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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1424 - God Realm (6): Forming a Master and Servant Contract, Divine Origin City’s Location

Chapter 1424: God Realm (6): Forming a Master and Servant Contract, Divine Origin City’s Location

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Tang Xiu’s face blushed a little when he heard the Golden Peng’s words and also felt sincere admiration towards it from the bottom of his heart as he felt that compared to him, the Golden Peng was the one truly loyal and resolute. Even though several hundred thousand years had passed, the first thought in its mind after regaining its freedom was to avenge its master.

However, Tang Xiu didn’t agree to the deal that the Golden Peng had proposed that rashly.

From the legacy of the Free and Unfettered God, Tang Xiu had learned that deities placed a lot of importance on karmic links in their cultivation, and the deeper karmic links they had, the harder it would be for them to progress. Often, just one of the karmic links could lead them to cultivation deviation and prevent them from reaching the next stage of cultivation.

“Senior Golden Peng, have you never wondered who sealed you here?” Tang Xiu asked slowly while facing the Golden Peng’s expectant gaze.

“Although my memory was erased once, I clearly remember that the person who sealed me here was a Buddhism disciple from another world. He killed my master and even sealed me in this land bereft of Divine Origin for several hundred thousand years.” The Golden Peng fumed.

“You once told me that Holy Monk Amitabha tried to steal the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis and was chased to death by your master before. Did your master never tell you that he killed countless Buddhism disciples during his several million years long chase of the Holy Monk Amitabha…” Tang Xiu asked faintly after arranging all the information he knew in his mind.


However, Tang Xiu’s heart filled with doubts as he asked this because the Golden Peng had told him once that its master was a peak-stage Supreme God powerhouse who stood at the pinnacle of the God Realm.

But from what Tang Xiu knew, the God Realm was under the control of the twelve Supreme Gods, so they absolutely wouldn’t allow a powerhouse who they couldn’t control to appear in the God Realm.

Moreover, if the Buddhism disciple could really kill a peak-stage Supreme God powerhouse, he wouldn’t have had to flee here and there and finally come hide on Earth.

And although Tang Xiu could understand the reasoning behind sealing and tormenting the Golden Peng, the Buddhism disciple had no reason to erase the Golden Peng’s memories.

A horrible truth faintly took shape in Tang Xiu’s mind, but after taking a look at the Golden Peng, he didn’t have the heart to tell it his conjecture.

“You’re saying my master killed millions of Buddhism disciples? That’s just impossible. My master is the leader of the twelve Supreme Gods, a well-reputed virtuous deity in the entire God Realm. He unified the God Realm of the primogenitor star along with the other eleven Supreme Gods and even pushed to establish the new God Realm. If it weren’t for him, the current God Realm wouldn’t exist at all…” The Golden Peng screamed emotionally before Tang Xiu could even finish his words.

The Golden Peng’s scream had pretty much confirmed Tang Xiu’s conjecture and this made him turn silent.

“Youngling, hark not selectively. I hast followed mine master for millions of years. If it be true he’s yond kind of evil deity, I would hath left him already. How about it? Mine desire is for thee to ponder on mine offer. Mine strength hath not recovered to mine peak, but with enow resources, mine cultivation can recover to Supreme God Stage speedily.” The Golden Peng reiterated once again after justifying its master.

“Senior Golden Peng, if I told you that your master isn’t dead and that the person who imprisoned you isn’t that Buddhism disciple, but rather your own master, Sacred Demon, would you still ask me to avenge your master?” After remaining silent for a while, Tang Xiu decided to speak out as he couldn’t bear to keep it hidden from the Golden Peng any longer.


“What? Mine master, Sacred Demon, hath not died, and be the one who hath imprison me? This be impossible!”

“The fact that I know Sacred Demon’s name is already enough to prove it. If that Buddhism disciple really killed your master, he should have killed you too instead of just erasing your memories since he had no reason for letting you live. Furthermore, Sacred Demon isn’t as powerful as you imagine, and he had selfish motivations behind his actions…”

Since he had decided to tell the truth, Tang Xiu obviously didn’t hold back on anything and spoke about his conjecture from what he had learned from Drunken Immortal as well as the information he obtained from the Free and Unfettered God’s legacy.

In the beginning, the Golden Peng was still feeling a bit emotional and wished to interrupt Tang Xiu’s words, but Tang Xiu didn’t give it a chance to do that.

The Golden Peng’s expression changed slowly as it listened to him and it turned silent in the end too.

In fact, after several hundred thousand years had passed, the Golden Peng had already recovered most of its erased memories and its fabricated memories had also turned vaguer as well.

However, the Golden Peng just wasn’t ready to believe the memories that didn’t conform with its actual recognition of the events, and it even believed the reason his memories were a mess was because of some injury it might have suffered to its brain during the war several hundred thousand years ago or because they had been tampered by the Buddhist disciple using divine power to make it hate its master and dull its intentions of avenging its master.

“So, mine master hast deceived me for millions of years?” Although the Golden Peng had a simple mind, it wasn’t a fool. A part of its memories indeed conformed with what Tang Xiu had told it, and this proved that Tang Xiu had actually spoken the facts just now. Furthermore, it and Tang Xiu were just strangers, so Tang Xiu had no reason to dupe it.

Moreover, even if Tang Xiu had lied to it, it would have learned the truth after reaching the God Realm, so it didn’t believe Tang Xiu had duped it.


Huge drops of golden tears fell down from the Golden Peng’s eyes.

Its condition that had become rejuvenated just recently declined again.

