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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1393 - Looking Like a Dandy Silk Pants

Chapter 1393: Looking Like a Dandy Silk Pants

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The intentions Tang Xiu wished to express were as clear as day. He had no plans to forcibly take over this region that was like a home to Blackface Ghost Emperor, who had spent the past 20,000 years here and would leave the place as soon as he was done procuring the items he needed.

Blackface Ghost Emperor gave Tang Xiu a profound look and laughed out loud suddenly. “As a character whose reputation has seen a meteoric rise in the Immortal World over the past hundred years, you’re indeed worthy of me paying attention to you, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor! Guests from afar, I won’t invite you to a banquet since I believe you have far more important things to do. Still, I shall pass down my order so that you can enjoy a twenty percent discount no matter what you buy in Nefas City. If anyone refuses to comply, they can rest assured that they will have an empty spot ready for their soul in my ghost banner.”

Tang Xiu’s eyes lit up as he cupped his fist towards Blackface Ghost Emperor and said, “It’s an honor for me, the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, to be able to meet you, Blackface Ghost Emperor. If you were to ever come to the Immortal World and plan to visit any region of my Great Tang Empire, I assure you that no one will hinder your path and that you will receive the best hospitality no matter where you go.”

“Very well.” Blackface Ghost Emperor smiled faintly and cupped his fists towards Tang Xiu before disappearing in the next moment.

The countless kinds of inhabitants of Nefas City withdrew their malicious gazes one after the other. Their hearts were beating crazily at the moment as Supremes were existences that even they looked up to, and the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor had two of them beside him. So, there was no doubt that they would be walking to their deaths if they were to covet the Great Tang Emperor’s wealth.

Tang Xiu went on a spending spree over the next six months in Nefas City. His total expenditure had long crossed 2 billion Crystal Essences, and he spent it all to procure a vast array of items that would allow him to cultivate to the summit of Supremacy Stage without any hiccups. A lot of them were treasures that would invoke the avarice of other Perfected Golden Immortals if he took out even one of them.

In the City Lord’s Residence.

Blackface Ghost Emperor was seated in his residence with a black mist shrouding him, and a ghost jewel was suspended in the air before his eyebrows. It continuously extracted dense amounts of ghastly energies from a crack in the void behind him.

“Master.” A Ghost King shrouded in baleful energies floated over towards the Blackface Ghost Emperor.

“What is it?” The black mist surrounding the Blackface Ghost Emperor dissipated by a lot, so his face could be vaguely seen now.

That Ghost King bowed towards him respectfully and said, “Master, the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor has purchased the legacy treasure of the Lightning Storm Demon Palace.”

Blackface Ghost Emperor revealed an amazed expression as he asked, “Heavenly Magic Mirror?”

“Yes, the Heavenly Magic Mirror,” the Ghost King replied.

Blackface Ghost Emperor furrowed his brows slightly and said, “He has purchased the legacy treasures of six stores within these six months, so he should have spent a lot of his money, right?”

The Ghost King smiled wryly and said, “This Great Tang Heavenly Emperor is the richest Immortal I’ve seen till now. According to our estimate, he has spent over 2 billion Crystal Essences within these six months, and that’s on top of the twenty percent discount that you’ve ordered.”

Blackface Ghost Emperor was left speechless, as even though he had a lot of wealth, it would perhaps just total to the amount that the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor had spent in this short duration of time. However, the reason he had such a vast wealth was that he had amassed it over the past 20,000 years, and it also included the tributes his subordinates provided to him. Hence, he couldn’t understand where the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor got all of his wealth from as he had only appeared in the Immortal World pretty recently.

“Continue following their movements, but make sure that you don’t alert them. There’s no need for us to feel bothered even if he swipes all the treasures of Nefas City clean as long as he has enough money to pay for them. Also, send a messenger to the Ghost Palace and tell them to remove the legacy treasure of the store and claim that someone has brought it already.” Blackface Ghost Emperor seemed to have realized something, so he immediately sent the following orders.

“This subordinate shall do as you say at once.” The Ghost King acknowledged.

A glimmer flashed through the Blackface Ghost Emperor’s eyes as he looked towards the direction his subordinate disappeared in. He had already contacted his old friends within the Immortal World to inquire about the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. However, from the information he received from them, it seemed like the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor was really too much of an enigma even in the Immortal World. He seemed to have come from some minor world and had also brought along a vast number of cultivators along with him. However, no one had been able to figure out which minor world he had come from until now.

“The outside world believes that the Great Tang Empire only has two Supremes protecting it, but no one has realized yet that Eagle has already broken through to the Supremacy Stage and actually also became the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor’s subordinate. He obviously hasn’t reached the Supremacy Stage yet, but he has three Supremes under him… Just how did he accomplish this?”

Tang Xiu had revealed his ace card already by making a strong impression through killing anyone who dared to covet his wealth. However, in these six months, there were still some ignorant beings in Nefas City who attempted to plunder his treasures, but all of them perished in soul and flesh in the end.

Nine experts each from the Monster Realm, the Demon Realm, the Spirit Realm, and the Asura Realm, a total of thirty-six men, were currently carrying a massive palanquin on a straight road right now. They proceeded towards the gates of Nefas City under the watch of the countless inhabitants of the city, and although it portrayed a very pompous and pretentious picture, no one dared to offend the rider of the palanquin.

