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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1420 - God Realm (2): A Show of Divine Might

Chapter 1420: God Realm (2): A Show of Divine Might

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In the God Realm, divine stones were the most foundational cultivation resources used by everyone because of their ubiquitous and distributive nature, and they were also the most widespread currency in the God Realm.

A high-grade divine stone was equivalent to 100 middle-grade divine stones, and a middle-grade divine stone was equivalent to 100 low-grade divine stones.

The deities in the bottom rung of the God Realm could only amass 300 divine stones each month even if they worked really hard, and this amount barely satisfied their cultivation needs, so it was impossible to have any surplus amount of divine stones left. The deity from Marionette Galaxy was obviously asking for a sky-high price when he quoted 10,000 high-grade divine stones for a person each and wasn’t actually planning to let anyone from Tang Xiu’s group leave alive.

Although the deities of the Milky Way Galaxy knew that this deity of the Marionette Galaxy was playing around with them and trembled in fury because of it, they were helpless about the situation too.

It was because the Marionette Galaxy was a powerful force in the God Realm that had control over most of the Jade Pool Divine Domain where the Immortal Exuviate Pond was located. As such, the deities of the Marionette Galaxy deprived the deities of the other galaxies often, and this caused their strength to soar higher while the strength of the other galaxies tanked lower.

“Great God Eternum, we, the deities of the Milky Way Galaxy have always labored at the bottom rung and have no other means of income, so we can’t gather so many divine stones. We’re willing to give up all our savings, so please show some leniency and spare them.” When Tang Xiu and the others thought the deities of the Milky Way Galaxy would protest, an obsequious voice reached everyone’s ears.

These words were spoken by a hunchbacked gray-haired old man who carried a golden gourd at his waist.

“Scram to the side if you aren’t willing to pay up. I believe I would be able to sell these wretches for at least a few ten thousand divine stones if I took them to the slave market.” Eternum kicked the old man to the side after hearing his words and then checked out Tang Xiu’s group closely.

“Huh. The quality of these newcomers from the Milky Way Galaxy is pretty good. They actually have a lot of beauties, so it seems like we’ll make a killing this time!” Eternum’s eyes lit up when his gaze scanned across Bella, Gu Yan’er, and the others inadvertently, and he turned spirited immediately.

“Hahaha. Congratulations, Elder Eternum. You have gained yet another few bed-warmers.”

“Elder Eternum, could you send them to us for a while once you are tired of them before selling them to the slave market?”

“It’s not just the women who are pretty among the newcomers from the Milky Way Galaxy, the men look quite handsome too. I just recalled that Lord Pearwood hasn’t found a suitable boy toy recently, so he will definitely reward us generously if we send these gigolos to him.”

The deities of the Marionette Galaxy scanned Tang Xiu and the others with their unbridled gazes and passed comments while laughing heartily.

The deities of the Milky Way Galaxy showed furious and sorrowful expressions, and even Bella and the others standing behind Tang Xiu felt despair and helplessness.

“You must be Senior Drunken Immortal, right? I’m the Star Cultivation Great Emperor as well as the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. I would like to know what’s the highest cultivation of the deities among the protectors of the Immortal Exuviate Pond and the Jade Pool Divine Domain.” Tang Xiu patted Bella’s shoulder and pacified the others behind him with his gaze before he walked in front of the deities of the Milky Way Galaxy and inquired the old man with the golden gourd.

Tang Xiu had once seen the projection of Supreme Drunken Immortal in the Secret Palace, so he had recognized the old man with the golden gourd at his waist to be him at a single glance and also made out his cultivation as well. He was a middle-stage True God and also the deity with the highest cultivation among the deities from the Milky Way Galaxy.

“As the protector of the Immortal Exuviate Pond, Lord Pearwood possesses the highest cultivation over here and is a middle-stage Heavenly God. As for the deity with the highest cultivation in the Jade Pool, it should be a peak-stage Heavenly God.” Although Drunken Immortal didn’t know why Tang Xiu asked this, he nodded towards him kindly and answered it immediately.

“Senior Drunken Immortal…” Tang Xiu sighed in relief after hearing that the deity with the highest cultivation within the Jade Pool Divine Domain was a peak-stage Heavenly God, and a crazy thought manifested within his mind simultaneously.

“How dare you speak, gigolo! Scram to the side now!” While Tang Xiu intended to inquire more information about the God Realm to make the best choice, he heard a sharp voice echo at his ears suddenly and felt a gust of wind hit him at the crown of his head.

A deity from the Marionette Galaxy became infuriated when he saw Tang Xiu ignore everyone and chat with Drunken Immortal and thus struck his palm towards him.

“Dear, watch out!”

“Master, watch out!”

“Xiu’er, watch out!”

The members of the Great Tang Empire almost had a stroke and called out to him in alarm subconsciously when they sensed the fearsome strength within the palm of the malevolent-faced deity from the Marionette Galaxy.

The deities of the Milky Way Galaxy led by Drunken Immortal closed their eyes in dread as they didn’t wish to see the scene of Tang Xiu getting swatted into grounded meat.

Conversely, all the deities of the Marionette Galaxy revealed malicious smiles on their faces.

Everyone thought it would be difficult for Tang Xiu to escape this calamity, but Tang Xiu grunted coldly and reached out to grab that deity’s palm with his left hand in the next moment.

