkrage, the three brothers, inquired one after the other.

Wedra Darkshine said, “Second Brother, Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother. Calm down first, we can talk about other matters later. Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, I have heard about you and your Great Tang Empire before. However, I can’t understand why you have asked me to summon my three brothers over.”

Tang Xiu swept his gaze across all of them who had tall and muscular builds. He then took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Take me to see your father.”

Wedra Darkbear’s expression changed, and he lashed out, “You’re the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, huh? What do you mean by those words? Are you unaware that my father has already…”

Tang Xiu interrupted him. “As an old friend, I wish to offer my prayers to him.”

After hearing the words “old friend,” the four brothers glanced at each other and immediately communicated via voice transmissions. After that, Wedra Darkbear replied to Tang Xiu, “Since you are my father’s old friend, Lord, please follow us.”

The entrance of the Myriad Spirit Palace closed with a loud bang, and the four brothers quickly entered the palace’s inner sanctums along with Tang Xiu and his group. After walking for a burning-incense stick worth of time, they reached a spacious hall that had various kinds of flowers blooming in it and also had immortal beasts lazing around. Supreme Lord Wedra’s memorial tablet had been placed at the innermost section of the hall.

Tang Xiu looked at that pitch-black memorial tablet and couldn’t help but shed two drops of tears from his eyes. He approached the memorial tablet step by step and inserted an incense into the copper censer after burning it. He clenched his right fist tightly and placed it on his chest before bowing and said in a brooding voice, “Old friend, you once said that you no longer have any connections to the things that happen in the outside world, so why did you do it?”

After a long period of silence, Tang Xiu straightened his back and proclaimed solemnly. “I, the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, take an Immortal Oath in front of you. I shall not rest in this life until I have avenged you. Unless Supreme Heavenly Ghost has already perished in both flesh and soul, I’m willing to even go down the Yellow Springs of the Underworld to invade the Nine Nether Underworld and tear apart his body into a thousand pieces.”

The four Wedra brothers looked at each other, and even though a glimmer of hatred flashed past their eyes, they were shocked by Tang Xiu’s oath because they had never heard that the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor had a friendship with their father.

“Second Brother, this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor said that he has seen you once. Don’t you recognize him?” Wedra Darkshine sent his second brother a voice transmission.

Wedra Darkbear was taken aback, and after scrutinizing Tang Xiu fixedly for a while, he shook his head and replied, “I’m certain I have never seen him before.”

“Maybe you forgot because it’s been too long? He mentioned that he has not only seen you but also First Brother and Third Brother as well,” Wedra Darkshine said.

Wedra Darkbear shook his head and said, “There’s no way I would remember it wrong unless he doesn’t exist in my memory at all. I really haven’t seen him before.”

Tang Xiu turned back and swept his gaze across the four brothers before asking, “How did your eldest and third eldest brothers die?”

Wedra Darkbear replied to him, “They spent a massive amount of money to employ a group of Perfected Golden Immortals to avenge my father and went to look for Supreme Heavenly Ghost, but all of them ended up dying to him.”

Tang Xiu asked, “Since you have an absolutely irreconcilable hatred with Supreme Heavenly Ghost, you must be keeping track of his movements. Can you tell me where he is right now?”

Wedra Darkbear replied, “Heavenly Ghost Immortal Domain, Immortal World.”

Tang Xiu laughed viciously. “I never thought he would actually go to the Immortal World. That’s good. I will give you four a choice right now. Store the Myriad Spirit Palace back and leave the Lost Nefas Forest with me to make preparations for avenging your father and brothers. I won’t force you at all if you’re unwilling to do that. I shall avenge my old friend, no matter the case.”

After hearing these words, Wedra Darkbear turned to look towards his father, Supreme Lord Wedra’s memorial tablet. His brothers also followed his actions. He then kneeled down on both knees and kowtowed so hard that his head slammed the floor a few times and said in a deep voice, “As a son, a younger brother, and an elder brother, I have a duty to resolve this deep and irreconcilable hatred. We brothers have long heard about the fame of the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. Father, First Brother, Third Brother. We originally believed that we won’t have a chance to avenge you in our entire lives, but we can see the hope now. We’re willing to follow the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor as long as we can avenge you all. We four brothers, the progeny of the Wedra family, won’t even raise a brow even if we end up dying in achieving this.”

*Slam… Slam… Slam…*

Wedra Darkshine, Wedra Darkwind, and Wedra Darkrage also kneeled after him. Although they said nothing, their eyes had teared up, but all of them had determined expressions on their faces.

An Immortal Oath was a very important oath in the Immortal World. The higher the cultivation of an individual, the more binding it was on them. They could sense how powerful Tang Xiu was, so they were willing to trust him this once.

