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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1411 - Eight Hundred Years Later

Chapter 1411: Eight Hundred Years Later

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Time flitted by and years passed like minutes.

In a flash, eight hundred years had passed.

A whole hundred years had passed since the extermination of the Inner Pill Sect, Everlasting Sect, Myriad Sword Sect, and Ghost Sect. The unrest that had appeared in the Immortal World because of the Great Tang Empire’s annexation of the domains and establishment of the eight immortal domains gradually died down.

The citizens of the Great Tang Empire kept increasing exponentially under its iron-clad laws and a steady amount of peerless cultivation geniuses emerged from it. Peace and justice had established themselves under the laws of the Great Tang Empire. As such, the Great Tang Empire often had visitors from even the distant immortal domains who arrived here intending to settle down.

One remarkable mention over these eight hundred years was that Tang Xiu had around 40 children by now. A majority of them were sons while a few of them were daughters.

Misty Spring Ocean.

It was home to the Imperial City of the Great Tang Empire that was its core, and over these years, it had already become the most flourishing city of all the immortal domains in the Immortal World. It was so peaceful that its safety made all the other city lords who believed their cities were safe to feel ashamed. The entire Immortal World knew that the Great Tang Empire’s Imperial City was under the watch of ten Supreme powerhouses.

Inside the main hall of the Golden Imperial Palace.

Tang Xiu distributed a large number of cultivation resources to the upper echelon of the Great Tang Empire before they left one after the other, and in the next moment, a figure rushed inside from the outside. The man was shrouded in a lively aura and had handsome looks that resembled Tang Xiu a bit.


Tang Nian’s lips curled up into a smile as he bowed towards Tang Xiu and beamed a smile at him. “Senior Sister brought me back from the Endless Sea. I have some good news for you. Senior Sister has already become a Supreme and is now our Great Tang Empire’s 100th Supreme powerhouse.”

Tang Xiu’s eyes lit up as he nodded with a smile. “Gu Yin is indeed one of the most talented people in the Immortal World. I already expected her to become a Supreme within 2000 years. On the other hand, you’re still a Golden Immortal till now.”

Tang Nian revealed a somewhat embarrassed expression and said, “Father, you know I don’t like cultivation much. I prefer traveling everywhere to gain experience more. However, don’t worry, Father. At most, I will become a Supreme within the next 100 years.”

Tang Xiu shook his head and smiled. “I was hoping to hand the title of the Great Tang Empire’s Emperor down to you in the future, but you’re really unsuitable for receiving this title with your nature!”

Tang Nian smiled. “Father, you better give up your thoughts on handing me the title of the Emperor. You know me the best. If you make me the new Emperor, this constraint will probably vex me to death.”

Tang Xiu asked him with a vague smile, “Who do you think is most suitable to inherit my throne among all your brothers?”

Tang Nian pondered for a bit and shook his head with a smile. “Although all my brothers are quite outstanding, I believe it isn’t the time to ponder over such things right now. If you really want me to choose one of them, I believe Tang Song would be a good choice. If you give him another thousand years, his excellence will probably leave everyone surprised.”

“Tang Song?”

Tang Xiu looked at Tang Nian in a daze and asked, “Tang Song is 16 years old this year, so why would you select him? And what’s your basis about his excellence?”

Tang Nian said, “Although Tang Song is only 16 years old, his cultivation talent is the best among all my brothers and sisters. Even Senior Sister Gu Yin commented with a sigh that his talent in cultivation is even more heaven-defying than hers. He has attained the Great Ascension Stage in just 16 years, so it’s highly probable that he will ascend to become an Immortal before he turns 30. Furthermore, out of all the Empresses, only one person doesn’t wish for her child to become the new Emperor, and this is the Grand Empress. Thus, the instruction Tang Song received endowed him with a broad and just mind.”

Tang Xiu turned silent.

He had also paid some attention to how Han Qingwu instructed his son, Tang Song. He knew his eldest son was speaking the truth. Han Qingwu had to face the estranged sights of several people when he had brought her back to the Great Tang Empire 800 years ago and also had to bear huge pressure. However, she used her sincerity to redeem herself and completely eliminated all of their preconceived notions towards her.

Over these eight hundred years, Han Qingwu secluded herself from worldly affairs and the only thing she did other than cultivating daily was to help Tang Xiu with a few tasks. This continued until 16 years ago when she gave birth to Tang Song, her only son. Ever since then, she invested all her time into raising him up.

A long time later, Tang Xiu looked at Tang Nian and smiled faintly. “Brat, you’re quite astute. Never mind, let’s not talk about this issue. According to the rumors, Shade Demon Zhu Wushou’s immortal soul fled towards the Endless Sea. Were you able to find any information on him during your trip there?”

Tang Xiu nodded slowly. “I did find something. A disciple of Shade Demon Zhu Wushou lives in the depths of the Endless Sea all year round. However, there were no traces of him left when we reached that disciple’s hideout. It’s highly likely that Shade Demon Zhu Wushou and his disciple have fled the Endless Sea long ago, but we weren’t able to find out where they have fled to.”

