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Reverend Insanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1290 - Truce Between Shadow Sect and Fang Yuan?

Chapter 1290: Truce Between Shadow Sect and Fang Yuan?

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On the dark stone wall, eerie flames were burning.

The flames were not big, they were like fireflies or lanterns in size.

They were green flames that were cold and icy, the pale flames reflected on the faces of Purple Mountain True Monarch, Ying Wu Xie, Bai Ning Bing, and Hei Lou Lan.

Being the first to leave the Reverse Flow River battle, they were brought here by Purple Mountain True Monarch.

But after that, Purple Mountain True Monarch returned to a state of insanity.

Looking at Purple Mountain True Monarch, who was nibbling on his toes, Bai Ning Bing sneered at Ying Wu Xie: “This is your plan? This is the rank eight great expert who will kill Fang Yuan?”

In this trip to Snowy Mountain blessed land, even though Ying Wu Xie saved Purple Mountain True Monarch, he lost a lot, Shi Nu and Tai Bai Yun Sheng died in battle.

Hei Lou Lan was silent.

This rank eight Gu Immortal was unreliable.

But due to Shadow Sect’s alliance agreement, Hei Lou Lan kept quiet.

Ying Wu Xie was mocked by Bai Ning Bing, but his expression remained the same.

After so many setbacks, he had gained a disposition of being calm no matter the situation.

He slowly spoke: “I underestimated Fang Yuan, to think that he would refine perseverance Immortal Gu and become the Reverse Flow River Lord. No wonder heaven’s will chose him as a tool. This person can only be killed, he cannot be defeated.”

Ying Wu Xie praised Fang Yuan without hesitation.

Even though they were enemies, Ying Wu Xie had an open mind, he admitted that Fang Yuan had both the advantage and superior strength.

Bai Ning Bing snorted coldly, thinking about the scene where Fang Yuan conquered Reverse Flow River, she no longer said anything.

In the tiny cave, only Purple Mountain True Monarch’s screaming echoed throughout the place.

A moment later, Purple Mountain True Monarch stopped shouting, his tiny body shook before he stood up calmly.

He straightened his back, clarity returning to his eyes.

“Lord, you are awake!” Ying Wu Xie was overjoyed, he quickly got closer.

Purple Mountain True Monarch held his forehead, feeling pain in his head, his expression was distorting from the pain.

“Earlier in Reverse Flow River, I forced myself to awaken, thus it was only for a moment. But now is different, I have quite some time left. How long has it been? How did the battle end?”

“It has already been half a month. Fang Yuan escaped Northern Plains through the regional wall, I assume he entered Eastern Sea. After all, he has some foundation in Eastern Sea. As for the battle, the result has yet to be determined. Central Continent’s Gu Immortals wanted to leave, but Old Ancestor Xue Hu pursued them, during the dangerous situation, an Immortal Gu House descended from the sky, as both parties went to fight in white heaven.” Ying Wu Xie answered.

Purple Mountain True Monarch nodded: “This time, Central Continent’s Gu Immortals will likely lose, in the past, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable chose Northern Plains as his domain, how could he not make arrangements here? For example, none of Longevity Heaven’s rank eight Gu Immortals have shown up yet.”

“Lord, what do we do from now on?” Ying Wu Xie asked.

He was once in charge of Shadow Sect, now that Purple Mountain True Monarch woke up, this rank eight great expert was naturally going to lead Shadow Sect, Ying Wu Xie had to step down.

Purple Mountain True Monarch was about to speak when the sound of winds echoed in this cave.

Next, the eerie fire on the cave walls started flickering intensely, as if a strong wind was blowing.

Purple Mountain True Monarch’s gaze flickered: “I arranged this cave as one of our escape methods. These eerie fires were nurtured by me to create a natural Gu formation, it allows us to defend against deductions from others. When I was insane, how many times did they flicker?”

“A hundred and seven times.” Bai Ning Bing said plainly.

“I am afraid Fang Yuan’s deductions are included in this. His investigative killer move can use the profundities of luck path and find our locations. Even inside an immortal aperture, we cannot hide from him.” Ying Wu Xie said grimly.

Purple Mountain True Monarch nodded: “Fang Yuan is indeed worthy of being the person nurtured by heaven’s will, as the crucial key to deal with our Shadow Sect. This person is very daring and has incredible talent, his willpower is unparalleled, he is truly an absolute genius seen once in ten thousand years.”

Purple of Shadow Sect actually gave Fang Yuan such a high evaluation.

But the three Gu Immortals present were silent, they agreed with Purple Mountain True Monarch’s words.

Purple Mountain True Monarch continued: “And now, our plan is to reach a truce with Fang Yuan.”

These were shocking words.

“What, a truce?” Ying Wu Xie and the rest were shocked.

“Is that very strange?” Purple Mountain True Monarch looked at the three.

He was very clear of the current situation. When he woke up, Ying Wu Xie had used information path methods to inform Purple Mountain True Monarch of everything he knew.

