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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1419 - God Realm (1): Trouble at the Immortal Exuviate Pond

Chapter 1419: God Realm (1): Trouble at the Immortal Exuviate Pond

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Tang Xiu discovered himself within a pond the next time he opened his eyes.

After making sure all 36 people who ascended with him were present around him, he sighed in relief subconsciously.

However, Tang Xiu’s expression turned unsightly in the next moment as an unprecedented feeling of danger engulfed his entire heart when he realized that he seemed to have become similar to a mortal. Apart from physical strength, his entire body was bereft of any immortal spiritual force, which meant that the only outcome left for them was death if they were to encounter any danger within the pond.

“Husband, what’s up with the water in this pond? It’s like a swamp, and even moving my feet feels difficult to achieve,” Apotheon Bella was the second one to open her eyes and asked with shock written all over her face when she saw Tang Xiu.

“From what was recorded in the memory fragment left behind in Supreme Drunken Immortal’s inheritance, this place should be the Immortal Exuviate Pond. After Immortals ascend to the God Realm, they have to undergo the refinement of their immortal body to a divine body through the water present in the Immortal Exuviate Pond, only then would they be considered a genuine deity,” Supreme Star Tears said deeply. “However, although the Immortal Exuviate Pond is an opportunity for us, it’s equally dangerous because the Supreme Immortals of all galaxies arrive in the same Immortal Exuviate Pond. As such, the deities of the galaxies attempt to kill the Supreme Immortals of other galaxies so that their own Supreme Immortals can become deities faster and also strive to obtain more cultivation resources for them.”

At the instant Star Tears finished speaking, Tang Xiu and Bella, both heard two screams reach their ears.

They followed the voices and discovered a giant donned in full-body golden armor in the midst of killing a Supreme Immortal with a sadistic grin on its face. This Supreme Immortal had really ugly looks and looked the same as the human form of a lizard spirit monster. Tang Xiu and the others felt a bit better when they realized it clearly hadn’t ascended from the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Don’t say anything and hide your heads within the water as much as possible. As we’ve run into a crisis, let’s wait for our bodies to finish molding patiently and wait for an opportunity to move,” Tang Xiu whispered when he noticed everyone had woken up and looked towards the direction of the screams with a worried face.

Tang Xiu’s calm voice made everyone find their support and suppressed the anxiety in the hearts of the 36 Supremes, including Supreme Star Soul in it. They showed no hesitation at all and bent their legs to submerge their entire bodies inside the pond water.

Tang Xiu sighed in relief when he saw that the golden-armored giant was relishing in the feeling of killing the newly ascended creatures and hadn’t noticed the movements on their side. He also submerged his body inside the water silently.

“Huh? How come the Heavenly Path of Cosmic Genesis is progressing suddenly? The space inside my Dantian has actually expanded by thousands of square kilometers and is also brimming with life force?” Tang Xiu was left stunned when he sunk his consciousness into his body.

“The twelve zodiac jade carvings actually had such a miraculous effect. I really hit the jackpot when I collected them unintentionally back when I was on Earth.” It didn’t take long for Tang Xiu to figure out what had caused the change in the world inside his Dantian.

Back when Tang Xiu was on Earth, Miao Wentang had given him two zodiac jade carvings that were family heirlooms. Tang Xiu could only make out that these jade carvings contained dreadful energy as well as traces of the heavenly laws inside it, and the sole reason he had collected all twelve of them was to increase his chances of ascending to the God Realm.

Tang Xiu never expected that these twelve zodiac jade carvings that hadn’t shown any exceptional reaction in the Immortal World would actually undergo such a huge change after arriving in the God Realm. They were releasing the tremendous energy contained within them alongside the traces of the heavenly laws.

Only the Heavenly Path Universe Tree thrived inside the world in his Dantian before, but it thrived with vitality and was as vibrant as the real world now. Tang Xiu was left utterly shocked by this development.

“So, the water of the Immortal Exuviate Pond can actually activate the real function of the twelve zodiac jade carvings?” Tang Xiu’s eyes glimmered with radiant light as he observed the world within his Dantian absorb the water within the pond similar to a crunching galaxy. Moreover, the twelve zodiac jade carvings also fused together with the world inside his Dantian gradually.

