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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1392 - A Step Away

Chapter 1392: A Step Away

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Tang Xiu looked at their astonished expressions and said in a deep voice, “You have guessed it right, it’s the corpse of a god. We obtained it from within the Nefas Tempest. Everyone, I can assure you that breaking through to the Supremacy Stage is no longer a dream for you all as this entire corpse is a treasure trove.”

Saying so, he took out a jade bottle and pierced the corpse’s arm with this divine sword, following which, a stream of golden blood poured out from the wound and Tang Xiu collected all of it within the bottle and sensed the immense divine power that was within the god blood. He then used an esoteric art to seal the wound on the corpse’s arm and gave the six people before him a drop of blood each from the jade bottle.

“So, this is god’s blood? It indeed contains powerful energy within it. Even if I bring out all the power within the body, it would still pale in comparison to the energy contained within this single drop of god blood,” Seaway Monarch stated in excitement.

Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Stop with the nonsense now. Absorb the god blood and begin cultivating right away. I really wish to see how much assistance a single drop of god blood can provide you all.”


The six men, including Old Sycamore, showed no hesitation in following Tang Xiu’s orders. They swallowed the god blood and sat down cross-legged at once.

Tang Xiu gave these six men a profound look and also swallowed a drop of god blood a moment later. The moment this drop of god blood entered his throat, it transformed into an essence surging with divine force and flowed into this body. When this essence of divine force reached his stomach, it gushed out in all directions. It rushed to each nook and cranny of his body, a vast section of it flowing into the universe in his Dantian.

Tang Xiu could feel that his body was being nourished and tempered at a breakneck speed right now, and in just a short ten breaths of time, his physique had strengthened by a large margin. The most important thing was that all his internal organs, meridians, bones, and even his blood had undergone a qualitative change. As a result, he had become much stronger than before.

Time flitted by, and for a whole three years, Tang Xiu and the others had spent time inside the Heavenly Abode to cultivate. And within these three years, the cultivation of the seven men had made immense progress.

“What a nice feeling.” Tang Xiu revealed a satisfied expression on his handsome face as he floated up in the air and brandished his fist gently. Although he had absorbed over a dozen drops of god blood over these three years, he could feel that his strength had advanced by only several folds. However, he had the confidence to fight a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal right now and even had the means to kill an expert in such a stage.

“Master.” Old Sycamore and the others floated up one after the other with immense auras flowing out from their bodies and bowed towards Tang Xiu at the same time.

Tang Xiu smiled and asked, “How did it go?”

Old Sycamore smiled as he replied, “After absorbing ten drops of god blood over the past three years, I’m just a step away from breaking past the early-stage of the Supremacy Stage. If you give me another ten drops of god blood, I’m confident in breaking through to the middle-stage of the Supremacy Stage within ten years.”

Tang Xiu nodded with satisfaction and said, “That’s quite a notable achievement. What about you all?”

“I’m a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal now, and I just need one final push to be able to break through to the Supremacy Stage,” Seaway Monarch answered in excitement.

“It’s the same for me!”

“Me as well!”

Except for Eagle, all the others answered excitedly one after the other.

Tang Xiu observed Eagle and felt a little puzzled because Eagle didn’t show any fluctuations of a cultivator and seemed to appear just like an ordinary human.

“Master, I’ve already become a Supreme,” From the smile he was trying to hold back, it was pretty obvious that he was satisfied by his progress over the past three years.

Tang Xiu revealed an astonished expression and asked, “Have you really broken through to the Supremacy Stage?”

Eagle released his aura at once and nodded with a smile. “I have.”

Tang Xiu patted his shoulder energetically and sighed. “Our Great Tang Empire has four Supremes now that you too have broken through to the Supremacy Stage. It seems like this god blood is a really priceless treasure. If all the hundred Perfected Golden Immortals of our Great Tang Empire were to absorb the god blood, a lot of them might break through to the Supremacy Stage. That’s a good thing indeed.”

Saying so, he handed another 20 drops of god blood to each of them and said deeply, “Obtaining the god’s corpse is my fortune and also yours. Seaway Monarch, the four of you have to make an all-out effort to cultivate within the Heavenly Abode now. As long as the god blood is beneficial to you, I definitely won’t act stingy with it. So, all of you must strive to break through to the Supremacy Stage within the next ten years for me.”

“Understood!” Seaway Monarch and the others looked at Eagle with envy and nodded with solemn expressions on their faces.

The god’s corpse contained around a million drops of god blood, so even Tang Xiu couldn’t estimate how many Supremes and Perfected Golden Immortals the Great Tang Empire would produce if he were to make use of them all.

“Eagle, you’ll accompany me outside, and the others will remain here to cultivate!”

Tang Xiu used an esoteric art to fully seal the god’s corpse and left the Heavenly Abode’s space along with Eagle. The two of them appeared in the outside world, and after surveying their surroundings, Tang Xiu suddenly chuckled. “This visit to the Nefas Abyss was indeed worth it. Eagle, we shall head to the 9th layer’s Nefas City directly and leave Nefas Abyss once I’ve acquired the thing I need. I’ll help you consolidate your wife’s immortal soul after that.”

