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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1417 - Divine Artifact, Star Disk

Chapter 1417: Divine Artifact, Star Disk

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The spacious void teemed with a golden radiance, but it wasn’t a blinding one. It was instead very soothing. As he had exceptional control over his body, Tang Xiu could sense that his eyes were getting strengthened at a rapid pace as if they had been cleansed by a miraculous medicinal concoction.


A mysterious black bird suddenly darted over from a distance and in the snap of a finger, it landed before Tang Xiu and the others. Its two eyes gazed at Tang Xiu fixedly as it asked in the human language, “I can sense a divine aura inside your body. To think the Immortal World actually still has a divine aura left, this is really too unbelievable. You probably have a divine artifact within your body, right?”

Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Indeed, I have a divine artifact inside my body. However, who are you? And where is this place?”

The mysterious black bird sneered at him. “I can sense that your divine artifact has entered a dormant state. Unless some external force influences it, it will be pretty hard to awaken it or bring out all its strength. What a pity this is, indeed. It’s such a waste in your hands even though it’s a nice thing.”

Tang Xiu said faintly, “I’m just an Immortal right now, and even though I’m already a Supreme, I’m still an Immortal, not a God. However, I’m certain that I will be able to ascend to the God Realm with ease when my strength surpasses my own from my previous incarnation, and then, I will be able to master it completely and bring out all its strength while battling.”

The mysterious black bird rolled its eyes and revealed a look of contempt as it said the following words, “Forget it, I won’t waste time saying needless words to you. The Star Disk inside is yours now! I have waited in this place for hundreds of thousands of years and have finally seen someone enter inside successfully, so I should have completed my mission now.”

Tang Xiu watched as the mysterious black bird dissipated into thin air and thundered. “You still haven’t answered me. Just what are you and where is this place?”

“Go take the Star Disk.” The mysterious black bird dissipated completely followed by a flash of light, leaving behind such final words.

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and hurried over towards the distance along with the 10 Supremes accompanying him. Their speed was swift and in just half a burning incense stick worth of time, they had already appeared in another region. A cloud of golden light floated within the void here, and a golden Star Disk that emanated a tremendous pressure existed inside it. Even Tang Xiu who had become a Supreme once again felt a bit stifled under its aura.


Tang Xiu pondered for a while and finally decided to take the Star Disk. However, he felt a stinging sensation in his palm when he touched the Star Disk and it disappeared following that.

“Sun and Moon Star Disk?”

Tang Xiu’s eyes filled with disbelief. He had learned from an ancient book that the Sun and Moon Star Disk was the most valuable treasure of the God Realm and whoever possessed it would walk the furthest on the path of cultivation. Hence, Tang Xiu revealed an ecstatic expression after storing the Sun and Moon Star Disk inside his body.

The Sun and Moon Star Disk had already split into two divine artifacts after it had appeared in the cosmos inside his Dantian. A golden radiance showered the entire cosmos, and Tang Xiu could clearly see the two divine artifacts transform into two giant planets and then turn dark in the next instant.

“What’s going on?”

This sudden occurrence had left Tang Xiu a bit perplexed. However, a short while later, a stream of ancient divine runes flooded his sea of knowledge, and even though he couldn’t read them, he could understand their meaning.

“Two treasures are vital for a god to establish a world in their Dantian, namely the Sun Disk and the Moon Disk. If I hadn’t come here, I would have simply failed to understand how beneficial the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis has been to me.

“Gods can establish a world in their Dantian, yet I’ve achieved this long ago.

“If I manage to ascend to the God Realm, the world inside the Dantian would manifest immediately. In other words, it’s equivalent to having a world within my body, a world that’s under my complete control.”

Tang Xiu suppressed the excitement in his heart a while later and said deeply, “Collect the divine rocks in this world. Since even the Heavens wish for me to become a Deity, I shall cross the divine tribulation on the day I become a late-stage Supreme.”

Seaway Monarch asked hastily, “Your Majesty, have you seen the hope to attain Godhood?”

Tang Xiu smiled faintly. “The hope has always been inside my heart.”

There were a total of 108,000 divine rocks here with each containing a huge amount of divine force. Tang Xiu speculated inwardly that he would be able to become a late-stage Supreme if he were to absorb all the divine force contained in these 108,000 divine rocks, and that would be the moment he would cross the divine tribulation again.

“Let’s return!”

Tang Xiu used his divine intent and left this space along with the 10 Supremes immediately. They then departed from the Endless Sea and sped over to the Great Tang Empire with their fastest speeds.

Misty Spring Ocean, Imperial City.

Tang Xiu went into seclusion immediately after his return to cultivate.

3000 years flitted by just like that and the first news Tang Xiu heard after coming out of seclusion was that although Gu Yan’er had helped him manage a few affairs of the Great Tang Empire, she had Prince Tang Song helping her with them all the while.

