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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1415 - Mutual Deception

Chapter 1415: Mutual Deception

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An indistinct figure flickered in front of the three of them instantly. She was extremely quick, not even Tang Xiu was as quick as her.

Tang Xiu looked at the woman before him who was dressed in black and immediately guessed that this was the famed Tidal Empress of the Endless Sea, a Supreme powerhouse. He smiled, then said, “I do have god blood. Furthermore, I have more than a drop. Let’s make a deal that will benefit both of us.”

The Tidal Empress coldly stared at Tang Xiu, then asked, “What deal?”

Tang Xiu calmly replied, “Help me find Shade Demon Zhu Wushou, and I’ll give you a drop of god blood. This is a fair trade.”

The Tidal Empress mulled over the deal, then asked, “Is that it?”

Tang Xiu smiled and replied, “That’s it. It’s quite easy, is it not?”

The Tidal Empress nodded her head and replied, “It’s indeed easy. In fact, I don’t even need to lift a finger. This is because I already know where Shade Demon Zhu Wushou is.”

Tang Xiu immediately asked, “Where is he?”

The Tidal Empress curled her finger, beckoning for Tang Xiu to hand the god blood over, then said, “Give me the god blood first.”

Tang Xiu retrieved a jade bottle from his spatial ring and gave it to the Tidal Empress. “There is one drop of god blood in there.”

The Tidal Empress was visibly excited. After examining the bottle closely and determining whether or not the god blood was real, she raised her head and looked at Tang Xiu, then asked, “The god’s corpse inside Nefas Abyss. It was you who got it, right? Back then, I spent all my efforts and still failed to get even a single drop of god blood.”

Tang Xiu nodded his head and replied, “You’re indeed correct. The god blood from that place is here with me.”

The Tidal Empress then said, “If you want me to tell you where Shade Demon Zhu Wushou is, then besides the god blood, you will need to give me one more thing. If you can fulfill this request, then I promise that Shade Demon Zhu Wushou will appear in front of you very soon. If you do not agree, then the deal is canceled. You guys can search the Endless Sea by yourselves!”

Tang Xiu replied, “What is it that you want?”

The Tidal Empress replied, “I need a god’s eye.”

Tang Xiu immediately shook his head and replied, “Impossible! You know full well of the value of god eyes. I have never touched other parts of a god’s corpse besides extracting god blood. Therefore, I’m afraid that there must be a change of request. Otherwise, I will cancel the deal.”

A smile crawled onto the Tidal Empress’s face. She said, “The Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. I have heard of you before. You’re the most powerful Emperor in the whole Immortal World. I’ve heard the rumor that you have countless Supreme powerhouses serving you. Can you confirm that?”

Tang Xiu smiled slightly, then summoned the other eight Supreme powerhouses from the Heavenly Abode immortal artifact. Then, he replied, “Saying that I have countless Supreme powerhouses is an exaggeration, but the rumor is partly true. I do have around a hundred Supreme powerhouses in my Great Tang Empire. Tidal Empress, you must be aware that although this might be your home, even you will find it difficult to survive under the attacks of eleven Supreme powerhouses. Instead, I have come here in peace and have not forced you to make the deal. In fact, the deal is a fair one. I hope that you can put your personality aside and work with me peacefully.”

The Tidal Empress’ eyes suddenly became extremely alert and she scanned each person that appeared in front of her. When her eyes fell on Seaway Monarch, she paused for a second, then looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Alright, then. I’ll tell you where Shade Demon Zhu Wushou is. Come with me.”

Tang Xiu was slightly surprised, as he didn’t expect the Tidal Empress to surrender that easily. However, given how easily she gave up, Tang Xiu was suddenly extremely cautious. He then sent a message to everyone else, telling them to be on guard as well.

After half a day.

Tang Xiu eyes beamed. This was because he had been here before. This was the place where he prepared an ambush and killed a Supreme and two Perfected Golden Immortals.

This was the Maelstrom Space.

It was an interesting place. This was a place that was extremely suited to killing people.

“Tidal Empress, this is a very peculiar place! I didn’t think that there was such a place in the Immortal World,” Tang Xiu said this with an unwavering expression and a slight smile on his face.

The Tidal Empress had a calm expression on her face, but her heart was full of murderous intent. She said, “This is called the Maelstrom Space. This is the safest place in the whole of the Endless Sea. Don’t be afraid of the energy emitted by the maelstrom, as it’s safe inside it. I have lived for so long in the Endless Sea, so I know most of the Endless Sea pretty well.”

The safest?

No dangers?

Tang Xiu laughed in his heart. He already recognized something amiss. This Maelstrom Space was a nightmare for countless Perfected Golden Immortals. Even Supreme powerhouses were at danger of dying themselves! And yet, the Tidal Empress was saying that it wasn’t dangerous? Was she trying to trick them as if they were three-year-olds?

