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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 951: Mr. Xie is Extremely Possessive Too

Chapter 951: Mr. Xie is Extremely Possessive Too

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Xie Limo felt a ripple in his heart. He held Yun Bixue’s hand and said gently, “I will make it up to you in the future.”

“Honestly, I don’t really care if we can go on a holiday or not. As long as both of us are together, the scenery would be beautiful wherever we are.”

Yun Bixue’s words were indelibly etched in Xie Limo’s heart, as though it was ironed on.

Thinking suddenly of something else, Yun Bixue paused in her steps and turned to Xie Limo. “Why didn’t you come in when you ended the call outside just now?”

“To give both of you time.”

Yun Bixue chuckled lightly and said, “Xie Limo, you really have the magnanimity of a saint.”

Hearing Yun Bixue’s teasing words, Xie Limo pulled her along as he walked ahead. He had a faint smile on his face as he said, “My wife, you think too highly of your Mr. Xie.”

“Does this mean that you don’t like it when I’m alone with someone else?”

Xie Limo lightly bopped her nose and replied, “Do you want to see me jealous so badly? I know you two are not like before, and you have no feelings for him. Even if you have, it’s also because my dear wife is kind. The only feelings you have left for him would be that of friendship.”

Yun Bixue asked him in a serious tone, “Don’t you think I’m doing this for the Su Family Organization?”

“Even if you said this to Su Lenghan, do you think he will believe you? If you really want the Su Family Organization, you wouldn’t wait until now.”

“Yeah, you still understand me the most. That’s not fair, you know. You understand me so much, but I don’t really understand much about you.”

Xie Limo caressed Yun Bixue’s hand. “Then I’ll let you know more when we get back home.”

Yun Bixue’s heart skipped a beat when she Xie Limo’s alluring tone. She naturally understood what he meant.

However, she still overestimated her husband’s magnanimity. When they went back home, he let her wash her hands first before kissing them passionately. It was to the point that she felt her whole body burning with passion, and Mr. Xie refused to quell the fire he started.

Yun Bixue could only whine in her heart that her dear Mr. Xie was not only black-hearted and domineering, he was also extremely possessive.

When Yun Bixue and Xie Limo left the hospital, Su Lenghan watched their departing figures enviously through the window.

After that, he went to settle the hospital discharge procedures.

He discussed with his parents that after arranging for a low-profile funeral for Meng Xinyan, he would bring Yangyang to the countryside.

Mother Su and Father Su had gone through so much this year. They saw through things and felt that it would be good as long as their family could start a new life. In the countryside, life would be simple and plain. Raising some ducks and chickens and planting crops would be pretty nice too.

Furthermore, Yun Bixue agreed to help manage the Su Family Organization. Although she would become the biggest shareholder after buying over the stocks, she would still give Su Lenghan his share of the dividends as he was still a shareholder. Hence, even if his family moved to the countryside, life would still be pretty comfortable for them.

Without the disputes and disturbances of the city, the heart would be able to find clarity.

Meng Xinyan’s death threw the Su family and the Su Family Organization into the storm of debates and heated discussions across the city, hitting the headlines every day. However, the Su family had already seen past these things.

On the other hand, Yun Bixue became so busy because of this, making Xie Limo’s heart ache for her and wanting to arrange for someone else to handle the matter.

However, Yun Bixue’s heart ached even more for Xie Limo. She said to him, “Enough worrying about me. You should just focus on preparing for our trip to Tian Jing City. Trust me, I will be able to handle the Su Family Organization well on my own.”

Actually, Yun Bixue was planning to return the Su Family Organization to Yangyang after she grew up.

She discussed this with Xie Limo, who agreed with her.

When it was the day for Meng Xinyan to be buried, many people attended the funeral for the Su family’s sake, even though it was very low-profile. What they did not expect was that Meng Xintong attended as well.

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