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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 952: The Domineering Style

Chapter 952: The Domineering Style

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Meng Xintong quietly placed a single flower and left.

She had no feelings towards this younger sister of hers, but she still came to see her off on account of her having been part of the Meng family.

Maybe she felt compassionate, or perhaps she felt sympathetic all of a sudden. Meng Xinyan did not have her maternal family around, so she decided to just come on behalf of her family.

Actually, Meng Xinyan was pretty pitiful. Her mother, Chen Pei, only cared about herself and went to another city to hook up with another rich man. However, she met a tigress of a first madam in that family who ultimately schemed and killed Chen Pei and her son.

It could be said that Meng Xintong’s hatred ended here. She decided to put down all her hate and live a carefree life for herself and for the Meng family.

Perhaps she might fetch her father, who had decided to go traveling, back home and fulfill her duties as a daughter.

To save the Su family this time around, Yun Bixue mobilized her team of talents. It was the team that Yang Mei had gathered from all over the world.

Indeed, they did not let her down. When the Su Family Organization was on the brink of bankruptcy, things began to slowly turn around.

When the employee’s hearts were faltering in the Su Family Organization, many left the company, and when almost everyone had left, Yun Bixue held a high-profile shareholders’ meeting.

She called for the meeting based on her right as the biggest shareholder.

The Yun Bixue now was no longer the Yun Bixue in the past. Her name stirred fear in the hearts of people. The moment she entered the Su Family Organization, many veterans of the company immediately treated her with utmost respect. Even if it was a meeting, as long as she raised it, everyone would nod their heads in agreement. They were so afraid that if they were slow to respond, Miss Yun would just axe them out of the company.

Furthermore, when everyone knew that Yun Bixue became the biggest shareholder and would lead the Su Family Organization, they all revealed looks of excitement.

They knew that Yun Bixue’s presence meant that there was hope for the company. If there was hope for the company, it meant that their livelihoods would be secure as well.

This was what they were most concerned about!

Hence, they were very welcoming to Yun Bixue.

Even after the general shareholders’ meeting, when Yun Bixue was going to leave, the other shareholders all rushed politely to send her off. The employees in the company also smiled at Yun Bixue respectfully.

Yun Bixue had to admit that walking the domineering style felt really good, especially when she saw the employees looking at her warmly. People who did not know would think that they really idolized her!

Yun Bixue actually enjoyed such a feeling.

Of course, she still had to act nonchalant and cool. She had to set a good foundation right from the start.

Even after she walked out of the building, a few of the Xie family’s secret guards, who followed behind her, were all filled with admiration for her.

Yun Bixue held her feelings in and kept up her nonchalant air. Only when she went back home did she tell Xie Limo excitedly about how she felt.

Xie Limo listened attentively and soaked in all her emotions.

Later, when Su Lenghan brought his family away, he did not come and bade goodbye to Xie Limo and Yun Bixue. Instead, he instructed someone to deliver a letter over.

The contents of the letter were simple. It only had the words: Thank you, I’m leaving.

She let Xie Limo read the letter. Xie Limo caressed her head and said, “We will meet again someday.”

An Yexuan, who was currently in Tian Jing City, was cooped up in a villa somewhere. He was about to go crazy. Due to his injuries, he became so depressed that he was unable to go out and meet anyone.

He also assigned someone to check on the An family’s internal matters. However, as much as he had his suspicions, he did not have enough evidence. He could only panic and worry in his heart.

As the villa was pretty peaceful and quiet, there was nothing much to do there. He began to think of many things as well, often thinking of Chu Fei’er and Yun Bixue. Sometimes, he would think of Miao Zifu as well.

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