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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1399 - A Terrifying Number of Supremes

Chapter 1399: A Terrifying Number of Supremes

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While Tang Xiu was inside the palace, his whole body was filled with great energy. All sorts of different types of energy spanning thousands of kilometers away from him were all absorbed continuously into his body.

“The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis undoubtedly surpasses all cultivation techniques in the Immortal World. Although my power has seen tremendous growth, I’m only able to contend with an early-stage Supremacy Stage powerhouse. However, I can already see the loci of the heavenly laws this clearly.

“Unfortunately, the effects of god blood are already greatly ineffective. Otherwise, I would be able to return to the pinnacle within two hundred years if I continued to train at this rate.

“It’s time to take a break from training and prepare the Divinity Attainment pills.”

Tang Xiu stood up. When he stepped outside the palace, he froze slightly. This was because he saw that nearly half of the upper echelons of the Great Tang Empire were standing outside. Each of them had worried expressions on their faces.

“What’s happening?”

Tang Xiu did not understand the meaning of this and asked.

Ouyang Lulu quickly walked forward with her worried expression now dissipated from her face. She said, “You sealed yourself away for so long, and furthermore, all the Immortal Force energy within thousands of miles from here has all rushed into the palace. We were afraid that there was a problem with your cultivation, that’s why we all came here to wait for you. You… Are you okay?”

Tang Xiu laughed and replied, “I’m okay. I’m very well! Everyone! Go do your own things! I won’t be in solitude to cultivate for the foreseeable future. I just need to refine some pills now.”


As the crowd proceeded to decrease in size, Tang Xiu looked at the few left. They were all Tang Xiu’s women. They hadn’t seen Tang Xiu in a while, so they obviously missed him a lot. It was only after Tang Xiu’s reassurance and calming words that they were willing to leave and return to their homes.


The unbelievably beautiful Gu Yin was spectating from afar. She floated over to Tang Xiu with a leaf hanging from the side of her mouth.

“Not bad!” Tang Xiu chuckled. “You haven’t even been training for three hundred years, and you’re already an Earth Immortal stage cultivator. A rapid growth rate such as yours is extremely rare even in the whole Immortal World.”

Gu Yin laughed and replied, “Master, at the most, I will be able to break through to the Celestial Immortal Stage within the next six months.”

Tang Xiu happily replied, “Not bad. Not bad at all.”

Gu Yin said, “Master, my training speed is actually quite slow. Compared to sister Yan’er, I’m so horrendously slow that it’s shameful. You don’t know this, but sister Yan’er told me six months ago that with another three years of cultivation, she would be able to break through to the Supremacy Stage. Yinyin also wants to become a Supreme cultivator in the Immortal World and also be able to assist my master.”

Tang Xiu chuckled and replied, “Your master doesn’t need your help. As long as you can happily cultivate and become stronger and stronger, there will be a day where you will be able to protect your loved ones. That will be sufficient.”

They continued to chat.

Suddenly, the sky was filled with tribulation clouds, and thunder rumbled. When Tang Xiu raised his head and looked at the heavens, the edges of his face crawled into a bigger smile. This was already the thirteenth time seeing such a sight in the last two hundred and forty years. It looked like someone else was breaking through to the Supremacy Stage.

“It’s Senior Sister!”

Gu Yin watched as a silhouette rushed into the sky and squealed in surprise and excitement.

Tang Xiu watched Gu Yan’er in her white robes, floating in the air. He nodded his head and chucked. “Your senior sister is already a powerhouse in the Perfected Golden Immortal stage. She’s only a silver away from stepping into the Supremacy Stage. After a few hundred years of cultivation, not only did she recover her strength back to her peak, but she even broke through to the Supremacy Stage! Truly, the speed of her growth is extremely fast. With the help of the god blood and adding onto her potential, she should be able to pass the 49 Heavenly Tribulations with no difficulties. Looks like our Great Tang Empire will be adding another Supremacy Stage powerhouse to our numbers.”

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Silhouettes suddenly appeared in front of Tang Xiu, as quickly as lightning. There were sixteen of them in total, and all of them were Supremacy Stage powerhouses. Although there were only Old Sycamore and the Obsideum Immortal Father at the middle-stage Supremacy Stage, many powerful cultivators in the Supremacy Stage still suddenly appeared at the same time. This was an extremely frightening and impressive sight that struck awe into all spectators.

Obsideum Immortal Father’s expression was a little complicated. He watched on as Gu Yan’er rushed towards the clouds and said, “The clouds are so incredibly thick. When she breaks through to the Supremacy Stage, she may already be a full-fledged early-stage Supremacy Stage cultivator. My lord, I don’t admire many people. However, for you, I’m utterly in awe and have a deep respect for you. In just a short period of two to three hundred years, our Great Tang Empire already has so many Supremacy Stage cultivators! I dare say that in the whole Immortal World, our Great Tang Empire is definitely the strongest of all.

Tang Xiu laughed and replied, “Obsideum Immortal Father, how rare it is that I’m able to experience your praises! However, these praises do make me feel quite nice. Hahaha.”

