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Reverend Insanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1292 - Attitude Gu’s Problem

Chapter 1292: Attitude Gu’s Problem

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Fang Yuan’s gaze was flickering.

Shadow Sect’s letter was out of his expectations.

But thinking about it, it was completely logical.

In the battle of Reverse Flow River, even though Fang Yuan did not obtain a lot of cultivation resources, his battle strength rose drastically, he was at the level of the strongest person under rank eight, on par with Feng Jiu Ge.

The increase in his battle strength gave rise to his heightened status.

Actually, before this letter, he also received others.

Like the one from Chu Du. Chu Du spoke very politely in the letter, congratulating Fang Yuan for his victory and expressing regret at not being there. Next, he talked about his own situation, Chu Sect was now Chu tribe, and the supreme elders were now all external supreme elders. The disciples of Chu Du were his god-children now, and finally, Chu Du talked about his own difficulties, because he created a tribe and became part of the righteous path, he had to expel Fang Yuan from Chu Sect. This was not his own wish, he was forced to do so.

There was also one from the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics. Other than congratulating Fang Yuan, they invited him enthusiastically to explore Crazed Demon Cave. They said: Even if Northern Plains did not welcome him, Crazed Demon Cave would always be his home. These words were very mushy, it showed their brand new attitude towards him.

Regarding Longevity Heaven, they were putting up arrest warrants for Fang Yuan. After all, he killed Ma Hong Yun.

However, Liu tribe and Ye Lui tribe, who were pursuing Fang Yuan earlier, had quietened down.

Fang Yuan’s battle strength shocked them completely. They quickly recalled the members they sent out to find him.

Instead, they were afraid that Fang Yuan would take revenge on them. After all, Fang Yuan’s strength was incredibly famous in Northern Plains now, well beyond Chu Du.

“And now, Shadow Sect has sent a letter seeking cooperation. Hehe.”

“Shadow Sect has a rank eight Gu Immortal, but he has a major weakness, he becomes insane at times.” Fang Yuan thought about it, he had fought Purple Mountain True Monarch in Reverse Flow River, he learned something about his condition.

Actually, if Fang Yuan did not refine perseverance Gu and create the immortal killer move reverse flow protection seal, he would have likely lost in the battle of Reverse Flow River, he would have fallen into Ying Wu Xie’s trap.

All along, Shadow Sect’s remnant forces were Fang Yuan’s biggest threat. Heaven’s will set an arrangement using Fang Yuan to steal sovereign immortal fetus Gu, causing Fang Yuan and Shadow Sect to have unresolvable enmity.

If Shadow Sect wanted to refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu again, they would follow a method similar to what Old Ancestor Xue Hu was using to refine Fortune Rivalling Heaven, he used Ma Hong Yun as the main material for the Gu refinement.

If Fang Yuan ended up in Shadow Sect’s hands, he would not escape that fate, he would be used as the immortal material for that Gu refinement, he would be better off dead.

But now, Fang Yuan’s strength grew to a point where he could stand up to rank eight Gu Immortals, thus, Shadow Sect sought cooperation with him.

This difference in attitude made Fang Yuan sigh deeply.

Reverse flow protection seal was like a weaker Immortal Gu House, he could be unscathed against rank eights, this gave Fang Yuan a lot of confidence.

“But cooperating with Shadow Sect is like walking on a tightrope!”

Even though Sixth Hair was saying the truth, and the reasons he gave were legitimate, there were indeed benefits to all of them if they cooperated. Disregarding anything else, just the soul path trap in Fang Yuan’s immortal zombie body, and the secret of the sovereign immortal body, could be settled if they cooperated.

However, Fang Yuan could not trust Shadow Sect!

It was still the same problem.

Fang Yuan and Shadow Sect could not trust each other.

They were mortal enemies, how could they easily turn into allies?

Even if they were rational people who prioritized benefits, the basis of cooperation between Gu Immortals was not a person’s reputation, but their information path methods instead.

However, Fang Yuan was lacking in information path, this was his weakness. And Shadow Sect possessed powerful information path methods.

Spectral Soul was a great grandmaster in all paths, ignoring everything else, just looking at Zombie Alliance and the organization ‘Defy’ in Central Continent, they had used very powerful information path methods. Any organization was built upon the basis of alliance agreements.

