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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1413 - The Matters of Earth

Chapter 1413: The Matters of Earth

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“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

All the officers of the Great Tang Empire immediately hurried over to where Tang Xiu was. As soon as Tang Xiu entered the hall, they immediately kneeled at his sight.

Tang Xiu looked at them, then said, “I’m here to meet two of my old friends. You’re dismissed! On another note, abundantly reward the person who brought these two brothers to me.”

“Yes, my lord!”

All the officers replied simultaneously, then left immediately.

Tang Xiu looked at Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen. With open arms, he laughed and said, “My two brothers. I didn’t think that you would ascend to the Immortal World that quickly! Welcome! The Great Tang Empire welcomes you.”


“What a good brother.”

Although Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen were frightened by the previous sight, once they heard Tang Xiu’s words and saw his familiar face, they immediately started to laugh happily and hugged each other.

On the side.

Eleven Fingers was speechless as he watched the three people in front of him. He was so grateful that he felt quite dizzy. After all, he knew that it was the famed Great Tang Heavenly Emperor standing in front of him! How could he not know? This person was once the legendary Star Cultivation Great Emperor!


What made him excited was that this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, who had an untouchable aura around him, had truly deep friendships with these two friends of his that he made every effort to help. Otherwise, as the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, why would he appear here personally? How was it possible for him to look at them with such excitement?

“Hit the jackpot.”

Eleven Fingers was extremely excited. He knew that by risking it all, he made the right choice.

After they released each other from their hug, Miao Wentang excitedly said, “Brother Tang… no… I should call you Emperor! When we first came to the Immortal World, we already heard your name! Strong! How powerful!”

Shao Mingzhen also added, “That’s right! To think that you haven’t been in the Immortal World for that long, and you’re already the Emperor of the most powerful Great Tang Empire. We’re in complete awe of your capabilities. We have risked our lives countless times before finally getting here, in the Great Tang Empire. Finally, we have seen you.”

Tang Xiu laughed and said, “Not very long? Brother Shao is full of jokes! It has already been over a thousand years since I’ve been in the Immortal World. However, there is a time difference in the Immortal World and Earth. For every year that passes on Earth, around a hundred years would have passed in the Immortal World. Alright, then. Let’s stop talking about this. Let’s go. I’ll take you to the palace. In the future, you guys can just follow me and eat and drink!”

Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen nodded their heads furiously. These two men had already truly grasped the terrors of the Immortal World. With such an opportunity in front of them, they would not let it slip.

“Who is this?”

Tang Xiu finally realized Eleven Fingers’ presence and he curiously asked.

Eleven Fingers, with full respect and awe visibly on his face, kneeled down before Tang Xiu and said, “I’m Eleven Fingers, a friend of Brother Miao and Brother Shao.”

Miao Wentang said, “Emper…”

Tang Xiu immediately said, “Don’t call me Emperor. I’m already quite tired of that. You can call me Brother Tang, just as you did back on Earth. I will do the same and call you my brothers.”

Miao Wentang nodded, then laughed. “Brother Tang, Eleven Fingers is someone who we got to meet when we were being pursued by other people. He has helped us before, so we asked him to take us to the Great Tang Empire. In these three years, we have suffered constant battles and pursuits and have nearly died in the enemies’ hands countless times. If it was not for Eleven Fingers, then it’s more than likely that we would not be here today.”

Tang Xiu nodded his head in silence, then looked at Eleven Fingers. He then took out a spatial ring, threw it to him, and said, “This is your reward for taking them here, and also an expression of my thanks. Since you have saved my two brothers, then you are a friend of the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor as well. Give a request, and I will satisfy it.”

Eleven Fingers took the spatial ring and couldn’t even bother to look at the treasures inside it. He immediately replied, “Many thanks, your majesty. I wish to stay beside the two brothers.”

Tang Xiu was speechless and laughed, “You’re a smart one. Alright. If you want to become strong, then I will allow you to become strong, since you have proved yourself with your deeds. From today onwards, you can follow these two brothers! I will not neglect you.”

“Thank you, your majesty.”

Eleven Fingers was extremely excited and immediately kneeled on the ground once again.

Tang Xiu laughed, then said, “Brother Miao, Brother Shao, let’s go. When everything settles down, then you guys can come back and look for this young man later.”

“Sounds good!”

Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen looked at Eleven Fingers. Suddenly, they felt a sensation akin to being in a washing machine. When their vision came back to them, they found themselves inside a palace. This palace was simply glorious, to say the least. It had an aura of grandeur and absolute majesty. The old European castles were simply incomparable to this.


Tang Xiu said with a booming voice. A person immediately appeared next to him. Then, Tang Xiu loudly said, “This is an order for the chef. Prepare the best that we have to offer. I want to welcome and indulge with these two friends of mine who have traveled from afar.”


