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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1422 - God Realm (4): Legacy of the Supreme God, The Free and Unfettered Path

Chapter 1422: God Realm (4): Legacy of the Supreme God, The Free and Unfettered Path

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Tang Xiu did his best to suppress the urge to return to Earth and investigated the changes in the world within his Dantian solemnly.

It was because Tang Xiu knew that just like how a barrier existed between the Immortal World and Earth, a similar barrier existed between the God Realm and Earth. It also wasn’t that easy to pass through this barrier or else Immortals and Gods would have roamed free on Earth and left the entire world a mess.

“Huh? This is… an Immortal Exuviate Pond?” Tang Xiu had only observed the transformation of the twelve zodiac jade carvings into animals before the deities of the Marionette Galaxy had interrupted him and he had actually discovered a new lake within the world of his Dantian in this subsequent inspection of his that looked the exact same as an Immortal Exuviate Pond.

Actually, it wasn’t proper to call the world inside Tang Xiu’s Dantian a world as it was rather apt to call it a cosmos instead.

This was because the world inside his Dantian was too huge compared to the space within the Dantian of the average deities. Furthermore, the world inside Tang Xiu’s Dantian also contained countless planets that thrived with endless vitality, which was an impossibility for the worlds in the Dantian of the other deities.

“This isn’t an Immortal Exuviate Pond, it’s actually the Ying Yang Divinity Lake!” After carefully observing the energy contained within this lake in his cosmic world, Tang Xiu discovered that the lake water’s energy had far surpassed the Immortal Exuviate Pond’s and this made him subconsciously link it to the legacy he had obtained in the Walled Hill Village before.

When Long Zhengyu had helped Tang Xiu construct the Walled Hill Village, the land had undergone a collapse and injured the workers. Tang Xiu and Yang Le, a disciple of the Thief Sect, ventured inside first to investigate it and discovered a multilayered grave there that finally transported them to a sub-world.

Tang Xiu had obtained the legacy of the Free and Unfettered God in this sub-world and also obtained the Ying Yang Divinity Vein that had been brought to Earth from the God Realm by the Free and Unfettered God, which had promoted his cultivation of the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis from the Meridian Transformation Stage to the summit of the Viscera Transformation Stage.

“They say that the Immortals cleansed themselves in the Ying Yang Divinity Lake to ascend to the God Realm in the distant past, but ever since 200,000 or so years ago, Immortals could only cleanse themselves in the Immortal Exuviate Pond’s pond water to ascend to the God Realm. Could the reason behind this be the Free and Unfettered God moving the Ying Yang Divinity Vein and the Ying Yang Divinity Lake to Earth?

“If the Ying Yang Divinity Lake in the cosmic world inside my body is the same as the Ying Yang Divinity Lake from the ancient times, does it mean that I would be able to make my family in the Immortal World ascend to the God Realm without going through the divine tribulation by allowing them to cleanse themselves in this lake water once I have shattered the barrier between the God Realm and the Immortal World?

“Why did the Free and Unfettered God move the Ying Yang Divinity Vein and the Ying Yang Divinity Lake to Earth and not some other planet? He even said that Earth was the primogenitor star, but that it had experienced a huge change and wasn’t as glorious as before.

“The Walled Hill Village had traces of the God Realm and so did the Resting Cemetery Island. Just what is the link between Earth and God Realm?”

A series of questions popped up in Tang Xiu’s mind that forced him to ponder on them deeply.

“I’m really stupid. The Free and Unfettered God had told me that his legacy is inside the Ying Yang Divinity Lake, so wouldn’t I understand these intricacies as long as I obtain the legacy from it?” Tang Xiu slapped his forehead a moment later and sent his divine intent towards the depths of the Ying Yang Divinity Lake.

A golden orb shot from the Ying Yang Divinity Lake in the next moment and entered the space between Tang Xiu’s brows.

A golden light flashed before Tang Xiu’s eyes before he found himself in another space.

His eyes turned into wide saucers the moment he entered this space because he saw a huge halberd drop from the skies and hack down towards him. He couldn’t budge his body at all under the pressure of this giant halberd’s aura and couldn’t even use his divine sense, so he couldn’t help but want to scream.

