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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1418 - Ascending to the God Realm (End of Main Storyline)

Chapter 1418: Ascending to the God Realm (End of Main Storyline)

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Time flitted by, and in the blink of an eye, half-a-year had passed already.

A large number of immortal arrays had been placed under the vast ocean of the Great Tang Empire’s Misty Spring Ocean as this was the location where Tang Xiu and the 36 late-stage Supremes were planning to cross the tribulation.

The number of Supremes who had assembled in the Misty Spring Ocean on this day, including the peak-stage Supremes from the other realms, had crossed over 500 altogether.

“Xiu’er. Are you really confident?”

Supreme Star Soul was also among the 36 members who were planning to cross the tribulation and ascend to the God Realm. Although he wasn’t worried because his son had planned things, they were, after all, going to cross the divine tribulation, so he felt a little nervous as the slightest miss on their end would cause them to perish eternally.

Tang Xiu smiled faintly. “Don’t worry! I’m confident.”

Supreme Star Soul nodded silently and looked towards a faraway place from where his wife, Apotheon Carmen Mist, was gazing towards him with a teary face.

After leaving this time, neither Tang Xiu nor the 36 Supremes knew when they would be able to see their friends and families left behind in the Immortal World again.

“Activate the array.”

Tang Xiu commanded solemnly after he soared into the skies and gave a few glances to the 500 or so Supremes in the surroundings.

In the next instant, a numinous transparent energy shield enveloped Tang Xiu and the 36 Supremes. All of them swallowed two drops of god blood after that and absorbed the energy contained in the divine rock within their hand steadily.

The skies were overshadowed by a dense amount of dark clouds, and thunder rumbled within them along with flashes of lightning.

The 2nd Emperor of the Great Tang Empire, Tang Song, appeared outside the grand array and gazed at his father’s handsome face before yelling out loudly under the gazes of all the powerhouse, “Father, I’ve found my goal already. Wait for me. We’ll definitely meet again in the God Realm.”

Tang Xiu nodded satisfactorily and said, “Father is looking forward to meeting you in the God Realm, Song’er.”

A dreadful aura descended from the Heavens following that.

The dreadful divine tribulation caused the 500 or so Supremes in the surroundings to fall back in succession. Although they had observed several tribulations, they had never seen 37 Supremes attempt to cross the tribulation simultaneously. The powerhouses of the various forces revealed tense expressions one after the other as they gazed at Tang Xiu in the sky.

“I believe it would be easy for the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor to cross the tribulation and become a deity if he wishes to do so. After all, he has undergone the onslaught of the divine tribulation and crossed it successfully once.”

“I have the same opinion. The Great Tang Heavenly Emperor never does anything without the proper preparation. However, he has actually chosen to cross the tribulation alongside 36 Supremes. This is a huge mistake. Just look at the lightning clouds in the skies, they will be obviously facing a terrifyingly abnormal divine tribulation.”

“The Great Tang Heavenly Emperor has always succeeded in accomplishing his resolutions, so I believe he will be able to cross it safely this time too.”


A lot of them speculated while the others prayed.

Tang Xiu lifted his arm up and yelled loudly, “Prepare to greet the divine tribulation!”


A dreadful aura descended from the Heavens and brought tremendous pressure on them. However, Tang Xiu and the 36 late-stage Supremes were still capable of maintaining their calm.

Eighty-One Divine Tribulation.

It was one of the most terrifying heavenly tribulations in the Immortal World and would only manifest when a Supreme attempted to become a Deity.

Cultivation was, after all, a battle against Heaven and Earth.

A series of lightning bolts rained down along with flames that transformed into a blazing sea of fire. Tang Xiu strengthened his physique through the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis that he cultivated and took the lead to crush the attacks of the incoming divine tribulation.

As the old adage went—the best defense is a good offense.

Tang Xiu and the 36 Supremes gambled with the tribulation that had descended from the Heavens a few times, and the strength they revealed shocked the numerous Supremes who had gathered to observe the tribulation. Even the Perfected Golden Immortals also revealed similarly astounded expressions.

After a whole three days, Tang Xiu and the 36 Supremes, all of them crossed the tribulation successfully.

“Congratulations, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. Congratulations, Supremes of the Great Tang Empire.” The Supremes who had come to observe soared up to the skies and cupped their fists towards Tang Xiu at the same time.

