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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1390 - A Complete Slaughter

Chapter 1390: A Complete Slaughter

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“Quadro Sacred Swords Formation Array?”

The Wedra brothers revealed shocked expressions instantly as they had heard of this “Quadro Sacred Swords Formation Array” before. It was a very formidable sword formation array that ranked in the top ten rankings of the Index of Sword Formations. If the four of them succeeded in learning this formation and reached the state of perfection, they would be able to defeat enemies across cultivation stages with ease.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle Great Tang.” The four brothers expressed their gratitude with excited expressions on their faces.

Tang Xiu waved at them and said, “We’re all on the same side henceforth, so it’s my duty to give you the means to become stronger. So, you better hold in that gratitude and focus on cultivating earnestly. I’m looking forward to the day when you’ll be able to fight alongside me.”

“Understood!” The four of them were touched by Tang Xiu’s words.

After that, Tang Xiu, Seaway Monarch, and Eagle departed from Myriad Spirit Palace and directly left Lost Nefas Forest. Even though the groups tailing them had increased in number compared to when they were inside Lost Nefas Forest, they didn’t deal with the groups right away and instead made way towards the entrance of the 7th layer.

“Master, why haven’t we killed them yet?” Seaway Monarch inquired.

“The time is not ripe yet,” Tang Xiu said faintly. “They were at least four groups tailing us when we left Lost Nefas Forest, and even I’m uncertain whether any other expert is tailing us on top of these four groups. So, there’s no rush to eliminate them. There’s a good spot in the 7th layer that’s suitable for killing and looting people, so we just need to lie in wait for them there. If they dare to follow us there, I can guarantee that none of them will return alive.”

“Blackstone Cliff?” Eagle asked all of a sudden.

Tang Xiu nodded with a smile and said, “Indeed, it’s Blackstone Cliff. That place is a strategic location and has a very potent spatial gravity field covering it. Even Supremes find it difficult to exert their full strength over there. That’s the reason I’ve chosen that location. Let’s increase our speed now, we can’t allow them to catch up with us before we reach Blackstone Cliff.”


Seaway Monarch held utmost admiration for Tang Xiu currently. Hence, he believed that Tang Xiu would never make the wrong choice.

The trio reached the 7th layer of Nefas Abyss six days later, and when they entered the range of Blackstone Cliff, they felt a spatial pressure loom over them. However, the trio didn’t show any anxiety and made a stop at an empty and spacious area soon after.

*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!*

A dozen or so experts followed after them. Altogether, they were divided into three groups, of which two consisted of six members each while the final group consisted of four members. The weakest among them was an early-stage Perfected Golden Immortal, and the strongest among them was a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal.

“Demons, Monsters, and Asuras.” Tang Xiu’s lips curled into a smile as he looked at them. After that, he asked them in a harsh tone, “You thought I have a lot of wealth on me, so you followed us from the 6th layer to the 7th layer to kill and loot us, right?”

The mysterious leader of the Demons donned in black robes and covered in black mist sneered back. “You’re right. We never let an easy mark like you off. However, you do seem to have some abilities since you were actually able to subdue the well-reputed Eagle of the Immortal World.”

Tang Xiu smiled faintly and said, “My abilities are much greater than you can imagine. If you wish to kill me and obtain my treasure, you better be prepared to die in return. I’m giving you one last chance right now. Scram right now, or else none of you will be able to return from here today.”

An expert from the Monster Realm within their ranks chuckled and said, “Since we dared to pursue you into the 7th layer, we have already made our preparations. None of you are Supremes, so even if all of you are late-stage Perfected Golden Immortals, once we besiege you, the only outcome that awaits you is death.”

Tang Xiu smiled and said, “It seems like all of you have negotiated beforehand and plan to attack us together! Since that’s the case, all of you shall stay behind then! Appear, Formation…”

In the next instant, the surrounding five thousand kilometers were covered by a transparent light dome, and under the shocked looks of the sixteen enemies, Tang Xiu released Old Sycamore and the others from the Heavenly Abode.

“There’s a lot of enemies, eh!” Old Sycamore smiled faintly as he had gleaned into the situation the moment he appeared outside.

The sixteen Demons, Monsters, and Asuras revealed terrified expressions one after the other when they saw a Supreme appear. They never imagined that Tang Xiu had a Heavenly Abode which not just had a Supreme, but also three additional Perfected Golden Immortals.

A Supreme and six Perfected Golden Immortals, this terrifying group was the one that these sixteen had tried to kill and loot. Their hearts filled with fear and the thoughts of escaping took root in each one of their minds.

Tang Xiu smiled at them and said, “I’ll give one more chance. I’ll tell the method to leave this grand formation to anyone willing to hand over all their wealth to me and allow you to leave this place alive. If not, all of you will perish in both soul and flesh here, unable to reincarnate forever.”