A ruthless glimmer flashed through Tang Xiu’s eyes as he said slowly, “As they say, the most dangerous location is the safest location. The safest place in the entire Immortal World is our Great Tang Empire right now. However, our intelligence department spans across the entire empire and all people have to identify themselves properly if they wish to live under our laws, so it’s quite difficult for him to operate within our empire. Therefore, the Endless Sea which has been searched several times should be the safest place in their opinion. It seems like I’ll have to make a personal trip over there.”

Tang Nian cried out in alarm, “Father, you’re going to the Endless Sea personally? You must know that it’s a place fraught with danger, and even Senior Sister who has become a Supreme already only dared to bring me to the outer regions to gain experience, not even daring to step a foot inside. If Shade Demon Zhu Wushou and his disciple are really hiding in the depths of the Endless Sea, then you…”

Tang Xiu interrupted his words and shook his head. “I have gone to the Endless Sea several times and even entered its depths, so I’m well aware of the dangers that exist there. Furthermore, I’ll be taking ten Supreme powerhouses with me on this trip to the Endless Sea, so don’t worry about it!”

Tang Nian sighed in relief after hearing this as having the company of ten Supremes would probably allow his father to hold on if they ran into a huge danger.

“Father, I still haven’t visited the depths of the Endless Sea. Can you take me along with you?”

Tang Xiu couldn’t hold back from laughing. “You just came back from that damned region and you are actually itching to go back now. Did those marine beasts fail to scare you?”

Tang Nian forced a smile. “They did scare me a bit, but I’m much more curious about the depths of the Endless Sea. I was actually planning to make a personal trip there once I become a Supreme.”

Tang Xiu smiled. “You need to strive on your path and attain your goal yourself. Therefore, you better stay in the Imperial City to cultivate obediently! You can go out to travel when you have become a Perfected Golden Immortal.”

“Father, I…” Tang Nian said hastily.

Tang Xiu’s lips curled up into a smile as he said, “You have become too accustomed to a smooth-sailing life ever since your childhood, so you need to experience some restraint! Just consider the pressure as motivation now! If you cultivate properly, you may reach the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage within just a few decades! If you don’t have anything else to talk about, go and see your mother now!”


Tang Nian left somewhat unwillingly.

Tang Xiu sat upright on the Nine Dragons Cathedra and a ruthless glimmer flashed through his eyes. The hatred from back then still hadn’t ended entirely. The person who he hated the most, Shade Demon Zhu Wushou, was still alive, and from the information he had received over the past few decades, it appeared that Shade Demon Zhu Wushou’s immortal soul was looking for the Soul Dissolution Ambrosia all over. If he were to find it, he would be able to undergo a rebirth, and it would leave no negative after-effects at all. However, his cultivation wouldn’t be the same as before.


“Appear!” Tang Xiu said calmly.


A figure appeared before Tang Xiu with lighting-quick movements, and then, Feng Yang inquired Tang Xiu with a respectful expression. “Your Majesty, what command do you have for me?”

Tang Xiu said faintly, “Contact Jin Shi and order their intelligence members to spread the news to the entire Immortal World that Apotheon Feng Yang of the Endless Sea possesses the Soul Dissolution Ambrosia. You will accompany me to the Endless Sea tomorrow!”

“Understood!” Feng Yang acknowledged.

Tang Xiu looked at Feng Yan’s back as he left and smirked inwardly. Shade Demon Zhu Wushou’s biggest weakness right now was that he needed the Soul Dissolution Ambrosia urgently to undergo a rebirth. And the reason he hadn’t been able to obtain it was that Tang Xiu had sent four Supreme powerhouses to guard the entrance of the Nefas Abyss. They would immediately attack him if they saw him, so he couldn’t find a way to infiltrate the Ghost Realm via the Nefas Abyss and obtain the Soul Dissolution Ambrosia.

A few moments later, Tang Xiu arrived outside the palace where Han Qingwu resided and saw Tang Song, who had just turned 16, practicing battle arts in the wide training ground when he entered. He was only a Great Ascension State cultivator right now, but his battle arts had already reached the level of perfection. His movements were fierce and bold yet also swift.


Tang Xiu appeared before Tang Song suddenly and called out to him with a faint smile on his face.

Tang Song had a very handsome appearance and had a 60-70% resemblance to Tang Xiu. Furthermore, he had a perfect physique with a height of 185cm and simply looked like a majestic battle deity.


Tang Song stopped training and revealed a somewhat astonished expression.

Tang Xiu smiled and asked, “How’s your cultivation progressing recently? Have you gone out to gain experience?”

Tang Song smiled and replied, “My cultivation has been progressing smoothly, and I just accompanied Mother to the Red Lotus Immortal Domain to procure some things there a while ago. Father, do you want Monkey Wine? I got some very strong Monkey Wine from an old immortal there and felt it tasted pretty good after sampling it.”

Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Take it out then and let me give it a try.”

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