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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1398 - Rapid Development

Chapter 1398: Rapid Development

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Apotheon Bella recalled what Tang Xiu had told her before she made for the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. She glanced at Supreme Star Soul, and after a few moments of hesitation, she greeted him with a cup of her fists. “Bella greets Father.”

“Pfft…” Star Tears couldn’t hold back her laughter.

An embarrassed expression cropped up on Apotheon Bella’s face as she whispered, “He… told me to address you that way.”

Supreme Star Soul’s lips curved up into a smile as he laughed out warmly. “Good. This is a very nice appellation. I’m quite satisfied with it. So, Bella… you can address me this way from now.”

To escape from the embarrassment in her heart, Apotheon Bella suddenly said the following words, “Let’s find a quiet location to talk. I have an important matter to tell you.”

Since Apotheon Bella and Sablefiend Scorpio had risked their lives to enter the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, Supreme Star Soul knew they must have done so for a very important matter. Hence, he brought the two of them to the meeting hall of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and activated the array inside the hall to isolate it from the outside world. Then, he inquired. “Bella, what’s so important that Xiu’er sent you here? Also, since the two of you have come over, does he still have a powerhouse protecting him?”

Apotheon Bella took a jade bottle out from her interspatial ring and handed it over to Supreme Star Soul. “There are three reasons Xiu sent me over to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. Firstly, it was so that Sablefiend Scorpio and I can guard the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect just in case the Inner Pill Sect and the Everlasting Palace succeed in breaking the protection array and attack all of a sudden. Secondly, we came here to bring over a large number of medicinal pills and divine weapons that would be a great help to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. Thirdly, it was to hand over the thing inside the bottle.”

Supreme Star Soul felt excited. “We have a total of five Supremes on our side now that the two of you have arrived here. So, it would be hard to say who would win even if they decide to battle us right now.”

Star Tears shook her head. “Elder Brother. Although we indeed have five Supremes on our side, you know that the enemy consists of not just the Inner Pill Sect, but also that person… His battle strength is very overpowered, so it would be hard to kill him even if several Supremes besiege him, and there’s even a chance of suffering some losses.”

Supreme Star Soul calmed down and nodded silently. “That’s true. Bella, what’s inside this jade bottle?”

Apotheon Bella saw that Supreme Star Soul intended to open the cork on the jade bottle, so she rushed to stop him. “Father, don’t open the cork right now. The bottle contains the blood of a god, so every single drop of it’s very precious. You must make sure to contain its aura when you take out the god blood from inside later, or else it would bring us needless troubles if someone nearby were to sense it.”

“What did you say?” Supreme Star Soul’s body stiffened as he directed a gaze full of disbelief at Apotheon Bella.

Star Tears clutched Apotheon Bella’s arm suddenly and asked with a shocked expression, “Bella, this jade bottle has god blood inside it? How… is that even possible? I haven’t remembered it wrong; the Myriad Saint Sect obtained a few drops of god blood a hundred thousand or so years ago and suffered the assault of countless powerhouses of the Immortal World. Even dozens of Supremes had attacked them back then.

“At least ten Supremes fell during this battle along with many Perfected Golden Immortal Stage powerhouses, and the nearly hundred drops of god blood were obtained by the powerhouses of the surviving forces. It’s rumored that the amount of god blood has been on a declining slope over the past hundred thousand years, so the number of forces that still have some god blood left can be counted on one’s fingers.

“Bella. Where did Xiu’er obtain the god blood from? How many drops are inside this bottle?”

Apotheon Bella’s lips curved up into a smile as she looked at the three pairs of eyes that were observing her fixedly. She burst out in laughter and said, “There’s a total of a hundred thousand drops of god blood inside it.”

“What?” Star Tears’ eyes turned wide open. She snatched the jade bottle from Supreme Star Soul’s hands instantly and checked its contents with her spiritual sense once she had sealed the bottle’s mouth with her power. Her body trembled when she realized how many drops of god blood the jade bottle really contained, and an irrevocable shocked expression appeared on her face.

It was really too shocking to Star Tears as she had never thought that so much god blood would appear within the Immortal World. The amount was just too terrifying.

Supreme Star Soul snatched the jade bottle back. After checking the amount of god blood present inside the jade bottle, he had gone wholly numb from the shock and asked Apotheon Bella with a glazed expression, “How?”

Apotheon Bella chuckled. “Xiu went to the Nefas Abyss sometime ago and obtained an almost intact god’s corpse from there. It has a few million drops of god blood at the very least and may even have as many as ten million drops inside it. He prepared these hundred thousand drops for the powerhouses of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and asked me to bring them over, so please make use of them to the very best and ensure that all the powerhouses above the Golden Immortal Stage make enormous progress in their cultivation.”