Obsideum Immortal Father laughed and replied, “When I first decided to follow my lord, I felt that your ambitions were too great. I felt that your targets and goals were simply impossible! How narrow-minded was I then? That’s right, now that we have immense military power, is it time for us to destroy those enemies who you have named?”

Tang Xiu calmly replied, “There’s no rush. We still have sixty years until the three-hundred-year deadline that I have set. In the next sixty years, we will continue to produce and train soldiers. Then, we will conquer the surrounding six immortal domains. This way, we will be able to establish the Great Tang Empire’s territories. When that time comes, we will then mobilize our troops to eliminate those enemies that you speak of.”

Obsideum Immortal Father immediately nodded his head and replied, “I’m willing to be your vanguard. When I chose to serve you back then, the six lords of those immortal domains laughed at me countless times. When our Great Tang Empire marches onto their territory, I want to see how they will react when that time comes.”

In the sky.

Gu Yan’er wielded a 9th-grade immortal artifact, and she used this artifact to destroy each lightning bolt that shot at her from the sky. For Perfected Golden Immortal Stage cultivators, the 49 Heavenly Tribulations were extremely dangerous. If they passed this, they would be able to become a powerhouse in the Supremacy Stage. If they failed, then they would disintegrate and disappear forever.


Out of ten thousand Perfected Golden Immortal Stage cultivators, only one out of twenty cultivators managed to pass the 49 Heavenly Tribulations. This was already an extremely impressive rate. However, for the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage cultivators in the Great Tang Empire, the success rate was one hundred percent. Everyone knew that this was the effect of the god blood.

After half a day, Gu Yan’er laughed as she watched the 49 Heavenly Tribulation recede. Her energy surged at an incredible rate. After half an hour, her energy was already many times her previous reserves.


As quick as a lightning flash, Gu Yan’er appeared in front of Tang Xiu. With a broad smile on her face, she immediately gave Tang Xiu a big hug and said, “I once dreamed that I would be able to break through to the Supremacy Stage. Furthermore, I dreamt that at the moment that I broke through to the Supremacy Stage, you would be the first person that I saw. Now, my wish has truly been realized. Supremacy Stage…what a great feeling.”

Tang Xiu lightly patted her back and laughed, saying, “Now that you have successfully stepped into the realm of the Supremacy Stage, you are now one of the most powerful cultivators in the whole Immortal World. Give it a bit more time, when our Great Tang Empire becomes even stronger, we will flip the Immortal World by its heels and crush all our enemies when the three hundred years have passed.”


Gu Yan’er nodded her head enthusiastically.

Tang Xiu released her and swept his gaze over those now seventeen Supremacy Stage cultivators. Now with a serious expression on his face, he said, “Everyone. Since you have chosen to follow me and stay loyal to me, I will not neglect you. Although we, as the Great Tang Empire, can walk the Immortal World with no fear, our goal is not to become the supreme rulers of the Immortal World. My goal is to bring all of you to ascend into God Realm and kill there.”

Obsideum Immortal Father chuckled and replied, “My lord, the Divinity Tribulation is too terrifying! The success rate is only one out of a hundred Supremacy Stage cultivators! This success rate is already impressive. Even if we do have the god blood with us, I’m afraid that…”

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt him. He calmly replied, “You’re correct. The god blood is beneficial when assisting Perfected Golden Immortal Stage cultivators to break through to the Supremacy Stage. However, to multiply our chances of passing the Divinity Tribulation by many folds, there would need to be other things too. From today onwards, I will begin refining the Divinity Attainment Pills. You should all have heard of this pill. When all the Supremacy Stage powerhouses in our Great Tang Empire have achieved the late-stage Supremacy Stage, then I will give all of you one Divinity Attainment Pill. I once was able to successfully pass the Divinity Tribulation by my own strength. Therefore, I will be able to help you all pass the Divinity Tribulation as well.”

Obsideum Immortal Father replied with a surprised expression on his face, “You have previously passed the Divinity Tribulation? Furthermore, you succeeded? How… how is that possible? If you really passed the Divinity Tribulation, then why aren’t you in the God Realm right now?”

Tang Xiu chuckled lightly and released his Primal Chaos Force, binding the seventeen in front of him and bringing them into the palace without a single one of them resisting. Tang Xiu sat on the Nine Dragons Cathedra and said, “I believe that most of you are wondering about my true identity. Obsideum Immortal Father, am I correct?”

Obsideum Immortal Father was in deep thought and replied with a nod, “You’re correct, my lord. Your strength is something that I have not seen in my life. All the upper echelons of the Great Tang Empire know that we have great nemeses in the Immortal World. Furthermore, all of those enemies are also enemies of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. Adding to that, Star Tears is also part of that Holy Sect, and Apotheon Bella is also someone that the Star Cultivation Great Emperor greatly cares for. Therefore, we suspect that even if you aren’t part of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, you surely must have a deep connection to them.”

Tang Xiu looked at Apotheon Mu, Apotheon Myriad Notes, Soaring Plumb, Nine Immortal Fingers, and Enchantress Yu, then calmly laughed and replied, “Now, you can tell them. How should you refer to me?”

The five of them looked at each other with excitement in their eyes. They immediately knelt in front of Tang Xiu and simultaneously said, “Your disciples pay respect to the Master!”


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