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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 953: Prince Syndrome and Extreme Narcissism

Chapter 953: Prince Syndrome and Extreme Narcissism

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When An Yexuan thought of the words that Miao Zifu last said, he felt a slight headache. After Chu Fei’er called him that day, he had also sent his men to find her, but she could not be found. It was as though she sank deep into the bottom of the sea like a rock.

He even had doubts. Did she really care about him? Why did she refuse to meet him since she was alive?

Perhaps his heart had calmed down, so he began to think for a much longer time. He would always revisit the past in his thoughts.

Perhaps it was also because Chu Fei Er was still alive, so the guilt in his heart lessened. His hatred and disgust towards Yun Bixue lessened as well.

Perhaps it was because he was unable to accept ChChu Fei’er’s death, so he kept finding excuses for himself. When he hated that one person, it allowed him to feel less guilty about Chu Fei’er’s death.

However, he still remembered the words Chu Fei’er had said in the phone call. She clearly meant that Yun Bixue was the one who had harmed her.

But was it true?

An Yexuan felt a little lost now. The more he thought about it, the more he felt overwhelmed.

He stared at his injuries that were not fully recovered yet. Thinking that it was all because of Yun Bixue, he did not feel guilty about her at all, at least for now. He did not think that he did anything wrong.

One had to admit that An Yexuan had the ‘Prince Syndrome’ and extreme narcissism that ran in the blood of century-old noble families.

After all, he lived in the capital, the center of Country A’s political administration, and was named heir to the An family, one of the best noble families around. Hence, his tastes and self-esteem were really high. Because of this, it made him neglect a lot of things.

In the Yellow House

Even though Majesty Huang, Xiajun Yanli, already said that he would keep out of worldly affairs and distance himself from politics, his subordinates would still report the latest news to him.

Not participating did not mean that his ears were closed to what was going on in the outside world. After all, his Majesty still had his child to protect.

Xiajun Yanli was looking at Hao’er’s homework when he said calmly, “So, you’re saying that An Yexuan did not appear again after that day.”


Xiajun Yanli put down his son’s workbook and supported himself with his hand as he stood up. He stared into the distance with a hint of seriousness in his gaze.

He laughed gently and asked the uncle beside him casually, “Uncle, do you know why he didn’t appear again?”

“Your Majesty, I find it hard to understand!”

“Someone did something to him.”

The middle-aged uncle’s expression changed as he said, “Your Majesty, are you referring to that person in Ning An City?”

Both the uncle and Majesty Huang knew very well who that person was. Xiajun Yanli nodded and said, “Yeah, I bet it’s him!”

“Your Majesty, he’s from the Xie family. The order has been passed in Tian Jing City. He will be coming to the capital shortly to assume his post.”

Xiajun Yanli merely sighed after hearing that. “The capital is full of rotten relations. It’s time for a reshuffle.”

“Your Majesty, aren’t you worried about the Xie family?”

“Uncle, do you think I still care about these things? My heart is already dead!”

The middle-aged uncle sighed despondently and said, “Your Majesty, I understand.”

The uncle knew that even if Majesty Huang did interfere, the capital would remain a puddle of muddled water. Even if that person was the young master of the Xie family, he might not be able to call the shots in the capital. After all, the other Majesties were not easy to deal with either.

He was already old and could only stand by the sidelines and observe. He shared the same wish as his Majesty, which was to see the Young Highness grow up well. This was more important than anything else.

In Ning An City, Yun Bixue was busy with the Su Family Organization’s matters.

As for Xie Limo, he went to visit Qin Huailing. Qin Huailing was taking the treatment well and had an exceedingly high tolerance. Because of this, the results were pretty good. They were eighty percent sure that his legs would completely recover after the treatment.

Seeing Xie Limo before him, Qin Huailing’s eyes were brimming with gratitude.

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