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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1431 - Myriad Realms (1): Master’s Fail-Safe, Fortune-Blessed Disciple

Chapter 1431: Myriad Realms (1): Master’s Fail-Safe, Fortune-Blessed Disciple

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After entering the World Core, Tang Xiu actually saw his master, Free and Unfettered Supreme God. He, too, was as stupefied as Tang Xiu, but he called out to Tang Xiu with a genial smile on his face in the next moment.

“My disciple, aren’t you are surprised to see your master here?”

Tang Xiu could feel that his master was happy to see him from his face.

“Master, can you tell what the World Core is exactly? And why does it have a smidgen of divine sense that you have left behind?” Tang Xiu greeted his master respectfully and voiced out his curiosity.

“The World Core is also known as the Myriad Realms Core, and the person who has it can control the myriad realms. The reason why my divine sense is present here is that I obtained the World Core once.” The Free and Unfettered Supreme God remained silent for a while after hearing Tang Xiu’s question and also revealed a sad look on his face before he answered the question gloomily.

“Didn’t the myth say it’s only possible to control the Immortal World by refining the World Core?” Tang Xiu was shocked by the Free and Unfettered Supreme God’s revelation, so he failed to notice the abnormal expression on his master’s face.

“What you’re referring to is just a myth. Aren’t there always people who take rumors seriously?” The Free and Unfettered Supreme God sighed. “Do you know the history of the World Core? While the twelve Supreme Gods engaged in the Battle of Ruin, they actually extracted the divinity vein of the primogenitor star and then stripped it from all its cultivation resources as well. After that, they spent another thousand years creating a divine item and then transplanted this divinity vein into it.

“This divine item doesn’t just have the primogenitor star’s divinity vein, it also contains all the heavenly laws comprehended by the twelve Supreme Gods as well as their subordinate God-Kings, God-Monarchs, God-Emperors, God-Sovereigns and Supreme Gods. The ambitions of the twelve Supreme Gods don’t just lie in controlling the God Realm, they wish to control the myriad realms and proclaim themselves as the rulers of all realms.

“Refining the World Core is equivalent to obtaining countless cultivation resources as well as gaining control of countless heavenly laws that allow the person to control the God Realm, Immortal World, Demon Realm, Void Realm, Asura Realm, and the other realms. Unfortunately, I saw through their schemes, but they besieged me after I obtained the World Core.

“While battling with the twelve Supreme Gods, I destroyed all the heavenly laws of the God-Kings, God-Monarchs, God-Emperors, God-Sovereigns and Supreme Gods and also messed up the heavenly laws of the twelve Supreme Gods intentionally, using an ultimate divine power to send the World Core to the Immortal World.”

“In the following years, I was pursued by the twelve Supreme Gods endlessly and simply didn’t have any time to look for the World Core. The twelve Supreme Gods should have also sent their incarnations to the Immortal World to look for the World Core, but since I had messed up their heavenly laws within the World Core, they found it very difficult to find it with just their incarnations.

“As they couldn’t find the World Core, the twelve Supreme Gods released a mission in the God Realm and requested the help of all deities to look for the World Core, but they didn’t reveal the truth about the World Core to anyone.”

After listening to the Free and Unfettered Supreme God’s words, Tang Xiu was deeply shaken by the truth.

The rumors he had heard about the World Core were actually all false as it wasn’t the core of the Immortal World and was instead an ultimate divine item that could control the myriad realms. It wasn’t an item of the Immortal World and was instead a treasure of the God Realm created by the combined efforts of the twelve Supreme Gods.

After its creation, other than the twelve Supreme Gods and the Free and Unfettered Supreme God, only five people had ever come into contact with the World Core, and one among them was an almighty deity who had crossed over to the Immortal World. Although he hadn’t refined the World Core entirely and just comprehended a few heavenly laws within the World Core, it allowed him to expand the Immortal World by several million times and establish the strongest force there.

This deity obviously knew some secrets of the World Core, so he was often dissatisfied by the power he had obtained from it and was eliminated by the backlash of the heavenly laws in the end.

After the almighty deity, the next person to obtain the World Core was an almighty asura. He refined a section of the World Core because of a fortuitous encounter and almost ascended to the God Realm by relying on it, but at the crucial moment, he entered a state of cultivation deviation under the mental hints of the divine sense left behind by the Free and Unfettered Supreme God and perished eternally.

After that, the World Core passed through the hands of Ji Mu and Duanmu Lin before falling into Tang Xiu’s hands in the end. As Ji Mu and Duanmu Lin’s cultivation was too low, they never had a chance to refine the World Core, and only Tang Xiu who could use divine force managed to do it.

“My disciple, you’re quite fortunate to have obtained the World Core because my divine sense would have disappeared after three years. So, even if you obtained the World Core three years later, it would have been quite difficult for you to truly obtain it.” Seeing that Tang Xiu was still reflecting over the story behind the World Core, the Free and Unfettered Supreme God didn’t disturb him and instead waited for him to digest the information before he continued speaking.

“Since you have obtained my legacy as well as the World Core, let me do one last thing for you as your master,” the Free and Unfettered Supreme God waved his hands as he spoke and formed an esoteric symbol in the void. “The twelve Supreme Gods really believed that I destroyed all the heavenly laws except theirs, but how could I be willing to destroy such a nearly perfect divine item?”

