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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1396 - The Stronger Party Wins

Chapter 1396: The Stronger Party Wins

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Tang Xiu had three Supremes under his command, with the others all in the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage. Hence, they sliced through the enemy ranks like a sharp blade and killed hundreds of them before anyone from the Myriad Sword Sect realized it.

Beams of sword light flashed by along with afterimages of the swords, leaving behind a foul wind and a rain of blood.

By the time the experts of the Myriad Sword Sect realized it, Tang Xiu’s party had massacred close to a thousand people already. However, most of the deceased were actually ordinary Immortals, as well as Earth Immortals and the weak Celestial Immortals. They had only managed to kill two of the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage experts until now.

“Who are you all?” Northsword Bel Espion roared as he brought his Innate Natal immortal sword out and glared at Tang Xiu’s party as if they were his nemesis. He was just an inch away from coming out victorious, but these experts had suddenly popped out of nowhere and began killing his sect’s members, so this made him deeply anguished. What made him evermore furious was the fact that although the other side only had ten people, they actually had a total of three Supremes. This simply made him feel like running away with his tail tucked between his legs.

Tang Xiu didn’t answer Northsword Bel Espion. Instead, he looked at the bruised Supreme Pristine Spring and shouted, “Supreme Pristine Spring, we can reminisce later on. Let’s team up and get rid of all these shameless disciples of Myriad Sword Sect first instead. What do you say?”

Supreme Pristine Spring never expected that their Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect would ever receive reinforcements. Although the other party numbered few, they were all experts with shocking strength and even had three Supremes among them. This allowed him to see the hope for the Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect’s survival.

“You have my gratitude for helping us. My Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect will definitely repay this great favor later on in the future. Let’s team up, then. These crooks of the Myriad Sword Sect must be exterminated at all costs, even if I end up paying for it with my life,” Supreme Pristine Spring roared.

Dozens of Perfected Golden Immortals from the Everlasting Palace observed the sudden turn of events from another location. The old man who led them sighed after hearing Tang Xiu’s and Supreme Pristine Spring’s exchange. “It seems like the Palace Master was right about it. Nothing is definitive. The circumstances indicated that the Myriad Sword Sect would win without a doubt. Yet, the sudden appearance of powerful enemies barred them from achieving this. They even have three Supremes among them, so it would be hard for the Myriad Sword Sect to exterminate the Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect even if all of us help them.”

“Grand Elder. What do we do, then?” One of the Perfected Golden Immortals asked respectfully.

The old man sneered and said, “Myriad Sword Sect is akin to a dog that we have raised, so we obviously cannot let them suffer such a huge loss here. Hence, we will be helping them! If you aren’t able to kill those enemies, you must ensure that the Myriad Sword Sect’s losses are as low as possible.”

“Charge ahead!”

Half a day passed, and no matter whether it was the Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect, the Myriad Sword Sect, or those forces who had come to profit from the situation, all suffered disastrous losses. However, the burden on the Myriad Sword Sect’s Sect Master, Northsword Bel Espion, was lesser because he had the Everlasting Palace’s experts helping him. He directed the battlefield in such a way that their party gradually drifted farther from the Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect and prepared to evacuate covertly.


A loud voice came through from behind. Apotheon Bella and Obsideum Immortal Father had arrived with nearly one hundred Perfected Golden Immortals in tow and were killing their way through from afar.

“Damn it! Where did they come from now?!” Northsword Bel Espion cried out in alarm. He could sense that out of the nearly one hundred experts attacking, two were Supremes, while the rest were all Perfected Golden Immortals.

Northsword Bel Espion had lived in the Immortal World for over ten thousand years, yet he had never heard of any sect having so many powerhouses. The Perfected Golden Immortals of their Everlasting Sect only added up to less than fifty members, and although the Inner Pill Sect had more of them than their Everlasting Palace, even their numbers didn’t cross sixty.

Tang Xiu laughed out loud at this moment. “You’re finally here. Kill them all for me! Spare none of the members of Myriad Sword Sect and their scoundrel allies. Friends of the Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect, please continue killing them if you still have the energy to do so. However, go back and heal your injuries if you are severely injured.”

“Kill them!”

Even Supreme Clear Spring had been frightened by the array of experts that had arrived. However, after hearing Tang Xiu’s words, he immediately realized that these people were the mysterious expert’s men.

And what followed after that… was a bitter massacre.

After Apotheon Bella and Obsideum Immortal Father rushed over with nearly one hundred Perfected Golden Immortals, the battle turned into a one-sided massacre. The lives of tens of thousands of Immortals were harvested like grains, and blood rained across the skies as they collapsed one after the other.

Eagle, Old Sycamore, Supreme Pristine Spring, and Obsideum Immortal Father, a total of four Supremes, besieged the Sect Master of the Myriad Sword Sect. As a result, Northsword Bel Espion was only able to resist their offense for an hour before succumbing to their attacks. Even his immortal soul didn’t manage to escape and perished under the attack of Eagle’s offensive artifact.

None of the enemies, including the dozens of experts of the Everlasting Palace, managed to escape and were slaughtered clean.

The tragic scene stifled everyone’s senses.

Tang Xiu arrived before Supreme Pristine Spring, and after seeing all the injuries on his body, he remained silent for a moment before saying the following words, “I won’t give you a medicinal pill, but I can give you and your Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect an opportunity. The only question is whether you all desire it.”