Tang Xiu brought Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen to the dining room and sat down. Then, Tang Xiu laughed and asked, “Both of you have worked hard to get here. I should be letting you rest first, but I became very excited upon seeing the both of you. So, I want to eat and drink with you first!”

Miao Wentang sighed, then replied, “Brother Tang, let me say something that’s truly from my heart. All of what we have accomplished would not have been possible without you. In our hearts, you are not only our friend and our brother but also our inspiration and guide in life. Upon seeing you again and realizing that you did not treat us differently because of the differences in status and strength, it has only strengthened my belief that I was incredibly fortunate and wise to have become brothers with you back then.”

Tang Xiu laughed and replied, “Brother Miao, don’t say that. Back on Earth, both of you have helped me tremendously. Truly, if it wasn’t for both of you helping me back then, it would not have been easy to expand the way I did. Therefore, we are a family! Don’t treat me as a stranger. Since you have come to the Immortal World, stay in the Great Tang Empire. If you are willing to become officials, then I will prepare for you a position, and arrange for a group of powerful bodyguards for you. If you want to train in peace, then all our cultivation resources and armory is open for you to use freely. Anything that you want, you can have. All in all, the Great Tang Empire is your home! Oh, that’s right, I will also arrange a place for the both of you inside the imperial city. I’ll give you two palaces!”

Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen looked at each other, then tears began to flow out of their eyes quickly. However, it also disappeared just as quickly. They both looked at Tang Xiu, then Miao Wentang said, “Brother Tang, we will follow whatever you have planned.”

Tang Xiu asked, “Brother Miao, Brother Shao, after a thousand or so years in the Immortal World, it should have been only around a decade or so on Earth. I remember when I left Earth, your cultivation levels were still very low. How did you both manage to ascend to the Immortal World this quickly?”

Miao Wentang gratefully replied, “It’s solely because of the things that you gave us! Long Zhengyu has also helped me. Besides, we also found a place that had three pills. However, we didn’t recognize what they were, but the smell was extremely strong, so we guessed that it was something good. We swallowed two of them, then our cultivation levels soared. That’s right, we also left one for Long Zhengyu, so he should be at the Crossing Tribulations Stage and ascending to the Immortal World soon.”

Tang Xiu was shocked. Then, he asked, “Before you came to the Immortal World, what was the situation like on Earth?”

Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen looked at each other, then both of them had a bitter smile on their faces. Then, they said, “We had a conflict with the Special Abilities Bureau. Duanmu Lin couldn’t control some of his people, whose strengths were rapidly growing. Then he hopelessly resigned from his position, then entered the minor world that Long Zhengyu was in control of to cultivate in peace. During these few years, we have come in conflict multiple times with the people of the Special Abilities Bureau. In the most intense and most serious conflict, there have already been extremely fierce fighting on both ends. If it wasn’t for a powerful old man, we fear that many of those guys would have already died.”

Tang Xiu’s aura suddenly grew cold. Then, he coldly smiled and said, “Because of his foolishness, Duanmu Lin lost his chance at ascending to the Immortal World with me. Then, I handed him a group of brothers for him to manage, but he also failed at that. However, him resigning from the position in the Special Abilities Bureau was actually a good thing. How are Long Zhengyu and his people? How is the Magnificent Tang Corporation now?”

Miao Wentang said, “The Magnificent Tang Corporation has become the greatest corporation in the world. However, a new law has passed that no one from the Magnificent Tang Corporation is allowed to communicate with anyone in the government. No cultivator is allowed to have a position in the government either. As for Long Zhengyu and that group, they are already powerful figures and known throughout the whole Earth. Each of them has grown well.”

Tang Xiu happily nodded his head and said, “I have left them a lot of things on Earth. If their potential is good, then they can ascend to the Immortal World. I have already established a foundation here, so once they come to the Immortal World, they can enjoy immortality.”

Miao Wentang smiled and nodded his head. Suddenly, as if he thought of something, the smile quickly receded. Then, he said, “As for the group of guys, not all of them have been well. One of them who is suffering.”

Miao Wentang replied, “Ji Mu.”

Tang Xiu asked, “What happened?”

Miao Wentang replied, “He went insane.”

Tang Xiu hurriedly asked, “What happened? From what I know of his emotional state, unless a drastic event happened, he would definitely not go insane.”

Miao Wentang smiled bitterly and replied, “Ji Mu’s daughter was harmed by some people from the Special Abilities Bureau. In his rage, Ji Mu went to find the people who harmed his daughter. Instead, he was the one who was inflicted serious damage. Because his daughter committed suicide after being harmed and Ji Mu himself sustained serious injuries, his wife managed to find some explosive bombs, found where the Special Abilities Bureau people lived, and blew herself up along with them. Ji Mu, seriously injured, was inflicted further pain, so he went insane. In the last two years before we ascended, he vanished without a trace. We have tried all we can to find him, but our efforts have been futile thus far.”

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