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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1421 - God Realm (3): Chaos Wrought by Carnage in the Divine Domain

Chapter 1421: God Realm (3): Chaos Wrought by Carnage in the Divine Domain

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“A mere perceptual innate ability is far from enough if you want to live.” Saying so, Tang Xiu tightened his grip.

Eternum still had things he wanted to say, but Tang Xiu had no intention of giving him such a chance.

Tang Xiu’s family had already become his sensitive spot ever since he returned to Earth, so even if Eternum was highly valuable and worthy of exploiting, just the fact that they had looked at Tang Xiu’s women in an unbridled manner and the proclamation of his intentions to sell the members of the Great Tang Empire to the slave market had already doomed the fate of Eternum’s group.

“You all need to prove you are worthy enough for me to leave you alive, or else you will welcome the same fate of the members of the Marionette Galaxy.” Tang Xiu’s gaze swept across the deities other than those from the Great Tang Empire and the Milky Way Galaxy after he killed Eternum.

The God Realm had thousands of Immortal Exuviate Ponds that were scattered across different divine domains, and each divine domain was controlled by a dozen or so galactic immortal worlds. The Supremes of a galaxy’s Immortal World would ascend to the corresponding divine domain’s Immortal Exuviate Pond, so almost all the galaxies of the divine domain would send a group to welcome the newly ascended deities from their galaxies.

Jade Pool Divine Domain’s Immortal Exuviate Pond wasn’t that huge, so the deities of the other galaxies had sensed it immediately when a conflict arose between the deities of the Marionette and Milky Way Galaxies, but none of them spoke up for the Milky Way Galaxy and instead watched the scene in glee, so Tang Xiu obviously didn’t have a good impression of these groups.


“You better know your place, newcomer. We didn’t offend you, so why would you want to kill us?”

“Eternum claimed you are a peak-stage Ancient God only because he wanted to live. Did you really think you are an Ancient God or what?”

The onlooking deities obviously hadn’t expected to get implicated just because they were spectating the scene in glee, so a few of them shouted back indignantly after blanking out for a few seconds.

Tang Xiu grunted coldly and waved his palm, following which, the deities making a fuss all turned into a mist of blood.

Tang Xiu’s cold-blooded actions subdued all the onlookers in the Immortal Exuviate Pond thoroughly and even the deities of the Milky Way Galaxy exchanged glances with each other and their leader, Drunken Immortal. On the other hand, the members of the Great Tang Empire were already habituated with Tang Xiu’s style, so they were still in the middle of digesting the fact that Tang Xiu was already an Ancient God, entirely unfazed by his action of killing the other deities.

Faced with Tang Xiu’s gaze, the onlooking deities handed over the divine stones on them without the slightest hesitation and also told him about the information they believed was most valuable within their possession with the hope to come out alive from his ordeal.

Tang Xiu just listened to all of them from start to finish in silence and didn’t kill anyone, but he also didn’t say he would let them off, so it placed the deities under huge mental pressure.

“Xiu’er, if they haven’t engaged in wicked deeds and are willing to work for us, why not let them live? After all, it’s better to make friends than enemies. We have just ascended to the God Realm, so just the 37 of us are far from enough to establish ourselves as a force here.” Star Soul stood up and suggested Tang Xiu.

The expressions of the onlooking deities lit up after hearing Star Soul’s words that had revealed his relationship with Tang Xiu.

They kowtowed towards Star Soul and Tang Xiu in succession and thanked them for sparing their lives before Tang Xiu had even promised anything.

“Senior Drunken Immortal, you’ve been defending this Immortal Exuviate Pond for around 100,000 years now, so you probably know the backgrounds of these men. Can you tell me which ones to kill and pardon?” Tang Xiu nodded towards Star Soul and inquired Drunken Immortal immediately after that. “If you don’t mind it, you are welcome to join our Great Tang Empire, Senior Drunken Immortal. After all, we have a deep relationship between us since my aunt is the inheritor of the legacy you left behind in the Immortal World.”

The expressions of a few deities who were in the middle of kowtowing towards Tang Xiu for his leniency changed after they heard Tang Xiu’s words and they immediately turned around to flee.

