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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1408 - Blocked at the Front, Chased from the Back

Chapter 1408: Blocked at the Front, Chased from the Back

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Donned in armor, Great Emperor Danqing walked on the void and stepped closer to the members of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. His eyes flashed with viciousness as he grinned. “Supreme Star Soul, we shall call you uncle for the sake of giving respect to Star Cultivation Great Emperor. Now that your son has become an ant, you better stop resisting! As long as your Vermillion Bird Holy Sect surrenders to us, we might allow some of your clansmen to live and pass down their legacy.”

Supreme Star Soul failed to hold back his laughter as he replied, “Great Emperor Danqing, do you really believe you’ll be able to exterminate my Vermillion Bird Holy Sect today?”


Great Emperor Danqing waved his hand, and four Supreme powerhouses appeared behind him instantly. He said while smiling, “Me, Zither Demon Jiuyao, and Yin Wufa are all Supremes, and with these four, we have a total of seven Supremes on our side. Do you believe your Vermillion Bird Holy Sect will be able to survive our relentless pursuit and attacks?”

Supreme Star Soul smiled curiously. “You’re relying on your superior number of Supremes? Are you sure about this?”

Great Emperor Danqing sneered. “Of course, I am. I wish to use our superior numbers to frighten and intimidate you so that you will completely lose your will to battle.”

Supreme Star Soul laughed out loud. “Since you’re relying on your superior number of Supremes, how could I disappoint you? Supremes of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, come out and broaden the horizons of the Inner Pill Sect’s Sect Master.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A total of ten figures appeared behind Supreme Star Soul momentarily, each carrying the aura of a true powerhouse and ubiquitous spiritual pressure that made the smiles on Great Emperor Danqing’s and Zither Demon Jiuyao’s faces freeze, filling their eyes with disbelief.

E-Eleven Supremes?

The Vermillion Bird Holy Sect actually has a total of eleven Supremes? Are you kidding me? How is this even possible?

Supreme Star Soul smirked. “Great Emperor Danqing, are you stunned now? Filled with shock yet? It feels really good to see the expression on your face right now!”

Great Emperor Danqing thundered in disbelief. “This is simply impossible. We’re very clear about the strength of your Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, and I’m well aware of the number of Supremes you have after so many years of battling each other. Even if two Supremes managed to enter your sect recently, you should have only had four Supremes at most. How could so many of them emerge in such a short while?”

Supreme Star Soul laughed out loud. “So many? Do you think our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect has a lot of Supremes? You’re just a frog at the bottom of the well, unaware of the wideness of the world. Heed my orders, disciples of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. The time has come now, this is the moment that will decide the fate of our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. Bring out all your potential if you wish to survive, and let them know that the ones who shall come victorious out of this war are us, not them.”

“Kill them!”

“Charge ahead!”


The ten million disciples of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect took out their innate natal artifacts and charged towards their enemies along with Supreme Star Soul and the ten other Supremes fervently. The hundred Perfected Golden Immortals were even more so unwilling to be left behind and rushed forth with murderous looks in their eyes.

“Kill them!”

The void above the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect turned into a meat grinder instantaneously. The attacks from millions of immortal artifacts and divine artifacts ripped the skies apart and bombarded the enemy ranks, leading to the death of tens of thousands of immortals at the moment the two sides collided with each other.

An unprecedented battle unfolded following the clash, so tremendous that darkness seemed to have encroached upon the entire world.

The stench of blood enveloped the entire immortal domain, reaching even the distant starry skies. Life seemed to have become the cheapest commodity in this battle.

Three days later, at the moment when the two sides were evenly matched in battle, the tens of millions of immortals from the Inner Pill Sect, Everlasting Sect, and Ghost Sect arrived at the battlefront. Their addition caused the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect to suffer higher losses immediately.

“From the same root we hail, join this battle we shall.”

Followed by the echoes of an aged voice, Sky Exterminator Old Beggar, as well as three other Supremes and several million immortals of the Four Sacred Palaces joined the battle one after the other.

Nearly one hundred Supreme powerhouses, as well as tens of thousands of Perfected Golden Immortals, and the experts hidden in the corners of the Immortal World, were all observing this battle. Even the powerhouses of the Demon Realm, Monster Realm, Spirit Realm, Ghost Realm, and Asura Realm were using all kinds of marvelous methods to observe it.

The members of all the forces were shocked by the number of Supremes and Perfected Golden Immortals that had suddenly emerged from the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, yet they were still biased towards the Inner Pill Sect, Everlasting Sect, and Ghost Sect.

“The Vermillion Bird Holy Sect was already at a disadvantage. Fortunately, the Four Sacred Palaces arrived just in time to assist them, or else, they would have suffered higher losses. The three elite sects will undoubtedly become the final victors of this battle.”

“This is really interesting. It looks like the Immortal World is going to suffer huge losses this time. Let’s wait longer! This war won’t end so quickly, so the most optimal moment for us to act is when both sides have exhausted all their strength.”