Supreme Pristine Spring asked, “What opportunity?”

Tang Xiu slowly said, “Although I cannot guarantee that you will be able to cross the tribulation and attain Godhood, I can ensure that you will at least be able to become a late-stage Supreme and obtain the qualifications to challenge the divine tribulation. The disciples of your Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect will also experience an explosive increase in strength, and there’s even a chance that a few Supremes might appear from them.”

Supreme Pristine Spring looked at Tang Xiu with shock and asked in disbelief, “How is that possible? Unless a god helps, that’s…”

Tang Xiu smiled faintly and said, “I’ll take full responsibility for saying this to you—I’m a god.”

Supreme Pristine Spring looked at Tang Xiu with disbelief. After a long moment of silence, he slowly asked, “Your Excellency has saved my Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect from the throes of extermination, so you have my utmost gratitude for that. My Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect shall remember this favor till the end of times and do our best to repay it. However, may I ask what to call you?”

Tang Xiu smiled faintly and said, “I’m the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, the emperor of the Great Tang Empire.”

Supreme Pristine Spring asked in amazement, “So, you’re the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor who saved my sect’s Dao Master Qing Feng?”

Tang Xiu nodded with a smile. “Indeed.”

Supreme Pristine Spring pondered for a moment and then asked, “Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, what price would my Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect have to pay to obtain all that you have mentioned?”

Tang Xiu answered honestly, “The Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect will have to come under my Great Tang Empire, and you must become my Great Tang Empire’s Protector.”


Supreme Pristine Spring hesitated for a bit. “My Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect is in the Pristine River Immortal Domain while your Great Tang Empire is situated in the Immortal Lyceum. The distance between us is too large. Do you intend to move my sect inside the range of the Great Tang Empire’s immortal domains?”

Tang Xiu stated faintly, “Why not? Your Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect would have been exterminated if it weren’t for our aid. This is a chance for your Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect to reform and start anew. If I’m not mistaken, the enemies we killed didn’t just consist of the Myriad Sword Sect. It also consisted of dozens of Perfected Golden Immortals from the Everlasting Palace. Do you think that the Everlasting Palace wouldn’t take revenge on you alone if you were to continue staying here?”

Daoist Pristine Force, the Sect Master of the Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect, was unwilling to pay allegiance to the Great Tang Empire initially. However, his expression changed after he heard Tang Xiu’s words. After going through a struggle in his mind, he finally looked at Supreme Pristine Spring and said, “Grand Elder, the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor is right. All forces of the Immortal World know the Myriad Sword Sect is the hunting dog of the Everlasting Palace. As we have killed the Myriad Sword Sect’s Sect Master and so many of the Everlasting Palace’s Perfected Golden Immortals, there’s no doubt that the Everlasting Palace will target us. If we continue living here, we will face another battle of sect extermination, so we should join the Great Tang Empire.”

Supreme Pristine Spring pondered for a long while and finally said, “Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, this is a pretty significant matter. I need to discuss it with the other elders of the sect first. If all of them agree to it, our Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect wouldn’t mind coming under the Great Tang Empire.”


Tang Xiu smiled faintly and returned to the group of powerhouses of the Great Tang Empire. He then took a hundred jade bottles out, each of which contained ten drops of god blood, and handed it over to each of the Perfected Golden Immortals quietly. After that, he communicated with them via a voice transmission solemnly. “No one is allowed to leak the news about the god blood outside. Any violators will be tried with the crime of treason and dealt with accordingly.”

All the Perfected Golden Immortals revealed shocked expressions after hearing about the god blood.

After that, Tang Xiu handed over a jade bottle to Apotheon Bella and Obsideum Immortal Father each and sent a voice transmission to the both of them. “I have given ten drops of god blood to each of the Perfected Golden Immortals, and I’m giving both of you thirty drops of god blood each with the hope that your cultivation will progress to the next step. Also, I’ll be going into seclusion to make pills once we return to the Great Tang Empire. If you have become a late-stage Supreme by the time I have finished refining the Divinity Attainment Pills, I shall give you one of them each so that it can aid you a little in successfully crossing the divine tribulation.”

Apotheon Bella and Obsideum Immortal Father glanced at each other. They trembled in excitement after hearing about the thirty drops of god blood and the Divinity Attainment Pill as both were unquestionably precious treasures to powerhouses at their stage. Their chances of attaining Godhood would increase exponentially with these two items in their hands.

“Xiu. Where did you obtain so much god blood?” Apotheon Bella inquired via voice transmission.

Tang Xiu replied back, “I obtained a god’s corpse back in the Nefas Abyss. It’s practically a fully intact corpse, so I have a lot of god blood within my hands right now. It contains at least several million drops of god blood inside it, and even a single hair of the corpse is a rare treasure in the eyes of the Immortals. This will allow our Great Tang Empire to develop rapidly, and it won’t be long before we can take revenge on our enemies.”

Apotheon Bella gasped in surprise. Even though she had a strong mental fortitude, Tang Xiu’s words had really startled her at the mention of an almost intact god’s corpse! This was undeniably a treasure vault within the eyes of Immortals; it would allow any force to increase their strength exponentially if they exploited it properly.

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