The strength of the Milky Way Galaxy was almost at the bottommost position in the Jade Pond Divine Realm, so they would have probably been eliminated already if it weren’t for their cohesiveness and communicativeness.

However, as they were weak and small in number, they were humiliated and bullied often as members of the bottom rung, and those who had fled just now were undoubtedly ones who bullied the deities of the Milky Way Galaxy mostly.

“Did you think you can flee?” Tang Xiu knew they had fled because of their guilt. So, grunting coldly, in the next moment, those deities fell in front of him.

Tang Xiu didn’t even give them a chance to plead for their lives and deprived them of their lives immediately.

“Drunken Immortal greets the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. It’s my luck to be able to serve you and your ascension to the God Realm is a blessing for all the deities of the Milky Way Galaxy as well.” Drunken Immortal’s eyes lit up after seeing Tang Xiu kill the deities swiftly and he knelt on the ground immediately.

The other deities standing behind Drunken Immortal blanked out for a few moments and followed suit after him by bowing their knees to Tang Xiu.

After seeing Tang Xiu’s actions and style, Drunken Immortal and the others knew that the Tang Xiu would leave carnage in his wake in the God Realm.

“Heavenly Emperor, although the deity with the highest cultivation in the Jade Pool Divine Domain is just a peak-stage Heavenly God, Jade Pool Divine Domain is just a mere subsidiary domain of the Sky Jade Divine Domain and even I’m unclear about the highest cultivation of the deities there. If you intend to make the Jade Pool Divine Domain as the base for our Milky Way Galaxy, I propose that you should eliminate the protector as well as the Domain Lord of the Jade Pool Divine Domain swiftly before your strength is exposed to them and then block the information channels to prevent the Sky Jade Divine Domain from learning about the changes that have occurred in the Jade Pool Divine Domain.

“As long as we have 10,000 years, the resources of the Jade Pool Divine Domain would be enough to allow you to become a God-King and also allow the other deities of the Milky Way Galaxy to promote their strengths and contribute their power for the expansion of the empire.”


After realizing that Tang Xiu respected and valued him, it didn’t take long for Drunken Immortal to figure out Tang Xiu’s purpose in inviting him to the Great Tang Empire. Hence, he assumed a proper state immediately and described the situation of the Jade Pool Divine Domain and Sky Jade Divine Domain briefly, raising a few appropriate and realistic suggestions.

Tang Xiu revealed a pleased smile after hearing Drunken Immortal’s words as they matched well with his actual intentions.

The fact that Drunken Immortal had guessed Tang Xiu’s intentions wasn’t strange at all, but his methodical suggestions implied that Drunken Immortal had already made such plans priorly and just couldn’t implement them because he couldn’t find the opportunity to do so because he lacked the strength for it. Hence, it was a real boon for the Great Tang Empire to have obtained such an excellent strategist who was also familiar with the divine domain.

“We shall follow your suggestions, Senior Drunken Immortal. I shall head out to implement the plan of beheading the top brass of the Jade Pool Divine Domain immediately and leave the job of cleaning up and gathering the resources to you. I also hope that you can keep an eye out for methods related to resurrecting Supreme Immortals when you are cataloging the resources.” Tang Xiu teleported away after getting a simple explanation of the power distribution of the forces within the Immortal Exuviate Pond as well as the Jade Pool Divine Domain.

And the location he had teleported towards was none other than the residence of the Immortal Exuviate Pond’s protector.

With his strength, it took less than 10 breaths for Tang Xiu to cleanse the entire residence. As such, he left towards the residence of the Jade Pool Divine Domain’s Domain Lord immediately afterward and eliminated him before he could even react.

Tang Xiu finally shifted his focus to check the changes in the world inside his Dantian after he scanned the entire divine domain with his divine sense and discovered that there wasn’t anyone above the True God Stage left anymore.

Tang Xiu had sensed that the world inside his Dantian had undergone a fantastic transformation the moment the twelve zodiac jade carvings incarnated into animals. The twelve zodiac jade carvings had released countless heavenly laws into the world that consisted of heavenly laws from countless galaxies and the strongest ones among these heavenly laws were those belonging to Earth.

Tang Xiu even had a faint feeling that he would be able to return to Earth with just a single casual thought of his.

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