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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1401 - Chaos of War

Chapter 1401: Chaos of War

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Supreme Purgatory replied with a bitter smile on his face, “There was a patron with immense wealth and a hot temper. In a few short years, he secretly arranged for people to buy large numbers of my gladiators. He even bought ten of my Perfected Golden Immortal Stage deathmatch gladiators!


Tang Xiu was shocked. He couldn’t even hold his breath in. In a few years, this person was able to buy ten Perfected Golden Immortal Stage cultivators! Even in his prime, not even Tang Xiu was financially capable enough to do this!

Tang Xiu stared straight at Supreme Purgatory and asked, “Where is this person from?”

Supreme Purgatory replied, “Is the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor aware of the Missing Star Empire in the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal Domain?”

Tang Xiu nodded his head and replied, “I’ve heard of it from a few hundred years ago. There was a ruthless Perfected Golden Immortal Stage cultivator who managed to quickly establish a small state known as the Missing Star Empire. However, this state was not a mortal empire but an empire of immortal cultivators. The ruler of this empire is called the Missing Star Venerable. I have heard of them, but I don’t know much about them.”

Supreme Purgatory then replied, “Yes. The first empress of this Missing Star Empire was once the focus of many powerhouses, just like your Great Tang Empire. She had also caused great disturbances across the whole Immortal World. However, the person who would know most about her would be me.”

Tang Xiu was surprised. He asked, “What do you mean?”

Supreme Purgatory replied, “This is because this Missing Star Venerable is the same person who bought our Perfected Golden Immortal Stage powerhouses. There were sixty of them. This person ended buying nearly half of all our Perfected Golden Immortal Stage cultivators. In terms of Golden Immortal Stage cultivators, they bought six hundred of them.”

“How wealthy!”

Tang Xiu couldn’t hold in his disbelief.

Supreme Purgatory continued, “Indeed. They are extremely wealthy. This Missing Star Venerable is extremely capable. After becoming the empress of the Missing Star Empire, their actions became quite unconventional. With a large pool of resources and wealth, they were also able to constantly hire soldiers and mercenaries into their ranks, expanding and strengthening their forces rapidly. The Missing Star Empire of today is the result of that growth. They are no longer the little state that resided in the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal Domain. The Missing Star Empire has now conquered six immortal domains with countless Immortal soldiers and generals in their ranks. There are now even five Supremes standing with the Missing Star Venerable. Unfortunately…”

Tang Xiu suddenly became alert. This was because he realized that the style of expansion and growth was remarkably similar to his own Great Tang Empire. Furthermore, the inclusion of Supremacy Stage powerhouses within the ranks also exceeded some of the dominant forces in the Immortal World.

“What’s unfortunate?”

Tang Xiu asked.

Supreme Purgatory sighed and replied, “Unfortunately, this Missing Star Empire was met with great trouble recently. They came in conflict with the Hundred Poisons Sect. Around four years ago, the Hundred Poisons Sect and Missing Star Empire were in conflict. The Hundred Poisons Sect’s people were extremely ruthless. They used poison to decimate many of Missing Star Empire’s cities and killed hundreds of millions of Missing Star Empire’s citizens. As a result of this, both forces are in a large-scale battle and have already massacred countless people from both sides. This battle continues to this day, and both sides have already suffered great losses.”

“Hundred Poisons Sect?”

Tang Xiu was filled with rage. He said, “This Hundred Poisons Sect is truly too cruel and ruthless. They were even willing to kill so many people in the Immortal World. They are no different from demons.”

Supreme Purgatory didn’t care much for life, so he just continued to say, “This is the law of the living. If there is one thing to blame, it’s because of the conflict between the Missing Star Empire and Hundred Poisons Sect. I…”


Supreme Purgatory received a Communication Signet. After reading the contents of the Signet, his face was lit up in delight. Then, he said, “The Hundred Poisons Sect’s Hundred Poisons Devil has been killed! The Hundred Poisons Sect has been destroyed. Interesting. Very interesting. How terrifying is this Missing Star Empire!”

Tang Xiu was shocked. In complete disbelief, he replied, “Although the Hundred Poisons Sect is definitely not considered a powerhouse in the Immortal World, they are at least a tier below! They have deep roots in the Immortal World, and yet… they were destroyed by the Missing Star Empire who has only been established for a century?”

Supreme Purgatory chuckled and said, “The Great Tang Empire has only been established for around a century as well. You guys probably have enough power to destroy the Hundred Poisons Sect, do you not?”

Tang Xiu didn’t deny it. He proudly replied, “Although the Hundred Poisons Sect is powerful, they are indeed incomparable to my Great Tang Empire.”

Half a day later.

Supreme Purgatory was leaving for the Convict Arena. However, before he left, he made a deal with Tang Xiu. This deal involved the Convict Arena sending five hundred Golden Immortal Stage deathmatch gladiators to the Great Tang Empire for a fee that would be paid at the end of a thousand years. The interest rate was at 2%.

After Supreme Purgatory left, Tang Xiu immediately summoned Jin Shi. He also summoned Golden-eyed Great Peng and Lupus Chimaera Monstrum.

“My lord, what are your orders?” Jin Shi understood Tang Xiu’s personality. If Tang Xiu directly summoned him, then there was something big going on.