Tang Song had already become a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal by now and was just a step away from becoming a Supreme. Tang Xiu learned from Tang Song that he actually had the confidence to become a Supreme 1000 years ago, but he wasn’t in a rush and continued accumulating his strength. Hence, the immortal spiritual force he had accumulated until now had already reached a terrifying amount.

“Send down the decree. I shall pass the title of Emperor to Prince Tang Song three days later.” Tang Xiu immediately made his proclamation after he made a trip to the place where Han Qingwu resided.

3 days later.

All powerhouses of the Great Tang Empire above the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage returned to the Imperial City, and the information about the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor’s abdication and Prince Tang Song’s succession of the throne spread across the entire Immortal World like wildfire, and all the huge powers of the Demon Realm, Monster Realm, Spirit Realm, Ghost Realm, and Asura Realm, as well as the powerhouses, received this information one after the other.

At the same time, 36 of the late-stage Supreme powerhouses among the 185 Supreme powerhouses of the Great Tang Empire all received an order from Tang Xiu—Enter seclusion and cultivate.

Time flitted by, and on the 300th year after Tang Xiu had passed the throne to Tang Song, another piece of information began spreading to all the realms—The First Emperor of the Great Tang Empire, Tang Xiu, had decided to cross his divine tribulation within half-a-year and 36 Supreme powerhouses would cross it alongside him.

This news gave rise to a great sensation.

All powers of the Immortal World and the powerhouses of all the realms directed their gazes towards the Great Tang Empire one after the other.

Inside Su Lingyun’s residence.

As Tang Xiu’s mother, Su Lingyun worried that something might happen to her son when she learned about his plans to cross the divine tribulation. However, she was unwilling to stop him from doing so as she knew that all immortals hoped to become a deity one day.

“Xiu’er, have you really decided on it?”

Su Lingyun asked worriedly.

Tang Xiu nodded and said, “I have, indeed. However, we will have to leave the Immortal World and continue cultivating in the God Realm after reaching the Deity Stage. Even I’m unsure about how long it would take me to return, so the safest option would be for all my relatives to seize the moment and cultivate so we can meet again in the God Realm.”


Han Qingwu flew in from outside and, after bowing towards Su Lingyun, asked the following, “Hundreds of peak-stage Supreme powerhouses from the Demon Realm, Monster Realm, Ghost Realm, Spirit Realm, and the Asura Realm have sent a message that they wish to visit our Great Tang Empire to witness your ascension to the God Realm. Are you okay with it?”

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and nodded. “Why wouldn’t I be okay with it? Tell them that the Great Tang Empire will await their arrival with open arms.”

Han Qingwu asked hesitantly, “Are you not afraid they would make trouble for you while you cross the tribulation?”

Tang Xiu smirked. “Our Great Tang Empire currently has a total of 185 Supreme powerhouses, so even me and 36 Supremes are ascending to the God Realm together, the Great Tang Empire would still have over 140 Supreme powerhouses left. Hence, there’s no need to worry about those who come to make trouble.”


Tang Xiu then added suddenly, “Since the powerhouses of the Demon Realm, Monster Realm, Ghost Realm, Spirit Realm, and Asura Realm wish to observe the ascension at the Great Tang Empire, we might as well send an invitation to all the Supreme powerhouses of the Immortal World and request their presence to observe our ascension to the God Realm half-a-year later too.”

Han Qingwu hesitated for a moment and forced a smile. “Xiu, I know the dangers of crossing the divine tribulation. You will become especially weak after you have successfully crossed it and will only be safe after the light of divinity finishes molding your divine body completely. Inviting so many people makes me a bit worried.”

Tang Xiu said faintly, “There’s no need to worry. I’m confident in the strength of the Great Tang Empire. Moreover, the powerhouses of all the realms are well aware that if they cause trouble here, just a single one of us can kill all of them if we manage to cross the divine tribulation. Therefore, they probably won’t act thoughtlessly.”

“Mhm! I’ll listen to you, then.” Han Qingwu nodded.

Tang Xiu spent an idle life during the next half-a-year and spent each day with his friends and family, enjoying the final warmth of the Immortal World before he crossed the divine tribulation. Although he had a lot of worries and felt reluctant to leave, he still wished to cross the divine tribulation, become a Deity, and pursue a higher strength.

Furthermore, he had another purpose as well, which was to look for a method to resurrect Eagle and Old Sycamore in the God Realm since it had many more treasures than the Immortal World.

In this short half-a-year, a large number of Supreme powerhouses had rushed over to the Great Tang Empire, and no matter whether they were natives of the Immortal World or powerhouses from the other realms, none of them caused trouble in the Great Tang Empire and laid in wait to witness the miraculous moment.


The day everyone was waiting for had arrived.

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