After saying this, Apotheon Bella took out another thing from her interspatial ring and handed it over to Supreme Star Soul. “Father, this is a piece of god bone. Xiu said that you are quite gifted in the field of artifact refining, so he asked me to bring this piece of god bone over and told me to tell you to refine it into your ideal immortal artifact.”

“A god’s bone?” Supreme Star Soul clenched his fists tightly, and his voice brimmed with excitement. “I could barely produce an 8th-grade immortal artifact even with an abundant amount of precious resources in hand. However, I’m fairly certain that I will be able to produce a 9th-grade immortal artifact with this piece of god bone in hand, and perhaps there’s even a chance of producing a quasi-divine artifact. Xiu’er is indeed worthy of being my Supreme Star Soul’s son. With so much god blood in hand, the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect will undoubtedly experience an explosive increase in strength and become at least twice as strong.”

Supreme Star Radiance remained silent all the while. Although he felt quite excited as well, he still felt deeply concerned and asked the question which kept bothering him the most yet again, “Bella. Does Xiu’er still have the protection of a powerhouse now that you two Supremes have come over to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect? The Great Tang Empire has been developing too fiercely in the past one hundred years, so a few of the elite powers might show hostility towards them. What if…”

Apotheon Bella said with a smile, “Even without the two of us, the Great Tang Empire currently has four more Supremes, namely the Obsideum Immortal Father, Old Sycamore, Eagle and Supreme Pristine Spring. Even if some of the elite powers covet the wealth of the Great Tang Empire, there’s no need to feel worried about it since these four Supremes are protecting it. Moreover, according to the plan which Xiu has drafted, the Great Tang Empire will have at least dozens of Supremes within the next 300 years.”

Star Tears, Supreme Star Soul, and Supreme Star Radiance, all of them drew in a cold breath after hearing this. They never imagined that the Great Tang Empire already had so many Supremes right now. If they included Apotheon Bella and Sablefiend Scorpio in it, the number of Supremes in the Great Tang Empire came to a grand total of six!

And if they added the three Supremes of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect to it, the number of Supremacy Stage powerhouses on their side totaled up to nine.

Nine Supremes!

Even the strongest force in the entire Immortal World, the Ghost Sect, just had a total of four Supremes.

Supreme Star Soul took a deep breath as he could already see hope in obtaining revenge. Thus, he said in a deep voice, “Since Xiu’er wants to wait for another 300 years, all members of our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect will make haste on improving our cultivation within this duration. And then, 300 years later, we shall eliminate all the enemy forces who harmed our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect over all these years.”

In the Great Tang Empire.

Once Tang Xiu had returned to the empire, he passed down a series of orders and entered seclusion to cultivate. All the upper echelon of the Great Tang Empire also chose to fade into the background around the same time, and the entire empire had turned exceptionally quiet.

Time flitted by, and in a blink, 240 years had passed since the time Tang Xiu had returned from Nefas Abyss. He had absorbed thousands of drops of god blood over these 240 years and had used countless kinds and amounts of cultivation resources. As a result, his cultivation shot up rapidly and experienced tremendous growth.


A huge change occurred inside the cosmos present within Tang Xiu’s Dantian. The tens of millions of planets in it trembled altogether, and innumerable threads of life source flowed towards all the planets. All the planets seemed to come alive as the life source poured into them and gained a weak life force.

The entire cosmos inside his Dantian turned dark as the planets trembled again, and it almost seemed like space was about to collapse. However, the darkness shattered, and light re-emerged in the next moment. Following that, the space within the cosmos expanded at least ten times larger than its size 240 years ago. According to Tang Xiu’s observations, the size of his Dantian’s space was now equivalent to the size of ten great immortal domains put together.

“This is…

“The fourth stage of the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis—Stars Cosmos?

“According to the records, the space in the Dantian is only considered as a Stars Cosmos when all the planets inside obtain the source of life. However, it requires the nourishment of a long period to reach the formation stage and can take at least a few thousands of years to tens of thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of years at most. I’ve only cultivated for a short amount of time, so how is it that I have already attained the formation stage of Stars Cosmos?

“Is it because of the god blood and marrow?”

Tang Xiu opened his eyes, and in the next instant, he disappeared from within the palace and appeared tens of kilometers up high in the sky. As he observed the boundless cosmos above him, his eyes glistened with a golden color.

“Divine Power—Heavenly Net.”

Tang Xiu used the divine power he had obtained just now, and in the next instant, the world before his eyes no longer appeared the same to him. He saw densely packed lines of all kinds of gorgeous colors spanning across the entire void that seemed to form a special net. It almost seemed like this world had actually been designed based on these densely packed multicolored lines.

“Are these the traces of the heavenly laws?”

Tang Xiu had once touched upon the locus of the heavenly laws back when he was a Supreme in the Immortal World. However, the locus he had seen back then was just a vague grayish line, a far stretch from the splendid and clear view before his eyes right now.

Most importantly, he could sense the flow of all energies present within the world, so this would allow his strength to increase exponentially during a battle.

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