“Attack!” The leader of the demons commanded, and the black mist around him transformed into a long sword as he attacked Tang Xiu. His five companions also struck in succession.

“Attack!””Attack!” The members of the other two groups were also unwilling to hand over all their wealth, so they chose to battle as well.

“Old Sycamore, deal with them.” Tang Xiu ordered and immediately used the Rainbow Phantasmagoria Realm. At the instant Old Sycamore had acted, the sixteen enemies had fallen under the influence of the Rainbow Phantasmagoria Realm, and although they regained their senses in the next instant, a 9th-grade immortal sword flitted across two of the Monster Realm’s experts suddenly.

Seaway Monarch, Zenith Venerable, Golden-eyed Great Peng, and Nether Sea Whale King, who had accompanied Tang Xiu, also attacked one after the other and inflicted significant injuries on four enemies.

Eagle also acted with lightning-quick movements. His hands were akin to sharp blades as he appeared before an Asura expert and held him with one of his arms while the other hand jabbed through his chest and gouged out his heart from the back.

“Divine Power… Devour.”

Tang Xiu’s body suddenly generated a massive attractive force towards the remaining enemies, and the moment they fell under its influence, they suffered a series of brutal attacks from Old Sycamore and the others.

As they were caught off-guard, out of the sixteen Perfected Golden Immortals, three ended up dying while four were injured grievously, and although six of the rest only had light injuries, it influenced their battle prowess considerably.

A bitter battle unfolded within the light dome, and although Tang Xiu possessed potent auxiliary abilities, it didn’t mean he lacked strength. He identified one of the early-stage Perfected Golden Immortals and launched fierce attacks on him. In a burning-incense stick worth of time, he had delivered heavy blows to the enemy and left them in a perilous position.

The battle continued for two days, and by now, Tang Xiu had gotten hurt seriously. Even Zenith Venerable, Seaway Monarch, Golden-eyed Great Peng, Nether Sea Whale King, and Eagle similarly suffered severe injuries. Although Old Sycamore was a Supreme, he had killed a total of six Perfected Golden Immortals in these two days and also had some injuries on his body.

However, the outcome of the battle was pretty good. Twelve of the sixteen Perfected Golden Immortals were dead, and the remaining four were barely putting up a fight, so defeating them was only a matter of time.

An old man and a youth were sitting cross-legged at the summit of a mountain five hundred kilometers away from Blackstone Cliff outside the formation. Both of them held bamboo tubes that glowed with a light on both ends in their hands. These tubes were known as Formation Penetrating Stargazers that allowed the users to see through the restrictions of a formation without any obstruction.

“Master, it seems like there’s really no need for us to act. Those people are almost done dealing with the evil scoundrels,” a smile rose upon the face of the young-looking Perfected Golden Immortal as he said this.

The old man, carrying the aura of a Supreme, laid down the Formation Penetrating Stargazer within his hand and sighed. “I’m still unclear about the history of these people. Although I was able to recognize Eagle since he has stayed in Nefas Abyss for a long time, I never expected he would actually acknowledge someone as his master.”

The youth smiled and said, “Eagle has an eccentric character, and his sole purpose in coming here was to purchase Soul Consolidation Ambrosia and obtain a Soul Consolidation Art to piece together his wife’s shattered immortal soul. I believe that this mysterious expert has something that Eagle requires.”

The old man nodded and said, “You’re right. However, their group actually has a Supreme that even I don’t recognize among them. This is really something unexpected. Dao’er, who do you think they are?”

The youth shook his head and said, “Except for Eagle, the other members seem to have appeared in Nefas Abyss baselessly, so even I’m clueless about their identity.”

The old man nodded calmly and sighed. “We came here this time to handle these scoundrels, but since someone is already dealing with them, we have no need to act. Let’s go! We needn’t watch any longer.”

The youth said, “Master, what if the remaining four detonate their immortal souls? If that happens…”

The old man waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to worry about that! Those four would never detonate their immortal souls, and the outcome of the battle wouldn’t change even if they did that because the strength possessed by a Supreme isn’t something you can imagine. According to what I’ve gleaned, that Supreme hasn’t used his full strength at all.”

The pair disappeared from Blackstone Cliff soon after.


Followed by the sound of a violent explosion within the grand formation, Tang Xiu and the others rushed out in succession. Although all of them had sorry appearances and had many grievous injuries, Old Sycamore had blocked the impact of the explosion released by the detonation of the final enemy’s immortal soul, so none of them had received much harm from it.


Old Sycamore coughed out a mouthful of blood and wiped the bloodstain off his mouth after rushing out of the explosion’s range, a wry smile appearing on his aged face.

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