Tang Xiu could clearly sense that although the immortal spiritual force inside his body had already disappeared, a new divine force was being produced inside his body at an extremely ridiculous speed.

Tang Xiu’s cultivation stage also progressed incrementally along with the increase in divine force.

Deity, True God, Great God, Heavenly God, Profound God, Ancient God.

Early-Stage Ancient God, Middle-Stage Ancient God, Late-Stage Ancient God, Peak-Stage Ancient God.

When Tang Xiu was about to cross the bottleneck of the Ancient God Stage and become a God-King, the Sun and Moon Star Disk shone with a resplendent glow suddenly, following which, the twelve zodiac jade carvings that were mere carvings, transformed into twelve animals under the illumination of the Sun and Moon Divine Radiance and began to wander across the world in his Dantian. The rise of divine force within Tang Xiu’s body also slowed down eventually before coming to a stop.

“My cultivation actually broke through so many stages at once. Isn’t this a bit too excessive?” Tang Xiu muttered in a daze after a long time.

According to what Tang Xiu knew, cultivation in the God Realm was divided into 12 stages, namely the Deity, True God, Great God, Heavenly God, Golden God, Profound God, Ancient God, God-King, God-Monarch, God-Emperor, God-Sovereign, and Supreme God Stage.

Among these, the Deities, True Gods, and Great Gods belonged to the bottom rung of the God Realm and were tasked with guarding the Immortal Exuviate Pond for 100,000 years and could die at any time because of all the dangers they might encounter.

They were only qualified to leave the Immortal Exuviate Pond and establish themselves in the divine domains after becoming a Heavenly God.

However, as the place with the weakest divine force within all the divine domains, the Immortal Exuviate Pond didn’t have any other cultivation resources except for the pond water which had the effect of refining the body, so it was extremely difficult to become a Heavenly God. As such, a lot of Supreme Immortals were only able to spend their lives in the divine domains adjacent to the Immortal Exuviate Pond after ascending to the God Realm and finally embraced their natural death within the pond.

“I thought I would have to wait for 100,000 years in the Immortal Exuviate Pond just like Supreme Drunken Immortal before leaving and then resurrect Old Sycamore and Eagle after a really long time. However, since my cultivation has rocketed to the summit of the Ancient God Stage, I should be able to leave the Immortal Exuviate Pond quickly and resurrect them soon.”

When he recalled how Old Sycamore and Eagle had advanced bravely during his battle with Shade Demon Zhu Wushou and detonated their immortal souls to fight for an opportunity for him to live, Tang Xiu’s eyes teared up slightly and he felt a warm feeling well up in his heart.

Tang Xiu used his divine sense to scan the surroundings and discovered that the 36 Supremes who had ascended along with him had already finished refining their bodies and were waiting to leave the Immortal Exuviate Pond eagerly. However, since they hadn’t received an order from him, they refrained from acting rashly.

Among the 36 Supremes, other than Supreme Star Radiance and Supreme Bella who had deep foundations and had become middle-stage Deities, the rest were all still early-stage Deities.

“Old Geezer Drunken Immortal, I finally understand why you arranged for so many Deities of the Milky Way Galaxy to enter Immortal Exuviate Pond recently. So, 37 people have actually ascended from your Milky Way Galaxy this time, but do you believe the Deities you arranged would be able to protect all 37 of them?”

“Old Geezer Drunken Immortal, you have waited for nearly 100,000 years and over 30 people have finally ascended from the Milky Way Galaxy. These fresh blood from the Milky Way Galaxy are your hope, so would you be willing to let them die in the Immortal Exuviate Pond?”

“How about this? 10,000 divine rocks for one of them. As long as you prepare 370,000 divine rocks, we’ll let these newcomers from the Milky Way Galaxy reach the shore successfully. What do you say?”

Just when Tang Xiu was planning to tell Supreme Star Radiance and the others to go ashore, a series of rambunctious voices resounded within everyone’s ears. At the same time, a dozen or so silhouettes appeared above them, each looking at Tang Xiu and the others playfully.

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