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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 608: It’s Possible That Yun Bixue’s Parents Are Alive

Chapter 608: It’s Possible That Yun Bixue’s Parents Are Alive

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Old Lady Shen became even paler from this blow, her face drained completely of blood. She wanted to push the button by her bedside to call the doctor over—she no longer wanted to face these people.

Xie Limo was not someone a normal person could deal with. Just by sitting there, he had already made her fear him from the depths of her heart.

She remembered that time when Yun Bixue went back to the Yun family and broke things around the house in a crazed manner. She was going to find someone to torment Yun Bixue, but Xie Limo arrived and brought her away. That lad casually sat in the messy living room as he negotiated, with bribes and threats, in a way that people couldn’t reject.

Xie Limo raised his brow before saying, “Old Lady Shen, do you want to call for the doctor? Do you need me to help you? Is it because you think you can avoid saying anything once the doctor comes?”

Xie Limo’s casual inquiries caused Old Lady Shen to shiver involuntarily several times. “No… No…”

“Then it’s better for you to start talking. Otherwise, I would bring your son, Yun Muzhong, to you.”

Old Lady Shen tried to look at Old Master Yun to see his expression, but he just sat there with his eyes closed.

This caused Old Lady Shen to become even more dissatisfied, but with another sweep of Xie Limo’s glance, she grew afraid. Yun Muzhong was her only son. Even if he would not see her again, he was still her son and her weakness.

Old Lady Shen finally talked about what happened back then. “I said it was at the beach, but I did not actually find any traces of Yun Chenghai and his wife.”

Yun Bixue reacted agitatedly after hearing those words. Her heart was pounding madly, so much so that it felt like it was going to jump out of her chest. What she just heard was so staggering that it almost caused her to faint.

Yun Bixue grabbed Old Lady Shen’s shoulders and looked her in the eye before asking, “So it’s possible that they’re still alive?” She was truly frightened and anxious. She hoped to hear the confirmation that her parents were still alive.

Old Master Yun stood up suddenly and stared at her with widened eyes. His heart was pounding as well. This news concerned his son and daughter-in-law, so how could it not?

When Old Master Yun stood up, he almost fainted. Luckily, Xie Limo was fast enough to help him stabilize his footing. As he patted Old Master Yun’s back, he whispered, “Grandfather, don’t be so anxious. Take a deep breath and calm down.”

After that, he looked at Yun Bixue and said, “Xue, calm down and let her finish.”

Old Lady Shen saw how anxious the two of them were, so she considered not telling them, but after seeing Xie Limo’s dangerous glare, she could only continue with a stuttering voice. “I don’t know either… I-I didn’t find any information about them that time… But there was the insurance… F-For that few hundred thousand dollars, I found two corpses that no one had claimed to pass off as Yun Chenghai and his wife… And buried them…”

Yun Bixue gasped and started strangling Old Lady Shen. “For a few hundred thousand dollars, you… You actually…” Yun Bixue’s anguish was so intense that she wanted to kill Old Lady Shen right there and then.

All her emotions surged up and went haywire. After suffering for so many years, every time she paid respects to them, they were all…

Choking sounds from Old Lady Shen were heard. Seeing that Old Lady Shen was going to suffocate, Xie Limo pulled Yun Bixue away from her and pulled her into his embrace. He comforted her dearly and said, “Don’t be sad. Please don’t. This means that your parents might be alive, so it’s a happy thing, isn’t it?”

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