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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 950: Su Lenghan’s Future Plans

Chapter 950: Su Lenghan’s Future Plans

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A dark glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes as he listened.

Yun Bixue was shocked on the other hand. She opened her mouth and thought for a moment before she said, “Su Lenghan, you can’t say such things so casually. The Su Family Organization still needs you. Limo and I asked the doctor before, and he said your stomach should be fine after the surgery. As long as you watch your diet and rest properly, there should be no problems.”

Su Lenghan shook his head, looking a little desolate. He sighed and said, “I have been slogging for the Su Family Organization for so many years. Actually, my mind and body are tired of it. For once, I want to live for myself. I know that this is a very sudden request. After all, the Su Family Organization is nothing but a pile of a mess now.”

Su Lenghan pursed his lips before continuing, “But I believe that both of you are more than capable of reviving the Su Family Organization. I watched the news too. After this incident, the Su Family Organization’s stocks have started plummeting as well. I think only you, Yun Bixue, can pull the Su Family Organization back on track. Not only that, but you will become the biggest shareholder of the Su Family Organization. In fact, the Su family should have gone bust a long time ago. It was only because of your help that we managed to hold out until now.”

Xie Limo shook his head slightly and said in an elegant voice, “Su Lenghan, you don’t have to put yourself down.”

“No, I’m really asking you guys for this favor.”

Yun Bixue frowned. She did not understand what Su Lenghan was thinking and asked, “Don’t you care about your parents? What about Yangyang? She needs a better environment to grow up in!”

“I have already decided. I can only ask that you guys help me and grant me this wish.”

Yun Bixue was about to dissuade him again, but Xie Limo gently grasped her hand. His fingers moved slightly across the back of her hand, preventing Yun Bixue from saying what she was about to say.

Xie Limo asked calmly, “You thought of your plans for the future already?’

Su Lenghan looked out of the window. He could see a field with many trees outside, where many of the hospital’s patients strolled.

Su Lenghan watched them as his gaze became determined. “I asked someone to buy a house and an orchard in the countryside. My parents are tired too. I’m planning to bring them and Yangyang to live in the countryside.”

Yun Bixue’s heart shook. She frowned hard as she thought of how the Su family had always lived a comfortable life. Would they be able to adjust to life in the countryside? Especially for Mother Su. She could still remember how picky she was in the past. She was extremely picky about her food and clothes. How could they agree to Su Lenghan’s plan?

As if he read Yun Bixue’s mind, Su Lenghan explained, “My parents have let go of the past now. They only ask for our family to be healthy and safe. It’s pretty nice to live the rest of our lives simply too. Anyway, under your leadership, the countryside in Ning An City won’t be poor. Living a country life near the mountains and springs is something I look forward to now.”

At that very moment, Yun Bixue could see the glimmer that flashed across Su Lenghan’s eyes. She could tell from this glimmer that he was really intent on moving to the countryside.

Later, when they stepped out of the hospital, Xie Limo held Yun Bixue’s hand as they slowly walked. Seeing her sentimental expression, he squeezed her hand and said, “You really look like a sentimental Little Sister Lin[ 1 .”

Yun Bixue did not get annoyed. She turned and stared at Xie Limo as she said in a serious tone, “Xie Limo, thank goodness we’re always together. I feel that everything is ever-changing. We must really treasure the present.”

“You’re having more and more realizations these past few days.”

“Do you think my heart and thoughts aged?”

“What nonsense. You’re only twenty-five years old.”

Seeing Xie Limo’s indulgent expression, Yun Bixue smiled as well. She felt that she was too depressed in the hospital just now. Being together with her Mr. Xie was still the best. “We’ll have lots of things to do now. There’s no way we can go on a holiday now.”

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