“Isn’t the Great Tang Empire still left? Where have they gone? Is the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor unwilling to assist the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect? Did he get scared or what? If this goes on, the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect might get destroyed completely!”

“It won’t be just the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, even the Four Sacred Palaces will suffer the same fate.”

“Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao are really fearsome opponents. As late-stage Supremes, they are actually able to deal with the joint attack of six Supremes with ease and even managed to deliver considerable injuries to two of them. Things really don’t look well for the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and Four Sacred Palaces this time.”

“What a pity…”

The powerhouses observing the battle evaluated the battle, and from their perspectives, the destruction and extermination of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and the Four Sacred Palaces looked pretty imminent.

Nearly half of the tens of millions of immortals participating in the battle had died by the fifth day, and the losses of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and the Four Sacred Palaces were much more disastrous than their enemies. However, they were able to withstand the attacks of the three sects by relying on their superior numbers of Supremes and Perfected Golden Immortals.

“Kill them!”

An infuriated roar traveled through the distant horizons, following which, over a dozen Supremes and nearly one hundred Perfected Golden Immortals hurried towards the battlefront from 50,000 kilometers away. They then operated the Heavenly Abodes on them and released legions upon legions of immortal soldiers outside.

“Who are they?”

“Heavens! It’s the banner of the Great Tang Empire! Are they the empire’s soldiers?”

“What battle array is this? How come it looks similar to the battle formations of the mortal empires?”

“Those Supremes… No way, this is just impossible. How could the Great Tang Empire have over a dozen Supremes? I must have seen it wrong for sure.”

“So many Supremes and Perfected Golden Immortals! The Great Tang Empire has a history of just a few hundred years, so how come so many powerhouses have emerged from it?”

“This is too terrifying…”

All the forces observing the battle were terrified by the strength revealed by the Great Tang Empire momentarily.

In the void.

Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao teamed up to bombard the six Supremes surrounding them, but the appearance of the Great Tang Empire’s army ended up scaring the both of them as well and even caused their battle intent to dwindle rapidly at this instant.

“The Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, Great Tang Empire, and Four Sacred Palaces have a total of around 30 Supremes altogether. Where did so many Supremes come from?” Great Emperor Danqing despaired a little. He never imagined that their enemies were so strong, so strong that the fear killed his battle intent in its entirety and even made him feel the impulse to turn around and flee the battlefield.

Zither Demon Jiuyao’s heart filled with shock as well, as the lineup of the Great Tang Empire had scared him out of his wits. His head tingled when he saw the ever-changing formations of the Great Tang Empire’s army charge towards them like a river that had burst the dam open and made him feel like fleeing from the battlefield right away.

Tang Xiu stood on top of an imperial carriage and looked at the familiar faces of Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao coldly, his heart filling with killing intent. As his injuries hadn’t healed completely, the current strength that he could muster only allowed him to barely contend with an early-stage Supreme. If not for that, he really wished to charge forth and kill Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao personally.


In just two days, the powerhouses of the three elite sects had already suffered disastrous losses and messaged their disciples via voice transmissions with bitter looks on their faces.

As such, the three parties converged together and killed a bloody path out of the battlefield just like a surging flood, hoping to flee.

“Follow me to battle!”

The remaining hundreds of thousands of members of the three elite sects believed they would finally be able to flee once they had killed their way out of the encirclements. However, the declaration from ahead of them dashed all their hopes.

An orderly battle formation consisting of a large number of Immortals, Earth Immortals, Celestial Immortals, Profound Immortals, Golden Immortals, and even Perfected Golden Immortals, a total of around ten million immortals, blocked their path and killed the members of the three sects at the forefront because they were the quickest to escape, crushing them as if they were ants.

“Kill them!”

Murong Tianbo’s aura surged as he led a group of Supremes to block the three elite sects’ path of escape.

“Who are you all?”

Zither Demon Jiuyao roared in fury, falling back quickly because of the simultaneous attacks from eight Supreme powerhouses.

Murong Tianbo thundered. “We’re the soldiers of the Missing Star Empire and subordinates of Apotheon Missing Star. We received orders to team up with the Great Tang Empire, Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, and Four Sacred Palaces to annihilate all the disciples of the Inner Pill Sect, Everlasting Sect, and Ghost Sect in their entirety.”

Missing Star Empire?

The entire Immortal World was abuzz with discussion as the current development meant that two immortal empires that had expanded crazily within the recent times actually belonged to the same faction.

They could imagine that the most fearsome force of the Immortal World in the future would consist of the faction of these four forces, and with their combined strength, it wouldn’t even be that hard for them to conquer the entire Immortal World.

The battle turned even more desperate after this.

Immortals detonated their immortal souls one after the other and powerhouses were slain successively. After 14 days, Great Emperor Danqing, Zither Demon Jiuyao, as well as Yin Wufa had been forced to converge together and only around 20 Perfected Golden Immortals still remained alive on their side as the rest had all died in the battle.

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