Tang Xiu broke into loud laughter and said, “Thank you, everyone. I’m aware of a few things about the God Realm. No matter if you are from the Immortal World, Demon Realm, Monster Realm, Spirit Realm, or the Asura Realm, we will all belong to the same side once you become a Deity. I shall wait for you all in the God Realm.”

“Xiu’er.” Su Lingyun rushed over from a distant place and arrived before Tang Xiu, who was a bit pale right now after undergoing the tribulation.

Tang Xiu kowtowed towards Su Lingyun a few times in the void and muttered, “Mom, forgive me for being unfilial as I cannot accompany you at your side for the time being. I have left something for you in advance, you must protect it well. Besides, it may not that take long for me to find a way to descend down from the God Realm if I can progress quickly over there.”

Su Lingyun nodded and said, “Xiu’er. If there’s no danger in descending from the God Realm, you have to return and visit us, but if it’s dangerous, you better forget about doing it. Although I cultivated pretty late and have an average aptitude, I will strive hard to cultivate so that I can see you in the God Realm again in the future.”

“That’s right. We will come to see you.”

Apotheon Carmen Mist suddenly appeared before them with a sentimental expression on her face.

Tang Xiu kowtowed towards Apotheon Carmen Mist then turned around and said, “Believe in me. We will definitely meet again soon.”

Saying so, he arrived before his women and wiped the tears off their faces gently before placating all of them.

“Be safe, Husband.” When Tang Xiu arrived before Mu Wanying, she began sobbing with a face that was already marred with tears.

Tang Xiu hugged her tightly and said, “Don’t worry! I’ll make sure I’m safe and work hard to cultivate and become stronger. When I can break the spatial barrier between the Immortal World and the God Realm with a single punch, I promise I’ll find any viable method to bring you all to the God Realm.”


Mu Wanying nodded and hugged Tang Xiu’s arms with a bit too much strength.

“I’ll wait for you.”

Kang Xia said quietly as she hugged Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu revealed a smile and said, “Believe in me. I have never disappointed you.”


Finally, Tang Xiu arrived before Han Qingwu, and after noticing her reluctance to part with him, he hugged her and said, “Qingwu. I’ll have to trouble you to take care of the Empire’s matters. You’re Tang Song’s mother and he’s now the current Emperor of the Great Tang Empire. I hope the Great Tang Empire will become even stronger under his guidance and your assistance. Also, tell Xiaoxue that I have left a lot of things behind for her that will be beneficial for the Great Tang Empire in the future.”

“Leave it to me!”

Han Qingwu nodded silently and gave Tang Xiu a deep, hot kiss.

People always felt down when they parted with each other.

Tang Xiu didn’t like this feeling and neither did his father, Tang Yunde. After the father and son gazed at each other from a distance, Tang Xiu kowtowed towards Tang Yunde and then directed his gaze towards the 36 powerhouses and thundered. “It’s almost time. Let’s leave now!”

“Wait a moment!”

A figure zipped across the skies from the distance and arrived before Tang Xiu in a few short breaths.

Tang Xiu felt some reluctance to leave after seeing her. Gu Yin had already grown up to become an outstanding beauty by now and was akin to a daughter in Tang Xiu’s eyes. Tang Xiu pulled her into his embrace gently when he saw her tear-filled gaze and whispered, “Yinyin, dear, Master is leaving for the God Realm to establish himself there and become stronger, so I’ll leave our home in your hands. I hope you will be able to help me take care of the Great Tang Empire like Yan’er and look after our family.”

Gu Yin lifted her arm and wiped the tears off her face, and even though she still sobbed, she replied in a firm tone, “Master, Yinyin won’t fail you.”

Tang Xiu patted her shoulder and said in a clear voice, “Everyone, I hope you all can ascend to the God Realm soon. I shall work hard there first and await your arrival. At that time, I shall prepare good wine and wait to have a drink together with all of you.”

A few moments later, a cylindrical beam of golden light that spanned several thousands of meters flashed down from the Heavens and encircled Tang Xiu and the 36 powerhouses who had crossed the tribulation with him successfully.

“Please take good care of yourself!”

Countless words of parting converged to become a powerful wave.

Countless pairs of eyes watched along as the golden beam of light slowly rose up and finally disappeared into the Heavens together with Tang Xiu and the 36 powerhouses.

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