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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1394 - People Will Die for Wealth, Just as Birds for Food

Chapter 1394: People Will Die for Wealth, Just as Birds for Food

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Zi Yinshou’s acute senses had noticed that something seemed to be wrong with his great-granddaughter, whom he had pulled along.

Zi Tong wore a blank expression, and her heart shook with disbelief right now. She seemed to have regained her senses after hearing her ancestor’s question and answered with a stutter, “A-Ancestor… m-my body…”

Zi Yinshou’s expression changed, and he immediately grabbed Zi Tong’s wrist to check her pulse and observed the interior of her body with his spiritual sense. A short moment later, even he had donned an incredulous expression on his face.

“A leaf of Solitary Thread Herb?”

Zi Tong answered in an unusual tone, “Ancestor… when he… that man placed his hand on my back, I never noticed that this leaf of Solitary Thread Herb had entered my body. I can feel my injured immortal soul recovering rapidly right now.”

Zi Yinshou remained silent for a long time and then looked towards the direction they were in before and muttered, “So, he wasn’t harassing you back then and actually gave this leaf of Solitary Thread Herb to you because he had discovered that your immortal soul was injured? All so that your injured immortal soul can heal. Little Tong… Little Tong, why have you blanked out again?”

Zi Tong raised her left hand and muttered, “A-Ancestor, my hand has…”

Zi Yinshou’s expression changed as he grabbed Zi Tong’s left hand momentarily, and a look of disbelief cropped up on his yet again after he had investigated it with his spiritual sense.

“Origin essence of Purple Coral Agates?” Zi Yinshou muttered.

Zi Tong said, “Ancestor, I don’t know what it is or how it appeared inside my left hand, but I do remember that he… that man grabbed my left hand before. Did he…”

Zi Yinshou’s expression became even more complicated. He would be really too stupid if he hadn’t realized that the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor wasn’t harassing his great-granddaughter, but instead bestowing her with treasures.

“I don’t get it,” Zi Yinshou said slowly with his brows furrowed deeply. “We aren’t acquainted with that Great Tang Heavenly Emperor and even learned about his name in the past few decades. So, why did he suddenly bestow you with two treasures that are the best supplements for you?”

Zi Tong inquired. “Ancestor, I know that the Solitary Thread Herb is an excellent supplement for healing a severely injured immortal soul, but what is that purple thing? I have neither seen nor heard anything about it before!”

Zi Yinshou explained, “It’s the essence contained within Purple Coral Agates, why else would it be called origin essence? Purple Coral Agates are excellent supplements for refining artifacts, and a great expert can extract the essence inside it to use it for a wide variety of applications, including concocting pills. And the thing inside your hand is the origin essence of Purple Coral Agates. Now that you have it, it will influence your constitution imperceptibly in the future and strengthen your physique. Hence, your physique will keep progressing over time, and you will be able to pursue a higher stage of cultivation without putting a painstaking amount of effort into refining your body.”

Zi Tong asked in amazement, “Really?”

“There’s no doubt about it!” Zi Yinshou sighed. “That Great Tang Heavenly Emperor is really extravagant, but his style of doing things is bizarre. He acted low-profile and went by unheard in the beginning but amazed the entire realm with a single brilliant feat and became an unparalleled genius of the Immortal World. He then caused a great sensation in the Immortal World by establishing the Great Tang Empire and become famous in the entire Immortal World. Now, he has even made such a pompous and haughty show of display in Nefas City, acting with no inhibitions. He seems to have a thousand sides to him, and even I’m unsure which one is the real him.”

An unusual glimmer flashed through Zi Tong’s eyes as she asked, “Ancestor… do you think the Empress would be able to figure him out?”

Zi Yinshou contemplated for a while and seemed to have realized something suddenly, so he answered her in a low voice, “The Empress and this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor are actually a bit similar as both of them appeared in the Immortal World suddenly and seem to possess a vast amount of wealth. They both have powerful forces of Perfected Golden Immortals and have the protection of a Supreme.”

Once Tang Xiu and Eagle reached the 6th layer of Nefas Abyss, they returned to the Lost Nefas Forest and arrived at the Myriad Spirit Palace. After the four Wedra brothers had gathered over, Tang Xiu told them solemnly, “Withdraw your Myriad Spirit Palace and enter the Heavenly Abode I have on me. Also, there’s an area within the Heavenly Abode that I have sealed, so take care not to enter inside forcibly.”


The four brothers exited the Myriad Spirit Palace together with Tang Xiu, and once they had handed the ten thousand jars of Myriad Spirit Immortal Wine to him, they withdrew the Myriad Spirit Palace and entered the Heavenly Abode he carried on him.

*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!*

A few figures rushed over from a distance one after the other, and their eyes flashed with a cold glimmer as they looked at Tang Xiu and Eagle. Since the Myriad Spirit Palace and the four Wedra brothers had disappeared together, there was only one possibility. They were planning to leave the Lost Nefas Forest along with the man whose Heavenly Abode they had entered.

Tang Xiu furrowed his brows slightly and revealed a bitter gaze as he ordered. “Eagle, prepare for a battle!” Saying so, he brought Zenith Venerable, Seaway Monarch, Golden-eyed Great Peng, and Nether Sea Whale King, the four late-stage Perfected Golden Immortals, out from his Heavenly Abode. As the old adage went, people would die for wealth, just as birds for food. As the Wedra family had spent ten thousand years in the Lost Nefas Forest and sold the Myriad Spirit Immortal Wine over such a long duration of time, everyone knew that the Wedra family had a vast sum of wealth in their hands.

