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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1426 - Earth Realm (2): A Fateful Meeting, A Fateful Love

Chapter 1426: Earth Realm (2): A Fateful Meeting, A Fateful Love

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After 7 am, Su Xiangfei arrived at the Su Family Restaurant in a daze. When he saw the crowd gathered in front of the restaurant, he thought that he was still asleep and rubbed his eyes.

“Su Xiangfei, did Teacher Xia not ask you to come and open the restaurant earlier last night? Why are you still so late?” As he slowly walked towards the restaurant, a sound, akin to the rumbling of thunder, resonated next to Su Xiangfei’s ears.

After hearing this, Su Xiangfei immediately woke up and began sprinting to the restaurant subconsciously.

The person who said this was Zhang Jingdong, the security guard for the Star City First High School. He was a retired veteran from the military and a very kind old man. He was well-liked by the teachers and students of the high school. Furthermore, because he was an old man with unwavering principles, he also gained the respect of many people, especially a few of the misbehaving students.

“Old man Zhang, our restaurant’s usual opening time is at 9 am. I have already come here early enough. I just didn’t think that you all would come here this early.” As Su Xiangfei spoke, he swiftly unlocked and opened the doors.

Zhang Jingdong was the only person there who dared to raise his voice at Su Xiangfei. No one else standing outside the restaurant dared to do that. Everyone else just greeted Su Xiangfei, some with a tone of respect and some with a tone of flattery.


The Magnificent Tang Corporation was already one of the top ten corporations globally. Although the Su Family Restaurant didn’t seem to have any relationships with it, everyone knew that the restaurant was founded by Su Lingyun. Furthermore, Su Xiangfei was Su Lingyun’s nephew, so Su Xiangfei’s relationship with the Magnificent Tang Corporation greatly affected the Su Family Restaurant’s popularity.

Perhaps Tang Xiu’s lesson was too unforgettable. Ever since Su Xiangfei took the reins of the restaurant, it was like he had been reborn. He was no longer that show off from back then. He was now a mature young man and had great relationships with his friends.

After passionately greeting the crowd, Su Xiangfei immediately got to work.

It was Xia Mingjie’s sixtieth birthday, and his son Xia Tao was classmates with Su Xiangfei, so he asked Su Xiangfei because he wanted to help his father have a magnificent party.

Once Su Xiangfei heard that it was the birthday of his respected teacher Xia Mingjie, he slapped his chest and said that he would take care of it. Then, after consulting with Xia Tao and Xia Mingjie, he got in contact with all his classmates in Class 10. This was like a high school reunion after 35 years, so the Su Family Restaurant would not cater to the public during Xia Mingjie’s birthday party. The restaurant would only cater to the guests of the party, as well as Star City First High School’s teachers and students, and Su Xiangfei footed the entire bill for the event.

Because Su Xiangfei grew prosperous in these few decades as well as the great reputation that the Su Family Restaurant had in Star City, pretty much none of the Class 10 students rejected the invitation. Furthermore, when Xia Mingjie’s own guests heard that the party was going to be at the Su Family Restaurant, they hurried to the restaurant early.

After two hours, Su Xiangfei and Xia Tao finally sorted out the guests. After these two hours, both of them were covered in sweat, and Xia Tao looked at Su Xiangfei with immense gratitude in his eyes.

“Xiangfei, just a mere thank you is not enough for this. If there’s anything that you need help with and I can help, feel free to call me.” Xia Tao clearly did not realize that the event would take that much work. If it wasn’t for Su Xiangfei’s efforts and patience with every little thing that arose, he definitely would have broken down.

“Tao, don’t be a stranger. Your task today is to take good care of Teacher Xia. As for the rest, just leave it to me,” Su Xiangfei replied as he wiped his forehead full of sweat.


“Xiangfei, I saw that you glanced over at the entrance a few times. You’re waiting for Cheng Yannan, right?” Xia Tao realized that Su Xiangfei was not quite himself, so he decided to ask.

“Yeah. President Cheng arrived in Star City last night. She should be nearly here.” Su Xiangfei frowned and couldn’t help himself as he walked outside.

His eyes lit up very quickly. This was because he saw Cheng Yannan’s car and also saw Cheng Yannan herself as well as her own personal assistant, Dai Mi.

Just as Xiangfei rushed to greet Cheng Yannan, he suddenly stopped and nearly fell over.

This was because he saw something and was completely surprised.

The President Cheng in front of him was not the usual cold and elegant president he knew. She was embarrassed and, without hesitating, dove headfirst into another person’s embrace. Furthermore, she was crying quite heavily and did not stop hitting the other person’s chest. She was crying so hard that the words that she was saying were all incomprehensible.

“Cou… Cousin.” When Su Xiangfei saw the man’s face, it was as if he saw a ghost. After a while, he finally got the words out of his mouth.

“Xiangfei, you have done quite well! I thought that you were going to bankrupt the Su Family Restaurant at the start.” After seeing his cousin who was seemingly in fear upon seeing himself, Tang Xiu laughed and greeted him.