Fang Yuan could not trust Shadow Sect and did not dare to. If by cooperating, he was plotted against by them using information path methods, he would be an idiot.

However, Fang Yuan did not reject them.

He sent back a letter to probe Shadow Sect’s sincerity. In the letter, he listed a request — Give me attitude Gu directly if you want to cooperate.

Speaking of which, even though Fang Yuan had been using attitude Gu all along, it was not his, it was borrowed from Hei Lou Lan.

Back then, when lending the Immortal Gu, both sides had an agreement, there was a time when he needed to return it.

If he went past the time limit, Fang Yuan would not be able to use attitude Gu. That was because Hei Lou Lan’s will was inside attitude Gu, not Fang Yuan’s.

And now, there was little time until the deadline.

Attitude Gu was a legendary Gu worm that could be used with mental energy alone, it had outstanding effects with relatively low costs. Ever since Fang Yuan obtained it, he had passed many difficulties with its huge help. Even though attitude Gu had no offensive methods, it was legendary in the support aspect, it had unlimited uses.

Without attitude Gu, the influence on Fang Yuan would be huge.

Firstly, familiar face would be unusable. Even though Fang Yuan could use his transformation path grandmaster attainment level to redesign this immortal killer move, without that rank eight core, the entire immortal killer move would weaken severely. The chance of getting exposed when he pretended to be Wu Yi Hai would be huge, it was very dangerous.

“If I can use this opportunity to resolve attitude Gu’s problem, that would be best.” Fang Yuan was feeling somewhat hopeful.

It was about time, Fang Yuan used dark limit Immortal Gu to increase its effect on him.

Next, he stored his immortal aperture and set off.

Towards the southwest direction.

Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

Inside the hall, Fairy Zi Wei sat as she used her immortal killer move.

Her entire body was emitting faint purple smoke from all of her pores.

She was using wisdom path methods to deduce.

Soon after, Fairy Zi Wei’s forehead was full of sweat as she opened her eyes.

“I have already used seven killer moves, but I could not deduce the location of our Gu Immortals.” Fairy Zi Wei sighed.

Central Continent’s Gu Immortals attacked Northern Plains, after the battle of Reverse Flow River, Fang Yuan fled the scene as Central Continent fought against Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Longevity Heaven in an intense battle.

Central Continent wanted to reinforce them and send help.

But this first batch of Central Continent Gu Immortals had gone missing in black heaven. Fairy Zi Wei could not deduce their locations, how could she save them? There was nowhere to send these reinforcements to!

Duke Long beside her opened his eyes.

He was still very weak, he was thin and frail like an old man.

“It seems that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable made many arrangements in Northern Plains, have you deduced Liu Guan Yi’s location?” Duke Long asked.

Fairy Zi Wei shook her head: “He seems to have defensive methods to resist wisdom path deductions, but they are not strong. However, we know too little about him. If we had some crucial information, he would be exposed to us.”

Duke Long heard this and nodded, after a while, he spoke: “So be it, continue deducing the location of our Gu Immortals, as well as Liu Guan Yi. Also, send me to Hidden Dragon Cave.”

Eastern Sea.

Fang Yuan sighed helplessly, he had to place his immortal aperture down again.

Liu Guan Yi was famous in all five regions, Dark Limit’s power was constantly being consumed on Fang Yuan’s body, at a rapid rate.

To maintain his secret, Fang Yuan had to stop many times.

His immortal aperture’s entrance opened, he drew in large amounts of heaven and earth qi.

The sovereign immortal body could absorb heaven and earth qi from all five regions.

Ordinary Gu Immortals could only absorb the heaven and earth qi of their region, if they placed their aperture in other regions, even though they could absorb it forcefully, because of the differing heaven and earth qi, their immortal apertures would shake and many resources would be destroyed.

Right now, the sovereign immortal aperture had too many resources, along with desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts. Each time he absorbed heaven and earth qi, the commotion was huge, it was like a typhoon occurring.

Especially after he obtained Reverse Flow River, this secluded domain of heaven and earth had a heavy burden on the immortal aperture.

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