Tang Xiu breathed a deep breath, then said, “Jin Shi, what are the developments from today’s intel gathering?

Jin Shi replied, “Our intel operatives are completely in control of the ten immortal domains that we have conquered. We know every single thing that happens within the Domain. Nothing escapes our ears or eyes. In other news, we have also placed a large part of our intel operatives in the surrounding eighteen immortal domains. I estimate that after another century, we will be able to build a complete network of intel in those immortal domains.”

Tang Xiu then replied, “I will give you a month to sort out everything here. Then, I want you to personally bring people to the Missing Star Empire. Your mission is to establish the most classified intel network at the quickest speed you can. Jin Shi, you need to know this. The Missing Star Empire is an empire of immortal cultivators. The control that they have over the empire will not be any worse than our Great Tang Empire. This is why I have arranged from Golden-eyed Peng and Lupus Chimaera Monstrum to go with you to protect you. I hope that you will be able to complete this mission.”

Jin Shi replied, in deep respect, “My lord, I will give my all.”

Tang Xiu took out a mini-version of the Heavenly Abode immortal artifact, then gave it to Jin Shi and said, “There are many cultivation resources here and some Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences. There are also some divine weapons in there. You will need to employ every strategy that you know to establish this intel network. This is all I can give you to support you.”

Jin Shi excitedly replied, “My lord! Don’t worry! According to my experience in establishing an intel network, if the Missing Star Empire has tight control, then I will establish it slowly. However, if their control is more relaxed, then I will unleash everything I have in the shadows. You will definitely see results within the next century.

Tang Xiu shook his head and replied, “I will give you twenty years. Within these twenty years, no matter the progress, you will return from the Missing Star Empire. There’s not that much time left from our three-hundred-year plan.”

“Yes, my lord!”

Jin Shi replied, feeling deep respect for his lord.

Tang Xiu waved his hand to dismiss Jin Shi. He said, “Alright, then. Go and make your necessary preparations.”

Half a month later.

Tang Xiu stood at the palace’s entrance, watching as Jin Shi left for the Missing Star Empire. He turned his head, looking at Zenith Venerable and Seaway Monarch, and said, “I’m extremely curious about the Missing Star Empire. Let’s go as well! I want to know about this Missing Star Venerable from the Missing Star Empire. She has done a huge favor for our Great Tang Empire! We should go and visit her anyway.”

Seaway Monarch was confused. “The Missing Star Empire did us a huge favor? How come I don’t know about it?”

Tang Xiu smiled and replied, “In the past few years, the Missing Star Empire has been in a constant battle with the Hundred Poisons Sect. Now, they have destroyed the Hundred Poisons Sect. This sect, alongside with the Myriad Sword Sect, are both enemies of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. Naturally, they also are our enemies. An enemy of an enemy is our friend.”

The Seaway Monarch understood. He laughed and said, “My lord, since you have decided to personally visit the Missing Star Empire, why did you not go with Jin Shi? Instead, you have decided to follow them in secret.”

Tang Xiu replied, “One walks in the shadows while the other walks in the light. This way, we will then be able to resolve any dangers if it arises. Right now, we don’t know much about the Missing Star Empire. Furthermore, we will be passing through a few dangerous areas, so it will be better if we are more cautious.”


A blurry silhouette suddenly appeared out of thin air in front of Tang Xiu and the rest. It was the beautiful Mu Wanying. Her gaze swept over Zenith Venerable and the other three, hesitated for a second, then said, “Respected elders, could you all vacate this area for a bit? I have something to tell the emperor.”


All three of them agreed and immediately flew away.

Tang Xiu was a little confused, then curiously asked, “Wanying, what is it? What matter requires you to talk to me privately?”

Mu Wanying hesitated, then a hint of red appeared on her cheeks. She lowered her voice and said, “I… I’m pregnant.”


Tang Xiu froze. He was in disbelief. This was something that he didn’t even dream about. He hadn’t expected that the purpose behind Mu Wanying’s visit was to tell him of such news.


He was becoming a father?

Tang Xiu looked at the blushing Mu Wanying. Suddenly, he laughed loudly and said, “Yes! What good news! I, Tang Xiu, am becoming a father! This is great news! I thought there was a problem with my body because I have never had a child! Now, it’s not that I have a problem, but that it was just simply not the time! Wanying, how long has it been?”

Tang Xiu pulled Mu Wanying into an embrace, and she replied bashfully, “It has been around two months. I know that you are leaving soon, so… so could you leave at a later date? I want you there when the child is born.”

Tang Xiu instantly replied, “No problem. I planned to leave the Great Tang Empire immediately to deal with some things outside. However, since you are already pregnant, then I will delay my date of departure. Oh, that’s right. Is Mother aware of your pregnancy?”

Mu Wanying shook her head and replied, “She doesn’t know yet. You’re the first person I have told.”

Tang Xiu hugged her tightly, then they both disappeared from the palace doors. When both of them appeared again, they were inside their mother’s backyard. As Tang Xiu looked at his younger brother Tang Xin and his mother Su Lingyun, he smiled and released Mu Wanying. Then, he laughed as he said, “Mother! We have something to tell you.”

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