“That’s right. With the Tidal Empress here with us, a Supreme powerhouse who is familiar with the area, we need not worry! However, where is Shade Demon Zhu Wushou? Is he here?” Tang Xiu asked this with a smile on his face.

The Tidal Empress pointed to the largest flock of swirling clouds at the distance and said, “Shade Demon Zhu Wushou is there. Furthermore, it is I who placed him there. This is because I received some good things from him before, that’s why I helped him. However, the things that he gave me cannot compare to the drop of god blood. It’s simply rubbish in comparison.”

Tang Xiu thought about it for a second, then said, “The Tidal Empress is correct. How many drops of god blood are there in the whole Immortal World? Close to none. However, although I don’t have a lot of god blood myself, I can still give enough to around 810 cultivators. If we can kill Shade Demon Zhu Wushou, the last enemy of mine, then I’m willing to give even more. Therefore, when we kill Shade Demon Zhu Wushou, I will give you another drop of god blood. Furthermore, if you are willing to serve under me, the doors of the Great Tang Empire will be wide open for you. I will happily receive you into the Empire.”

The Tidal Empress smiled, then said, “Many thanks to the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. If I ever plan to do that, I will hurry to the Great Tang Empire at once. Now, I’ll bring you to Shade Demon Zhu Wushou first, then I’ll help you kill him. After that, I will take the god blood and cultivate for a few hundred years. Then, we shall see.”

“I respect your decision,” Tang Xiu smiled and replied.

As they were talking, they came to the largest flock of swirling clouds. The Tidal Empress did not hesitate and flew in immediately and quickly disappeared into the cloud layer.

“All of you, be on guard. I have been here. This is definitely not as safe as the Tidal Empress has said. Instead, it’s extremely dangerous. Even careless Supreme powerhouses will lose their lives here. Seaway Monarch, stay next to me. Golden-eyed Great Peng and Nether Sea Whale King, stay out here. If something happens inside, then you will immediately attack these clouds later. As for the rest of you, enter the Heavenly Abode.”

“Understood!” They acknowledged in succession.

After an instant, Tang Xiu and Seaway Monarch followed the Tidal Empress’ lead and entered the Maelstrom Space. Upon entering it, they saw a seemingly endless ocean. However, the water was not the normal blue color. Instead, it was of a pitch-black color.

“Weakening Water?”

Seaway Monarch’s looked at the water with his vast knowledge, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Tang Xiu’s eyes beamed with a cold aura. He looked at the Tidal Empress, who had stopped moving around ten thousand meters in front of them. Then, he coldly smiled and said, “This is all ocean water, and it’s also Weakening Water from the Ghost Realm. For Shade Demon Zhu Wushou, this is definitely something that would harm him. By hiding here, is he not afraid of death?”

The Tidal Empress then laughed and said, “Hiding here? My senior is not that stupid to hide here. Instead, I think you, the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, is the stupid one. You clearly aren’t as smart as my senior said you were. You even dared to come into the Maelstrom Space with me!”

Tang Xiu continued to smile and said, “What do you mean by this?”

The Tidal Empress looked at Tang Xiu condescendingly and replied, “Tell your servants to come out of the Heavenly Abode! If they don’t come out, then they can just be awaiting death. This is the Maelstrom Space. This is one of the most dangerous places in the Immortal World. Even Supreme powerhouses have a high chance of dying here. Furthermore… Hahaha, I have arranged this place to be your graves.”

Tang Xiu nodded his head, then replied, “You’re indeed correct. The Maelstrom Space in the Endless Sea is indeed one of the most dangerous places in the Immortal World. I have been here before and have even killed a Supreme and two Perfected Golden Immortals here. The last time I was here, I was only a mere Perfected Golden Immortal.”

The Tidal Empress froze in shock, then slowly replied, “Since you knew that I was lying to you, you still dared to enter?”

Tang Xiu coldly laughed and said, “Of course. You aren’t the only one familiar with this place. I, too, am familiar with it! However, I didn’t expect you to be Shade Demon Zhu Wushou’s junior. It seems that we did not do a clean job of killing everyone last time! Everyone from the Ghost Sect should die. Call out your people! I want to see what you can do and what you have prepared for us. You’re so confident that you have even called all eleven Supreme powerhouses to stay.”

The Tidal Empress coldly laughed and replied, “How arrogant. Since you want to know, then I will fulfill your wish! Ghost Sect Elders, please come out and assist me.”

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Sixteen silhouettes flickered and immediately surrounded Tang Xiu and the team, flying in from all directions. The aura that these sixteen people emitted was stronger than the later stages of Perfected Golden Immortal cultivators and was comparable to early-staged Supremes.

“They’re not Supremes. They’re… Fallen Immortals?”

Tang Xiu had a weird look in his eyes. His eyes fell over the sixteen Fallen Immortals and only found two familiar faces within the sixteen of them. As for the other fourteen, he did not recognize them. Furthermore, the aura that the fourteen emitted was stronger than the other two.

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