And even its life aura began to diminish little by little.

There was nothing sadder than a withered heart in this world. The Golden Peng had got acquainted with Sacred Demon, a newly ascended deity, just after it had escaped from the extermination of its clan and signed a master and servant contract with him. From that moment onwards, the Golden Peng had fought for Sacred Demon in the God Realm for millions of years and even saved him from countless calamities.

However, after several million years, someone had told it that the Sacred Demon it knew wasn’t the true Sacred Demon, and that he was actually a selfish and evil demon, so the Golden Peng felt it had been made a fool of.

“Senior, you must live on if you wish to avenge your clan!” Tang Xiu felt anxious when he saw that the Golden Peng intended to kill itself and had a flash of brilliance in his mind that prompted him to shout at it, “The extermination of the Golden Peng Clan wasn’t because of a powerhouse from the Monster Realm but rather an insidious plot schemed by Sacred Demon. The Golden Peng Clan got exterminated because of you, but if you die just like this, they would never be able to rest in peace in the Underworld!”

Tang Xiu’s words struck the Golden Peng like a bolt of lightning. Its body quivered as it directed its ferocious gaze at Tang Xiu and raised its voice. “Youngling, doth thee dare taketh responsibility for thy words?”

“Senior, I have no reason to kid about this matter with you since the truth will come out eventually. Senior must have already had guesses about what I just said, right?” Tang Xiu said sincerely after meeting its gaze for a while.

“Youngling, I shalt sign a master and servant contract with thee as long as thee taketh a Heavenly Oath to help avenge mine clan. I can sense Free and Unfettered God’s aura on thee, so thou art forsooth a foe of Sacred Demon. Since we hath the same goal and I am more familiar with Sacred Demon and the God Realm, thee won’t refuse this request of mine, shalt thee?” A glimmer of determination flashed through the Golden Peng’s eyes after a while.


After deciding to trust the memories it had regained, the Golden Peng had received answers to a lot of things it was confused about before. Moreover, Tang Xiu’s huge potential and the character he had shown had made the Golden Peng trust him and ally with him without the slightest hesitation.

Tang Xiu felt ecstatic after hearing the Golden Peng’s words.

He believed that he had no chances of recruiting the Golden Peng after he had refused to kill that Buddhism disciple, but he never imagined that he would see the light at the end of the tunnel and that the Golden Peng would choose to form a master and servant contract with him.

Fearing that the Golden Peng would go back on its word if he delayed any longer, Tang Xiu took a Heavenly Oath immediately before it.

And under his expectant gaze, the Golden Peng also handed over a drop of its lifeblood essence to Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu received the drop of lifeblood essence solemnly and refined it slowly according to the Golden Peng’s instructions.

After spending 6 hours on it, Tang Xiu finally finished refining the lifeblood essence of the Golden Peng fully and a faint connection formed between it and him simultaneously.

Tang Xiu even had a feeling that he could kill the Golden Peng with just a single thought of his.

“Master, art thee planning to return to the God Realm or art thee planning to settle thy karmic links on Earth first?” After forming the contract, the Golden Peng didn’t call him “youngling” anymore and instead asked for his instructions in an obsequious manner.

Tang Xiu wasn’t accustomed to its momentous change in mannerism, so it took him some time to adapt to his new identity.


“Golden Peng, the reason I came to Earth this time was mainly to free you and also to seek the Divine Origin City to promote my strength. I wonder if you know where the Divine Origin City is hidden?”

“Divine Origin City? Master, the Divine Origin City is Shennong Ridge’s Ghost King Valley. T’s defense ist too well, though. The twelve Supreme Gods hath killed nearly 100 Supreme Gods back in the Battle of Ruin then refined those deities into puppets and placed them deities ’round the Divine Origin City. Move they shalt not in times ordinary, but they shalt attack anyone who hast entered a range of 300 meters ’round the Divine Origin City,” the Golden Peng said faintly after hesitating for a moment.

“Nearly 100 Supreme God puppets?” Tang Xiu’s expression changed after he heard the Golden Peng’s words. He thought he would be able to find the Divine Origin City with his cultivation after returning back to Earth and that no one would be able to stop him from taking the Divine Origin City, but now, it appeared that even if he found it, he would only be able to gaze at it from afar because he lacked strength.

“Master, though thee hast nay way to obtain the Divine Origin City, others eke hast nay way too. The twelve Supreme Gods hath left 100 Supreme God puppets to protect the Divine Origin City back then to prevent other Supreme Gods from obtaining it.

“Moreover, the twelve Supreme Gods wast on guard ‘gainst one other, so the twelve of them deities art essential to remove the barrier between Earth and the God Realm, even one canst be missing. From what thee hath told me, seven hast fallen already, so the remaining five hast nay way to returneth to Earth.”

Tang Xiu was stunned after hearing the Golden Peng’s words and even felt like laughing.

“Golden Peng, since we have no way to obtain the Divine Origin City right now, I shall resolve some of my mortal karma in the secular world. Will you come with me or return to the God Realm first?” Tang Xiu hadn’t given up on the Divine Origin City as he had a faint feeling that the Free and Unfettered God definitely left a method to deal with the 100 Supreme God puppets and he just hadn’t found it yet.

“Master, mine appearance too improper to appeareth ere mortals and with thy cultivation, nothing can harm thee unless thee wend to the Divine Origin City, so I shalt returneth to the God Realm lest I am powerless at which hour thee needeth mine help.” After learning that Tang Xiu was planning to remain on Earth, it didn’t hesitate in choosing to return to the God Realm.

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