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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1406 - Declaration of War

Chapter 1406 - Declaration of War

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Tang Xiu’s eyes filled with disbelief as he muttered, “You mean that Apotheon Missing Star is actually Murong Tianbo?”

Han Qingwu shook her head. “I’m Apotheon Missing Star. This is the new name I assumed after returning to the Immortal World, and the Missing Star Empire was also established by me. We have a total of eight Supremes now. I knew you would want to take vengeance sooner or later, but I never thought it would be so early. However, our current strength is enough to handle the Inner Pill Sect and Everlasting Palace.”

This piece of news shocked Tang Xiu. Han Qingwu’s arrival in the Immortal World wasn’t as early as his, yet, she had accomplished such a great achievement in just 300 years. Tang Xiu had never imagined that Hang Qingwu was actually so formidable.

“Amazing!” Tang Xiu sighed sincerely.

Han Qingwu revealed a smile and shook her head. “My luck was good, that’s all. I believed I was about to die, but I actually had an immense fortuitous encounter and obtained the legacy palaces of four Supremes and obtained all of their inheritances, as well as their wealth.”

Tang Xiu felt amazed. “Which ones?”

Han Qingwu replied, “Supreme Heavenly Core, Old Demon Night, Monster Lord Regretless, and Blood Asura. They reached an agreement to have a battle in the Immortal World, but they fell into a spatial crack, and even though they were all Supremes, they couldn’t make it out alive as the spatial crack led to the Sea of Death.”

Even Tang Xiu felt a bit jittery after hearing this as even he would have barely made it out of a spatial crack connected to the Sea of Death back when he was at his strongest as a Supreme of the Immortal World. All immortals of the Immortal World knew that running into a spatial crack that connected to the Sea of Death was equivalent to encountering the God of Death, so it was very hard to come out of it alive.

Tang Xiu suddenly recalled what Supreme Purgatory had told him. He had told him that the ruler of the Missing Star Empire, Apotheon Missing Star, had bought a large amount of Perfected Golden Immortals and Golden Immortals from the Convict Arena. This meant that Han Qingwu had really obtained a huge amount of wealth from the legacy palaces of the four Supremes.

“When did you break through to the Supremacy Stage? Also, how did your Missing Star Empire manage to produce so many powerhouses?” Tang Xiu inquired.

Han Qingwu smiled and said, “It wasn’t me, it was Murong Tianbo. Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao carried out a massacre in our former immortal palace and destroyed it, and also injured him grievously, but he was able to escape from them. The endless battles actually allowed him to benefit and opened the doors to the Supremacy Stage for him. You also know that he was a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal powerhouse and just a step away from breaking through to the Supremacy Stage. I ran into him coincidentally and informed him that you have already returned, but he chose to leave after learning that I wanted to establish a force to help you in the future. He only requested a method that would allow someone to break through to the Supremacy Stage as well as the way to produce the Divinity Attainment Pill, and this is the reason a large amount of Supremes emerged from the Missing Star Empire in such a short duration of 200-300 years.”

Tang Xiu nodded after understanding how everything had spanned. “That’s already a pretty decent achievement. Give me the communication signet that connects to Murong Tianbo. I’ll contact him shortly.”

“All right!”

Han Qingwu nodded gently and took a communication signet out from her interspatial ring.

A short moment later, Tang Xiu summoned the communication signet outside and sent it out after leaving a message in it.

Heavenly Phoenix Immortal Domain.

Murong Tianbo sat cross-legged in the main hall of the Missing Star Empire’s Imperial Palace and cultivated in silence, his hidden and formless aura enveloping the entire palace. As the palace had a huge energy gathering array inside it, the interior of the palace contained a rich amount of immortal spiritual energy.


A communication signet passed through all the layers of the array and appeared before Murong Tianbo. His expression changed once he read the message inside it—Murong, it’s me. Qingcheng and I were attacked my Shade Demon Zhu Wushou and she got injured pretty badly. I’m leading the Great Tang Empire’s immortal army to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect right now, and I hope to see the reinforcements of the Missing Star Empire’s army as soon as possible.

Murong Tianbo’s heart trembled after he finished reading the message. If anyone were to ask him which person’s aura he was most familiar with, it was undoubtedly that of his former master, Star Cultivation Great Emperor. He knew that his master was still alive and had established the behemoth that was the Great Tang Empire.

Hence, he didn’t doubt this message even a little.

He rushed out of the palace momentarily and announced solemnly in a loud voice, “It’s an order from His Majesty. The generals of the Missing Star Empire must prepare the armies to set out immediately. We will begin marching towards the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect with haste half-a-day later.”

All the Supremes, Perfected Golden Immortals, Golden Immortals, and ten million immortal soldiers of the Missing Star Empire began to answer the call immediately. The dozens of Perfected Golden Immortals led a large number of immortal soldiers to steadily enter Heavenly Abodes under the supervision of the Supremes.

Outside the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.

