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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1402 - Great Celebrations

Chapter 1402: Great Celebrations

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Su Lingyun saw Tang Xiu, then replied in a disapproving tone, “I’m not interested in knowing about the great happenings in your empire. Xiu’er, come help me convince your brother. He’s already quite old, yet he still doesn’t want to get married and have children. Look, I already have white hairs from you, and now him…”

Tang Xiu laughed and replied, “Mother, since he doesn’t want to get married and have kids yet, then you shouldn’t nag him about it. If the time comes, then he might marry really quickly. Mother, do you not want to hear some great news?”

Good news?

Su Lingyun suddenly got excited. She immediately walked over to Mu Wanying, then hurriedly asked, “Are you pregnant?”

Mu Wanying immediately blushed and shyly nodded her head.

Su Lingyun’s eyeballs popped out of her sockets and she became extremely excited. She hurriedly asked again, “Really? I… I’m about to become a grandma?”

Tang Xiu’s handsome face suddenly had a confused expression. He didn’t expect that his mother would be able to guess that Mu Wanying was pregnant straight away. How much did she want grandchildren?

After a short while.

All of the upper echelons in the Great Tang Empire received a piece of confirmed news: The queen of the Great Tang Empire, Mu Wanying, was now pregnant. This news spread throughout the empire like wildfire.

As a result of this news, Tang Xiu’s plans to head to the Missing Star Empire were delayed.

Misty Spring Ocean, Fragrant Garden Island.

Inside a palace, two elderly people, one male and one female, were resting on their knees. They were reading the contents from many jade slips. Suddenly, the old lady looked up, then gazed at the girl sitting at the window and said, “Commander, I have news.”

The girl turned her head and asked, “What is it?”

The old lady replied, “We just received news that the Great Tang Empire has produced their first heir. One of the empresses of the Great Tang Empire, Mu Wanying, is confirmed to be pregnant. She will soon be bearing their first heir.”

The girl paused, then sent out a Communication Signet. Then, she replied, “Our lady commanded us to build an intel network in the Great Tang Empire. Although we have put our best efforts forward, the Great Tang Empire’s intel network is still better than ours. In the last 100 years, we have lost far too many men. Now, we have finally received something useful.”

The old lady smiled bitterly and replied, “The Emperor of the Great Tang Empire is quite similar to our Empress. They both place great emphasis on information. As for our intel network, there are frequently problems regarding getting found out, which causes holes in the intel network. When will this come to an end?”

The girl shook her head and replied, “Our empress is surely familiar with the Emperor of the Great Tang Empire. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be this cautious towards the Great Tang Empire. Furthermore, she wouldn’t be this focused on the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor either.”

Immortal World, Heavenly Phoenix Immortal Domain.

There was an unbelievably tall and large palace. The roof of this palace pierced the clouds in the sky, and it was covered in black. Hundreds of layers of arrays engulfed this palace, and there were also countless Immortal soldiers guarding this place. The palace was guarded exceptionally heavily.


There was a Golden Perfected Golden Immortal Stage cultivator, donning black battle robes with a red cloak. Her beautiful face suddenly twisted into one of astonishment. After grabbing the Communication Signet, she didn’t even dare to read the contents of the Communication Signet. Instead, she quickly entered the palace.


The person, Dark Wind, appeared in front of the Missing Star Venerable, seated on her Nine Winds Cathedra, then respectfully said, “We have news from the Great Tang Empire. Empress, please have a look.”

The Missing Star Venerable, in her long black robes and donning a black mask, slowly raised her head. Then, she grabbed the Communication Signet and read the contents of the Signet. After reading it, her body, covered in dark clothing, shook a little. Her whole body was covered entirely in black as if a moving mass of black smoke covered her body.

“I got it. Dismissed.”

Dark Wind paused for a second. She realized that there was a hint of instability in the Empress’ voice.

Two days later.

The Missing Star Venerable issued an imperial decree which stated: “I’m sealing myself away for a hundred years. Supreme Murong is to act as my proxy and govern the Missing Star Empire. Unless the nation is at risk of being destroyed, I’m not to be disturbed.”

In a blink of an eye, half a year had already passed.

Great Tang Empire.

After the loud cry of a baby was heard, flashes of light were seen flying in all directions from the palace of the Great Tang Empire.

“The prince has been born! Rejoice! Rejoice!”

Tang Xiu stood at the end of the bed, holding his newborn son. He was extremely excited, having a sense of fatherhood and a blood connection to this newborn baby. However, his emotions were quite complicated. The things of the past were still hidden in the depths of his heart. All of these old feelings were still as clear as day as the scenes flashed in his mind. It still pained him.

“Lord husband, Supreme Myriad Herbs is here. He’s going to examine us. I hope that there aren’t any problems with us.”

“Lord husband, Qincheng is so happy! We have no problems at all. I want to bear a child for us as soon as I can!”

“Lord husband, it’s already been six times. Supreme Myriad Herbs has already come six times. Why is it that our bodies are healthy, and yet I’m unable to bear your child?”

“Lord husband, I envy Ying Wei. She’s only around two thousand years old, and yet she already has six children.”