Tang Xiu grabbed the opponent’s palm with ease under the stunned gazes of the deities from the Marionette Galaxy and punched towards his opponent’s face with his right fist.

Followed by a bang, the deity’s head then vanished before he could even realize what was going on.

Tang Xiu looked at the headless body within his hands before he observed his fist and then tried to comprehend the sudden strength he had gained.

“This guy wasn’t on guard just now, so it’s difficult to judge my real strength from this exchange,” Tang Xiu muttered and then laid his gaze upon the dumbfounded deities from the Marionette Galaxy.

“How dare you murder a deity of our Marionette Galaxy?! Do you wish to die?”

“You’ve dug your own grave now. Your actions harm not just yourself, but will also lead to the extermination of all the Milky Way Galaxy’s deities in the Jade Pool Divine Domain!”

The deities of the Marionette Galaxy finally reacted after a long time and berated Tang Xiu one after the other.

The faces of the deities of the Milky Way Galaxy turned ashen with angst as they knew Tang Xiu had indeed provoked a huge disaster.

The deities of the Milky Way Galaxy had been somehow eking out a living in this corner of the God Realm for the past tens of thousands of years and Tang Xiu’s actions had undeniably given the deities of the Marionette Galaxy the perfect excuse to eliminate them.

However, Drunken Immortal recalled the two questions Tang Xiu had asked him after seeing the calm expression on his face and his eyes glimmered with hope.

“I’ll kill wretches like you if I want to, it’s nothing to fuss up about at all.” Tang Xiu grunted coldly when faced with the curses of the Marionette Galaxy’s deities and leaped out of the Immortal Exuviate Pond. After that, he punched towards the deity who had scolded the most viciously among the Marionette Galaxy’s deities.

This deity felt infuriated when he saw that Tang Xiu actually dared to attack him, so he welcomed Tang Xiu’s fist with his own while wearing a malicious smile on his face.

However, his smile froze in the next instant.

Followed by a crunching sound, this deity’s fist was crushed from his palm to the arm, bone, and all.

“If you all have only this much strength, you’ll find it very difficult to leave the Immortal Exuviate Pond alive.” After saying this, Tang Xiu grabbed the head of the deity before him.

The pitiful deity couldn’t accept the fact that Tang Xiu had defeated him and followed his companion’s footsteps in the next moment.

“Stop making a fuss now and bring out your entire strength! I don’t like a rowdy scene!” Tang Xiu took a stance with his hands after dealing with yet another deity from the Marionette Galaxy, following which, another two deities that had berated Tang Xiu darted towards him immediately.

Tang Xiu showed no hesitation as he sliced off their necks momentarily.

The deities of the Marionette Galaxy finally quietened down after the death of four of their own and sized up Tang Xiu in a panic, trying to figure out what was so exceptional about him.

Unfortunately, Tang Xiu hated the way they blabbed and threatened a few moments ago, so he didn’t give them any time to react.

Tang Xiu seized the opportunity while the Marionette Galaxy’s deities were dazed and killed yet another dozen or so of them instantly.

The Immortal Exuviate Pond sunk into a strange silence momentarily, and Tang Xiu seemed to act out a feast of killing for the observers. They seemed to have lost their sense of hearing as they couldn’t hear any voices and could only observe the scene of Tang Xiu taking down the deities of the Marionette Galaxy with his punches.

The showy and bossy deities of the Immortal Exuviate Pond seemed just like powerless kids before Tang Xiu and were wiped out clean by him easily.

Soon after, Eternum was the only one left alive from the Marionette Galaxy’s deities in the Immortal Exuviate Pond. However, Tang Xiu had grabbed even him by the neck as if he was a little chick.

“Will you choose to redeem your life with a million high-grade divine stones or choose death?” Tang Xiu asked while observing Eternum, who was frightened out of his wits right now.

“I-I… don’t have a million high-grade divine stones. Only Lord Pearwood could have so many divine stones in the entire Immortal Exuviate Pond. Lord, please spare my life. I’m willing to serve you with my all.” Eternum abandoned his former superior attitude and chose to surrender without the slightest hesitation.

“Lord, as long as you spare my life, I can help you take control of the Immortal Exuviate Pond and even help you take over the entire Jade Pool Divine Domain. The deities of the Milky Way Galaxy will be able to live in peace as long as you take over the Jade Pool Divine Domain.

“With enough time, you’ll certainly be able to conquer the three divine domains adjacent to us with your cultivation.”

Eternum explained his worth in haste when he sensed the dense killing intent on Tang Xiu’s body.

“You can sense my cultivation?” Tang Xiu was planning to get rid of Eternum, but he frowned when he heard Eternum’s final sentence.

“Lord, I awakened a perceptual innate ability when I became a Great God that allows me to sense the cultivation of any deity. If I’m not mistaken, you’re a peak-stage Ancient God right now and are just a step away from becoming a God-King.” Eternum’s heart filled with bitterness as he said these words.

Eternum’s perceptual innate ability had brought him countless advantages during battles and allowed him to avoid a lot of calamities, but he never imagined that his arrogance and carelessness of not activating the perceptual ability would lead to such a disaster.

Eternum’s words spread across the entire Immortal Exuviate Pond like wildfire and caused all the deities to look at him with shock and reverence.

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