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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1391 - A Treasure Brought by a Tempest

Chapter 1391: A Treasure Brought by a Tempest

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Tang Xiu expressed grave concern on his face and immediately appeared beside Old Sycamore. He fed him a Purple Scent Pill and asked, “Are you all right, Old Sycamore?”

Old Sycamore smiled wryly and said, “I’ve reached the Supremacy Stage too late in life and ended up getting severely injured in the end. The force behind the detonation of a Perfected Golden Immortal’s immortal soul really isn’t something to look down on!”

Tang Xiu nodded solemnly and said, “You’re right about that. Even Supremes can suffer grievous injuries from the detonation of a Perfected Golden Immortal’s immortal soul if they are caught off-guard. However, we can consider it a glorious victory since we were able to eliminate all the enemies with this battle.”

Old Sycamore asked, “Master, there’s something I’m perplexed about.”

Tang Xiu smiled faintly and said, “You’re wondering about the moment when all of them had suddenly become absent-minded for an instant when we attacked them, right?”

Old Sycamore chuckled and said, “Indeed. If it weren’t for us taking the upper hand in the beginning, it would have been quite a challenge to eliminate all of them.”

Tang Xiu smiled faintly and said, “A divine power of mine can confuse the opponent’s mind and trap them in an illusion when caught off-guard, and that’s also the optimal moment to kill them.”

Old Sycamore suddenly came to a realization, and the others also revealed shocked expressions. Although they had faintly guessed that the reason the enemies had become absent-minded had something to do with Tang Xiu, the shock they felt in their hearts after hearing it directly from his mouth was no lesser.

Tang Xiu examined everyone and handed Purple Scent Pills to them. Then, he said in a deep voice, “Eagle, you will accompany me hereafter while the others will recuperate in the Heavenly Abode. You don’t have much time, so you must focus on recovering as soon as possible because we never know what kind of danger we might face later on. You will only be able to face those dangers properly if you have recovered to the peak of your strength.”


Old Sycamore and the others acknowledged before entering the Heavenly Abode.

Tang Xiu looked at Eagle and said, “We also need to look for a place to recuperate. We will leave this place after we have recovered from some of our injuries.”

Eagle said, “I’m not that familiar with the 7th layer, but I do know a place in the 8th layer that place should be safe for us. However, we won’t have an easy time making it to that safe zone.”

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and said, “We can’t go to the 8th layer, then. The entrance to the 8th layer is still quite far away, and we will need to pass through several danger zones to reach it. It wouldn’t be easy for us to rush over there with how severe our injuries are! Let’s do this, then! We shall clear up some of the demon beasts in one of the mountains of Blackstone Cliff and create a safe zone there. I’ll also reinforce the place with a formation, so we should be able to recuperate there safely.”

After much difficulty, Tang Xiu and Eagle successfully recovered from their injuries two months later and hastened with their journey once again. They encountered one crisis after another and went through several life-threatening situations before finally arriving at the entrance to the 8th layer. After the two of them entered the 8th layer, they were ambushed by enemies, monster beasts, and demon beasts several times during their journey. A spatial crack’s turbulence had almost pulled them inside on one occasion too.

“Master, the entrance to the 9th layer is a million kilometers away. We must…” Before Eagle could finish speaking, his expression turned unsightly as he stared ahead fixedly. He directly grabbed Tang Xiu’s arm to stop him after that.

Tang Xiu frowned and asked, “What is it?”

Eagle said, “Looks like our fortune is quite not good since we have run into the Nefas Tempest.

Tang Xiu inquired. “What’s this Nefas Tempest?”

Eagle explained, “Those who haven’t lived in Nefas Abyss for long are unaware of the Nefas Tempest’s existence. It’s a very terrifying natural calamity of Nefas Abyss, and it’s highly likely that even Perfected Golden Immortals will die if they get trapped inside it. It’s known as the Tempest of Doom in Nefas Abyss, and everyone avoids it as soon as they see it.”

Tang Xiu came to a realization, and after a short moment of silence, he said, “Since that’s the case, let’s just avoid it then!”

Eagle forced a smile. “It’s too late. We can’t avoid this Nefas Tempest with our current strength. Unless we break through to the Supremacy Stage, it will be difficult for us to fully avoid it. However, we can escape the danger range of the tempest’s eye, so let’s leave quickly!”

“Let’s ask Old Sycamore to take us away, then.”

Tang Xiu called Old Sycamore out from the Heavenly Abode and explained the circumstances to him swiftly. After that, the two of them fled towards the distance quickly along with Old Sycamore.

A quarter-hour later, a bitter smile rose up on Old Sycamore’s face as he stated helplessly, “This Nefas Tempest is too fast. Although I’m a Supreme, it’s difficult for even me to avoid it completely. We need to prepare to face the winds of the tempest and hope that we can preserve our lives.”

After a short period, the lingering winds of the Nefas Tempest enveloped the three men. Although the force behind the lingering winds was quite powerful, as Old Sycamore was a Supreme, he was able to safeguard Tang Xiu and Eagle adequately.

