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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 949: She Has Good Judgment

Chapter 949: She Has Good Judgment

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Yun Bixue wanted to retract her hand, but seeing how Su Lenghan was visibly shaking and holding on to her hand, she pursed her lips and could only remain stiffly where she sat.

She did not know why, but when she saw his white hairs, thin frame, and hunched back, she could not help feeling sad for him.

She thought that she would hate him in the past. Afterwards, she realized that when a person truly found happiness, everything in the past would fade away. You would be grateful for your past experiences, which helped you grow and mature. Once you let go of your hatred, you would also hope for that person to find his happiness.

However, not only did Su Lenghan not find his happiness, he actually ended up in a tragic state. She could no longer stand at the sidelines without helping him.

Su Lenghan held Yun Bixue’s hand as tears started flowing out of his eyes. He kept his head down as he said, “Bixue, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” He kept on shaking his head, keeping his head low. Tears smothered his vision, yet he was still unable to voice out the sadness and regret in his heart.

He knew that aside from this time, he might never get another chance to be so close to her.

He knew that Yun Bixue was going to the capital and might even leave Country A. She would only go farther and farther, spreading her wings to fly like a phoenix.

They might never meet again, or even forget each other eventually.

He had treated her so ruthlessly in the past, yet she still helped him without holding any grudges. He was the blind and foolish one. She was the kindest and sweetest girl he had ever met. He buried his feelings deep in his heart, for he could never say them out loud again. However, at this moment, he really wanted to let loose. It was his way of seeking closure.

He had already thought of how he wanted to continue living his life.

However, he could not bear to leave her. He really wanted to see her once more.

After the call ended, Xie Limo had been standing outside the door and listening to their conversation. He did not speak a word, his exquisite expression cold and stern. However, he did not go in and interrupt them either.

The autumn breeze seeped in through the crevices of the windows. It was slightly chilly and brought a melancholic feeling with it, making the atmosphere in the room even more somber.

“Su Lenghan, you don’t need to apologize, really. Helping you is like helping the Su Family Organization. After all, I have shares in the company, and I still want my dividends. You don’t have to feel guilty.”

“No, it’s not guilt. Bixue, thank you. Sometimes, saying thank you is not enough. It’s really not enough.”

Yun Bixue did not really know how to console Su Lenghan. Anyone who encountered a situation like his would have easily broken down. She could only say calmly, “The Su family can only recover when you do. They all say that weak mothers would become strong for their children. You’re a father now, so you should stay strong for Yangyang and gather your spirits. Don’t you want to watch Yangyang grow up? And when she does, hand her over personally to the one she loves? You can even become a grandfather after that.”

When he thought of his daughter, Su Lenghan finally cheered up a little.

Yun Bixue also retracted her hand at that moment and started keeping the bowl and cutlery away.

Su Lenghan took a moment to calm down before he said, “Young Master Xie, you can come in now!”

Yun Bixue was confused. She turned and blinked as she watched Xie Limo enter the room.

Xie Limo’s initial cold glance melted after seeing Yun Bixue’s confused expression. He sighed inwardly as he knew he could not be angry with her. Once he was inside the room, he caressed her hair and went to sit beside her.

In a sincere voice, Su Lenghan said to Xie Limo, “Thank you. She has good judgment indeed.” As a man, he understood how men think. He could only say that Xie Limo had an unrivaled graciousness amongst men, not to mention that he treated Yun Bixue really well. It was truly admirable.

Xie Limo merely smiled and nodded his head.

Su Lenghan stared at Xie Limo. As a man, he could not help but praise him. He immediately cut to the chase and said, “Young Master Xie, I do have something that I need your help with. I want to hand the Su Family Organization over to you both.”

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