Wedra Darkbear got up and looked at Tang Xiu before saying solemnly, “Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, we will leave this place and follow after you, but you have to answer a question of ours first. If we’re satisfied with your reply, the lives of us four brothers will be yours to wield.”

“Ask away!” Tang Xiu replied firmly.

Wedra Darkbear said, “Fourth told me that you mentioned you have seen me once before, but I don’t recall seeing you. Please clear this doubt for me.”

“If you want me to tell you, you must agree to a condition of mine first,” Tang Xiu replied.

“Please say it!” Wedra Darkbear said earnestly.

Tang Xiu continued, “I’ll have to first place a Soul Sealing Spell inside your body. In case you get captured by a Supreme someday in the future, it will prevent them from scouring some details from your memories.”

“I agree!” Wedra Darkbear replied while clenching his teeth.

After that, Tang Xiu placed down a Soul Sealing Spell inside his body and sent him a voice transmission, “The Gyldan Immortal Art you six brothers cultivate was imparted to you by me. You ought to have realized my true identity now, right?”

“You are…”

Wedra Darkbear was shaken to the core, and his eyes filled with disbelief as he cried out in alarm. However, he sensed the terrifying aura being released by Tang Xiu and prevented himself from finishing his words.

“I’m the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor right now. You aren’t allowed to tell my true identity to your three brothers as well, or else, you might invite a disaster upon you all. Even I would have to face the pursuit of all my powerful enemies as I’m too weak right now,” Tang Xiu said through a voice transmission.

Wedra Darkbear finally realized he had made a slip of the tongue and immediately replied to Tang Xiu through a voice transmission, “I understand. I never thought you were actually still alive. If my father knew it, he would have been delighted. Please feel relieved, I absolutely won’t tell anyone else that you are still alive.”

Tang Xiu nodded satisfactorily and said, “That’s good. Arrange your things in order and prepare to leave with me, then! You four brothers will accompany me in the future to attack the enemy and avenge your father and brothers.”

“Understood!” Wedra Darkbear replied through a voice transmission.

In the next instant, he turned around and faced his brothers before saying solemnly, “Hereafter, the lives of us brothers belong to the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. If you believe me, I hope you can place your trust in him as he will definitely be able to help us avenge our father and brothers.”

“Second Brother!” Although the other three brothers were still perplexed, they understood that their second brother definitely knew something, and they had complete trust in his words.

“We pay respects to you, Master.” Wedra Darkbear turned around and kneeled towards Tang Xiu on one knee, following which, the other three brothers also did the same.

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Hereafter, you four brothers can just call me Martial Uncle Great Tang.”

“Martial Uncle Great Tang,” the four of them called out to him again.

Tang Xiu withdrew his Primal Chaos Force and helped the four of them stand up before beaming a smile at them. “I haven’t tried your family’s Myriad Spirit Immortal Wine in a long time. Since it will take a few more months for the new batch of wine to ferment, you can remain here for the time being. I have some matters to deal with in the 9th layer, so I’ll return once I’m done with that, and then, you can leave this place with me.”

Wedra Darkbear asked in a hurry, “Martial Uncle Great Tang, are you going to the 9th layer’s Nefas City?”

Tang Xiu nodded. “That’s right. There’s something I need in Nefas City, so I need to go there to purchase it.”

Wedra Darkbear contemplated for a moment, then he took out an interspatial ring from his interspatial ring and handed it over to Tang Xiu. “Martial Uncle Great Tang, the 9th layer is strife with danger, and the price of materials there is extremely high. Please feel free to use the money inside this interspatial ring as you wish. From now on, our belongings are all yours.”

Tang Xiu took the interspatial ring. After checking its contents with his spiritual sense, he drew in a cold breath. Even though he had a massive amount of wealth, the amount of Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences inside this interspatial ring had alarmed him, nonetheless. He counted them roughly and surmised that the two mountain-like stacks of Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences inside totaled up to a billion Immortal Crystals and a little more than a billion Crystal Essences.

“Your father…”

Wedra Darkbear stated earnestly, “My father didn’t carry his wealth with him when he left Lost Nefas Forest back then. As he was going out to do something, he handed down all the wealth he had accumulated over the past ten thousand years to us. Martial Uncle Great Tang, this is half of our wealth. If you believe this isn’t enough, we will hand over the remaining half to you right away.”

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “This is more than enough.”

After that, he put the interspatial ring into his interspatial ring and took out an ancient book from inside before handing it over to Wedra Darkbear. “This is the Quadro Sacred Swords Formation Array, a suitable formation for you brothers to cultivate. Even if you are still Perfected Golden Immortals, I hope that you can use the power of this Quadro Sacred Swords Formation Array to kill a Supreme someday in the future.”

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