Great Emperor Danqing’s expression changed immediately when he received a communication signet as he stood in the vast starry skies. He appeared outside the palace instantly and thundered. “Heed my orders. Summon all the powerhouses of the sect who are above the Immortal Stage here right away. The Inner Pill Sect will prepare for war from this moment onwards and exterminate the Great Tang Empire and the Vermillion Bid Holy Sect.”


A figure rushed over from the distance and arrived before Great Emperor Danqing. He inquired about the situation after seeing the grim look on Zither Demon Jiuyao’s face in a deep voice, “What happened?”

Great Emperor Danqing’s expression turned a little complicated, but it still brimmed with grim killing intent as he replied, “Star Cultivation Great Emperor didn’t die. A piece of his soul managed to enter a lesser world, and he’s actually back to kill in the Immortal World after a thousand years. The Great Tang Empire is also an empire he established personally. Shade Demon Zhu Wushou led six Supremes to eliminate Star Cultivation Great Emperor a few days ago, but he failed to do so and had to return in defeat. The immortal soldiers of the Great Tang Empire might be rushing over here already.”

Zither Demon Jiuyao’s expression changed, and fear flashed through his eyes as he asked gloomily, “Since we were able to kill him once, we can do it twice. Even if he’s talented, it’s impossible for him to cultivate back to a peak-stage Supreme in just a thousand years. Heed my orders, disciples of the Everlasting Sect. Send a message to the sect and tell all the powerhouses to rush over immediately. I don’t believe that the tens of millions of immortals of my Everlasting Palace will fail to eradicate the Great Tang Empire that’s only a few hundred years old.”

A moment later, several figures shot over towards the duo from different directions.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A total of four figures arrived before Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao momentarily. The red-haired Yin Wufa’s eyes brimmed with killing intent as he said the following words, “I just received a message from the Sect Master of my Ghost Sect. The Ghost Sect will soon send tens of millions of experts to aid the Inner Pill Sect and the Everlasting Sect face the Great Tang Empire and Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. From this moment onwards, the powerhouses of my Ghost Sect will all follow the lead of Great Emperor Danqing.”

Great Emperor Danqing wasn’t surprised by this, on the contrary, he revealed a bit of worry on his face and asked, “How are Shade Demon Zhu Wushou’s injuries?”

Yin Wufa forced a smile. “The Sect Master’s injuries are pretty grave as he almost died in the battle. However, the enemies aren’t any better. Two of the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor’s six subordinate Supremes detonated their immortal souls while the other four are were badly injured. Even the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor came close to dying in the hands of my Sect Master.”

Great Emperor Danqing revealed an ecstatic expression when he heard that and laughed out loud. “That’s really good. Even if your Sect Master failed to kill that Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, he won’t be able to join the battle within a short while. That’s good news for us! Also, Zhu Wushou sent me a message just now that the Formation Breaking Talisman that can break the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect’s protection array is on the way along with the experts of your Ghost Sect. We shall attack the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect as soon as they arrive and attempt to eliminate them before the Great Tang Empire arrives.”

Yin Wufa explained, “The person bringing the Formation Breaking Talisman is already on the way and will arrive in six days at most. However, it will take longer for the powerhouses of my Ghost Sect to arrive.”

Great Emperor Danqing smirked. “The powerhouses of my Inner Pill Sect and the Everlasting Sect will probably arrive within those six days. They are more than enough.”

Immortal World.

The Great Tang Empire’s declaration of war towards the Inner Pill Sect, Everlasting Palace, and the Ghost Sect spread like wildfire to all corners of the Immortal World in a short span of just a few days.

All the immortals were shocked by this.

The Immortals, as well as the Perfected Golden Immortals and the Supremes of all the forces of the Immortal World, felt utmost admiration for the Great Tang Empire since they never imagined that the Great Tang Empire would be actually so daring to declare war on three super sects of the Immortal World at the same time.

This had even caused a few old monsters hiding in the corners of the Immortal World to make an appearance and pay close attention to the battle that was about to happen.

Headquarters of the Convict Arena.

Supreme Purgatory and four other Supreme powerhouses were gathered before the Immortal Soul Mirror to observe the starry skies around the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. They saw Great Emperor Danqing, Zither Demon Jiuyao, as well as Yin Wufa and the four others from the Ghost Sect there.

“It seems like I overestimated that Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. He’s acting too reckless for a young man. Does he really believe his Great Tang Empire is on the same level as the three super sects that have existed for tens of thousands of years? The Great Tang Heavenly Emperor’s first group of subordinates were deathmatch fighters he bought from the Convict Arena a few hundred years ago. Does he think just a few hundred years of development would allow him to contend with the ancient sects with such a long history?” Supreme Purgatory shook his head and a look of contempt flashed across his eyes.

An old man donned in an azure robe nodded slowly and said, “The Great Tang Heavenly Emperor really acted too hastily by declaring war on the three super sects. Although he’s a talented genius, it’s a pity that he has wrought such huge trouble on himself so soon. I thought another genius had appeared in the Immortal World and would become the strongest Supreme ever, but this is indeed a real pity!”

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