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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1410 - Five Great Bloodlines

Chapter 1410: Five Great Bloodlines

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Supreme Star Soul gave Tang Xiu a profound look. Although he didn’t know what his son was planning, he realized that his son might have some hidden motive for doing so.

“All right. I’ll do as you say. I believe you more than I do myself,” Supreme Star Soul answered via voice transmission.

Tang Xiu felt warmth encompass his heart as he replied back, “Father, please tell Mother that I don’t plan to meet her right now because there are too many factors of danger around me currently. I’ll look for her and apologize once I have eliminated Great Emperor Danqing and the others completely.”

Supreme Star Soul glanced towards his wife who had Sablefiend Scorpio accompanying her to ensure her safety from the very beginning. He nodded immediately after realizing that his son must have made arrangements for this quite a long time ago.

Time fleeted by, and when everyone was feeling puzzled, Great Emperor Danqing snapped his eyes open. His face twisted in pain and his body shuddered as he released a bestial roar before giving Tang Xiu a look of rancor. He then screamed out loud, “Star Cultivation, you damned bastard! You went back on your word. Even if I die, I’m going to take you down with me!”

Saying so, he dashed towards Tang Xiu, and a tiny, exquisite golden tower emerged out from in-between his eyebrows along with his body’s concurrent bloating.


A glimmer of disdain flashed through Tang Xiu’s eyes as he passed down the order while retreating back momentarily.

In the next moment, the Supremes attacked Great Emperor Danqing in tandem with their strongest attacks. Although Great Emperor Danqing had sealed his cultivation, he could still detonate his immortal soul, and his bloating body was an omen of that.

Spurt… Spurt… Spurt…

The attacks of the immortal artifacts landed on Great Emperor Danqing and harvested his life before he could even manage to detonate his immortal soul. His immortal soul had suffered grievous injuries, and even that tiny, golden tower had been flung to the distant void because of the attacks.

Tang Xiu laughed out loud in the few moments before Great Emperor Danqing’s soul perished. “I was the one who gifted this golden tower to you back then, so why wouldn’t I know that it’s your hidden ace? Great Emperor Danqing, your despicable nature led to your end. As a human, one needs to always act with righteousness!”

The Perfected Golden Immortals on the enemy side revealed shocked expressions immediately when they witnessed the death of Great Emperor Danqing. They wanted to escape, but since they had sealed their cultivation, they didn’t have any other route except soul detonation left for them. However, a few of them didn’t wish to die, so they fled towards another direction to pull some distance between their six or seven companions who were planning to detonate their immortal souls. Unfortunately, their speed was too slow because of their sealed cultivations, so none of them were able to escape far before their bodies perished within the explosions and only their immortal souls barely managed to make it out.

However, Tang Xiu had no plans to leave any of them alive, so he drew out his divine sword and sent out a beam of sword light that shattered their immortal souls into oblivion.

“Xiu’er,” Supreme Star Soul appeared before Tang Xiu and asked, “Just what are you planning to do?”

Tang Xiu smiled faintly. “I used three drops of god blood to request three Supremes of the Immortal World to kill Great Emperor Danqing’s clones. I know him for so long, so I obviously know the location of his clones. Great Emperor Danqing is truly dead now.”

Supreme Star Soul felt overjoyed by this news and nodded repeatedly. “You’ve done well. Since you were planning to kill him, it’s better to eliminate him completely, or else it would be akin to leaving a hidden danger behind. Xiu’er, you really did well this time.”

Tang Xiu smiled faintly. “Father, Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao have perished in body and soul now, and about 90% of their powerhouses have also died. Thus, it’s now time to eliminate the remaining fools! We have to wipe them all out clean.”

“Indeed, we must.” Supreme Star Soul nodded and said, “Xiu’er, you’re the Sect Master of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect from this day onwards. Heed my orders, disciples of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. Great Tang Heavenly Emperor is my son, Star Cultivation Great Emperor. He didn’t die a thousand years ago and just reincarnated once again and killed his way back into the Immortal World. Therefore, my son’s orders are equal to mine henceforth. All disciples of the sect must follow his orders.”


The eight or so million immortals of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect acknowledged with loud voices. About 95% of these immortals were born a thousand years ago, so they knew who Star Cultivation Great Emperor was, and even the exceptional geniuses who were born later on had also heard about his legend. His position in their hearts wasn’t that different from the sect master’s and he was actually admired even more than the sect master.

Tang Xiu nodded with a smile and gazed at the distant Sky Exterminator Old Beggar, the Palace Master of Four Sacred Palaces, with a cup of his fists. “Everyone from the Four Sacred Palaces, you have my gratitude for helping us this time and for the assistance you have provided the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect over the past thousand years. I’m planning to assimilate the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and the Missing Star Empire into the Great Tang Empire. May I ask what plans you have for the future, Senior Sky Exterminator?”

Sky Exterminator Old Beggar floated up and offered his salutations before asking, “Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, how much do you know about the history of the Four Sacred Palaces?”

Tang Xiu replied deeply, “We belonged to the same family over a hundred thousand years ago, and after experiencing another tribulation in this current era, we are still family. No matter what you plan to do, I shall respect your and the Four Sacred Palaces’ choice.”