“What’s that?” Tang Xiu questioned after his gaze penetrated through the helical windstorm of the tempest and saw a mountain-like shadow within its depths.

Eagle explained, “According to the legends, although Nefas Tempest is a terrifying calamity, it holds a huge treasure within it. However, even though a lot of Supremes tried to obtain it, they found it difficult to obtain the treasure within the tempest’s abyss while being able to preserve their lives.”

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice, “Old Sycamore, do you have the courage to venture into the eye of the tempest along with me?”

Old Sycamore replied in haste, “I don’t. It’s really too dangerous inside, only death will await us if we enter it.”

Tang Xiu took a 9th-grade immortal defensive artifact out from his interspatial ring and handed it over to Old Sycamore. “I have a 9th-grade immortal defensive artifact, and you have one now too. I believe we should give it a try. After all, fortune favors the bold!”

Old Sycamore saw the determined expression on Tang Xiu’s face and forced a smile immediately. “Since you have already decided on it, I shall follow you inside too, then. I hope we can obtain a rare treasure inside the tempest.”

Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Eagle, enter the Heavenly Abode.”

“Understood!” Eagle acknowledged and immediately entered the Heavenly Abode.

*Whoosh! Whoosh!*

Two indistinct figures appeared inside the tempest in the next moment. The two resisted the tempest’s crazy onslaught desperately, resulting in numerous wounds forming on their bodies. Tang Xiu, however, was in a better state compared to Old Sycamore as he was cultivating the “Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis,” a top-grade cultivation art of the Demon Realm, so his physique was much stronger than of a Supremacy Stage expert like Old Sycamore.

“That’s…” After Tang Xiu realized the identity of the item inside the tempest, his eyes opened as wide as saucers, and even his body shuddered slightly.

Old Sycamore was in a similar situation too. He looked at the item with disbelief, his eyes almost popping out of his sockets.

“It’s… a corpse,” Old Sycamore said in a trembling voice.

As Tang Xiu had gone through the divine tribulation once, he could sense the divine aura around it. The humongous corpse was brimming with divine force. This meant that the corpse belonged to a god—an incredibly powerful True God at that.

Old Sycamore’s breathing turned rushed as he looked towards Tang Xiu and asked, “What do we do now?”

A glimmer flashed through Tang Xiu’s voice as he stated solemnly, “I told you before that fortune favors the bold. Since we have entered the tempest and found such a huge treasure, it won’t make sense for us to return empty-handed. This corpse should be the corpse of a god, and obtaining it would bring us unimaginable benefits in the future.”

“We shall receive it, then.” Old Sycamore also nodded in agreement and sent his immortal force towards the god’s corpse and coiled around it. At the moment he was about to pull the corpse towards them, the immortal force he had released ignited all of a sudden, and the fierce flames reached before him in an instant and were just a step away from igniting his body.


Old Sycamore withdrew his immortal force and retreated thousands of meters as if he had seen a cosmic horror and somehow managed to avoid getting burned by the flames.

Tang Xiu’s heart palpitated rapidly. Although he had witnessed Old Sycamore almost get burnt by the flames, he still released his Primal Chaos Force and coiled it around the god’s corpse to pull it over towards him.

As expected, the Primal Chaos Force didn’t ignite. After the god’s corpse had reached before him, Tang Xiu could clearly see the huge hole that had been gouged in the corpse’s chest. This hole had a diameter of a hundred meters, and although it looked minute in comparison to the thousands of meters tall body of the god, it was indeed a fatal wound.

Tang Xiu could feel that this god’s corpse was akin to a raging volcano. Although the god was already dead, the body contained dreadful energy within it that was even more powerful than his strength back when he was a Supreme in the Immortal World.

“Come to me,” Tang Xiu circulated his “Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis” to the limits. The tens of thousands of planets within his body trembled as he pulled that god’s corpse near his Heavenly Abode. In the next instant, he sealed that humongous, ten thousand meters tall corpse within a corner of the Heavenly Abode and even used the aura of the god’s corpse to place down a formation to protect it.

“Let’s leave!” An ecstatic expression appeared on Old Sycamore’s aged face when he saw Tang Xiu receive the corpse successfully. He grabbed onto Tang Xiu with all his strength and rushed out of the tempest along with him.


Coughing a few mouthfuls of blood, Old Sycamore’s body stumbled forward. Tang Xiu stepped forward to support him immediately. After concealing themselves under a black rock, he summoned the Heavenly Abode within a small crack of the black rock and entered it along with Old Sycamore.

“How are your injuries?” Tang Xiu asked with deep concern on his face.

Old Sycamore shook his head and managed to squeeze out a smile as he replied, “I’m fine. Although I did suffer some heavy injuries during our previous battle, I haven’t kicked the bucket yet. Let’s take a look at that god’s corpse quickly.”

Tang Xiu nodded and examined the sealed god’s corpse. He discovered that Eagle, Seaway Monarch, and the others had also rushed over in succession.

“Heavens! This is a… god’s corpse?”

“This corpse…”

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