“You are all too young, you know too little. Our biggest enemy now is not Fang Yuan but Heavenly Court.” Purple Mountain True Monarch shook his head, looking at Ying Wu Xie: “Do you think rescuing our main body’s soul is easy? Other than the super Gu formation in Southern Border, and that giant dream realm, I can assure you that when we strike, Heavenly Court will interfere! Like on Yi Tian Mountain, they used Heaven Overseeing Tower and attempted to thwart our plan. Or like this time, when they went to Snowy Mountain blessed land to save Ma Hong Yun.”

Ying Wu Xie’s expression was grim: “Lord, I considered that before, but our main body is in great danger, he is trapped by the dream realm and is being consumed by it, that’s why I was so anxious…”

“That is exactly why we need to cooperate with Fang Yuan.” Purple Mountain True Monarch added.

“Firstly, Fang Yuan’s strength is already extraordinary, that immortal killer move alone can stand up to rank eight Gu Immortals.”

“Secondly, Fang Yuan is a complete otherworldly demon, he is listed on the Demon Judgment Board, and is a common enemy of Heavenly Court.”

“Finally, cooperating is a win-win situation for us. Our Shadow Sect has huge amounts of cultivation resources, while he has the killer move to unravel dreams, he can help us conquer the giant dream realm and save our main body’s soul.”

Ying Wu Xie frowned deeply, he cast aside his personal emotions and tried to consider the possibility of this.

But soon, he expressed his worries: “Fang Yuan is scheming and vicious, he thinks of us as huge threats, he wants to eliminate us all. Now that he is the Reverse Flow River Lord, he is already able to contest with rank eight existences. We desperately need methods to unravel dreams, while he needs cultivation resources less urgently. It is hard for us to cooperate.”

Purple Mountain True Monarch nodded: “You are completely right, but do you know about the biggest flaw of the sovereign immortal body?”

“What do you mean? You mean the non-conflicting dao marks of the sovereign immortal body?” Ying Wu Xie asked in confusion.

“Of course not. Non-conflicting dao marks are the sovereign immortal body’s biggest advantage, far surpassing the weaknesses that they bring. What I mean is that hidden problem!” Purple Mountain True Monarch shook his head.

“There is an important hidden problem?” Ying Wu Xie was shocked.

“Our original plan was to refine a rank ten sovereign immortal fetus Gu. Only rank ten sovereign immortal fetus Gu can be considered perfect without any flaws. But evidently, we only refined a rank nine version, that huge drawback has not shown itself yet, but it will force Fang Yuan to cooperate with us regardless.” Purple Mountain True Monarch said.

The sovereign immortal body had a major flaw!

As for what flaw it was that made Purple Mountain True Monarch so certain that it would restrict Fang Yuan?

Ying Wu Xie and the rest were curious, but Purple Mountain True Monarch did not answer it.

At the same time, Purple Mountain True Monarch had his own questions and suspicions.


“From Ying Wu Xie’s information, our sect refined sovereign immortal fetus Gu very hurriedly. It is not like our original plan.”

“What is the reason that made our main body act so urgently?”

“It seems that alongside getting in contact with Fang Yuan, I need to make a trip to the River of Time!”

Eastern Sea.

Above the blue sea, Fang Yuan rapidly moved through the white clouds, his target was Southern Border.

“Happening again!” While flying, Fang Yuan’s expression changed.

He could sense that the power of Dark Limit on him was rapidly consumed. This consumption was so fast that it was going to be used up soon.

Evidently, a great expert was deducing matters about him.

When he saw that no one was around, Fang Yuan quickly placed his immortal aperture.

After entering the immortal aperture, isolating him from the outside world, and preventing the deduction of the other party, Fang Yuan’s danger of getting exposed was alleviated.

Fang Yuan sighed.

After the battle of Reverse Flow River, he was met with countless deductions.

Liu Guan Yi’s identity became extremely famous.

Not just Northern Plains and Central Continent, even Eastern Sea, Southern Border, and Western Desert Gu Immortals were very curious about Liu Guan Yi, they wanted to deduce more information about him.

Liu Guan Yi was a fake identity, but he was still Fang Yuan.

This way, Fang Yuan endured all of the pressure.

Even with dark limit Immortal Gu, he had to constantly stop and hide inside his immortal aperture.

Along the way, Fang Yuan met with about four to five hundred deductions.

This greatly interfered with his traveling, he had to constantly stop, and resulted in him still being in Eastern Sea now.

With his usual speed, he would be in Southern Border already.

“If not for dark limit Immortal Gu, the situation would be worse.”

“However, it is to be expected that I created such a huge commotion. After all, people are putting me in the same class as Feng Jiu Ge.”

“When I destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and Imperial Court blessed land, I had Shadow Sect’s help and felt no pressure, but now I do. It seems that getting an immortal killer move to deal with these deductions is necessary.”

Fang Yuan was a wisdom path grandmaster, deducing an immortal killer move was not impossible. But it would not be as easy as creating reverse flow protection seal.

After all, when deducing reverse flow protection seal, there were many elements involved other than his water path attainment level.

Most importantly, he had the appropriate Immortal Gu along with a strong foundation, thus he met with no problems.

But currently, the Immortal Gu that suited this was Dark Limit, it was not wisdom path but dark path instead.

Fang Yuan’s dark path attainment level was not outstanding.

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