“Lord husband, I really want to further your bloodline.”

“Lord husband, you should take concubines! I can’t bear it…”

“Lord husband…”

Tang Xiu’s heart was in pain. It was so excruciatingly painful that the hands that he used to hold his newborn son were slightly trembling. He once dreamed countless times of this reality. He dreamed of this reality that he was able to hold his own child while gazing lovingly at the beautiful face on the bed.

“Xiu, let me hold him.”

When Mu Wanying, lying on the bed, called out to Tang Xiu, it woke him up from his memories. A hint of guilt then grew in his heart. He carefully handed the baby to Mu Wanying.

“Xiu, give him a name!”

“Tang Nian.”

Tang Xiu didn’t even think twice. He immediately blurted the name out. After saying it, his whole body shook. Then, he suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared again, his face was twisted in pain and rage.

That’s right.

Pain. Rage.

However, he wasn’t angry at other people, but himself.

He once thought that he had forgotten about his past. He thought that he had forgotten that woman. However, he now realized that it wasn’t that easy. This was a love that spanned thousands of years. How could he just simply forget it that easily?

After a while.

Tang Xiu finally calmed down. He sighed deeply, then said, “Maybe giving it time will be the best choice.”

After a month.

The Great Tang Empire held an extravagant event. It was a grand celebration of Tang Nian being one month old. It was also during this day that Tang Xiu decided not to wait any longer. He was going to announce the beginning of the war.

He wanted to kill.

He wanted to give his newborn son a peaceful future. He was going to use the Great Tang Empire as his spear and shield to carve out a new future.

He could bear the consequences of this rage and hatred alone, but he did not want his son to bear it. Therefore, he wanted to eradicate all of his enemies before his son matured.

Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.

Supreme Star Soul was sitting on his Sect Leader seat at this time. He was smiling as he held his wife, Apotheon Carmen Mist’s hands. He gazed into the distance as if his line of sight pierced through space and fell on his dear grandson.

“Lord husband, it should be starting soon, right?”

Apotheon Carmen Mist was extremely excited, but she managed to keep her composure.

Supreme Star Soul’s smile slowly disappeared. Then, with a heavy look in his eyes, he said, “The Great Tang Empire’s military movements have become abnormal. A lot of their soldiers have disappeared. If my guess is correct, then I think that Xiu’er is preparing a peaceful era for our future grandson to be born into. It has already been a long time. Now, it’s time for revenge.

Apotheon Carmen Mist replied, “I have always blamed my weakness and lack of power. Now, it will be different. I’m now a Supreme, and our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect now has eight Supremes. Adding Apotheon Bella and Sablefiend Scorpion into our ranks, we have ten Supremes in total. Even if we declared war today, we would still be able to massacre all the scum of the Inner Pill Sect and the Everlasting Palace!”

Supreme Star Soul nodded his head, then replied, “You’re correct, but we cannot be complacent. Even with our strength, we would still suffer great losses if we wanted to completely destroy our enemies. Therefore, we need to wait for Tang Xiu and his great armies.”


Apotheon Carmen Mist nodded her head furiously.

Outside of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.

On a planet somewhere in the vast starry sky, Great Emperor Danqing was deep in cultivation. Suddenly, his expression changed slightly. In a flash, he was outside the palace. He watched as four black-robed people flew towards him from afar. His attention slowly became focused on the chest area of their black robes.

“Ghost Sect. Shade Demon Zhu Wushou’s servants?”

Zither Demon Jiuyao silently appeared next to the Great Emperor Danqing and said.

Great Emperor Danqing coldly laughed and replied, “Shade Demon Zhu Wushou is a cunning man. He’s always plotting. When we surrounded and attacked the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, he personally brought a large group of the strongest Immortals in the Ghost Sect to destroy the disciples of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. They also killed them in cruel and horrific methods, even more than us. Now that his people are here, I’m not sure what they want this time.”

Those four people already arrived in front of the two of them while they were still talking.

“Great Emperor Danqing. Zither Demon Jiuyao.”

The leader of those four was an elder with red hair, and his name was Yin Wufa. His eyes swept over the two of them, then said, “In the name of my Sect Leader, I have come to tell you that there is a Supreme powerhouse in the Great Tang Empire. This Supreme is the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect’s late Star Cultivation Great Emperor’s disciple. This person is an Apotheon. The former lord of the Misty Spring Ocean is also an Apotheon as well.”

Zither Demon Jiuyao then calmly replied, “Yin Wufa, you’re a Supreme powerhouse in the Immortal World. This can’t be the only news that you have to relay if you have come here personally.”

Yin Wufa shook his head and replied, “Naturally, you’re correct. What I have come to say is that the appearance of the Great Tang Empire is truly quite enigmatic. The speed of their growth is also terrifyingly fast. It’s simply unheard of. Our Sect Leader thinks that the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor has deep ties to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. Today, the Great Tang Empire has begun to mobilize its troops. In a few days, 80% of their troops have already vanished into thin air. Therefore, our Sect Leader is afraid that something had happened here, that’s why he sent us over as reinforcements.”

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