The rule of Lost Nefas Forest stipulated that none were allowed to fight inside the forest. However, the moment anyone left the forest, they would face the blatant onslaught of several experts who were aiming for their wealth.

As expected, Tang Xiu’s group discovered around ten experts following them with malicious intentions before they had even left the Lost Nefas Forest.

“Eagle. Take us along and rush ahead.” Tang Xiu ordered in a deep voice the moment they had stepped out of the Lost Nefas Forest.


Eagle released his immortal force and surrounded Tang Xiu and the others in it, and then, he rushed towards the entrance of the 6th layer as fast as he could. As experts from all the realms appeared in groups of threes and fours to block him, Eagle’s aura climbed up unceasingly, and he brandished his pike madly to repel all the enemies ahead of him.

“Barrier of Darkness.”

“Web of the Celestial Monster!”

“Asura Shield!”

After Eagle got blocked by over a dozen high-grade defensive Demon, Monster, and Asura artifacts stacked on top of the other, he decided to let go of Tang Xiu and the others. He then assumed a strategic stance to fend off the enemies that caused the nearly one hundred experts to withdraw in succession.

“Kill them all…” Tang Xiu called Old Sycamore and the Wedra brothers out from the Heavenly Abode to join them in battle. And then, the eleven of them charged forward ferociously and enacted a massacre. The land they passed by gradually got steeped in blood and corpses of all kinds of beings filled the surroundings.

After a full two days of killing and rushing in their journey, they had finally reached the 5th layer. However, the number of experts who wanted to obtain their wealth had far surpassed their imagination already. By the time they reached the entrance of the 5th layer, they had several hundred experts ahead and behind in pursuit of them.

However, Tang Xiu’s group had two Supremes who had experienced endless battles and were decisive characters with enriched battle experience, and also had deathmatch fighters like Seaway Monarch and the rest who had come from the Convict Arena and could kill opponents on the same level as them with ease. Hence, although their speed was reduced because of the obstructions, they continued killing a bloody way out of the enemies.

They slaughtered their way through the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd layers. By the time the eleven of them had reached the 1st layer, they had already killed dozens of Perfected Golden Immortals and injured even more severely.

“Stop.” Tang Xiu’s killing intent soared as he stood inside the entrance of the 1st layer and revealed a fierce expression on his face after wiping the watery blood off his face. Although all his companions had sustained injuries, none of them were fatal ones. They consumed Purple Scent Pills to convalesce after stopping.

“Come attack us if you have the guts.” Tang Xiu provoked the Supreme before him.

This fully-armored Demon Emperor was the only Supreme who had appeared until now. He even had a long horn on his hand and wielded a 9th-grade demon offensive artifact in his hand. Blood kept oozing out from the horrible wound he had suffered to his chest, but he acted like nothing had happened to him at all. Old Sycamore had seized the moment when Tang Xiu had influenced the Demon Emperor’s mind with his Rainbow Phantasmagoria Realm to deliver this heavy blow to the Demon Emperor.

Tang Xiu gave the Demon Emperor before him a provocative look and said shouted gallantly, “The Great Tang Empire only has brave spirits who die in battle and no cowards. All of us will either die fighting here or eliminate all of you shameless scoundrels today. Tell me, men, are you willing to accompany me in achieving this?”

“We are willing,” the other ten men answered at the same time and revealed crazed expressions as their auras climbed up unceasingly. They were prepared to fight with their lives on the line in exchange for the enemy’s lives at any moment.

The nearly hundred enemies felt utterly shocked by this development. They never imagined that they would run into such decisive characters in their pursuit of the Wedra family’s wealth. Although they were criminals, the Immortals before them were equally vicious and merciless in their methods.

People would die for wealth, just as birds for food.

They understood the meaning of these words and were willing to do anything for wealth as its lure tempted them to attack Tang Xiu’s group so they could obtain a higher share of it.

“Senior Brother, a lot of people wondered where the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor had obtained the wealth of nearly 2 billion Crystal Essences that he spent in the 9th layer of Nefas City. It’s clear to me now that he might have obtained that wealth from the Wedra family. As they have already spent all their wealth, we won’t be able to obtain that many gains even if we manage to come out victorious in our battle with them. Let’s just withdraw!” A Monster General from the Monster Realm suddenly chimed in at this perilous moment.

Although he hadn’t spoken loudly, the dozens of experts from the Demon, Monster, and Asura Realms, as well as the Immortal World, were able to hear it clearly. As such, all of their gazes focused on the Monster General that had spoken these words.

“What are you looking at me for? I just spoke the truth. They have just returned from Nefas City, and even Blackface Ghost Emperor is aware that they have spent an exorbitant amount of Crystal Essences in Nefas City,” that Monster General stated in a deep voice.

In the next moment, the experts who had pursued Tang Xiu’s group all the way here consulted with each other and retreated in succession one after the other. They then stopped five hundred kilometers away to watch how the situation unfolded. Even Tang Xiu hadn’t anticipated that the situation would suddenly take such a strange turn.

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