The Free and Unfettered God revealed a pleased smile on his face and said, “This old man is proud of three things in his entire life. The first thing is creating the Free and Unfettered Divine Path and fooling the twelve Supreme Gods. The second thing is acting like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and seizing the World Core from the hands of the twelve Supreme Gods and playing a trick on the World Core and deceiving the twelve Supreme Gods. Those poor fellows didn’t know who stole the World Core to the very end. The third is actually taking down seven of the twelve Supreme Gods along with me.”

The old man let out a burst of bold and magnificent laughter within the pocket world, and even Tang Xiu felt restless after hearing his words as the three feats performed by the Free and Unfettered Supreme God were all major world-shaking events that benefited everyone.

The chaotic pocket world gradually gained colors along with old man’s laughter as a series of heavenly laws that embodied the ultimate divine powers emerged one after the other, followed by a rich amount of divine origin force that permeated the entire pocket world rapidly.

Tang Xiu just took a single breath of air and felt the bottleneck of his cultivation relax a little and his understanding and control over this world to deepen.

“My disciple, refining the World Core will allow your cultivation to soar by three stages, so I’m not worried about your cultivation right now. However, you must remember to avenge me by getting rid of the remaining five Supreme Gods and their immoral subordinates after your cultivation progresses and restore order to the God Realm.”

The Free and Unfettered Supreme God’s voice echoed in his ears while Tang Xiu observed the changes within the World Core inquisitively.

It was also at this time Tang Xiu noticed that the image of the Free and Unfettered Supreme God was dissipating slowly and his voice was also becoming more and more illusory.

“Master!” Tang Xiu’s eyes welled up with tears when he recalled everything this old man had done for him and he couldn’t help but call out to him loudly.

Unfortunately, the divine sense of the Free and Unfettered God had already weakened a lot over these years. Having already expended his remaining energy after unsealing the heavenly laws and the primogenitor star’s divinity vein in the World Core, he dissipated thoroughly from this world.

“Master, your disciple shall fulfill your desire and eliminate the remnants of the twelve Supreme Gods for you and restore order to the God Realm.” Tang Xiu enunciated his words while silently kowtowing towards the region where the Free and Unfettered Supreme God had dissipated.

After calming down, Tang Xiu began to analyze the interior of the World Core solemnly.

After the Free and Unfettered God had cast the spell, the World Core had changed into an entirely different appearance.

Although the former World Core was also filled with heavenly laws and had a rich amount of divine origin force, the world inside the World Core was just a chaotic space. He wasn’t able to see anything three meters away from him and also couldn’t investigate it with his divine sense.

However, the current World Core was filled with blue skies full of white clouds as well as mountains and rivers. It was now possible to clearly see the location of the divinity vein, the length and thickness of the loci of all heavenly laws, and the numerous cultivation resources present in this world.

“9th-Grade Amethyst Mushroom, Divine Yin Flower, Blazing Yang Spirit Leaf, Frostflame Soul Consolidation Fruit, and Resurrection Devil Fruit. Hahaha. All the items required for reviving Old Sycamore and Eagle are present here.” Tang Xiu felt really pleased as he had found all the items required for resurrecting Old Sycamore and Eagle after taking a few steps around the pocket world.

According to his plans, it would have taken at least several hundred more years for him to gather all these items.

Tang Xiu couldn’t wait to refine the divine herbs in the cauldron after collecting the divine herbs.

However, he felt a rumbling sound from his sea of consciousness when he took out the pill cauldron and his cultivation broke through the bottleneck of the Ancient God Stage and progressed into the God-King Stage momentarily.

The originally tame divine force present in the World Core had now turned violent after the Free and Unfettered Supreme God’s spell and poured inside Tang Xiu’s body crazily. The rich energy present in the World Core became even more violent after Tang Xiu stepped forward and almost crammed inside his body forcefully, so he broke through to the God-King Stage without any sign at all.

The violent undulations of the energy present in the World Core didn’t weaken even though Tang Xiu had become a God-King and slammed against his meridians and flesh fiercely. His cultivation also soared up like a rocket and progressed through the early, middle, late, and peak God-King Stage, and, followed by an unshackling sound, Tang Xiu’s cultivation had now reached the God-Monarch Stage.

In just half-an-incense stick’s worth of time, Tang Xiu’s cultivation had progressed from the God-King Stage to the God-Monarch Stage, which was an unprecedented speed of cultivation even in the God Realm.

However, the matter had yet to end. The rich energy present in the World Core kept flooding Tang Xiu’s body even after he broke through to the God-Monarch Stage and wreaked havoc inside his body.

The same phenomenon occurred again. His cultivation progressed from the early, middle, late, and peak God-Monarch Stage. In just 4 hours, he had broken through to the God-Emperor Stage.

After he became a God-Emperor, the pace with which the energy of the World Core poured into Tang Xiu’s body slowed down by a lot, and 6 hours later, the energy stopped flooding his body. Tang Xiu was a peak-stage God-Emperor by now and just a step away from breaking through to the God-Sovereign Stage.

This sudden progression in cultivation had spooked Tang Xiu, and after making sure that it hadn’t left any sequelae in his body and divine sense multiple times, he sighed in relief and began preparing to resurrect Old Sycamore and Eagle.

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