However, Tang Xiu soon discovered that this giant halberd wasn’t hacking down towards him but instead towards the body his divine sense had attached itself to, which was the reason he actually hadn’t screamed out in reality.

The giant halberd was being wielded by a muscular, curly bearded man who was hundreds of meters tall and was shrouded in purple crackling lightning. The man moved with swift movements as he brandished the giant halberd and left a lifeless barren land in his wake while all human and organic life had turned into ashes.

“Free and Unfettered God, you have ignored the laws of the God Realm and disturbed the order of the realm with your crooked behavior. You ought to receive a thousand deaths for your crimes and today is the day you shall suffer judgment!” A devious smile appeared on the bearded man’s face as he watched his giant halberd that was close to striking the Free and Unfettered God.

“What are the laws? The only law is the law of the jungle. Do you want me to allow the twelve of you to continue deceiving and enslaving all the deities?

“If even becoming a deity doesn’t give us freedom, what’s the point in becoming one? What’s the use of becoming a deity if we can’t even pursue our ideals after becoming one?

“I, the Free and Unfettered God, swear that as long as I am alive, I won’t allow the twelve of you to hide the truth of the primogenitor star’s destruction and will prevent you all from lording over all the deities!”

Once the bearded man finished saying his piece, a familiar voice echoed at Tang Xiu’s ears that he recognized to be the Free and Unfettered God’s voice. This also made him realize that he had possessed the Free and Unfettered God’s body right now and was watching this scene from the perspective of the Free and Unfettered God.

“Free and Unfettered God, nothing can be accomplished without proper laws in place. If it weren’t for us twelve Supreme Gods spending such a large amount of time and energy in bringing order to the God Realm, the God Realm would have probably remained in a war-stricken state and wouldn’t have flourished as much as it has to this day.”

“Free and Unfettered God, we may invite you to become the 13th Supreme God if we approve of your strength, but the condition is that you need to act according to our laws.”

When he turned around, the Free and Unfettered God saw a dark-faced Buddhist monk and a white-haired Daoist priest approach and surround him from the other side with trepidation in their eyes.

Other than the curly bearded man as well as the black-faced monk and the white-haired priest, there were another four people glaring at the Free and Unfettered God present in this world right now.

“What laws, heh. They allowed you to deceive me for about a million years. If I hadn’t discovered the truth of the primogenitor star’s destruction accidentally, you might have continued to deceive me forever…” The Free and Unfettered God stated mockingly with a disdainful sneer.

However, he stopped speaking soon after as the seven Supreme Gods had finished deploying the array the moment he had finished speaking and had unfolded an assault on him simultaneously.

“Die! Did you really think we came here to make peace with you because we were willing to chat with you?” The bearded man grinned maliciously and hacked his giant halberd towards the frozen Free and Unfettered God.

“Oh, Free and Unfettered God, don’t blame us for being tyrannical. The sole blame lies in you for being too smart as smart people never have good endings.”

“Free and Unfettered God, this lord has never admired anyone in my entire life, but I really admired you with all my heart. However, the world you want to build harms our interests, so the only end left for you is death.”

“Don’t become enemies with us in your next life!”

The seven Supreme Gods had schemed for thousands of years to develop a divine artifact that targeted the Free and Unfettered God and pretended for a few decades after that to lure him into a trap. They sighed in relief internally after realizing they were finally on the eve of killing the Free and Unfettered God successfully and looked at him with sympathy and pity.

“I put on a show for so many decades and thought I would be able to exchange it with the lives of the twelve Supreme Gods, but it seems like I can only exchange it with the lives of seven of them. What a huge loss this is. Looks like I’ll have to leave the remaining five demons for my successor to deal with.” The Free and Unfettered God sighed all of a sudden and a blazing aura exploded out from within his body immediately afterward.

Unfortunately as it was, as they were on the eve of succeeding, the seven Supreme Gods never imagined that the Free and Unfettered God still could move nor did they think he would choose to take them down along with him.

Followed by a loud bang, the eight Supreme Gods, including the Free and Unfettered in it, disintegrated into a fine powder.

Two trails of hot tears ran down Tang Xiu’s cheeks as sorrowful emotions welled up from the depths of his heart.

The world then descended into endless darkness as a stream of information flowed into Tang Xiu’s mind.

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