“Cousin, it really is you! I thought that I was dreaming. After a few decades of not seeing you, you still look the exact same as before.” After seeing that Tang Xiu did not hate him, Su Xiangfei immediately started to smile upon being at peace.


“There are too many people in the restaurant. Yannan can’t possibly see people like this, so both of us won’t enter. If there’s anything, just call Yannan’s phone.” After seeing a few people who called out to Su Xiangfei walking out of the restaurant, Tang Xiu handed two red packets to Su Xiangfei and entered the car while holding onto Cheng Yannan.

When Su Shangwen, Zhang Meiyun, and Xia Tao walked to the entrance, they only saw Tang Xiu and Cheng Yannan’s back.

“Fei’er, was that Cheng Yannan just then? Since she’s here, why didn’t she come in?” Zhang Meiyun asked with a tone of uncertainty as she watched the car leave.

“Mhm. That was my cousin and Cheng Yannan. Since there’s a lot of people at the restaurant, it wasn’t good for them to show their faces, so they left after giving me their presents.” Su Xiangfei wasn’t quite himself as he handed the red packets to Xia Tao.

“Was Cheng Yannan not here to attend Teacher Xia’s event? Why was it not good?” Su Shangwen asked. However, as soon as he finished that sentence, he suddenly realized something. “Who else did you say was here with her? Was it Cheng Yannan’s older cousin?”

“It’s not Cheng Yannan’s older cousin, but my older cousin. It’s Tang Xiu, your nephew.” Su Xiangfei explained as he looked at his father’s confused expression.

“Ah… It’s him. Did Tang Xiu not go to Heaven already? When did he come back? Well, since he’s back, why didn’t he come and greet us?” After confirming his guess, an incredulous expression appeared on Su Shangwen’s face.

Although other people did not know what had happened to Tang Xiu and his family, the people close to him knew that Tang Xiu was not a normal person and was a successful cultivator and an Immortal. They had all ascended to the Immortal World a few decades ago.

Su Shangwen thought that once they ascended, they wouldn’t be able to return here. This was also the reason why even though he thought the man’s silhouette looked familiar, he didn’t link it to Tang Xiu.


“Dad, Tang Xiu is not the same as us. The reason behind his appearance is probably to see whether or not the Su Family Restaurant still existed. At the same time, he probably also wanted to take Cheng Yannan to that place.” As he thought about Tang Xiu’s personality and his way of doing things, Su Xiangfei became disheartened. Tang Xiu did teach Su Xiangfei the way to cultivate and as a result, he was much stronger than the average person. However, because Tang Xiu did not provide him with cultivation resources, it was impossible for him to ascend to the Immortal World unless there were special circumstances that allowed him to do so.

“Haha, Tang Xiu also came. If my dad heard this, he would surely be overjoyed.” After a while, Xia Tao finally understood what Su Shangwen and Su Xiangfei were talking about. He was extremely excited upon seeing the messages on the two red packets. Then, with the red packets in his hands, he ran into the restaurant.

“Our family offended and treated Su Lingyun and Tang Xiu so badly back then, and yet, they were so kind as to save us from being thrown into jail and gave us the restaurant, which helped us prosper and live luxurious lives. What can we complain about? If Xiu’er doesn’t wish to meet us, then there must still be scars in his heart. As long as we take care of the restaurant and take care of the Su family properly, then I think Xiu’er will definitely forgive us one day.” Zhang Meiyun felt ashamed when she recalled the past events.

Zhang Meiyun was correct. Although Su Lingyun was a kind person and had already forgiven Su Shangwen and his family, Tang Xiu could not. This was also why Tang Xiu immediately left upon seeing Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun.

Actually, Tang Xiu had already been at the restaurant for a while. The sight of such a crowd outside of the restaurant already scared him. After understanding the situation, he thought about going inside and greeting his past teachers and classmates.

However, he dismissed this notion. After all, he no longer belonged to this world. As long as they were happy, it was enough for him. It was completely unnecessary for him to disturb their peaceful lives.

As for being discovered by Cheng Yannan, that was a complete coincidence. Tang Xiu was standing in a secretive area and he even used a technique to hide from normal people. No average person would have been able to see him.

However, Cheng Yannan was not a normal person. Not only did she awaken her special abilities, she even trained at the Nine Dragons Island. As the years passed, Long Zhengyu also provided her with an abundance of cultivation resources, which allowed her to become a cultivator in the early stages of the Crossing Tribulation Stage. Other people may not have been able to see Tang Xiu, but Cheng Yannan quickly found him.

When Tang Xiu realized that Cheng Yannan’s fervent eyes were on him with feelings of longing written all over her face, he thought about avoiding her, but in the end, he didn’t. As a result, Cheng Yannan dove headfirst into his chest.

“Tang Xiu, don’t ever leave me behind again! Wherever you go, I will go!”


“In all these years, I have already made all the necessary preparations. I have properly trained and nurtured Su Yaning. She can definitely take over the Magnificent Tang Corporation from me.”

After entering the car, Cheng Yannan couldn’t help but tell Tang Xiu of her thoughts.

He felt the sincerity of her words and feelings. As a result, his heart was warmed. He didn’t say anything, and instead, lowered his head gently and kissed her tender lips.

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