“Thank you, Master.” A glimmer of fervor flashed through Eagle’s eyes as he thanked Tang Xiu respectfully.

A magnificent, huge black castle existed in the 9th layer of Nefas Abyss. This place was none other than Nefas City. All kinds of beings existed within Nefas City, and this place had neither laws nor regulations, so anyone could fight and kill inside the city. It was a place where strength reigned supreme, and the feeble lived under the protection of the strong. The city was chaos incarnate, and the only law at play here was the cruel law of survival. All newcomers were marked by the countless inhabitants of the city the moment they entered it and suffered from endless provocations.

“Die.” Tang Xiu suffered an attack from two Perfected Golden Immortal Stage experts of the Monster Realm the moment he stepped foot across the gates of Nefas City. However, he didn’t dodge their attacks and simply took out his divine sword to deal with them. In just a few short breaths, he had killed one of the enemies and delivered a grievous injury to the other one, then watched along as that expert fled inside the city.

Tang Xiu didn’t chase after him and instead entered the city along with Eagle. He faced the endless malicious gazes with a cold smile on his face and roared. “Feel free to team up and attack us if all of you wish to die. I may as well begin a slaughter here today to make an example out of you. Come!”

“Such arrogance.” A three-eyed Asura suddenly appeared before Tang Xiu and Eagle. He was just a step away from breaking through to the Supremacy Stage and was publicly known as the 3rd strongest expert in Nefas City.

“Kill him!” Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes and said deeply.

Eagle’s figure transformed into a beam of superimposed light rays and struck the three-eyed Asura in the next instant. This was because of the pike that Tang Xiu had given to him a while ago. Eagle’s attacks turned fiercer with each strike that tore into the enemy’s flesh and made him scream in pain miserably.


An indistinct figure appeared before Eagle suddenly, and in the next moment, he blew Eagle away with a wave of his ghost banner and scoffed. “A Supreme?”

The person who had arrived was an old man with ghost tattoos on his face. He withdrew his ghost banner and gave Eagle a profound look before sighing. “I never thought you would actually break through to the Supremacy Stage, and even more so didn’t believe that you would become someone’s subordinate after breaking through to the Supremacy Stage. Eagle, Arthur didn’t know that you have already broken through to the Supremacy Stage, so it’s his mistake for offending your master. However, I hope you can give me some face and spare his life!”

Eagle just smiled at him coldly and looked towards Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu revealed a smile on his face and asked, “How much is your face worth? And what would you do to me if I refuse to give you face?”

The old man shook his head and said, “Young man, don’t think that you can do whatever you wish in Nefas City just because Eagle has broken through to the Supremacy Stage. This old man has spent 20,000 years in Nefas City, and just a single sentence from me would send endless experts coming after you.”

Tang Xiu smirked and said, “Who do you think you’re trying to scare? Fine, I can spare that three-eyed Asura, Arthur’s life, but he has to compensate me for causing mental anguish. I was frightened because of his sudden appearance and felt deep distress, so he must compensate me for that. It’s not that much of an amount, he just needs to compensate me with ten million Demon Crystals. Then, I’ll write this matter off. However, if he’s unwilling to do that, he will die even if he has you to protect him.”

The old man frowned and thundered. “Young man, don’t cross the line too much. Ten million Demon Crystals is not a small amount, so it will be difficult for him to take out such a huge amount with his abilities.”

“Are you planning to back out, then?” Tang Xiu asked.

The old man just smiled coldly and didn’t reply to Tang Xiu’s question.

Tang Xiu called Old Sycamore out from the Heavenly Abode and grinned. “I’m really curious about how many Supremes exist in Nefas City and how many experts within the city would be willing to lay down their lives for you. If you wish to fight, I, the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, am willing to accompany you to the end.”

Saying so, he called Seaway Monarch and the other Perfected Golden Immortals out from the Heavenly Abode as well. Then, the seven of them directed their entire killing intent at the old man, an expert from the Ghost Realm.

The old man’s expression changed instantly. He never expected that the young man shrouded in an aura of mystery actually had two Supremes following him, and even had four late-stage Perfected Golden Immortals as subordinates. His killing intent dissipated into nothing in an instant as he waved his hand with a bitter smile on his face. “Fine! I’ll admit that you all are pretty strong. I’ll pay the ten million Demon Crystals for Arthur.”

Tang Xiu smirked and said, “As they say, a wise man submits to circumstances. Since you have spent 20,000 years in this city, I assume you are a well-known expert? May I know how to call you?”

“Blackface Ghost Emperor,” the old man answered after handing over ten million Demon Crystals to Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu was shocked. He had heard of this name countless times in the past and knew he was one of the top experts of the Ghost Realm who was at least as strong as a middle-stage Supreme.

Tang Xiu cupped his fists and said, “So, it’s the famous Blackface Ghost Emperor. I never thought our first meeting would occur in such a manner. I’m well-aware of your strength, so pardon me for offending you before. I hope that you won’t blame us for acting that way, Blackface Ghost Emperor. We have only come to Nefas City on this occasion to procure some items, so we will be leaving this place the moment we have accomplished that.”

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