Sky Exterminator Old Beggar laughed out loudly. “Hahaha… You said it well. We were family, so is there a need for us to part again? Henceforth, the Four Sacred Palaces shall join the Great Tang Empire as well, and all disciples of the Four Sacred Palaces will be at your disposal.”

“Great Tang Heavenly Emperor!”

“Great Tang Heavenly Emperor!”

“Great Tang Heavenly Emperor!”


The millions of immortals of the Four Sacred Palaces thundered out loud. They had already received orders from their superiors, so they knew their final destination. Hence, none of them held any doubts this moment, nor did anyone disapprove of it.

Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “Since the Four Sacred Palaces wish to join the Great Tang Empire, we are all members of the empire now, a real family. From what I know, the Four Sacred Palaces’ Qilin Branch still exists, right?”

“It does.”

A tall and muscular armored man donning battle boots with flames shrouding his entire body arrived before Tang Xiu and said loudly, “Supreme Flamelord of the Qilin Branch greets Your Majesty.”

Tang Xiu nodded satisfactorily. “Although I don’t know whether our ancestors, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and Qilin are alive, Ancestor Qilin’s son is currently the guardian beast of the Great Tang Empire. You can reunite once you have joined the empire.”

Supreme Flamelord’s pupils contracted as he cried out in alarm, “My Qilin Branch’s Ancestor has left a descendant behind? Heavens! The Heavens must be helping my Qilin Branch! Over these past one hundred thousand years, the Azure Dragon Bloodline, White Tiger Bloodline, Vermillion Bird Bloodline, and the Black Tortoise Bloodline have all been able to proliferate by producing offspring, but our Qilin Branch found it very difficult to achieve this and has almost completely disappeared from the Immortal World. Since the Ancestor of my Qilin Branch has left a descendant behind, it means that the Qilin Branch is still a member of the entire family.”

“Congratulations to the Qilin Branch.”

“Congratulations to the Qilin Branch.”

“Congratulations to the Qilin Branch.”

The chiefs of the Azure Dragon Branch, White Tiger Branch, and Black Tortoise Branch floated up and congratulated him with loud voices.

Tang Xiu also laughed out loud and said, “Congratulations to the Qilin Branch. My Vermillion Bird Branch wishes for the eternal continuation of the Qilin Bloodline.”

Saying so, Tang Xiu soared up and stood a thousand kilometers above everyone before stating solemnly, “Henceforth, the four factions become whole voluntarily, making our Great Tang Empire the strongest immortal nation in the Immortal World. I declare that we won’t provoke the other sects or harm the other immortals of the Immortal World intentionally, but if anyone dares to conspire against our empire or kill our members, they will suffer the reprisal of the entire Great Tang Empire. Although I, the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, am not the strongest powerhouse of the Great Tang Empire, if you give me some time, I shall lead all the powerhouses of the empire to cross the divine tribulation and break free from the shackles of the Immortal World, taking you to have a blessed and unfettered life in the God Realm.”

“Cross the divine tribulation, break the shackles, and attain Godhood.”

“Cross the divine tribulation, break the shackles, and attain Godhood.”

“Cross the divine tribulation…”


The eight or so million immortals yelled in tandem and caused the void around them to tremble. As for Tang Xiu’s declaration, it also caused a huge shock in the entire Immortal World.

The Great Tang Empire.

All the elite forces and sects of the Immortal World knew about this newly formed Great Tang Empire, and it had now already become the strongest force of the entire Immortal World.

Over 30 Supreme powerhouses.

Hundreds of Perfected Golden Immortal powerhouses.

As for the Golden Immortals, they were too many to even count.

The legions of the empire were akin to valiant lions waiting to reveal their sharp teeth and claws to tear their enemies apart.

The powerhouses at the summit of the Demon Realm, Monster Realm, Spirit Realm, Ghost Realm, and Asura Realm were originally feeling restless and planning to dispatch their armies to plunder the domains of the Immortal World and seize the treasures of the immortals after slaying them by taking advantage of the moment when the Immortal World would become embroiled in chaos and partake in the delicacies of the Immortal World. However, the situation of the Great Tang Empire had infuriated all of them and made them feel unreconciled. The ambition thriving in their hearts suffered a heavy blow, so they could only renounce their original plan.

The Great Tang Empire was really too terrifying.

If they charged into the Immortal World, it was highly likely they would get completely wiped out in case they faced the powerhouses and armies of the Great Tang Empire.

At the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect’s former homeland.

Tang Xiu stood in the void and thundered. “We shall now attack the Inner Pill Sect, Everlasting Palace, and Myriad Sword Sect and kill the remnant disciples of the Hundred Poisons Sect. Then… we’ll attack the Ghost Sect.”


As the legions and the powerhouses got ready to set out, Tang Xiu handed this affair over to the dazzling commander of the Great Tang Empire, Tang Ahlang, who was already a Golden Immortal by now, to handle. Tang Xiu believed that Tang Ahlang would definitely complete this mission perfectly after all the effort he had put into cultivating him over the past several hundred years.

After that, Tang Xiu arrived before Apotheon Carmen Mist, who had become a Supreme just recently, under the gazes of everyone, and kowtowed towards her in the void.

“Mother, your son has returned.”

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