“I believe no has dared to act so imperiously in Nefas City over the past tens of thousands of years. Is this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor an idiot or what? Is he unaware that acting so snobbish would just provoke others and hasten his death?”

“The Vaewolf Monster Emperor from the Monster Realm was also so unbridled in his actions 40,000 years ago, but Vaewolf Monster Emperor was a Supreme who was just a step away from attaining Godhood. This Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, on the other hand, is only able to act so haughtily because he has two Supremes on his side. Acting so arrogant when his strength is lacking is pretty much equivalent to courting death.”

“It does look pretty damn impressive, though! I would be willing to get such treatment just once in my life even if I had to exchange a thousand years of my lifespan for it!”

“This Great Tang Heavenly Emperor is my idol from now on. He really looks very handsome.”

“He’s just acting recklessly.”

“Such arrogance…”

The inhabitants of Nefas City, as well as its visitors from all kinds of realms, stood inside the buildings on either side of the street and conversed privately through voice transmissions as they commented on the scene before them.

Tang Xiu had a downcast expression on his face as he sat on the palanquin while fiddling with the Heavenly Magic Mirror in his hands. The reflection of this mirror could see through disguises and had the ability to reveal the real appearance of any creature that had transformed into a human.

“I acted like a wolf in sheep’s clothing during my last visit to Nefas City and was able to obtain a massive amount of wealth, but I never thought I would have to act so ostentatiously this time and end up showing a bit of aggressive behavior. Sigh. I’ve also spent almost all the Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences I had on me. As for the legacy treasure of the Ghost Palace, I have no use for it, so there’s no point in obtaining it! I might as well give some face to the Blackface Ghost Emperor in that case and leave it alone.”

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly while he examined the real appearances of the various creatures in a somewhat meticulous manner. Although Nefas City had a lot of Immortals from the Immortal World, they were all vicious criminals, so he really felt the itch to get rid of them.

All of a sudden, Tang Xiu’s expression changed. Although he wasn’t paying any particular attention to the onlookers on the sides of the street, he had actually discovered an old acquaintance standing there through the reflection of the Heavenly Magic Mirror.

Zi Tong stood at the side of the street in a black robe with her beautiful face hidden under a black mask. Although she had a petite figure, she possessed a remarkable strength and had already reached the Profound Immortal Stage by now. She had come to Nefas Abyss along with her ancestor this time to look for a spiritual item that could heal her immortal soul.

Her fascination with painting and calligraphy had allowed her to comprehend the secrets of the heavenly laws eight hundred years ago and given her access to their might. However, as her body was too weak, what should have been initially a joyous occasion turned into misfortune for her. Her physique couldn’t bear the sudden increase of the power in her immortal soul, so she was forced to seal her soul and ended up suffering a wound as a result.

Zi Tong found the handsome youth sitting lazily on the huge palanquin to be a little interesting because she really couldn’t comprehend how bored he must have felt to have actually done such a pretentious thing.

“Ancestor, let’s leave!” Zi Tong regained her sight and pulled the arm of the white-haired old man beside her.

The old man smiled faintly and prepared to hasten with their journey to look for a spiritual item that could heal an immortal soul.


A powerful force coiled around Zi Tong’s waist and pulled it along, prompting her to cry out in alarm immediately. Her body was dragged along by that invisible power, and in the next instant, she fell within Tang Xiu’s embrace.

“Oh, look. It’s a girl. I wonder if you are beautiful, though?”

Tang Xiu’s palm gently fell on Zi Tong’s back and sent a Solitary Thread Herb into her body, while his other hand reached out to unmask her.

“You… pervert.” Zi Tong felt both angry and embarrassed once she realized that she was almost lying within Tang Xiu’s embrace and tried to struggle with all her might after chiding him in anger.

Tang Xiu acted swiftly and caught Zi Tong’s tender palm within an instant and sent a purple light inside her palm. He lifted his other arm and punched out with his other arm to face the white-haired old man, who had pounced towards him in a screaming rage and met his fist.

“This is interesting.”

Tang Xiu’s body trembled as his other hand pushed Zi Tong away. He then smiled at the white-haired old man who had fallen back and said, “Your Excellency is really too petty. I just hugged your great-granddaughter, that’s all! Is there a need to stake it all out to battle me just for that? Let it be, I’ve lost all interest now because you’re so stingy.”

Saying so, he assumed a languid appearance again and waved his left hand slowly while ordering casually. “Move! Exit the city now.”

Zi Tong’s expression was filled with indignation at his behavior. She appeared beside the white-haired old man momentarily and pulled his arm in worry. “Ancestor, are you fine?”

The white-haired old man had donned a look of fury and his eyes brimmed with murderous intent as he stared at the leaving palanquin and the languidly seated Tang Xiu fixedly. If he hadn’t heard that Tang Xiu had two Supremes protecting him, he would have immediately killed such a pervert.

“I’m fine,” Zi Yinshou shook his head slowly. After noticing that a lot of the surrounding individuals were giving him looks, he grabbed Zi Tong’s wrist and quickly departed from the place.

Zi Yinshou finally felt a bit better once he had vented out all his resentment with a sigh after stopping in one of the corners of Nefas City and stated gloomily, “That damn Great Tang Heavenly Emperor really has no limits to his arrogance. I would have flailed him to death if it weren’t for the two Supremes protecting him. Little Tong, you… what’s wrong?”

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